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Janet - Bike Race Aftermath - Ceremony, Part 1

Peter Hansen

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(an updated version of the result of the anal bike race performed by Janet and Angelica)


Bike Race Aftermath - Ceremony, Part 1

“Girls - we had a winner today,” Mistress Anne started by saying after they had been back in the cell for some hours. All 4 women were in the cell and Mistress Anne had even invited Lola to watch the ceremony.

“Janet won the bike competition, but both endured a great ‘calibration’ of their assholes. Janet is really turning into a capable slut in our little harem,” she continued. 

“Janet will be allowed to be without dilation plugs tonight and will be left to recover.” Janet felt a great relief hearing this. She really was sore in her hole after the activities she had endured hours earlier that day.

“The one ‘not winning’ also claims a prize in this game and Angelica, that’s you!” Mistress Anne said, and walked over to the wall in the cell. 

“Behind this veil, we have a spinning wheel that holds a number of punishments to be received by the one who lost the race. Angelica, you get to spin the wheel and you, Janet, get to administer the punishments to Angelica as she lost the race today.”

Both girls directed their attention to the veil covered spinning wheel. 

Mistress Anne pulled away the veil and presented a spinning wheel like the ones you would see at a fun fair or tombola. It held 8 different fields each with their own punishment written on it.

“As you know - I like my slave girls to be versatile. That means they will be able to serve with their holes (mouth and ass), but also to be able to receive punishment when that is due. A good pain tolerance is a thing that is built up over a period of time, and today Angelica gets to explore hers,” she finished.

They all looked at the 8 fields found on the spinning wheel. The fields displayed 8 different activities: caning, whipping, face slapping, breast slapping, nipple clamping, hot wax on pussy lips, needles to nipples, spiked dildo. In addition, the 8 fields held a number indicating the amount of slaps or canings the unlucky victim would receive. The numbers were ranging from 5 - 40.

“As you can see, this is the game. Angelica, you will spin the wheel twice, and Janet will administer the punishment you have chosen,” Mistress Anne said. 

“Hell - I might even assist myself, if she does not do it well enough,” Mistress Anne ended the instruction.

None of the girls felt very happy about this whole arrangement. None of them in particular had an interest in pain per se, but at the same time accepted that a game is a game. And if you participate, you go all the way. Do you say ‘A’ - you also say ‘B’.

“But, we must not forget the winner’s prize!” Mistress Anne surprisingly said with a happy expression on her face.

She now had the full attention of both girls.

“The winner’s prize is a metal trophy that takes the shape of a traffic cone. It has the feature that the trophy foot can be removed making the trophy an actual cone that can be inverted and placed on a chair or directly on the floor. I guess you already know where the narrow part goes? It starts small, but is very wide at the top,” Mistress Anne said triumphant. 

“You basically get to sit on an inverted cone trophy, my dear. Now nice am I?” Mistress Anne asked rhetorically and smiled at Janet. 

“Have you ever tried that before…?” she asked. 

“As I know for a fact that your pussy lips are still sewn together, I guess that leaves you with only one orifice?” she smiled at Janet. “I’m guessing the cone has a starting diameter of 7 cm. and ends with 20 cm. at the top, so you are in for an experience, Janet.”

“The setup will be; every time Angelica turns the wheel and/or is in-between punishments, Janet also gets to rest her tired body. She will rest sitting on the inverted trophy and I expect her to be able to move the progress marker on the trophy as time progresses.” 

There was a marker found along the length of the cone indicating how far down Janet would go. 

“Janet - just a word of warning. If you fail to continuously move the progress bar on the cone during our session tonight, you too will be allowed to spin the wheel!” Mistress Anne said, looking sternly at Janet.

“Holy fuck - did she not just tell me, I would be spared?” Janet thought to herself.

“This is similar to the Resting Room benches in the A-Team training programme. Also there, I was allowed to rest on a conical dildo, although ’rest’ is a big word in this context,” Janet concluded.

Angelica could not really decide whether she was the one having ‘won’ the best prize? Having to sit on a cone that ended in a 20 cm. diameter, did indeed sound very painful!

“Okay - let’s start. Angelica, spin the wheel!” Mistress Anne said, looking at Angela. 

“Janet, in the meantime, you can lube up your trophy to prepare your seat,” she said and handed Janet a tube of gel. “I’ll allow you to use as much lube as you prefer during the whole evening.”

Angelica moved to the spinning wheel, took a deep breath and gave the wheel a pull. The wheel started spinning…

All 5 women looked with intense focus at the spinning wheel. Everyone was excited to learn of the resulting ‘perk’ Angelica was to receive.

The wheel slowly stopped the rotations and the arrow ended up with: “hot wax on pussy lips.”

“No!” Angelica shouted in her head. “This, I cannot stand!”

