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Hey all. We have recently launched our new Fisting and Insertions tube site, FistingFans.com

It's still early days for us but we plan to pull together all of the best content we can possibly find and put it in one place for everyone to enjoy.

We have a growing collection of videos in these categories:

  • Lesbian Fisting
  • Male on Female Fisting
  • Solo Female
  • Female on Male Fisting
  • Female Dildos and Big Insertions
  • Male Dildos and Insertions
  • Gay Fisting
  • Hentai Fisting and more

We hope you enjoy it, please remember it's a work in progress right now :)

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Hi Guys.

Time for a quick update!

Still loads of work to do but you might like to know that we have added more content to almost all categories, particularly in our Hentai category: https://fistingfans.com/hentai/

We are also thrilled to be working with Argendana who as I am sure you will all know, is one of the biggest stars in the Extreme Anal Fisting and Insertions niche right now. Her profile page is now live here: https://fistingfans.com/pornstar/argendana

We also have an exclusive Argendana image gallery with Hi-Res images here: https://fistingfans.com/image-gallery/argendana-image-gallery/



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Time for another update...

Loads more videos added in the past week including a bunch of Sicflics videos with more to come. The Hentai section is also coming along well.

I know a few of you have been visiting and I hope you have been enjoying the site. If you have any suggestions please let us know, we value the feedback we receive greatly. 

Stay tuned for more!


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It's been a while since the last update on FistingFans.com as things were on hold for a while due to heath reasons but we are posting new videos once again.

If you want to keep track of new videos as they are posted you can follow us on our new sub-reddit r/FistingFans 

Finally, we will soon be holding an amazing giveaway which we hope you will all enter. The prize is ANY dildo of your choice from the entire Mr Hankey's Toys range! When the details of the giveaway are finalised we will post them here.

Happy Fisting Everyone!

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