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by sketchysketch

Chapter 1 - Megan


Megan woke up to her alarm clock buzzing. She drowsily reached for the black thing that so rudely interrupted her dreams. It was Saturday, why did she have to wake up so early? She considered napping a bit more, but then, through her sleepy eyes she noticed the time: 9:32. Wasn't there something she had to do before 10 o'clock? Her gears started revving up, and suddenly her eyes popped open in panic.


Her would be flat mate was bound to arrive in less than half an hour and she needed to take care of things before that. The whole flat was a mess: Cheetos packages, laundry, dirty dishes were everywhere, but that wasn't her biggest problem. Her biggest problem – for the last 18 years of her 18-year life – was dangling between her legs as she got up from her bed.

Megan was a very attractive girl at first glance. Her 5 foot 6 inch tall, thin, lithe body with a small, but round ass would be enough for most of the guys her age. Even more so with her huge, K-cup breasts standing proudly on her chest. They stood high, defying gravity in a way that without touching one would definitely mistake them for implants. Her face was oval, and a cynical smile was usually hiding in the corner of her mouth right next to her small lip piercing, even on this very morning. Her short black hair had some blue dyed strands matching her eye color, and she usually wore it messily, similar to how she just got out of bed. She had a beautiful hummingbird tattooed on her left inner thigh, and a colorful peacock was inked on her right side from the underside of her breasts to her hips.

So what was that problem between her legs? Well, Megan was born with both male and female genitals, and thus, over her shapely vagina, she had a fully functioning penis and a pair of testicles. A very big penis, and a pair of very big testicles. When her breasts began to grow like there was no tomorrow, her hormones went crazy, and her male organs also grew huge. It was smooth and meaty, its color matching her porcelain skin. One thick vein went from base to tip on the upper side of the shaft, snaking its way down the length like a river. It was absolutely massive, and not just compared to her frame – 18 inches long and 3 inches thick. Flaccid. Her balls were the size of grapefruits barely contained in her smooth, hairless sac, causing understandable trouble during her day to day life.

“To hell with you guys!” she said as she went to the bathroom to get ready.

She only had 25 minutes now to take care of things, but fortunately she was good at multitasking. While she washed her teeth, she took care of her bladder standing up, like a guy would do. Sitting down on the toilet to pee was just never an option to her. She finished just in time, as her girl-cock also started to wake up. She – as Megan always considered it a she – was an even later riser than her, but once awakened, would cause many troubles to Megan. She sighed as she felt her morning wood kicking in with the usual delay. If she did not take care of it, it would be impossible to hide, and she did not want to scare away her would be flat mate – she needed the extra cash for the rent.

Over the years, masturbation became a routine job for her. Not that it didn't feel good, but it was such a burden doing so whenever she would get horny, that it became a necessity, rather than entertainment. She started stroking her shaft with both hands, using her saliva as lube. Her small hands could not reach all around the trunk as it grew longer and thicker, but never becoming truly erect. Maybe it was her size, or maybe her dual gender, but she never got fully hard before. Once, her cock swelled to a truly enormous 24 inch monster with a 4 inch width at its widest point, and while it took her a good hour to work herself up so big, it was still flexible.

During her routine masturbatory sessions like today, her girl-cock only swelled a few inches short of that. Normally it would take her quite a long time to cum, however, she had a sure technique to speed things up. Once her penis got nice and excited, she pulled back her foreskin from the orange sized head and put her delicate middle finger in her mouth. Once it was lubed up with saliva, she firmly but gently inserted it into her urethra up to the first knuckle. Then started to push it in deeper.

“Oooh...” she moaned, as her penis hungrily swallowed her digit to the base. Her hand was cupping the swollen tip with one finger hidden in her depths, a small bulge forming on the underside of the shaft. Urethral penetration was one of the more extreme fetishes that she had tried in order to make herself cum quickly when needed, and it proved to be the most effective. And over the time, she had improved on it. With her other hand, she reached behind her to the sink, to find a small, pink egg-shaped object. It had a wire attached to it, and on the other end a simple rotating switch.

“Okay, I admit, I love this part!” she said to no one in particular, as she removed her finger from her hole, and lined up the egg shaped toy to it. It was only little more than an inch long, but had to be about ¾ thick, about twice as much as her finger.

“Here comes Johnny,” she said as she started to push on the egg and watched with a lustful gaze as it disappeared inside her peehole. Then her finger followed, and it did not stop, until the object was deep inside her penis, as far as she could reach. She got weak in the knees from the sensations, and forced back a lust filled moan. She was enjoying this more than she cared to admit even to herself. She shakily removed her finger, then took three deep breaths to calm herself. If she came to quickly, she won't be satisfied enough, and would have to repeat the session too often. Grabbing her shaft with both hands just below the tip, she positioned her penis to an upright position. Now that she was quite aroused, she managed to balance it without it bending too much, and started to massage the underside of her shaft with her fingers from top to bottom. And with each stroke, the egg shaped bulge travelled deeper and deeper, until it was all the way to the base of her glorious penis.

Her breathing got faster and she started to sweat a little, but not from the physical exertion. The sensations deep within the core of her girl-cock, the pressure on her prostate and the whole insanity of the act of stuffing things up there was having an increasing effect on the young girl.

“Just... where mommy... likes it...” she murmured to herself, then while her left hand continued to stroke her shaft in longer strokes now, her right went to find the controller. She wobbly stepped inside the shower cabin, and closed the curtains behind her to avoid messing up the whole bathroom. She learned this trick from the many cumbersome cleaning sessions she had to make after her releases. When everything was set, she licked her lips, and involuntarily tensed a little before turning the dial to the maximum.

“Fuuuuck!!!” was all she could say as she started to vigorously jerk off her penis. Both of her hands were now pumping away up and down in a crazy speed, gripping the massive shaft tightly. The egg was vibrating violently at the base, stimulating her prostate from the inside, a sensation that was so intense, she could not have described it, even if she wanted to. Her cock had swelled even more, nearing the largest size it had even been, the lonely vein on top was bloated so much it was thicker than her thumb. Then, after only 5 minutes, she felt her orgasm building and fell on her knees as her legs gave out. Her balls obstructed from her view had grown taut, two blue veins were starting to appear on their outer side as they were working in overdrive.

Then came her orgasm, but not her release. Suddenly her balls tensed and jumped upwards hitting her thighs, then a massive pressure started building in her nether regions, but she did not let it be relieved. She gripped the shaft hard, multiplying the sensations by holding the still vibrating egg in place and the pressure grew with every heartbeat. Her mind was overwhelmed by the pleasure she felt, she was losing her grip on reality like an addict receiving her dose. She tried to hold on to the only sure thing she knew at the moment, but everything was in vain. As the pressure grew too much, the egg was slowly being pushed up in her urethra, the parts behind it were an inch thicker, visibly swollen with pent up girl-cum. Then she could not muster enough strength to maintain her grip, and let it all loose.

“Unggghhh...” She finally came like a firehose; the egg would have hit the ceiling if not for the cord stopping it mid-air. The first shot was so massive it could have filled a pint sized glass. The following others were smaller as the pressure slowly faded, but still she shuddered with every pulse of her balls. She slowly stroked her shaft during her bliss, milking herself with practiced movements of her hands. Her orgasm lasted for 2 minutes, but it always felt more to her. Once she tried to measure the amount, but the experiment failed badly when the cum flew in every direction but the bucket she aimed for. Nevertheless, she always guessed it must have been at least half a gallon, and if the mess she made on the wall and curtain of the shower cabin is any indicator, this time she even outdid herself. When it was seemingly over, she pressed two fingers from both her hands firmly on the underside of her slowly softening cock, and in a slow motion pulled them towards her tip, rewarding herself with one last thick wad of cum still easily bigger than what an average ejaculation results.

Once she regained her breath, she took a glance at the clock in the bathroom – 9:52 – and she quickly washed the white spunk from the shower along with her pleasantly numb body, and ran back to her room to get dressed.

She was ready by 10:00, when the doorbell rang…


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Interesting. Let's see where this goes...

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Chapter 2 - Ana
Ana was sitting in the back of the bus by the window. It was a sunny Saturday morning, people were walking and cycling in the city but not with the usual rush of the weekdays. She was squirming in her seat, seemingly nervous about something. Actually she was. Ana was a shy, introverted girl, who managed quite well all by herself, but got a bit tense around strangers. She had some difficulties opening up to others her social awkwardness was partly a result of her bad experiences with people in her life so far.

She was only 20 years old, yet she already had her heart broken many times. Even though she had a hard time approaching others, the same was entirely untrue the other way around. Men, and sometimes women were frequently bothering her with more or less sophisticated ice-breakers and pick-up lines, but she learned how to turn them down quickly. She just didn’t want to get emotionally hurt again.

However, this morning Ana was nervous because she would have to go and initiate a functional relationship with another. She moved to the city to leave the bad memories at home, and did not have enough money to get her own place. She decided to share a flat with someone, at least until she can get herself a job to support herself. She found this advertisement online - a young university student looking for a flatmate. It was quite cheap, in a quiet part of the city, and everything else also checked out. Ana contacted her by e-mail, and they agreed upon meeting today morning at 10. This is where she was headed, to meet her would be flat mate, a complete stranger who she would have to live with for months, and it really made her nervous. At least the girl - Meg - seemed nice based on the short electronic conversation they made.

The bus reached her stop, and she made her way off it, followed by quite a few gazes of the other passengers. She got used to the staring, and at least they didn’t talk to her. Ana quickly checked her phone for the address, and walked the remaining 2 blocks, until she got to the building. It was an old brick apartment house with 4 stories, but the well-groomed flowers near the entrance and by the windows indicated a nice neighborhood. She reached the entrance, and found the intercom, but couldn’t get herself to press the button.

What should I say? Just introduce myself? Formally or casually? Or maybe crack a joke? She debated with herself, when the door opened, and an old lady walking a small dog left the building.

“Come on in, darling!” she invited, holding the door open for her “This old thing is broken more often than not.”