“Okay - one more spin of the wheel to learn the number of drops,” Mistress Anne said.

Angelica again spun the wheel, and all 5 women looked at the wheel to see how many drops Angelica was to endure on her open pussy lips. The wheel slowed down and stopped at: 20.

“Angelica - you have yourself asked to receive 20 drops of hot candle wax onto your spread pussy lips. You will hold your pussy lips open as you receive the drops, and if you move and/or close them during the process, we reset the counter and start again,” Mistress Anne instructed Angelica. 

“It will give you a nice feel of what it means to have a fiery pussy”, Mistress Anne continued.

Angelica looked in horror at the prospect of what was about to happen to her.

“Angelica - go lay on your back on the table there. You will spread your legs and pull your ankles towards your head. To give you a fair chance, and not have you move because the hot wax hits your fingers, I’ll provide you with 2 clothes pins to be attached to your outer labia. You will grab these clothes pins and pull apart your pussy lips to display your hole and your inner pussy lips for the wax to hit,” Mistress Anne instructed Angelica. 

“And again - if you move, given those advantages I just presented, we start the count again!”

“Lola - you will assist Angelica by standing behind her head, and hold her ankles open.”

“Janet, you grab the candle and the matches over there,” Mistress Anne said pointing to a large candle like the ones you find in a church, being able to hold a flame for hours.

Janet, having finished greased up the cone trophy already for herself with plenty of lube, walked towards the table in the cell where the candle was placed and took the matches. She lid the candle to allow it to form a sizable puddle of hot wax.

Angelica was lying on the table with her pussy lips spread waiting for the hot wax to be dripped onto them. She did not look forward to the experience and feared it would be unbearable for her.

Janet took the candle and balanced it over between Angelica's spread legs. It required some concentration to not spill the hot wax as she walked.

“So - are you ready for 20 drops of hot wax onto your tender inner pussy lips?” Janet asked, looking at Angelica.

Angelica did not answer, but just looked with horror at the candle that Janet was holding above her pussy. Janet started tilting the candle to make wax drop onto Angelica’s pussy. As the first drop of wax fell and hit Angelica’s tender flesh, she jumped and screamed out in pain.

“So, so - that was just a teaser,” Mistress Anne said to Angelica, enjoying her obvious state of pain. “The next drop will start the count and you have 20 drops to look forward to, so you will have plenty of opportunity to really enjoy it,” she informed Angelica.

Angelica did not answer. She was in so much pain between her legs, that she did not really focus on what Mistress Anne said to her. She attempted to hold her pussy open and not move, as she knew that doing that would only extend the pain and the amount of wax poured into her pussy.

As Janet tilted the candle again, the next drop hit Angelica. She felt the intense pain of warm wax hitting her inner pussy lips and was a short second in doubt if she would pass out from the pain. It was intense. 

Janet tilted again the candle and let the next drop hit Angelica, this time on the outer lips. This was not as painful as being hit on the inner lips, but still it was extremely unpleasant.

Angelica focused her mind on staying still to prevent a potential reset of the count and as the drops kept coming and dripping onto her flesh, the pain actually subsided a bit as the drops hit areas already covered in wax.

“That was 18 drops of hot wax,” Janet announced, unable to hide her surprise that Angelica had been able to withstand the pain.

“Pull your pussy hole open, slut!” Mistress Anne instructed Angelica. 

“The next two drops will be an experience as they go into your pussy instead of being on the outside. Janet, aim at the open hole in her pussy!” Mistress Anne said.

Janet made sure to pour the next 2-3 drops directly into Angelica’s open pussy hole. Angelica felt the hot wax enter her body and screamed. It was the most painful experience she had yet endured. She moved her hips briefly in an attempt to escape the pain, but made sure to maintain the pull on her pussy lips to not disappoint Mistress Anne.

“Done,” Janet said. “That was 20 drops of ‘pussy wax’.”

“Okay - you can now recover for 10 minutes,” Mistress Anne said looking at Angelica. “You are welcome to dig out the wax from your pussy, as it hardens”.

“Janet, as Angelica now is left with 10 min. to herself and subsequently will spin the wheel again; I wonder if you can guess what that means to you?” Mistress Anne looked at Janet.

“You get to rest as well for 10 min!” Mistress Anne said with a smile and looked at the cone trophy Janet had ‘won’ in the bike competition. 

Janet was perfectly aware of that ‘rest’ meant in this context and placed the still lit candle on the table. She walked over to her trophy that she had left on a chair seat after having lubricated it.

Janet noticed the slider on the side indicating how far down she would go, and knew that she had to keep moving that slider with each attempt she had with the cone. If Mistress Anne did not see any progress of the slider, Janet would be forced to spin the wheel herself. The slider was made cleverly enough to also indicate diameter as well as the depth.

