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Sofi and the Black Holes Expansion

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Sofi and the Black Holes Expansion. Prologue

The ambient in this half-empty local bar was rather pleasant. From the very moment I entered my attention was caught by a pretty girl sitting at the bar counter. She was simply gorgeous; her fit figure was well complemented by a pair of big round boobs, which were almost touching the surface of the wooden tabletop. Her young beautiful face told me she has not gone in her twenties yet. There was something mystical in her look, the way she was throwing her glances at me while drinking her pina-colada. Together with excitement, I had a strange feeling of being studied or estimated for something. What has totally hooked me was the thing, that when drinking her cocktail, she inserted two or three inches of the straw into her mouth, so her full red lips were actually touching the glass. When I sat on the chair nearby she told me her name is Sofi and she works in the field of astrophysics. She likes to come here after her intensive research work to wind out a bit. We had only started to talk about expansion of the universe, black holes and mass of substances when, to my great pleasure and surprise, she invited me to continue our conversation in some more private place. I quickly suggested driving us to my flat, using my great collection of vinyl as an argument. Her answer intrigued me. “I like the form of a vinyl record, its round darkness and gentle furrows make me think of some kind of orifice that changes its scale wanting to be filled with more darkness. However, if you do not mind, I would insist on going to my place. Maybe you could help me on my recent research in substantial expansion”. I liked the way we flirted, operating all those cosmic topics. It made me wanting to show my superficial knowledge in this field “Sure thing, do you mean something like black holes gravity and expansion?” A light beautiful smile fell on her face, „Well, yes, I would say, my researches are rather focused more on expansion and… hmm… stretching…”

Half an hour later, we entered her large loft, situated in one of the luxury areas of the city. It was a cosy-lighted place with nice furniture. However, I had no chance to focus much on the design and all the painting on the walls. Right after closing the door, Sofi came closer, kissed me passionately and whispered in my ear, “Are you ready… for the night of… huge holes expansion…?” Enjoying the astonished look of mine and giving me no time to react, she guided me to the centre of the room, playfully forcing me to land on the couch. She clapped her hands twice and a lovely relaxing music began to fulfil the space. Sofi started to dance in front of me, moving her stunning body, her hands sexily caressing her big round boobs, slowly lifting the blouse up. She licked her lips, turned her back to me and pulled down her red skirt, shaking her hips to the sides in tact with the music. My eyes widened, when I witnessed her wearing no panties. As my look travelled further, marvelling Sofi’s beautify-shaped ass, I noticed my jaw slowly but surely dropping down. “I hope… you… like… my holes…” Sofi murmured and bent her back, thrusting her bottom at me. My head began to swing up
and down uncontrollably while my brain was processing the sight ahead of me. The biggest and the widest ass-opening, easily three and a half inches in diameter was
gaping at me with its huge brown stretchmarks around. My eyes went lower, looking at the young girl’s pussy juices, glistering on her 2-inches-hanging-down fat vaginal
lips and flowing out of her simply cavernous cunt. All the flesh was pulsating and contracting, ready to prolapse. Sofi grabbed her buttocks with her tiny hands and purred, as if looking right into my soul, “I want you to… try to stuff these… black holes of mine…”…


Sofi and the Black Holes Expansion. Part 1

… “I hope… you… like… my black holes…” Sofi murmured and bent her back, thrusting her bottom at me. My head began to swing up and down uncontrollably while my brain was processing the sight ahead of me. The biggest and the widest ass opening, easily two and a half inches in diameter was gaping at me with its huge brown stretchmarks around. My eyes went lower, looking at the young girl’s pussy juices, glistering on her 2-inches-hanging-down fat vaginal lips and flowing out of her simply cavernous cunt. All the flesh was pulsating and contracting, ready to prolapse. Sofi grabbed her buttocks with her tiny hands and purred, as if looking right into my soul, “I want you to… help me to stuff these… black holes of mine…” with that she unlocked the closet on her right. There was a huge variety of massive dildos and toys of all forms and lengths in there. Most of them were enormous in size and definitely custom made.