Ana murmured a silent thank you for the lady, and made her way to the apartment house. The flat was on the 4th floor, and the building had a newly build elevator, which was already waiting for her on the ground floor, so she stepped inside, and pressed the button to close the doors. The walls were made of mirrors, and she tried to calm herself by checking her attire and making sure, that she was looking appropriate. Not that she could look otherwise.

As mentioned before, Ana was attracting quite a lot of attention, and this was mostly because of her looks. She was quite tall, 6 foot 1, with a voluptuous hourglass figure. Slim waist, wide hips, thick, but still graceful thighs, ending in long, shapely legs. She had only the slightest amount of fat just to make her even more feminine. Her face was equally beautiful, heart shaped with slightly visible freckles. Her big, green eyes, sensual lips and perfect little nose belonged to fairy tales. She had long brown hair that she wore in a braid reaching down to the middle of her back.

Of course, none of these could compare to her ridiculous bosom. Her breasts were humongous, massive mountains on her chest. They were twice the size of her head each, and perfect in shape. Their curves and jiggling left no doubt they were real, even with their impossible size. If she dropped her arms beside her body, the side of her melons were still visible even from behind. Her profile visage was equally insane - the massive mammaries stood out over a foot from her ribcage, and their lower curves, despite their perfect shape and custom-made bra support hung down to nearly reach her navel. Her light sundress decorated with floral patterns, made by Ana herself somehow covered most of her endowments, yet still hugged her form, barely showing the little paunch of her belly, reaching to her mid-thighs.

However, her ministrations mostly focused around her backside. Her buttocks, like the rest of her body was perfect, big and round, but still taut, it was her favorite part of her body. She spent a full minute fixing her dress around it, wiggling her bum back and forth a bit, until she was satisfied with the result. When she was ready, she pressed the button for the 4th floor. Once there, she found the flat easily as it was directly in front of her. She reached for the doorbell, but hesitated a little.

Come on, don’t be such a coward! She scolded herself as she pressed the button.

The door opened shortly after, and she saw Meg for the first time and she was stunned by what she saw. Meg was a stunningly beautiful girl, though half a head shorter than herself. She radiated confidence and strength in a way Ana could never imagine herself doing so. She wore a black spaghetti top that emphasized her sizeable breasts, probably fake as she had such a lithe and tight body. A few inches of her stomach was uncovered, and part of a tattoo could be seen on her side. The girl also wore a pair of black baggy trousers, that was a bit strange given the temperature outside. Her punk-goth-emo or whatever it’s called look was complete with her blue and black hair, pierced lips. And for some unexplainable reason, Ana found herself drawn to this strange girl.

“Uhmm… Hi… I’m Ana...” she started with an unsure smile, waving her right hand, while the other was meddling with her hair in her confusion. They stood like this for a while, in her confusion, Ana could not read the look on Meg’s face.

“I’m Meg. Come in, look around, if you like it, the small room is yours, sorry about the mess, I havetogotosomewherejustlockthedoor,” she jabbered, then quickly squeezed past Ana, accidentally brushing her breasts, and ran down the stairs.

Ana stood in the door dumbfounded, then stepped into the apartment, and closed the door behind herself.

It took her a few moments to realize what just happened, but once here, she tried to make the best of it. As she looked around, she realized, the flat really was a mess. Meg mustn’t really like chores it would seem, as pizza boxes, dishes and some clothes were lying around in the place. However, the flat itself was really nice. The living room was spacious with a comfy looking couch, a smoking table, and a flat screen TV with an X-Box. The kitchen and dining room was in the same space, only separated by a half-height wall. There were two bedrooms connected to the living room, and Ana could immediately tell which was Meg’s from the unmade bed and clothes lying around. The other one was untouched however, with a nice queen sized bed, a desk, a beanbag chair and a closet with a full-body mirror on the door.

All in all, Ana really liked the place, but it would need some serious tidying, which she was really good at, and even liked to do. It gave her nice opportunities to enjoy her secret hobby…

Since Ana didn’t know when Meg will be back, and she didn’t want to leave rudely without a word, she started to make herself useful. She picked up the junk lying around, did the dishes, and even collected the scattered clothes and put them in the laundry bin. As Meg was still nowhere to be found, she even vacuumed the place.

While doing so, she would have been a strange sight if anyone were watching. She occasionally walked around tip-toed, swayed her butt sometimes, and whenever she bent over, she did it like she was trying to seduce some invisible observer. Even though her impossible bosom was dancing around in her self-made dress, her moves were still somehow focused on her butt. Occasionally she took a little rest, caressing her sexy pouch-belly for a while, then resumed working with a smile.

All that cleaning had washed away her worries and made her really comfortable. Comfortable enough, that she started taking glances at the bathroom. Once she was finished, Ana contemplated a little, then with a deep breath, went for the bathroom. She was pleasantly surprised at how clean and hygienic it was, especially after how the rest of the place looked like. It had a nice spacious shower cabin, a washbasin with a mirror and shelves for the myriad of things a girl needs in her bathroom, and a toilet.

She stood before the mirror, and examined herself again. She knew, she was a walking beauty-goddess, but somehow that still did not help her fitting in, making real friends, and after all the disappointments, her self-confidence was really hurt. However, that did not mean she could not enjoy herself, more precisely, her body, when she was alone.

“O-okay, let’s do this,” she encouraged herself, as she turned around and pointed her magnificent ass towards the mirror.

She pulled up the bottom of her dress to reveal the perfectly shaped round bubble-butt, and the obvious lack of panties on them. She watched her superb bottom above her shoulder in the mirror, as she reached back with both hand, and gently, but still firmly separated her perfectly round cheeks. They parted with ease, and she pulled on them until her backdoor was clearly on display. And what a sight it was!

Her anus was huge, its ring swollen, and wrinkled, like it was used to extreme dilation, yet it was incredibly elastic, and still tightly closed around a black plastic tube coming out of it, and going up into her pussy. Her womanhood was also large and puffy, as if after a nice and thorough pussy-pumping session, however, Ana never had to alter them that way, they were absolutely natural. Her meaty lips were sealed around the tube tightly, making sure it did not dangle low enough to be visible when her dress was being properly worn.

She reached behind and put two finger under the tube, and gave it a firm pull, only to reveal a black shape inside her pussy. Her lips were clinging to it, and as she increased the force, they stretched around the fist-sized plastic orb, until finally, an inch out from her crotch they gave up, and with an audible plop it came free. It was the hand-pump part of an inflatable dildo, and it hung there, the other end still hidden inside her butt.

“Now the fun part,” she muttered to herself, as she started to push with her anal-muscles.

“Grrrrll!” she growled as her anus began to stretch around something massive emerging from her depths, the meaty lips stretching thinner and thinner, pushing out from the base of her ass like a small volcano. Her anus dilated an inch wide, then two, but still, the massive plastic inflatable did not break free. She gritted her teeth and suppressed a moan of both struggling and pleasure, and with great effort gave it a final push. Her hole distended unbelievably, probably 3 inches wide or more. Her meaty anus was stretched thin around the invader, and then, suddenly, the dildo’s end freed itself from her depths, and darted towards the floor. However, she quickly grabbed the outer end with her hand, and held it in place.

“Not... so fast…” she scolded her toy in her hazy thoughts, calming down from a small orgasm the sudden exit caused.

Legs still slightly shaking, she turned sideways to the mirror, and pulled up her dress to reveal her sexy potbelly too. Her profile view was really something! Shapely, long legs, with thick thighs, ending in a big, round bubble-butt pierced with a 3 inch thick black inflatable dildo. However, the curve of her surprisingly firm and tight belly was a bit odd, or at least would be, if someone were to watch. It looked like she had eaten too much, however, the bulge was more firm, had a more solid shape to it. The mystery was solved quite quickly, however.

Ana started to caress her belly, while her other hand was still holding back the humongous anal intruder. Her face showed nothing but pleasure and lust as she watched herself in the mirror. Then, very slowly, she started to let the thick inflatable out of her stretched bottom, and her belly visibly twitched.

The black giant was slowly snaking its way out of her hole, millimeter by millimeter, inch by inch, and the bulge of her belly was shrinking with a similar pace. Ana’s left hand found the end of the toy still buried deep inside, and was tracing it as it exited her agonizingly slowly, yet incredibly pleasurably. Her right hand controlled the pace of the process by gripping the outer end of the inflatable toy, and when she gripped it harder to slow it down, she felt the air rush into the still buried parts, increasing the pressure and along with it her pleasure.

She stood there in front of the mirror with her ass pushed out back, to counterbalance her massive bosom. She watched in awe as the thick black inflatable dildo was slowly emerging from her tightly stretched anus, she felt the other end shift inside her. The experience was so overwhelming, that she was orgasming the whole time, not even remembering when it started.

As the black monster emerged, it became apparent, that is was some kind of special device. In fact, Ana obtained it from a shady website specializing in exotic sex toys. She had to save up for it, but as it turned out, it was worth every penny. Its length was divided into 2 inch-segments, and band-like parts separated them. As it slowly emerged from her rectum, it stretched to the max again and again when the inflated parts came.

Eventually the bulge in her belly subsided, and with an audible “plop” the whole oversized toy became free, leaving behind a twitching, gaping, swollen, still orgasming anus. Ana leaned on the sink to get back her composure, her heavy mountains seemed like swelling with each deep breath, until she rode out the aftershock of her long orgasm. Then she turned around, and spread her glorious backside again, to survey the damage. Even thou her asshole was stretched obscenely, it was quickly returning to “normal”, a huge, meaty ring of muscle. She flexed her sphincter a few times, until it was able to close once again.

Turning back to the mirror, she admired the view of her figure without the added volume of the dildo. Her stomach was flat, feminine, slightly muscled, it was simply unfair having a body like that. She knew it, but still, somehow she was shy, insecure around others. When she thought about it, she concluded that it must have been because of the fear of others not seeing her, only her overly sexualized body, and her previous experiences proved her right. Ironically, she herself was also in love with her body, more precisely her ass and the pleasure she can give herself with it.

