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FistingFans Giveaway 2.0 - Win one of Mr. Hankey's Toys New Range!


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Hi all,

We've been hard at work here at FistingFans.com HQ adding more and more great videos for you to watch including this lovely message from Argendana The Anal Queen - https://fistingfans.com/fistingfans-argendana-welcome-video/

Now, onto the serious business of winning!

Entries are open from 19:00 GMT on Sept. 22 until 19:00 GMT and this time around we have given you the chance to enter every day and get bonus entries too. We wanted to do this to increase the chances of someone who really want the prize will win it.

You can find the entry form here - https://fistingfans.com/hankeys/ with all the T&C's

Best of Luck everyone!

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