While I was investigating all these giant sex toys, Sofi reached out and picked a black inflatable dildo. This thing was huge as well. It was almost 14 inches long and fully pumped reached incredible 4,5 inches in diameter. Who could even think of using this size as a fuck toy? Her hand ran up and down the shaft of the inflatable dildo, enjoying the tactile sensations. Then she gave the air-orb to me saying “Let’s start with this small one… give it a few pups…” At the same moment Sofi bent her back and thrusted her huge openings right into me. Her pussy lips were all wet in the juices of arousal. Not quite accepting what is going on and especially the fact that this gorgeous young scientist wanted to get this huge thing inside her, I gave the bulb a few tentative squeezes. Sofi delighted in the feeling of her encircling fingers spreading around the increasing girth of the toy in her hands. “Mmmm… yeah… pump it… some more” Couple of squeezes and it has reached 3 inches in diameter, a shiny black phallus that looked impossibly large to fit inside her. “Good boy…” her voice sounded incredible sexy. While I was wondering if she could work it in, or even if anyone could take something this size, she made it wet of her juices and slid it down her flat stomach, leaving a shiny trail on her skin. Bringing the head to the entrance of her gaping asshole she pressed it in. This scene was so stimulating that I got instantly hard, the idea of a blunt object, too large to actually go inside anyone’s body, too big to be of any real use as a fuck toy made my mind go crazy. “Watch this… honey…” She began to roll her hips against it, directing the head of the inflatable dildo, while the rubber orb was in my hand. The nuzzling head was against her, at moment the angle happened to be just right for penetration, the big tip started to go in! “Ohh… yes…” The toy suddenly stopped by the 2,5-inches tightness of her ass-opening, giving me the most erotic sight of its expansion. In seconds it grew wider and, like some black hole, began to engulf the length of the dildo bit by bit. Three… five… seven… nine inches going in, spreading her insides deep. “Oh my gawd, girl, your ass… holy shit!” Sofi leaned with her head to the left, catching my look, and licked her lips with her long tongue. With that she shifted against the toy, changing the angle. The dildo was now rubbing against the hanging outer lips of her pussy. At this movement I let the bizarre attitude of Sofi totally take me over, making me want it inside of her, completely. Wanting her to take it as deep as possible in her huge asshole, yet knowing that would not be possible.

“Can you… take it… deeper?” I whispered at her, desperately wanting it to happen. Sofi smiled and murmured “Ungh… be sure… I will…” She took couple of steps backwards, positioning herself over the low table between me on the couch and the closet with all the huge sex toys. Seated more and trapped the base of the huge inflatable toy on the table, rotating against the head. More quickly now, as her arousal increased. One hand stroked over her clit, traced circles around it, brushing lightly against the expanding clit. Second hand pressing on the dildo, trying to bring it deeper in her rectum. “Pump… the orb… more… wider…” Sofi’s voice got some profound guttural notes, showing she was clearly enjoying the deeper penetration. I’ve almost forgotten I was still holding the bulb in my hand. Leaning forward I gave it a few more squeezes, and then some more. “Nghaaa… yes… more…!” Her hips moved a little more as she rocked her round ass harder on the thickening dildo. I kept pumping until the moment it was no use anymore, seeing the dildo becoming 4,5 inches in diameter, firmly embraced by her anal ring. I watched in excitement catching the sensations shooting out from between her legs. Insanely, Sofi was lowering herself more, taking 12 inches of this thick monster inside! I’ve never seen somebody’s asshole stretched so wide. She did not realize that the dildo had reached its full dimension. No longer holding it, not having the thickness within her grasp, no idea that it was now an incredible 4,5 inches thick Sofi cried at me to squeeze the orb more.
“Give… me… more… stretch me… wider… expand my… black hole… I can take… nghaaa… everything…” Her movements grew more intense and she slid down some more, taking the 13th inch of this rubber monster. The second inner sphincter of her rectum pressing harder against the mammoth head of the inflatable. The stimulation of that dildo buffeting against the walls of her vagina was now bringing her closer to orgasm. She concentrated solely on taking the last inch of the toy, sending the tip of it into her depth. The fingers dancing across her clit were now secondary. Seeing me being shocked and dwelling in pleasure Sofi turned her head again and said “Before my clit was the place where… my orgasms were born. Now though… it is the spreading of my… ass and pussy… mmmmhhh…” Her legs pressed down more firmly, securing the toy more tightly as she pushed harder, rocking on it with more force, trying to get that last inch inside. In awe, I kept pumping the orb, knowing that it won’t make the dildo bigger but the dedication and obsession in her request were so demanding that I could not disobey.

All of a sudden she froze, her contorted face expression told me there was some pain she was going through. And also pleasure. But mostly she was still because of the jolt of electricity that shot through her as the last 14th inch slipped inside. “Unghgggrhhhaaa…” Sofi growled. I let go of the rubber air-orb and shook my head slowly from side to side, unbelieving that all this huge inflatable toy was completely inside her. She straightened and faced me, my eyes went lower marvelling the bulging and lurching of her stomach, which looked very distorted, showing the outlines of the 4,5 inches thick invader. I could trace up her belly button and then higher - it was turning left and disappearing getting closer to her ribcage. Sofi’s wonderful round boobs were heaving up and down. She clenched her right nipple between her fingers moaning and gasping of breath, caressing the bulge with her other hand and enjoying the look of mine at what had just happened. My mind trying to accept that this giant inflated dildo had just penetrated her asshole fully. “Urrgghh… so gooood…” Sofi heaved herself up a bit, feeling the huge dong sliding out; with my mouth open I marvelled at the almost unbearable longing of hers as the 4,5 inches thick toy split her, showing its wide end from her overstretched asshole. “Watch me… tearing… my hole apart…” The lips of her anal ring stretched tightly around this big intruder in a band of muscle, rippling with stretchmarks. Completely astonished I witnessed how used her anal ring was; even stretched so tight around this massive circumstance, the meat of her ass lips had more prominent stretchmarks going from her crack to her round full butt-cheeks. Then she lowered herself again, touching the table with her butt and swallowing the 14-inches fat dong. “Mghh… mmmore…” Then up again, leaving only half of the toy in her guts and rapidly inserting it deep, drinking that monster in the long slow penetration until her ass lips closed around the end.