“Right - so the progress slider currently sits at 0 cm. depth. I expect that you are able to move it, at least 10 cm. down indicating your depth. The 10 cm. depth translates to approx 15 cm. in diameter, so be careful. We have some rounds ahead of us and if you do not move it anywhere - you win a round on the spinning wheel,” Mistress Anne assuringly said looking at Janet.

Janet knew this again would be a matter of tactical planning on her part. If she started out too deep and too wide, she would not be able to show progress on round 7 or 8.

She moved towards the seat where the cone currently was placed upside down with the narrow part pointing up. It glistened in the light from the grease Janet had previously generously applied.

“Oh - how soothing that looks…” Janet thought to herself. “It should make it an enjoyable experience,” she thought, thinking back at what could have been the alternative. 

She had had Tiger Balm, she had experienced toothpaste and she had other things in her asshole the recent months used as lubrication. All of which had ravaged her neither opening. She honestly liked to be ‘used’ and to be ‘ravaged’, but she never publicly admitted to it towards other people. 

Also, she liked to feel the stretching feeling of her asshole being pulled open, a thought that just hit her now. If she started out too hard, she feared being unable to demonstrate progress as they reached round #6 or #7, and Janet quite well knew the articulated expectations from Mistress Anne. And, especially the repercussions of not being able to show progress.

Janet looked at Angelica who was sitting with her legs wide spread hunched over, actively working on her pussy lips. They were completely covered in hard wax from the ordeal she had just been through, and she was desperately attempting to pull out the wax both from within her pussy as well as from her pussy lips. 

“Poor girl,” Janet thought to herself. “I wonder what will be in store for her later today…”.

Janet straddled the cone and slowly started lowering her body onto the narrow part of her ‘trophy-cone’. She felt the tip of the cone enter her asshole and she felt the progress slider move downwards as she lowered herself. It quickly started feeling full. 

“I need to be careful not to go to my capacity, already!” she reminded herself even though she was already enjoying the stretch it gave her.

“Time is up!” Mistress Anne announced. “We are due for another spin of the wheel”, she said looking at Janet’s efforts. “How far did we go, my dear?” she asked.

Janet slowly stood up and felt the cone leave her body. She felt empty and was already longing for the satisfying feeling of being ‘occupied’ in her asshole again.

“I see - a 5 cm. progress slider, already. That reads a diameter of 9 cm.” Mistress Anne said with satisfaction in her voice. “Be careful - you know the rules. We are only entering round #2 now…”

Janet nodded her head in acknowledgement and moved herself towards the spinning wheel. 

“Angelica - your turn,” Mistress Anne said looking at Angelica.

Angelica grabbed the side of the wheel and with a worried expression on her face, gave the wheel a tug. The spinning wheel spun quickly and everybody in the cell focused on the wheel to see the outcome.

The wheel started to slow down and came to a rest at: caning

“You have chosen to be caned across your buttucks, my dear,” Mistress Anne said with satisfaction looking at Angelica. “Shall we see how many times…?”

Angelica gave the wheel a tug again and hoped for the best. The numbers ranged from 5 to 40, so she could in worst-case end up with a very severe round of caning. The wheel slowed down and ended up with: 35 

No - I’m going to die before this is over!” she thought to herself.

“I see you like pain, my dear,” Mistress Anne said. “Not only do you like to have your pussy set on fire, but also you like to have your backside being beaten. And not only 10 times.”

“I’m very satisfied with your choices, my dear. It is all about earning respect here in the cell,” Mistress Anne continued.

“I’m so happy that I won the bike race!” Janet thought to herself. “I could never stand the spinning wheel punishments.” She was well aware that she would be forced to spin the wheel if she did not continue to show progress and she was already at 9 cm. dilation on the cone.

“Janet - grab the two canes standing in the corner over there.” Mistress Anne said. “Angelica, you bend over the table and hold on to Lola’s hand as she stands in front of you supporting your experience.”

Lola moved in front of the table ready to hold Angelica’s hands as she was to be caned across her ass cheeks.

Angelica bent over the table and found Lola’s hands in front of her. She was unable to move, as she felt herself being stretched across the table as Lola moved backwards pulling Angelica forward.

“Janet, you are now responsible for administering 35 cane strokes to Angelica’s ass. If I sense you are not striking sufficiently hard, I can assure you I’ll make sure to make a mental note of that.”

Janet took one of the canes in her hand and immediately felt the ‘power’ it left her with. She had never caned anyone before, but could vividly imagine the effect of receiving a cane stroke on a body part. Also, she was not in doubt that she would herself feel a consequence did she not meet Mistress Anne’s expectations.

“Angelica - count out loud as you receive your caning!” Mistress Anne said. “Go ahead, Janet.”