Shaking her head, she dismissed the gloomy thoughts, and rearranged her dress. It was a bit loose around her now flat belly, but the massive swell of her bust made it nearly unnoticeable. When she was all done, she reached for the inflatable, and started to fidget with it dreamily. It was truly magnificent, it looked a real monster in her delicate hands. The shiny black rubber was 3 inches thick at the base, and the tube to the pump section was connected to the center. Its length was equally impressive, 24 inches of glistening plastic. Every two inches, a strange thin ring constricted the girth to the same girth as the base, but the pressure of the air inside bulged the sections between them to about half an inch thicker than that. No wonder, her belly bulged when it was inside, once she calculated the monster’s volume to be around 3 gallons! It was also surprisingly heavy for an inflatable, as it had a solid but flexible core, that contained the real funky stuff.

It had two dial-like rings on the pump part, and her fingers traced around them. None of them were at the maximum, so she rotated the first one until it clicked. Immediately, the girth of the constricting bands enlarged, the toy gaining an additional half inch in diameter, but became less rigid, as the pressure dropped inside. She smiled and licked her lips as if seeing some really yummy meal, and tried in vain to encircle the dildo even with both hands. Then, she turned the other dial, and the space between the rings increased with a click, and the already huge device grew an inch surpassing its previous two-foot length. One more click, and the dildo looked like 26 frightening inches of anal destruction, however the drop of air pressure made it more sponge-like, and the bands were not taut anymore. She started to slowly pump the monster up with one hand, while feeling up the toy with the other. She pumped, until its firmness was the same as before the size increase, and admired the view before her.

“Soon… I can’t wait to take you!” she said to her inanimate lover, and the thought of it still not being set to maximum size sent shivers down her spine in excitement.

Then she heard steps approaching just outside of the open bathroom door...
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I approve of this story. Please continue.

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It seem kgnot didn't have time to post the next chapter this week.

Well I'll doit for him :

by sketchysketch :

Chapter 3 - Meg

While Meg was never a fashion-girl, getting dressed was always tricky for her, especially when she needed to make sure her girl-cock would not be noticed. She had already tried wearing baggy pants, strapping it to her thigh, but found out that the most reliable way of hiding it was to put it someplace safe and secure. And in her case, the most safe and secure place was up her butt. That was why she took great effort in milking herself during the morning routine, because getting a raging hard-on inside herself is really uncomfortable – and she knew that from experience.

She sat down on the edge of her bed, and laid back, one hand gripping her impressive trunk, while the other was gently preparing her anus with the lube she kept hidden in her nightstand. Her balls would always get in the way, but so far she did not find any way of making them disappear, so she had to manage with them. When her hole was properly lubed and relaxed, she bent down her shaft, and lined up the head to her rectum.

“Oooh...” She moaned, as in one swift motion, she buried the moster cock as deep in her own ass as it would go. In this case, as she figured out already, speed was really important. The longer she fumbled with it, the more aroused she would get, and the harder – and thicker – the task and her penis would be. This time she managed to get it right , about 16 inches of her flaccid yet still thick girl-cock went straight up her ass, her two massive balls were hanging on both side of the small, unburied part of her shaft.

Catching her breath only for a moment, she progressed with putting on her special underwear. It looked like women's boxers, but it had more space at the front to cup her balls, and tie them down as much as possible. Combined with her baggy pants, her “problem” was hidden from the prying eyes quite well. She barely had time to finish her attire with a white spaghetti top – her gravity defying breasts did not need any bra for support.

Meg opened the door, only to be greeted by the woman of her dreams. No, she thought, even in her dreams she could not imagine such beauty. The first things she noticed were a pair of impossibly huge, massive breasts barely contained in a light summer dress. Their size was intimidating and mouth-watering, as they looked out of proportion even on a girl a head taller than her. It took all her willpower not to jump on them right there, in the door. She immediately felt her cock swelling inside her butt.

As her eyes miraculously freed themselves from the massive endowments’ prison, they wandered upwards, and for the first time, examined the beauty’s face. Somehow she felt it would be surprising, if it wasn’t the perfect, lovely, angelic face it was. However, after the marvelous breasts, she was not expecting the shyness radiating from the big, green eyes.

It made this girl, Ana, as she remembered from their emails, look so innocent, so vulnerable, and before she knew, she was sporting her biggest hard-on inside her own ass, the base of her cock painfully twisting backwards.

“Uhmm… Hi… I’m Ana...” The angel started, but that was all she said.

They stood there for a few awkward seconds, but that did not even register to Meg. She was busy admiring the view before her, as her eyes finally took in her whole figure, the hourglass shape, the generous hips, the long, shapely legs and thick thighs. The only blemish she noticed was her slight paunch, but that she could forgive any time. She would have looked like a drooling idiot if it wasn’t for the increasing pressure in her backside, and the painfully packed genitals of hers.

She needed to clear her head, so she did the first thing that came to mind:

“I’m Meg. Come in, look around, and if you like it, the small room is yours.” She said. ” Sorry about the mess, but I have to go to… somewhere. Just lock the door after...” She said, but her thoughts were really about the naughty things she would love to do to Ana. She didn’t even notice that her speech was more gibberish than articulated words.

She quickly squeezed past Ana, and darted to the stairs, however it didn’t go as planned. The doorframe was too narrow, and she accidentally brushed her boobs into her guest’s. She felt their weight shift, the firmness of those impossible lovebags, and it sent her over the edge. Even though she had just milked herself, she felt her balls contract and a huge amount of cum was being forced through her painfully twisted glands. She increased her speed to get away quicker, but the movements were only increasing the stimulation as the muscles in her abdomen and buttocks massaged her swollen, trapped penis.

As she fumbled down the stairs, she felt her own cum enter her, and the pressure in her belly increase. She barely made it down one level, as she noticed how tight the waistband of her baggy trousers were. By the time she got to the second floor, she felt the cum sloshing inside her as she ran. On the first floor, she started hyperventilating from the panic and pleasure, and had to slow down her escape to unbutton her trousers. As she reached the ground floor, she looked like a pregnant woman in her third trimester. Fortunately for her, the tank-top she wore allowed her stomach to expand, but even that was reaching its end as it stretched tight under her generous boobs.

And that was when she heard her neighbour.

“Megan dear, I haven’t seen you in ages!” Her neighbour, Mrs. Dubrovik greeted her. “I have just met the loveliest girl a while back, can you imagi… Oh my God!” Her eyes grow wide “When are you due, Megan dear? Why didn’t you tell me the great news?”

Meg would have blushed is she would have been capable of such things in her state, instead she noticed the garbage room door, and darted for it.

“SorryIhavethingstodo…” she managed to say, and locked the door on herself.

Once inside, she managed to pull her trousers down to her knees, but as she tried to pull out her still orgasming, massive shaft from her ass, she realized in panic that it was stuck!

“Are you alright my Dear?” she heard Mrs Dubrovik from the other side of the door.

“Yesssss!” She moaned as another massive spurt of cum entered her. Her belly felt really firm now as she cradled it with both her hands. Even her belly button has popped out, and she could have sworn, she even felt the taste of cum in her mouth. And none of the spunk seemed to be able to escape her ass, so swollen her girl-cock was inside it. She needed to calm down, but even in this state, she could think of nothing else than Ana. Her sensual mouth, her humongous breasts, the meaty butt…

“Aaahh…” She regretted having such vivid imagination as her almost subsided orgasm amplified again, further increasing the unimaginable pressure inside her.

She may have blacked out for a moment, she wasn’t sure, but the next thing she remembered was sitting there, in the garbage room with her back to the door, and hearing her neighbour’s worried queries.

“Megan, are you sure, you okay?”

“Yes, thanks Mrs. Dubrovik.” She answered, finally gathering enough strength and composure to do so. “I’m just…” She desperately tried to come up with something, then, much to her surprise it came to her.

“I’m just trying to remove this stupid ass costume!” She lied as convincingly as she could in her current state. “No need to worry, but thank you!”

“Oh,” Her neighbour was silent for a few moment in the corridor outside “I thought… silly me!” She apologized. “I’ll just leave you to it then!”

And with that Meg could hear her steps walking away.

She took a relieved deep breath, or at least she tried to, but the pressure in her tummy didn’t really let her. Her stomach looked like she was ready to give birth to twins, her skin stretched tight around the impossible amount of girlcum and girl-cock inside it. Even the underside of her spaghetti top had torn, barely retaining the ability to cover her huge, round breasts sitting higher than usual, resting on her swollen midsection. The fullness was nothing like she had ever felt before, however, being filled to capacity and beyond was more pleasurable than she cared to admit to herself.

She reached under herself to see if she could uncork herself, and after great deal of tugging, her penis came out of her overstuffed rectum. Then came the flood. What did she expect after being filled with that much stuff? In her panicked attempt not to make a mess, she quickly reached for an empty garbage bag, and positioned herself over it, and watched in awe as the never ending torrent of her own cum flooded the plastic container.

As her belly was starting to shrink back to its former size, she noticed something strange. Her massive penis was softer now, but still, it was at least a couple inches longer that her previous maximum, and it seemed thicker too. The fact that she had it up her ass frightened her and made her proud at the same time.

After what felt like hours, her bowels finally emptied themselves, and her stomach was back to its original, flat, trim form. She put a knot on the garbage bag, and tried to put it into a trash container, only to find out just how much she had cum inside herself. She stood there stunned as she had to give her best shot to lift it up, so heavy it was.

Once she was done, she fixed her clothing as much as she could, but did not reinsert her penis into its secret hideout. Instead she used some duct-tape she found lying around to fix it to her leg, as her anus was still hurting from its ordeal. But it was a good kind of hurting.

Taking the elevator this time up to her flat, she found the door unlocked. Meg assumed sadly, that Ana must have had left. It wasn’t much of a surprise, given how she had behaved, and made a promise to contact her again, and apologize. Then, much to her surprise, she heard movement from the bathroom, and her face lit up with joy.

