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Extreme Training of Lana

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You are invited to help Lana with her Training. You have even no idea how hardcore is she going to stretch.

Extreme Training of Lana. Part 1

Lana breathed in and out slowly for some time, relaxed and focused herself. “C’mon girl” she exhaled addressing these words to the walls as she was alone in her training room. It was rather dark with only couple small artificial lamps around. Since years she liked to work out without too much light in the room in order to have a cosy and comfortable ambient and to be able to focus and dedicate herself as much as possible. She was in a full split position, her legs completely and perfectly touching the floor. Her big and round breasts covered with a thin bikini top were rhythmically going up and down a bit as she concentrated on the breathing. Pleasant light touches her well-shaped buttocks embraced only by a black spandex shorts. Lana closed her eyes and let her mind relax. Even though she is in a training room, you would not find any piece of regular training equipment around, instead of that the place is full of very weird things. Dildos of various size (some small ones, but mostly from large to extremely oversized), sex-toys in different forms (as well rather huge and strangely shaped), big plugs, bottles, balls and plenty of other similar objects are gathered in the room. After some minutes of meditation, Lana opened her eyes and without help of her arms, simply by tensioning and bringing her legs towards each other, brought her body to a standing position. By this impressive and well-trained feat she tells herself she is ready.

I was extremely excited from the very start when Lana invited me to her place. She asked me whether I can assist her during the training. I thought this is going to be some gym sessions, as far as she seemed to me quite fit. In addition, I found her very attractive and her young and feminine figure was a sight to adore. As I entered her training room and made myself comfortable on a chair, I hadn’t even the slightest idea of how hardcore this training is going to be.

Lana looked at me and said in a sexy tone, “Let’s do some warm-up at first”, she turned her back to me, slowly pulled down her spandex shorts, reached back with both hands and gently, but still firmly separated her perfectly round cheeks. They parted with ease, and she pulled on them until her backdoor was clearly on display. What I saw right in front of me made my jaw instantly drop. Her anus was huge, its ring swollen, and wrinkled, like it was used to extreme dilations, yet it was incredibly elastic. Her pussy
was also large and puffy, as if after a nice and thorough pussy-pumping session. Without letting me to say a word, she grabbed one of the inflatable dildos and guided it to the entrance of her anus. It was already 2 inches wide and about 16 inches long in the deflated state, attached I could see a fist-sized plastic orb. The head of the inflatable dong touched her meaty lips, easily parted them and sneaked inside her tunnel, followed by 4 or 5 inches of the dildo. “Ohh, yessss”, she exhaled and with a slow going pace inserted the dildo to the mark of 10 inches. Wow, that was impressive, thought I, and how came such a young and pretty girl has such a swollen holes?


Then Lana came closer to me, where two heavy chairs about 30 inches in height were placed. The dildo made her walking a bit awkwardly, gap between the chairs was around 3 feet. Again she showed her impressive flexibility by bringing her legs sideways and doing a perfect split so that her body was in the air now, supported only by these low chairs above the floor. With her back and bottom to me, I’ve notices that couple of inches of the inflatable dildo left her. Lana quickly grabbed the end of toy and brought it back at first again to the 10-inch mark, and then inserted it further so only 3 inches were hanging outside of her bottom. What a remarkable feat it was! “Do you like what you see?” she asked. I was only able to nod my head oddly. The beautiful girl placed one hand on her butt-cheek and with the other started to pump the plastic orb attached to the toy. Arrrhhll!” she growled as her anus began to stretch, the meaty lips stretching thinner and thinner, pushing out from the base of her ass like a small crater. Her anus dilated now to 3-inch wide, then frankly she stopped pumping, let the orb hang beneath her and still being in this perfect split position she inserted 4 fingers inside her swollen pussy. “Mmmm, good” she murmured and added her fifth finger making her whole fist disappear in her already wet womanhood.

Lana began to fist her own pussy, at first gently, but then faster and harder. It seemed also having 13 inches of a 3-inch thick dildo inserted in her asshole made the pussy fisting only more pleasurable. I leaned closer and noticed a big mirror in front of both of us, now I could see her face as well. Lana was clearly in a state of pleasure; soft moans were leaving her cute mouth. Keeping her pace, she looked at me and licked her lips. I was insanely impressed, with my eyes on her stretched holes I stupidly asked her “How…could… how old are you?” She smiled a bit and answered between her moans “I had my… 18th birthday… last month… Ughhh”. What? How could she be so young and already such a whore, such a pervert with such a used holes??? After minute or two of this intense fisting Lana took her hand out of her pussy, did some deep exhales and said “I’ve been training for 10 years already, I’ll show you I’m not a beginner”, with that she grabbed the plastic orb again. Oh, God, will do some more pumping thought I, but no, holding the orb firmly in her hand Lana began to push it into her pussy embraced by her fingers! No way will she put her hand and the orb inside at the same time; it is just too thick, probably four or more inches around in total! With the fingers of her other hand Lana grabbed her pussy lips and pulled them to the side, stretching her young hole. She gritted her teeth and suppressed a moan of both
struggling and pleasure, and with great effort gave it a final push. Her hole distended unbelievably, probably four inches wide or more. Her meaty anus was also stretched thin around the 3-inch inflatable invader. And then the plastic orb and her fist logged in into her big pussy. “Grrrr, yesss…!” Breathing heavily, with her boobs in blue bikini going up and down Lana looked back at me through the mirror. I was literally blown away by this feat. She was clearly very aroused as well, her huge pussy lips were wet and some drops of her inner wetness were travelling over them and then dropping on the floor beneath. Her toes were pointed to opposite directions, how could she keep this split position having her pussy and her ass so stretched?

For some seconds we kept the eye contact, her beautiful green eyes looking at me. Her mouth opened in a shape of O and her tongue started to appear slowly. Then I noticed some soft sounds of the air going through some plastic. Her forearm muscles were moving. Holy shit! She was pumping the plastic orb with her hand inside her pussy, she was making the inflatable toy bigger as if it wasn’t big enough already.

Part 2 at https://www.patreon.com/foker


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On 24/03/2018 at 3:17 PM, foker said:

If you like the story you can find some more at my patreon:



Let me tell you that you are just awesome!

Despite your sprouting reputation as a writer, you made the audacious decision of settings the patreon fee to monthly instead of per release, and 10$ minimum to access anything new. This way, in case you forget to publish a chapter, your bank account send you a gentle, yet noticeable reminder at the end of the month so that you think about doing something for the next time.

And this goals of 50 patreons to ensure your motivation, just bravo! Most people would feel the need of promising something solid like a precise writing schedule or a certain amount of text in exchange of receiving between 300 and 400 $ per month. But you didn't made this mistake, this way you avoid disappointing your fans if your inspiration ever fade out or just just don't feel like writing anymore at a time when only you have a dozen of person investing ten dollars on you each month.

I also love the way you are promoting other fellows creator of patreon such as jm/teikokukizoku (https://www.patreon.com/teikokukizoku) who provided your front illustration. And how considerate of you to spare his modesty by avoiding mentioning his name.

I can only bow in front of your business sens. Yet I plead you to excuse me for the little suggestion. Maybe you could make a five dollar tier that doesn't give any compensation at all, just to allow less fortunate people to have the pleasure of throwing money at you. That's just a little change but feel like could make your patreon go beyond the state of perfection it already reached.

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many thanks for your feedback!


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