Janet swung the cane and felt the effect in the cane as it hit Angelica’s buttocks. Angelica’s ass immediately showed the results, as a swollen red line formed across both her ass cheeks.

Angelica screamed out loud as she felt the cane hit her body the first time.

“That was not a proper counting, slut!” Mistress Anne yelled. “We start over again!”

Janet let the cane hit Angelica again and witnessed the new red line it produced. Two nice red stripes were now visible on Angelica’s bared ass cheeks.

“1!” Angelica yelled out.

She could not imagine how it would feel as she knew she was destined for 35 strikes in total. It would be a living hell for her.

Janet let the next cane stroke hit her target. 

“2!” she heard Angelica shout out.It was clear that Angelica was not in any sub-space yet and was actively fighting against the caning.

Janet again hit Angelica with the cane. And another cane stroke…

When Janet heard the number “33” being yelled out, she knew they were close to the finishing line. Also, she in the back of her mind knew what that meant to the diameter of her own sphincter as she would be allowed to ‘rest’ for a while.

“Stop!”, Mistress Anne said to Janet.  “How are we feeling, Angelica?” she asked. 

Angelica did not answer. She was just lying limp prone on the table being stretched across the table by Lola who was still holding on to Angelica’s arms pinning her down making sure she did not move during the punishment.

“Angelica!” I asked you a question.

“If you do not answer - we start over!” Mistress Anne warned Angelica looking at her with a stern look.

Angelica sensed the consequence and uttered: “I’m tired and warm. Thank you for the education, Mistress!” she said in an effort to please Mistress Anne.

“Good to hear! Janet, you now give Angelica the last two strokes with full force and then we are done for now. If I do not sense you are going all in on this, you will be spinning the wheel yourself!” she warned Janet.

Janet took a step back and as she stepped forward, she swung the cane with all her force into Angelica’s ass cheeks.

“34!!!” Angelica screamed out. 

It was clear this was a harder stroke compared to the previous 33 strokes she had received. Janet stepped back again and repeated the process. 

“35!!!” Angelica again cried out.

“Uh - aren't two lesbians caning each other a joy to watch?” Mistress Anne asked rhetorically with a smile.

Angelica’s body was now limp and completely motionless. Lola let go of Angelica’s arms and witnessed them just fall to the table. Angelica was completely wasted. And having a welted ass that she would have trouble sitting on.

“Angelica - get to your feet and go have a seat on the chair while Janet rests her sore arms,” Mistress Anne said, fully knowing the effect on Angelica as well as Janet.

Angelica got on her elbows and looked at Janet with a confrontational look to her face. She really hated Janet by now. How could she have hurt her so hard?

Angelica managed to stand up and felt her ass being completely red and warm from the caning. It burned everytime she moved her legs and left her with a ‘punished’ feeling to all of her body. She was wasted.

As she moved towards the chair next to the table, she slowly sat on the seat. Even the seat was a welcome cooling experience to her, it was also very unpleasant and painful to sit on the welts across her ass cheeks.

“Angelica, as you have now been awarded the 35 cane strokes you asked for, I’ll give you 20 min. to find your bearings and recover before the next spin of the wheel. Did I not say there would be a prize to the 2. Place of the bike-race, my dear?” Mistress Anne said, smiling at Angelica.

“Janet - you know what that means for you. You will be given 20 minutes to move the progress slider downwards,” she continued looking at Janet.

Janet, who actually felt a bit tired in her right arm having administered the caning to Angelica, put down the cane in the corner of the cell and moved towards her ‘resting’ seat and cone. It was still glistening with lubrication and was waiting for her.

She remembered that they were still only at round #2 and as such she still needed to be careful of her ‘progress’. She would not want to be on the receiving end of a caning like the one she just had given Angelica. And in particular not from Angelica. Janet had a cunning feeling that that would be Mistress Anne’s setup if Janet failed to demonstrate progress.

She turned around, spread her ass cheeks and lowered herself onto the waiting cone. She felt it starting to spread her asshole and after a short while, she felt the progress slider touch her asshole.

“Now - it counts,” she thought to herself.

Janet felt her asshole expand as she now was where she stopped during the last round. Her asshole was at this point 9 cm. across and she was forced to demonstrate an increase to avoid being forced to spin the punishment wheel herself.

She relaxed her body and let her weight fall onto the cone. She felt her asshole expand as a result of that and also, she felt her asshole expand.

“Remember, the cone is 20 cm. at the bottom,” Mistress Anne said. “If you impress me and even remotely get to touch the seat, I’ll spare you completely from any punishment tonight.”

Janet looked at her. “Thank you, Mistress Anne.”

Janet did not think she would be even close to that. She had had a 17 cm. dildo in her asshole during the prison competition, but 20 cm.? That was not anatomically possible for any woman to accept a diameter of 20 cm. in any hole in her body.



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