Up until she remembered, where had she left the vibrating egg this morning…


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Chapter 4 - Ana and Meg
As Ana heard the steps, she quickly grabbed the huge dildo and turned towards the door, with the black plastic behind her back. She managed to hide it just in time, as Meg appeared in the door. She looked a bit different than when she left, her clothing more rugged, the spaghetti top was even torn a bit around her sexy flat stomach. Now that she looked more closely, it was even sexier than before, looking more trim and flat, with the perfect amount of feminine muscle. Just looking at this strange, punkish, blue-haired minx had arose feelings inside her that she only felt when looking at the mirror.

“Hey, Ana, right?” Meg said ”I see you’re still here, and…” she looked back to the livingroom ”did some chores? That means you liked the place?”

“Uhm...” Ana struggled again to find the right words. “Yeah, I-I like things tidy and clean.” She looked away shyly “Hope… Hope you don’t mind?” She added while trying to find the dials at the base of the inflatable behind her back.

“No, I like what you did to the place.” She said reassuringly, and with a really heartwarming smile on her face. However, much to Ana’s panic, Meg also took a step closer. In response, Ana tried to step back, but bumped into the sink, her mind struggling to find some way out of this.

“So, are you moving in?” The dark haired beauty asked, taking another step closer. Ana did not notice that the same panic was also hidden in the girl’s eyes, as they darted back and forth between Ana and a spot on the bathroom shelf.

“Y-Yes, I’d love to...” Ana replied weakly, trying to stall for some time, but Meg darted towards her, with arms stretched out in front of her.

“Great! Welcome Roomie!” She said cheerfully, still concealing her true intentions of trying to reach the shelf, more precisely the vibrating egg on it.

“Oh my God!” Ana thought, “She is going to hug me…”

Ana only had a split second to think. There she stood, in the bathroom of her yet-to-be-roommate, holding a monstrous 26-inch inflatable toy that would raise some really awkward questions. Then, the worst of ideas came to her mind, and she acted without a thought about the consequences.

As Megan was going for the hug, Ana also took a step forward, her arms still behind her back. With a not so small amount of luck, she managed to get the end of the dildo under her summer dress, and pressed the 4-inch thick head between her glorious cheeks, against her meaty anus. This way, the more-than-two-foot monster was still hidden from Meg, as Ana was holding it under her dress. Then, as Meg was just about to reach her, Ana moved as if she was knocked over by the other girl, and fell on her ass.

Three things happened. One, the black monster penetrated her ass, stretching it wider than ever before, and in one sudden motion buried itself to the hilt in her rectum. Two, as she landed on her well-cushioned, perfect ass, the pump part of the toy was stuck under her, inflating the monster inside her ass even more, making it bulge against her insides harder than it already was. And three, the pleasure and pain of the sudden invasion of her ass made Ana achieve her greatest orgasm so far. She would have howled like a wolf from the sensations, had the massive dildo not knocked the breath out of her. Instead she just sat there, arms cradling her bulging belly barely concealed in her dress, as she rode out the waves of bliss, impaled on a massive inflatable toy in a stranger’s bathroom,

“Oh my god, I’m sorry, are you okay?” Asked the dark haired beauty coming to her help. Ana, of course, did not notice the quick movement of her hand, as she took a small pink object from the bathroom shelf and hid it inside her pocket. She was preoccupied with the intense pleasure radiating from her backside through her whole body.

“Yea… Yeah!” Ana managed to say, but it still came out more like a moan than actual speech. Fortunately for her, Meg was focused on her massive melons still wobbling from the sudden movement, fighting the rising lust in her loins. She really did not want to get another erection, as the duct-tape was already starting to hurt around her hardening girl-cock.

“Here, let me help you up...” Meg offered, and grabbed one of Ana’s hands.

“I… I’m… Okay...” Came the weak opposition, but to no avail, Meg was already pulling on her arm, ass out to counterbalance Ana’s weight. Even though her plan mostly worked - after all, she managed to hide the toy - she realized, that the pump part was still hanging from the plastic tube, and if she stood up, her dress would not cover it. There was only one place to hide it.

While Meg was pulling on her left arm, Ana put her right under herself. She hoped it would look like she was pushing herself up with it, but instead she grabbed the plastic pump and tried to blindly insert it back into her pussy. It shouldn’t have been a problem, as she had worn the massive inflatable like this many times, however, her ass was so full right now, that she had trouble pushing the thing into her tight vagina. She had to squeeze hard, which cause another rush of air into the already humongous dildo in her ass, yet the she fumbled with the pump and it slipped from her grip.

“Come… on…” Meg was struggling, apparently the mountainous boobs were heavy as hell. She pulled herself closer to Ana, and a coy smile appeared on her face as the position, while allowed her to put her arms around the girl, also placed her head into the infinite cleavage of those heavenly breasts. The soft pillow-like bosom felt too good, for a moment she forgot about helping her new flatmate and just savoured the feeling. Her painfully constricted girl-cock snapped her back to reality, and she finally managed to help Ana up.

Meanwhile the shy beauty used the momentary stillness to finally squeeze the handpump into her now gushing vagina, which caused yet another increase in the size of the gigantic invader in her rectum. As they stood in front of each other, Ana avoided eye contact, fumbling with her dress, trying her best to conceal the prominent bulge of her stomach.

“Sorry ‘bout that... “ Meg apologized. “This was awkward…” She was blushing as she scratched her head, trying to make some normal conversation happen.

“Anyway, when are you moving in?

“I… I was thinking… tomorrow, if tha… that’s okay?”

“Absolutely! I can’t wait!” Meg was jumping from sincere happiness, breasts wobbling up and down on her small frame mouthwateringly. Even Ana was smiling now, the other’s cheerfulness was affecting her as well.

Then they just stood there in the bathroom, not really sure what to say or do. Of course both of them had a similar problem at hand, a massively swollen thing preventing them from focusing on anything else. Ana broke the silence first.

“I should be going now. To get my things packed...” She blushed at the ambiguity of her words, then wobbled out of the bathroom on unsteady legs.

“Are you okay?” Meg asked with concern in her voice “You look like you hurt your… ” the end of the sentence was never spoken as Meg was now already imagining hurting that glorious ass in some other ways. She could practically feel her throbbing girlcock sliding in and out between those thick, round cheeks.

“No, really, it’s nothINNNG” Ana squealed the last word as she tried to compose herself, but by doing so she accidentally flexed her vaginal muscles squeezing some more air into the huge latex toy. She just darted towards the front door, and left, all Meg could hear was a distant goodbye.

“Nice to meet you, see you tomorrow...”

However, Meg was not really paying attention to that, as all she could watch were the humongous breast wobbling as Ana ran towards the door, their curves clearly visible even from behind. This was too much for her poog constrained cock to handle, and in a loud tear the tapes snapped, and her baggy pants tented upwards obscenely.

As soon as she locked the door, she ran towards the bathroom undressing herself and three hours later she was lying on the floor passed out, gallons of girl-cum splattered all over the tiles. Her cum covered face showing utter exhaustion and bliss, and she was quietly whispering in her sleep.

“Ana… don’t stop, Ana...”

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I do hope Sketchy continues this.

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Chapter 5 - Meg and Ana
Sorry if this chapter contains more mistakes, I could not get it proofread. If anyone wants to do so, please send me an email about the things to fix, and i will do it. But still, enjoy the latest chapter...


Sunday morning Meg awoke in the bathroom still covered in her own cum. Her blue-black hair was a mess, but the worst of all was the smell - and she had to get rid of it by the time Ana arrived, unless she wanted to have an awkward conversation...

It took her an hour to clean up the mess she made yesterday, but when she was done, the bathroom looked decent enough not to betray her secret. She noticed that her trouser-snake remained dormant during the whole tidying - something that hadn’t occurred for a long time. It was actually a good omen as keeping it restrained around Ana will be a really hard pain in the ass - she smiled at the thought.

After a quick breakfast, she decided to play some XBox to take her recurring thoughts away from her beautiful flatmate. However, it was in vain, as she caught herself thinking about Ana more and more. Eventually she had to stop playing as she had worked herself up to a respectable hardon, and sitting on her bloated balls was becoming uncomfortable. A quick glance at the clock - it was 9:50 - she thought maybe she still had time for a quick wank. Grabbing her phone she went for the bathroom to find some release. To make things sure and uninterrupted, she texted Ana to call her before she arrives, and took matters in her own hand.

Meg noticed that her massive girlcock felt heavier than usual, such was Ana’s effect on her. Normally she would just consider it a burden, but this time she couldn’t help but imagine her massive, swollen monster sinking into the tight pink flesh of the gorgeous goddess. As she grabbed it, her fingers confirmed it was thicker, and it looked longer too, but she did not want to waste any time measuring it. She finished much quicker than before, the memories of those heavenly breasts were enough to quickly push her over the edge, right before her phone beeped, signalling an incoming  text message.

“I’ll be there in 15. Hope it’s okay?” it was from Ana, and Meg’s penis twitched, even though she had just finished masturbating.

“Ofc, see u soon” she replied with a winking emoticon, and spent the next 10 minutes tucking her massive girlmeat inside her asshole - still the safest place to keep her secret, hoping that she could avoid yesterday’s “incident”. And it felt definitely bigger than before…

Right on time the doorbell rang again, and Meg’s heart jumped from anticipation. She rushed to the door, fixed her clothes, even checked herself in the mirror. She wore a new black tank-top - with a zombified Hello-Kitty stretched around her impossibly perky boobs - and her usual baggy pants. She should have chosen another top, she thought, one that doesn’t emphasize her boobs so much, ‘cos what will Ana think...

“Oh, come on!” She murmured to herself blushing. “Don’t be such a silly little princess...”

She opened the door, and as expected, was greeted by the marvelous beauty of Ana. This time she wore a pink T-shirt with floral patterns that miraculously encased her massive breasts, and clearly showed the outline of the probably custom-made bra underneath. It was stretched tight around the chest, and became loose down around her stomach, and even with the mouthwatering body it contained, Meg still noticed how pretty it was, and made a mental note to ask where it was from later. Ana’s round bubble-butt was covered by a pair of short jeans, that were on the thin borderline between emphasizing her absolutely fabulous backside without being too slutty.

