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Updated at: 3.11.2022

I decided to create this topic to finally explain to you the difference between prolapse, rosebutt, gape and pucker because a lot of You make mistakes in it and especially mistake rosebutt with prolapse which is really easy to separate. Additionally once and for all I want to clear out that rosebutt & prolapse has nothing in common with rosebud.

#1. Rosebutt - anus is open (often with ass lips around). We see red inside, sometimes just flat, sometimes a bit pushed out. There is no full fall outside. This must be understood. Rosebutt nothing falling full out. While when anus prolapse, all fall out. 

#2. Prolapse - big red collon falling outside of anus. We see it falling out. Is not flat or jsut a little bit out like with rosebutt. Is a lot of clon outside of anus lips line.

#3. Rosebud - this is a sexual toy. Small buttplug with sparkling jewelry at boottom. Is "erotic decoration". It has nothing in common with anus condition since is just a toy. A buttplug.

#4. Gape - tunnel (red or dark) in open anus hole

#5. Pucker - closed anus with swollen anus lips looking like a human mouth. Anus is closed. There is clear diffrence between common anus and pucker.

Hope is finally clear.


Note after:

First time ever in commercial porn history terminology or rosebutt and prolapse was used in 2005 alongside with 3 webpages: bubdzia.com, amazingty.com and bjextreme.com

Their definition was used as described here. Before that there was lots of use in non commercial porn which set back to discussion groups on yahoo and msn and also a direct roots of our board: website rosebutt at pornparks. Most deep roots of prolapse and rosebutt are before 1995.
Worth mentioning is that in 2011 or 2012 one USA producer used rosebud when he refer to rosebutt in his movie. We have no clear info but some persons associated with porn business told us that this was because he "heard" the name of our board (rosebuttboard) and since he target to our audience (rosebutt fans) he try to get to use using rosebutt but he wrote it the wrong way and he wrote rosebud. This creates the situation that his fans and fans of his movie models (what also repeat this typo) who actually were not members of rosebuttboard spread this fictional information that rosebutt/prolapse is rosebud.
Long story short terminology rosebutt & prolapse is now in 2022 over 27 years old and especially in commercial porn is well documented. Rosebud in meaning other then buttplug has about 11 years old and is only a typo. 
Thats all.
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Oh i felt like in school again smile.gif Thanks X , nothing new for me except the pucker biggrin.gif
@anallogic : ofc it may evolve intro a prolapse with time and work and love and passion tongue.gif
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QUOTE(xthorgal @ Feb 5 2010, 01:58 AM) [snapback]165306[/snapback]

Hope is finally clear and I not see posts with: "oh so big prolapse!!!" and entering there I got just common even not big rosebutt wink.gif
jester.gif x.gif

It was also appreciated to indicate in the topic CLEARLY that the post contains male or female or both ...

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[b]Fantastic ass control and a beautiful body that goes with it. Keep it dilated and open because it feels so good! Bodacious Nine[/b] :pimp:
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thanks for clarification

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  • xthorgal changed the title to XTHORGAL: PROLAPSE, ROSEBUTT, GAPE & PUCKER guide
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Clear and simple explanation for years :)

Thank you very much!

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