My heart was pounding, hearing Sofi’s breathing got faster, throaty moans escaping from her. How could this huge thing be inside her? It was impossible to comprehend. She grasped the end of the colossal toy and disconnected the tube that ran to the inflation orb, locking the dildo into the size that filled her. “Let’s get started… mmmmhhh…” Slowly she pulled on the dong, trying to slide it out. Reluctantly her anal ring opened to it. Once again I watched in awe her ass lips spreading insanely wide as it came out. “Ohhh… yes… my… asshole… so… good… look at how used it is…” That long slow journey across her stretched partially prolapsing ass-meat, finally stopping with just the head inside of the inflatable. She pushed it back in, feeling her ass lips rolling up inside her as it went in. A little faster this time, then back out. Again, in and out, faster. Sometimes pulling too hard, pulling it entirely out, frantically jabbing it back inside. Her body bucking against her thrusting hand, swallowing the toy compulsively. The sounds of her wetness clearly audible over the rasping of her panting breaths. With increasing violence she thrust it inside, her ass lips first rolling in then sliding along the length, then being pulled outside on the reverse stroke.

“Oh gawd, girl, you’re incredible… your asshole… fuck, it is stretched so wide and… deep… Fuck!” I was not able to control myself and just said it loud to her. She smiled back “Mmmhh… do you… like it…?” She smacked the toy all in, the palm of her hand could not cover the overstretched opening of her huge asshole. “Do you want to… find out… how deep my ass… ungghhh… really is…?” My mind went frozen. What?! She crawled closer to me and took the palm of her hand from her bottom, about one inch of the dildo was sticking from her destroyed anal ring. “Grab… the toy…” she commanded. I obeyed, encircling my hand around its massive thickness. Gawd, I still could not believe how huge it was! Slowly I started to pull it out but Sofi yield at me “No…! The other way… push it in… as deep… as you…ohhh… mhh… dare…” saying the last word Sofi stuck her tongue out and slowly licked her upper lip, looking me in the eye. I almost came in my pants. Refusing to believe what was happing, with my hand trembling a bit, I pressed on the toy and sent it back into her huge asshole, my fingers on the giant toy entering as her well, stretching her sphincter to over 5 inches! “Grhhaaa… yyyyeeeesssss… deeper… more…!” She let out a long moan of pleasure, her hands on her distorted belly, registering the bulge on it going further. When my hand entered her completely, and the ass lips were hanging around the first inches of my forearm, not able to close on it, I paused for a moment, astonished of what this young girl has just achieved. “Don’t… stop… deeper…” her breathes became shorter and more rapid. I pressed more, sending portion after portion of this gigantic dildo into her colon, well past her second sphincter. Shaking my head in shock while seeing how her anal ring was getting closer to my elbow! Her eyes rolled up, one hand going fast in her clit, the second tracing the outlined of the mass in her belly. “Uuunnghhhh…! Mmmmmore… push…deeeeeper…!” Her belly began to indicate a clear upside-down U-shape, as the head of the dong was violating Sofi’s sigmoid. I leaned forward and applied more force. With my fingers inside her rectum I could feel the inflatable began to double itself! It allowed me to get more of my arm in! “Ngha… Ughaa… Mmm… Mmmoo… Mmmmorrrrreeee…”
When her ruined anal ring started to engulf my biceps Sofi came so hard that we nearly jumped into the air! “GRRRRHAAAAYYYYEEESSS…!” Wildly vibrating, she straightened herself and brought both of her hands to caress her rippling anal ring and the irregular form of my biceps. In shock I began to withdraw my arm but she stopped me, digging into my flesh with her nails. “Nnnnoooo… I can… take MMMMOOORE….!” In a rush of her incredible orgasm, Sofi thrusted her body back to me, roaring like an animal. Both of her hands pressing on my shoulder, willing to get more of me inside. Tears running on her face, her belly bulging insanely, I made a fist inside of her depth and tore my way deeper, sending her new waves of orgasm. I almost lost conscious, in disbelief watching her butt-cheeks pressing on my shoulder!!! FUCK! She has taken my whole arm into herself, plus the 14x4,5 inches of the colossal inflatable dildo!

But what came next has completely blown my brain. Screaming like a banshee, Sofi grabbed the meat of her overstretched anal ring with all her fingers and pulled it to the sides, making her ass gape, with my biceps in it!!! “You are insane!” I could only yell at her, coming for the third time in couple of minutes.
The guttural voice overcame the music in the room, “I’m… not… done… yet… Mmmmmoooorrrrreeee…”


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