Beside her there were 4 bags, ranging from really big to even bigger, and Meg was unsure how she managed to get all of them up alone.

“Hi, Ana!” She greeted with an honest smile, this time, fortunately for Ana without the hug. “It’s so nice you are here, come on in, need a hand with all these stuff?” Meg offered as she stepped out of the way to let the girl in.

“Hello! No… I mean yes, I was also lo… looking forward to this.” Ana replied, and still blushed, grabbed two of her bags, and went to her new room.

Meg grabbed the biggest one still in the doorway, just as Ana was turning around.

“No!” She lept towards Meg and the huge wheeled travel bag, practically tearing the handle from her hand.

S… Sorry!” She apologized, Meg still standing stunned by the unexpected outburst. “It’s just...“

“O.. Ok, no problem.” Meg answered still dazed, but already focusing on the wobbling titflesh of her new friend. “I’ll just… let you settle in then, OK?”

“Thanks!” Ana smiled awkwardly, now carrying the last bag into her room.

She closed the door behind her, and Meg started to walk away, but then suddenly she heard it open up again, and she turned back wantonly. She found Ana leaning out in a pose that made her bra beg for mercy as her heavy boobs were barely kept by them, bulging forward from her tilted torso.

“Actually… After I’m done, H… How would you like getting some lunch?” Ana asked, and Meg felt her heart beat about twice as fast. “I’m quite a good cook…”

“Yeah! I’d very much like that!” She answered practically shining from joy, while cursing herself for behaving like a little girl who got asked to prom. “I’ll be… around?”

“Great!” And with that Ana, and her marvelous breasts disappeared in the room for a while…


Once in the safety of her new room, Ana leaned on the closed door, with her heart racing and her heavenly chest rising and falling with her rapid breathing. All this was too much for her shy, introverted self. The packing and moving was okay, she had called a cab to take her and the huge bags, and the nice lady from yesterday helped her get into the elevator, when she told her she is moving into the apartment on the 4th floor. She told her Meg may be looking a bit strange, but she sure is a nice girl, but Ana noticed that she was lost in her thought for a while.

Then Meg opened the door, and she was back to her same old wallflower mode, barely able to speak coherently, and just being socially awkward. Yet, when she saw the younger girl’s smile, she felt herself melting a bit on the inside, and couldn’t ignore the fact that she was drawn to this “strange girl”. She didn’t really know why, maybe exactly because of this “strangeness”, and how she was proudly flaunting it in everyone’s face, not worrying a thing.

Then she remembered the incident with her “Toybag” and blushed several shades redder. She stepped away from the door, and struggled the huge bag up on the bed. It was visibly overstuffed, the zipper along the edges was barely holding the contents inside. She opened it, and as the zipper parted, the entire top of the bag exploded off to the side, and Ana’s most precious, most secret treasure spilled forth onto the bed. It contained toys, unsurprisingly, sex toys, to be precise. Huge, scary looking, extreme sex toys for massive anal stretching, to be even more precise. Most of it was custom ordered, but there were some off the shelf designs too. They were of impressive size, she put back a thick pink twelve incher densely covered with nubs that fell from it, and it was still on the smaller end. Her stash had different colored and shaped dildos starting at a foot in length, massive buttplugs of terrifying width, inflatables - along with the newest acquisition she wore yesterday, anal beads that looked more like softballs on a string, and many more strange and exotic device with the sole purpose of bringing her great pleasure while stuffing her backdoor to the max.

Just seeing her toys calmed her a little. In fact, stuffing her backside full of toys was her most effective way of calming herself, the stretching, full feeling made it much more easy for her to be around people. She know it was perverted, but the feeling that she had something deep inside her that no one could even imagine made her feel special, more than a simple eye-candy as others saw her. She had gone without any “encouragement” today, as she was afraid her secret would be revealed to Meg, but she needed to calm herself, so she decided to take some plastic bravery anally.

Picking through the impressive collection, she decided on a special toy that she ordered a few month back. It was called the PokeBalls, and it looked like five red-white-black spheres connected with a durable plastic string, like some oversized anal bead. The balls, modelled after the popular franchise, were also covered in plastic, and their diameter was around three inches, the connector between them about half that long. At the end of the toy, there was a flat, coaster-like handle with a few buttons, that would sit nicely between her marvelous asscheeks once the toy was fully inserted.

She unbuttoned her shorts, and laid down comfortably on all four on the queen sized bed. It was impossible for her to sleep on her stomach because of her humongous breasts, but in this position the massive melons were like two comfortable beanbags under her, spilled to the side by over a foot regardless of the straining custom bra she wore.

“Bed is nice and comfy!” she thought, as she pulled down her jeans to her knees.

Her perfect, full bubble-butt was on full display now, her already soaked white panties hugged it nicely, and her swollen pusy lips were clearly visible through the nearly transparent undergarments. Soon they also came off, resting at her knees, and her hand went to get some natural lubrication for her meaty backdoor. She scooped up some of her gushing pussy-juice and applied it generously to her other entrance, sliding four fingers into the elastic ring of muscle without any effort. She played around for a while, pulling the well trained hole in every direction, proudly enjoying the feeling of it snapping back, as she was still tight and stretchy after all the hard anal workout. At least when she started her sessions.

She had her whole hand inside to the wrist in no time, and she felt herself lubricated enough. Not that she needed much preparation for the PokeBalls, but she liked to play around for a bit before the main course. She grabbed the toy, and one by one, popped the balls inside, her anus swallowing them hungrily, closing around the plastic connector each time one sphere went in with a silent pop. All the while she managed to remain silent, she suppressed all her pleasure moans not to raise suspicions in her flatmate. Once all of them were inside, the handle rested snugly between her asscheeks, and she felt a comfortable, but still light fullness inside. Then her phone beeped, and a green led blinked a few times on the handle of the toy.

She reached for her phone, and started the PokeBall app, which was designed with two goals in mind. One was to control the toy remotely, and the second to disguise itself as a simple app that had a ball rolling around on the screen. She used some gestures on the touchscreen, and felt the spheres inside her getting bigger. She rested her other hand on her belly, and the feeling of the spherical bumps on her taut stomach sent chills down her spine. Once she felt pleasantly full, she checked the secret view on the app to find out that each of the balls were nearly 4 inches across, and set them to a gently vibrating mode. She had to bit her lip to suppress a huge moan, and it was still only a half success as the balls vibrating against each other deep in her bowels started to work her up to a nice orgasm.

With a dreamy smile on her face, she pulled up her panties and shorts, barely managed to get it buttoned around her full and sizable butt, and checked herself in the mirror. The bulges in her belly were completely obscured by her top, and the handle of the toy was swallowed by the cheeks of her meaty backside. The vibration was silent enough not to cause any audible sound, so the only thing she had to look out for was not to let out some sexy sound herself. That being done, she started to unpack her things waiting for the inevitable orgasms she would silently achieve during the process.

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Chapter 6 - Getting to know each other

