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Some personal favorite vids (amateurs liking anal)


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I personally get the most turned on by seeing kinky anal stuff made by women who clearly and visibly LIKES IT, and didn't record and perform it for the sake of money. Here's a few of the hottest things I've found so far: 



search on xhamster: "amateur japanese couple anal fisting" - this girl loves it. also videos of the deleted channel "golemone" - self-made videos by an asian woman who loves masturbating with huge toys. 

also "just_bunny" or "bear4bunny" for a very beautiful girl who obviously likes it (she has a profile on this site).

I believe these are the same girl (loving anal masturbation):




Also: https://www.xvideos.com/mobile/profile/gapeme8 - I love her videos, and how it's so obvious she absolutely love masturbating anally. If you see this, Gapeme8, I'd like to say thank you for showing us your passionate desires. If I had money to spare I'd buy you a toy. 

if anyone else have any videos of girls pleasuring themselves/being pleasured anally (doesn't have to be anything extreme) who clearly loves it and didn't record it for money, I'd appreciate your suggestion. :)


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