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Rice (and meat, if desired) stuffed tomatoes and peppers.

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350 g Beef or Pork (Minced)
1 Handful Bread Crumbs
375 mL Olive Oil
2 Medium Onion (Chopped)
1 Bunch Parsley (To taste, diced)
1-2 Pinch Pepper (To taste)
6 Medium Peppers
375 mL Rice
2-3 Pinch Salt (To taste)
500 mL Tomato Juice
6 Medium Tomatoes

Slice-off the top of the tomatoes (& peppers) and carve-out the inside.

Save the "carvings", mash it and mix it with the rice, onion, parsley, salt & pepper and half the oil.

Stuff the tomatoes (& peppers) and lid them with their previously sliced-off tops and place them in a pan.

Top with the tomato-juice, bread-crumbs and the rest of the olive-oil and bake in a medium oven for about 1 hour.

Note: For meat lovers, saute minced meat with the onions and add to the rest of the ingredients.

notworthy.gif notworthy.gif notworthy.gif GOOD APPETITE!!!
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