Chapter 6

It has been almost a week since Ana moved in. Meg’s semester had started at the university and she took class attendance quite seriously. She had chosen biochemistry as her major, mainly because she hoped to understand her special condition, and her determination made her the teachers' favourite in no time. She was always a wallflower, and her lack of social life left enough free time to read up on subjects she was interested in even before she started university. Not that she was unpopular - her looks would never let her be one, but she was simply not really interested in others back in high school. Either they were stupid airheads who just wanted her to join their popularity-club, overconfident jocks who wanted nothing more than to get in her pants, or introverted nerds, who couldn’t even speak when someone like her was around. As she thought about it, she felt superior to most of her peers, making her kind of an unreachable ice queen.
Then came Ana, and she changed everything. At first sight, she was an absolute goddess and it didn’t even occur to Meg to consider anything other than her impossible figure. Naturally she had serious trouble restraining herself around the girl, as every aspect of her roommate radiated sensuality. Her massive, bouncing bosom, perfect face, meaty, yet still tight ass, the sway of her hips, even the cute blush she had whenever they talked. For Meg, it was like living a dream. A really erotic dream. She often thought about making a move on her, however, as shy as Ana was, she did not want to scare her away.
She had resorted to masturbating every morning and every evening, her thoughts always circling around her new roommate. As the days passed by, however, strange things happened. When she awoke with her morning wood, she caught herself unable to cum, until finally she grew tired and let her massive girlcock unsatisfied, her balls aching for release. This had never happened before, and she was getting confused. The thoughts of Ana were still as arousing as ever, and she found herself getting hard quickly. But after that it seemed like however she tried to take care of it on her own, it was just not enough. Even the pink egg deep inside her urethra vibrating against her prostate couldn’t send her over the edge. By Saturday, her huge, smooth balls had swollen even bigger, and her sack was stretched so taut over them it seemed ready to burst. And there was this other strange feeling inside her chest that she was unfamiliar with...
Today was Saturday, and Meg had nothing to do. The flat was cleaner than ever thanks to Ana, and the assignments hadn’t started yet. She didn’t even bother with her aching morning wood as she knew by now that she will not find release. Instead she just laid in her bed waiting for it go down enough that she can tuck it back and hide the swollen, pulsing thing inside her own ass - a task getting more and more challenging these days.
Thirty minutes later she was more or less presentable, wearing an old blue tank top stretched thin over her round breasts and a pair of loose sweatpants to hide her serious case of blueballs. As usual she did not bother with her hair or makeup before she stepped out of her room. Only to be greeted by the smell of the best pancakes she had ever smelled.
“G-good morning, roommate!” - She heard Ana’s angelic voice from the kitchen, and soon she could see her leaning out behind the corner. Her mountainous mounds were bulging the beautiful cream colored top she was wearing, and Meg’s hunger rose in more ways than one.
“You too!” - she answered, walking through the dining room - “Are you making pancakes?”
“Y-yes, strawberry pancakes. I thought...” - she looked away, back to the frying pan with the usual shy and insecure look Meg found so attractive that she had to adjust her gait. - “I thought we could maybe… hang out a bit? We… We hadn’t really t-talked...”
“Great idea!“ - Said Meg, interrupting her with a warm smile, that made Ana blush as she finished up with the last pancake.
“I-it’s ready. Take a seat...”
Meg did as requested, squirming a bit to make some space for her endowments. Fortunately for her Ana did not notice her pained expression as she accidentally sat on her bloated balls for a moment before settling with her legs spread at the dining table. Then Ana brought some fresh orange juice and a bunch of delicious looking pancakes with slices of strawberries in them and sat next to her. She barely managed to squeeze her massive breasts between her and the edge of the table, causing them to spill forth over the flat surface, creating an even bigger cleavage than before. 
As arousing the sight was, Meg was really looking forward to some meaningful conversation with Ana. Until now, she was only seeing her briefly in the evenings during their dinner time. Ana insisted on cooking for them every day as she was staying in all day long trying to find a nice job offer online without any luck so far. Once they had their meal, Ana always apologized and after doing the dishes she went back to her room, and stayed there for the night. Maybe now they can have some talk and get to know each other? She felt her heart beat faster, and prepared for the pressure in her backside, but it did not come. What is this excitement then, she asked herself confused.
They started breakfast in an awkward silence, but finally Meg spoke up:
“So…” - Perfect icebreaker, you idiot - she thought to herself.
“The pancakes are crazy good!” - Meg tried with an easy topic, stuffing her mouth full of another huge bite.
“Um… Thanks…” - Was Ana’s only answer, but Meg did not want to miss the opportunity for a nice chat.
“You really do love doing these stuff…”
“Wha… What stuff?” - Ana looked startled, blushing redder than usual.
“I mean… chores stuff. Cleaning, cooking, things like these…” - Meg explained, afraid that her roommate might have misunderstood something, even if she had no idea what.
“Oh. Y-Yeah, I like to keep things organized.” - Ana answered, letting out a small, but noticeable sigh - “And I like doing these routine things while…While I’m thinking.” - the blush returning as she finished the sentence. - “What about you? - She asked finally, with an awkward look on her face.
“Me? No! I mean, you’ve seen the place first time… I make things messy…” - However just as she had said it, she remembered the kind of mess she usually made, and it was now her turn to blush.
“G-Good thing you have me now…” - Ana assured her with a warm smile that could possibly melt steel better than jet fuel. And it definitely warmed Meg’s heart... 
A few hours later, they were sitting on the carpet, in front of the TV. On the coffee table laid two phones, a pair of empty glasses and a bowl containing the remains of a bag of chips. They were each holding one of the X-Box controllers, mashing the buttons furiously, looking really focused on the screen.
“Fuck!” - Meg shouted suddenly as the screen darkened - “You are a liar!” - She accused Ana.
“What? Why?” - She asked confused, her face a bit red from the intense concentration before.
“You said you haven’t played this before...”
“I haven’t...”
“B-But...” - Ana stammered.
“I want a rematch. Winner takes all!” - Meg offered, grabbing the controller already, not expecting any opposition.
“You mean chooses dinner?”
“Yeah, whatever...” - She was now flexing her fingers in preparation for the big rematch.
“Okay. J-Just let me grab some more lemonade.” - Ana said, putting her controller aside - ”I’m hot from all this action...” - She said as she stood up. As top-heavy as she was, she first got up from her knees on all four, her absolutely marvelous breasts trapped between her arms, hanging freely in her dress. As she was facing Meg, she could see a good foot of heavenly cleavage as Ana pushed herself up with a practiced movement.
“Yes… Yes you are...”
“What did you say?”
“N-Nothing, can you grab some for me too?”
“Sure!” - Ana smiled, then headed for the kitchen,
Suddenly her phone that she left in the living room let out a small beep only audible to Meg sitting right next to it. The Pokeballs were still inside Ana, sending a nice, full, calming sensation through her entire body, contributing to her relatively uninhibited mood. However, as they were connected to her phone via bluetooth, when she went for the kitchen the app lost connection resulting in a discreet notification, normally only noticeable to the owner of the device.
Meg reached for the phone without any bad intentions to help her new friend. She found that the screen was not locked, and with a sweep of her fingers, she discovered the Pokeball control app.
“Do you play Pokemon?” - She asked, fidgeting around with the phone.
“Wha-No, I don’t...” - Ana said without looking back while pouring the first glass of refresher.
“What is this app then? Is this that stuff from last year?” - Meg was playing around with the app, and as expected from someone who have never seen it, she immediately started messing with the sliders she should have not been able to find.
Ana realized her mistake a moment later. She nearly dropped the jug as she felt the balls shifting inside her. The spheres deep in her ass swelled suddenly, stretching her already stuffed belly even tighter. She did not know their exact size, but it felt like she had five bowling balls stuffed in her poor ass. This was definitely the most massive thing she ever had up there, and her mind went blank for a second, immense pleasure along with some pain wreaking havoc on her brain. A few moments later the pain faded compared to the pleasure of having her insides stretched to impossible proportions, and she had to grab the edge of the counter to steady herself, biting her lips to prevent herself from moaning out loud.
Just as she was about to regain a hint of composure, the vibrations intensified, and the five humongous spheres started wriggling against each other furiously. With one hand gripping the counter so hard her fingers lost color, she placed her other on her belly. Even though it was hidden under her top, she felt the prominent spherical bulges against her skin and the insane rumbling coming from deep within as they shifted around, rearranging her insides. Her legs grew weak as she felt her climax approaching helplessly, not having the neither strength nor clarity of mind to do anything else. 
Then her barely functional mind registered a novel sensation she had not experienced before. She felt the last segment, the handle of the toy expand. Normally it was just a relatively thin plastic connector between the last ball and the controller buried between her glorious buttcheeks, however, she felt it rapidly gain width, stretching her well-trained ring in an alarming rate. She did not even know of this functionality, but soon it really did not matter as her backdoor was suddenly opened up to obscene proportions, instantly pushing her over the edge, into the most intense climax she had ever experienced.
Luckily for her there was a small section of wall obscuring the lewd scene from her roommate who was obliviously pushing all her buttons. Literally and figuratively. Ana was standing by the counter, tremors running through her entire body as all her muscles spasmed from the overwhelming sensations, unable to do anything else.
“It’s boring...” - Meg dropped the phone on the coffee table. - “Are you coming, or what?”
“Y… YESSS!” - Ana moaned, biting her fingers trying desperately not to scream. - “Jussst… a-a Mmmm… Minute” - she mumbled weakly.
After a while sha managed to calm down a bit, however, her orgasm did not end. She felt like drifting in a sea of pleasure, the gargantuan toy not letting her orgasm to finish its course. Eventually her overloaded mind regained some clarity and she felt like she was able to move with only minor inconveniences as her ass spasmed occasionally from its constant orgasming state. She finally got to inspect the damage done. She had drooled a bit on the counter, which she quickly wiped clean with a paper towel. Then she nearly fell when she slipped on her love juices making the floor slippery where she stood. She bent down to clean it up as well only to force the huge balls inside her to rearrange, nearly losing her grip on reality again in the process. Eventually, she managed to clean up all traces of her perversion, then fixed up her dress as well. She took extra care at her abused bottom, feeling around for the outer end of the toy to check how obvious it was. The size of what she felt was frightening even for her, but fortunately her dress was loose enough to hide the monster between her bubble butt if she moved carefully.
Gathering the lemonade, she returned to the living room and placed the glasses on the table all the while keeping her backside away from Meg. She took her phone from the table and sank it between her marvelous, slightly sweaty breasts trying to remain as calm as possible. She succeeded quite subtly until she sat down on the couch. Her weight on her ass suddenly forced the toy all the way into her already overstretched anus, and her eyes bulged in surprise as she was fighting not to scream. Her constant orgasm immediately switched to higher gear, and she had to grab her knees to suppress the tremors shaking her legs.
“You okay?” - Meg asked with honest concern, raising an eyebrow.
“Y-Yeah...” - Ana forced a smile - “Just… just… Let’s have t-that rematch!” - she changed the subject grabbing the remote.
“Oh, I’m gonna fuckin destroy your amateur ass now!” - Meg boasted turning to the TV, barely missing the absolutely obvious blush on Ana’s face and the silent gasp she let out.


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WOW!!! Next installment please.... lol

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there isnt one there are only 6 chapters

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may be there is but won't know about it...

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Chapter 7 - No more secrets


10 minutes and a quick and one sided match later Meg finally shouted in triumph:

Told you!

Y-Yeah… A-Aaah…” - was Ana’s only answer. She barely even registered the events of the game as all her thoughts were about the massive balls stretching her rectum and the endless orgasmic bliss she was trying to conceal. She lowered the controller in her lap, her hands accidentally brushing the bulge in her belly, making her moan loudly.

You okay?” - Meg inquired with a raised eyebrow, starting to notice her opponent’s weird behaviour.

S-sure! Just… h-have to…” - Ana forced an apologetic smile, slowly starting to rise from the couch, making very sure that her dress concealed her massive toy. Suddenly she realized that she had totally soaked the fabric of the seat, and looked up in panic.

S...Sorry, I… lemonade!” - she apologized - “Some le-lemonade got on the coach… Let me get the cleaning stuff...” - With that she turned round bow-legged, only to stop in her tracks with a yelp, barely managing to stop her hands from grabbing her marvelous butt.

You hear that? Is that your phone buzzing?“ - Meg asked, as Ana was preoccupied with the sudden sensation of the balls vibrating inside her bowels. As each of the massive sphere was violently buzzing and smashing into each other, her mind was trying to remain functioning as her constant orgasm was switched to even higher gear. Meg must have found the timer messing with the app before...

Wha… Yeah, sorry, berightback...” - Ana jabbered, grabbing her phone and disappearing in the bathroom...


Sunday morning Ana was up early and busy in the kitchen. The day before ended quite awkwardly and she decided to make up for it by bringing breakfast to bed for Meg. While the delicious toasts were slowly frying in the pan, filling the kitchen with a mouthwatering smell, her thoughts wandered back to yesterday evening.

She remembered barely making it to the bathroom before her legs gave out and she had fallen to her knees right behind the door. There she needed a few minutes to recover as she was riding out the forceful waves of her orgasm that was sieging her sanity for almost an hour then. When she finally calmed down a little, she disabled the vibrating function on the pokeballs, and slowly crawled to the sink on all four, ass high in the air, her massive boobs dragging of the floor. She barely registered the the cold tile brushing against her nipples - her mind could only take in so much stimuli. She had to support herself with her arms to stand up, but when she was finally more or less upright, she pulled her dress up and got to survey the damage to her marvelous ass.

She gasped at the sight in the mirror, had to muffle herself not to make any suspicious noise. Her full asscheeks were spread apart by the outer end of the toy, clearly showing her hole that was distended beyond anything before. The normally thin plastic connecting the base to the balls was inflated to about 4 inches in diameter, and her usually meaty anus was stretched thin around the massive shape. What was even more astounding was that the first Ball was pushing against the ring from the inside, so her abused hole was distended from its normal place to be in level with the end of her bubble butt, looking like a miniature volcano between her cheeks. Below, her puffy pussy was slightly deformed from the unnatural state of her posterior, but it was still soaking wet.

She considered deflating the toy, but as she reached for her phone, she could not bring herself to it. She wanted, no, she needed to see and feel as the massively swollen balls bursted through her poor asshole. Instead she just opened the faucet to conceal the noises she was most probably going to make, and grabbed the base of the toy, while bracing herself with her other hand.

She began to pull, but the massive sphere right at her entrance just would not budge. Her stretched ring was refusing to open up any more and instead it hugged the huge ball tightly, eventually forming a semi-sphere between her spread asscheeks. Now that the ball’s outline were clearly visible, Ana noted its size which had to be over 5 inches across. The mere thought of having something this big inside her and the forceful tugging only made her hornier and more determined to get it out without deflation.

After a minute or so she was panting from both the exertion and her ever rising horniness, but still couldn’t pull the humongous invader free from her strained asshole. She needed a different approach, so she laid down on the floor on her back, pulled up her legs beside her torso, and grabbed the toy with both hands. It took some struggle to get a good grip as her massive breasts were practically overflowing her chest, spilling to both sides over her arms, completely obscuring her view of her lower parts. While reaching for the toy she traced the outline of it on her distended stomach, and was shocked to feel a bunch of prominent bulges along the way. Finally she managed to hold the toy firmly, and took a deep breath as she started pulling with all her might. Gritting her teeth she managed to make some progress, she felt her anus stretch even more, and millimeter by millimeter the toy started to emerge from her depths. She should have been more worried about damage, now that she thought back to the day before, but in her lust-crazed state she was too far gone to care. Finally after breaking a sweat from the struggle, she felt the widest part pop though her abused hole, as another huge orgam wrecked though her, her neglected pussy squirting all over the floor. She was in heaven, bathing in pride and pleasure, and just laid there for a while, when she remembered, it was only the first ball. There were still four to go…

The toast was finally ready, and Ana put it on a plate already prepared with some bacon, added a glass of orange juice to it and went for Meg’s room. She did not want to wake her up, her plan was to silently put the breakfast next to Meg’s bed and let her wake up to the smell of fresh toast and bacon. Ana was lucky, she found her door slightly ajar. She was worried Meg may have locked her door, but fortunately she still getting used to having a flatmate. She rested the plate on her generous bosom, only holding it with one hand, and reached out with the other to open the door as silently as possible.

Meg’s room was the only one she did not clean as she didn’t want to invade her privacy on the very first week. Stepping into the room, Ana a bunch of clothes laying around the floor, a notebook on a messy desk littered with papers, notes, and some jewellery, a halfway open closet and a strange, strong, musky smell.

You should at least ventilate sometimes...” She thought, then stopped in her tracks as she noticed something really strange.

Meg was sleeping on her back, arms thrown over her head, her colorful hair messily framing her face. She was more or less covered by a thin blanket, one of her knees was pulled up, tenting the thin white fabric. Except, and that was why Ana stopped for a moment blinking cluelessly, both of Meg’s legs were clearly visible, as her feet were sticking out from under the blanket.

What the…” Meg started, suddenly realizing she should remain silent unless she wants to wake up her sleeping roommate.

Instead, she just shook her head, sneaked next to the bed, and put down the tray in a safe distance so Meg could not turn it over accidentally.

Ana...” She heard a weak voice from behind her back.

S-So...” She turned, starting to apologize, but the weak voice spoke again, interrupting her.

Ana… More...

That was when she realised two things: Meg was only talking in her sleep, and the pillar was twitching slightly. A really dirty thought came to her mind, and Ana blushed and looked away ashamed, but her curiosity finally won over her. She crept closer, standing right at the end of the bed, and with one unsteady hand reached for the blanket. She was really careful not to wake Meg up, she steadied her hand and moved in a speed that seemed to be in slow motion. When she finally reached the end of the blanket between the sleeping goth’s legs, she pinched it carefully, and lifted it up until she could peek inside. She was not prepared for the sight.

Under the blanket stood the biggest cock she had ever seen, and that was something considering how big of a size queen Ana was. She saw an absolutely massive, throbbing pillar of flesh covered in finger thick veins twitching in synch with Meg’s every heartbeat. At the base, squeezed between the goth’s thighs rested a pair of overfilled balls easily as big as cantaloupes, their skin stretched tight around their bloated shape. It was so manly yet fully feminine as the hairless shape was covered with the girl’s fair, flawless skin. All Ana could do was stand there hypnotized, staring at the humongous secret her flatmate had somehow hidden from here so far.

Yes… Ana… so good...” Moaned the sleeping Meg again, as her cock twitched more violently than before, letting out a generous amount of precum, more than an average ejaculation, soaking the white fabric at the tip.

The sudden movement of the impossible girlcock took Ana by surprise, and she would have jumped away if her humongous breasts wouldn’t have unbalanced her. Instead she just pulled on the sheet trying to hold onto something while falling face first onto the bed, breasts popping out of her top. Her fumbling had fully revealed the throbbing pillar, allowing her melons to land on both sides of it, failing to fully envelop it in the bottomless cleavage.

From this close, it seemed even more impossible to Ana, and she had barely noticed that behind the mesmerizing shaft Meg was staring at her wide eyed blushing redder by the moment.

I...I… did not mean to… J-just wanted to see i-it... C-Can’t be real...” Ana stammered still talking to the enormous shape right in her face instead of looking up at Meg.

Meg opened her mouth to say something, but no words came out, creating an awkward silence for a few seconds. Finally she found her voice:

So… Could you...

Oh.. Oh, yeah, I should uhm… Sorry…” Ana finally regained some of her composure, and moved her hands to push herself up from Meg’s lap.

No!” Meg said nearly shouting, stopping Ana in her movement. “Please… Please don’t leave…” She added breaking eye contact and blushing.

Oh… I suppose… Wow. It’s massive…” She said dreamily, while she absentmindedly started touching the massive thing with her hands - tracing her fingers on the underside, feeling the never ending length and the smooth texture.

Meg only gasped from the sensation gripping the sheet with both hand. She could only hope that this was not a dream, this perfect goddess touching her war really happening. She bit her lips, face showing the incredible pleasure she felt mixed with the aching need to get some release after three days of forced edging. She tried to tell Ana to stop, but couldn’t, the sensations were too heavenly. She tried to tell her to do more, but couldn’t, she was afraid it would end too soon. Instead she just squirmed in her bed, pinned by the enormous weight of Ana’s bosom enveloping her poor, tortured, aching girlcock.

...And it’s really thick…” Ana notes as she couldn’t manage to reach around it with both hands.

A-Ahh!” Came the answer as the firm squeeze around the shaft pumped even more blood into the already bloated member visibly making it grow even more monstrous.

By now Ana was really wet, she felt her juices running down her inner thighs. She felt the massive pillar pulsing between her endless cleavage, twitching in her hands, yet she could still barely believe what was right in front of her.  Finally, her mind was able to focus again, and some coherent thoughts were able to form in her head.

B-but I have been here f-for a week…” She noted confused. “W-Where do… did you hide it?

Meg blushed an even deeper, crimson red as she struggled with her dignity to answer the question asked

I tuck it back…” - She finally mumbled in a voice so low Ana had to practically read it from her plump lips.

But still, I can’t belie…” - She doubted, hands moving around the shaft measuring it’s obscene dimensions, trying and failing to find a reasonable explanation.

Up my ass!” - Meg bursted finally - “I keep it stuffed up my ass! And I managed it well! Nobody knew!” - She continued nearly shouting now.

Then you came, and… And now look at me!” - She was on the verge of crying - “It had grown even bigger, and I’m nearly always erect! I can barely fit it in my ass now, and it feels like a fuckin tree trunk! And I can’t even cum anymore! My balls are so swollen I can’t take it anymore! A.. And when I think of you, it is even worse!” - Meg gestured towards Ana who was staring at her mouth agape but with genuine care in her beautiful green eyes. She had even managed to ignore the massive phallus wedged between her breasts while Meg was talking.

Your huge boobs, your perfect ass, flawless skin, gorgeous face, cute blush… Yeah, exactly that… And you are also so fuckin nice to me, and innocent, and I’m just… just constantly thinking about…

I also stuff things in my butt…

What?” - Meg was thoroughly baffled.

I-I also stuff things in my a... butt...” - Ana confessed without looking Meg in the eye - “Huge things… And… And I think you are also... Perfect! I-I mean it!" - Her eyes finally met the goth girl’s cried out pair.

I-I mean, you are beautiful, b-but you are also so confident! Y-You always know what to say, and don’t… and you are not afraid of what will happen… And you are so smart! I… I found some of those books of you, and couldn’t understand a thing… And...” - She looked down, and paused for a moment - “And you have a huge p-penis!

For a second they just stared at each other silently, Ana’s stare alternating between the still throbbing girlcock and its owners nervously blinking face. Finally it was the blog girl who broke the silence:

C-Can I...

God, yes!” - came the instant reply as Meg realize she had been holding her breath for a while.

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Nice story, Please continue

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Hi there!


I'm the original author of this story, and after a long time, here is the next chapter:


Chapter 8 - Finally...

Ana opened her mouth slightly, and after a moment of hesitation gently licked the bulbous throbbing head. It was so huge that she had to push her torso up so that her pink, plump lips could reach the dripping slit at the end of the thick pole. The upwards movement caused her bulging breasts to shift around, encasing the shaft in their seemingly infinite valley of cleavage.

She was absolutely mesmerized, her eyes showing utter disbelief and joy at the same time, like when someone receives the gift they wanted their whole life, but could only dreamed of getting. Ana was so turned on, she was practically drooling as she let out her tongue to lap at the monstrosity, coaxing it in her saliva.

Meg was stunned. She had never dreamed of someone else giving this much love to her deformity, and the fact that this someone was Ana, the personification of feminine sexuality was unbelievable. She dared not to move as she was afraid the dream would end, throwing her back to her lonely reality.

The whole scene was more like a fantasy magically dreamed to life, so when Ana started licking her swollen head, she wasn’t even surprised to see the girl’s tongue stretch out of her mouth further and further until it was wrapped around her sensitive glans. It was hard to guess the exact dimensions of the soft muscle caressing her girlcock, but it sure felt like it was everywhere, moving around, making lewd slurping noises. The feeling was indescribable. This wonderful girl was making her feel like she had never known pleasure before, making her earlier experiences little more than rough masturbatory attempts of a little oversexed girl.

After a minute of licking, lapping and slurping, the top half of the massive shaft was properly coated, and the generous amount of saliva was trickling down the shaft, making the enormous boobs slick as well, further enhancing the heavenly experience of being wrapped between the mounds. Unfortunately, their size blocked Ana from going down the shaft more. She traced the underside of the swollen length upwards, making Meg’s eyes bulge as she finally realized, the dextrous tongue reached nearly halfway down her cock. Then, much to her disappointment, it finally withdrew between the other girl’s sexy, full lips, as she suddenly stopped her ministrations.

“I… I want to…” Ana stammered, struggling to find the right words.

“Can I… Can you... Put it in… in my…” Meg suddenly found her incredibly cute as the gorgeous girl who had spent the last five minutes licking her trhobbing girlcock suddenly blushed shyly.

“Please fuck my ass!” Ana blurted with surprising determination, leaving Meg laying before her dumbfounded.

No reply came, Meg was only opening and closing her mouth without words leaving it, Ana, in her sexual frenzy started to get desperate. She pushed herself up on all four, the bottom of her humongous, hanging melons caressing the laying girl’s stomach as she crawled closer to her face, arms and legs on the bed, either side of her.

“P… Please!” She cried out as she reached Meg’s torso. “I… I beg you, put this b… big, beautiful co… girlcock in my ass!” She pleaded, grabbing her friend’s shoulders while straddling her over her stomach. As she sat there, the throbbing tower of meat was wedged between her glorious asscheeks, her flowing girljuices coating it further, her massive bosom was overflowing the other pair of smaller, but still impressive mounds.

“Are you sure, Ana?” Meg finally found the words. “I… I don’t want to hurt you...” She stalled, but honestly it was all she could do to restrain herself from plowing into this angel’s depths right fucking now.

“You won’t, I promise!” answered Ana with a warm, reassuring smile that could have convinced anyone into anything.

As soon as Meg’s head moved the first millimeter of a silent nod, the girl on top was already raising her round, pert buttocks upwards, dragging her drenched pussy along the never ending girlmeat. When she couldn’t go further up as her thighs were already vertical, she reached back with one hand and her eyes snapped open. She could feel almost half of the shaft still hanging over her ass trembling with anticipation.

“Oh my God!” she whispered, as she had to put her weight on her soles, and started straightening her knee, pushing her ass even higher up in the air.

“You don’t have to...” Meg started with a worried look on her face, but she suddenly went silent as she felt Ana reach her destination. Although a huge pair of breasts was obscring her view, she could feel her sensitive, swollen head slipping between those perfect cheeks. Then she felt something wet and puffy and soft like velvet kissing the very end of her overdriven member. Even though she couldn’t see it, she felt the bulbous tip wedge into the center of the swollen pink ring. The sensations were so overwhelming Meg had to close her eyes to shut out everything else. Then, something miraculous happened.

As Ana’s ass raised higher, so did her already overcharged sex drive. After a few impossibly long moments she finally felt the swollen tip easily the size of a large apple slide between her cheeks, and with a final tilt of her hips she managed to place her needy backdoor right on top of it. Fortunately the massive rod was already generously coated with her various body fluids, because she knew at that moment, there was no chance in hell for her to take this glorious shaft carefully. As her puffy pink asshole lined up properly, she used her hand to hold the bloated member in place, and in one smooth motion she slowly, but steadily descended down the twitching, veiny pillar. 

All the way to the base.

Ana’s mind was barely functioning, she could only hazily recall the events of the next few minutes. She vaguely remembers the feeling of her backdoor stretching wider and wider around the huge head, then the intoxicating feeling of every twitch, heartbeat and vein of the humongous shaft as it invaded deeper and deeper into her. She has some recollection of the feeling as her insides were shifting to allow access to the deepest parts of her depths. What she clearly remembers is that as soon as her parted cheeks met Meg’s trembling thighs, the biggest orgasm of her life struck her like a lightning bolt. The muscles in her back strained as she arched backwards, involuntarily lifting up and pushing out her massive breasts. A frantic spasming started in her overstretched asshole as sensitive nerves in the ring of muscle were overwhelmed with sensory input. The spasming soon invaded her whole body, and she had to grab Meg’s legs for support as she rode out the all consuming waves of her orgasm trembling helplessly, impaled on the girl below her.

When Meg felt Ana stretch to accommodate her monster, she couldn’t help opening her eyes to see what was happening. For the first, and probably the last time in her life she wished the sex goddess above her had smaller boobs, as all she could see was the infinite cleavage of hanging inches from her face. However, she felt the advance of the overstretched muscle-ring just fine. She felt the impossibly tight grip as well as the soft, velvety texture sliding down and down, as more and more of her bloated member was enveloped in the radiating heat of Ana’s insides. As her girlcock drove deeper and deeper into Ana’s body, it felt like they were connected by an otherworldly link, feeling each others heartbeat like their own. When Meg felt something firm yet soft touch her lap, it didn’t even occur to her that it was Ana’s shapely bottom. However, all doubts were cleared when Ana exploded into a massive orgasm.

Se felt every violent shake of the orgasming girl through her tightly constricted throbbing penis, and if not for the vice grip of Ana’s ass, she would have blew her load right then. When Ana’s massive hangers finally lifted up, Meg’s eyes bulged out at the sight before her. Ana’s dress had pulled up right below her breasts when she lifted her ass in the air, leaving her stomach bare. However, instead of the trim abs she was expecting to see, there was a massive bulge before her eyes, twitching synchronously with her beating heart. She was mesmerised by the sight and reached forward with her right hand, and gasped as she felt her touch on her buried shaft through the stretched skin of her friend. She was so deeply embedded in Ana’s ass that the bulge started from just above her pubic bone, but instead of going straight up, it was bent into a curve to fit into her overstuffed abdomen. Her massive bosom was shaking rhythmically, parted to the side slightly by Meg’s far reaching monster, further adding to the indescribable sensations sieging her mind.

After about two minutes, the spasming slowly subsided, and Ana would have collapsed on top of her if not for the internal support of the gigantic invader.

“Holy...” Ana moaned, saliva dripping from the corner of her mouth.

“Are you okay?” Meg asked with sudden clarity and genuine care for the other girl’s wellbeing.

“Best I have ever been!” came the reassuring answer. 

Ana started moving on top of Meg, slowly bringing her arms to her bulging stomach, feeling every inch of the prominent bulge.

“Whoa...” She whispered as she gently caressed th huge pole through her own stretched body.

“S-Stop that!” Meg gasped, her girlcock twitching violently, shaking Ana’s whole body as well. “I… I’m close...”

“No, not yet!” The impaled girl shouted in panic “I… I have to ride you more!”

With that Ana gathered all her remaining strength, and with the help of her arms slowly rose from Meg’s lap. The girl below could see the massive bulge receding from her flatmate’s abdomen as more and more of her monstrosity became visible between them. From her vantage point, Meg could clearly see just how stretched Ana was. Her otherwise meaty, pink ring was gripping the wide cone of her shaft so tightly that as she slowly withdrew, Ana’s asshole puckered out between her magnificent cheeks like if it did no want to let its massive occupant go.

Ultimately, Ana could not rise any further, still having about half of Meg’s shaft buried inside of her. Then she dropped onto Meg with all her might. Now, Ana was an absolute expert when it came to taking things up to her bum, but the sudden force still pushed the air out of her lungs. Feeling a bit lightheaded, she adjusted her breathing to small, quick breaths, and put one hand on her stretched abdomen. Using the other as support, she started moving up and down the impossibly huge girlcock at a steady pace.

Meg was starting to doubt her sanity. What she saw and felt should have been impossible according to every part of her rational mind. The woman of her dreams was riding her cock furiously, her humongous bosom bouncing up and down in from of her. If that sight hadn’t been enough, she could also see her own grotesquely swollen penis snaking its way back and forth into the most perfect ass she had ever seen. As she was sliding in and out, Ana’s hand was gently caressing her sensitive glans through her own stretched skin. Every time she felt those firm asscheeks smack her thighs, she saw the outline of her tip bulging Ana’s stomach near the underside of her heavenly breasts, then a moment later she felt their weight slap her through her lovers abs.

And then there was the velvety massage of Ana’s depths. Every square inch of her penis was assaulted by the most incredible sensations she had ever felt. The heat radiating from Ana’s core, the well trained muscles of her anus milking her, the touch of the impossibly tight, yet soft and slick passage was rapidly pushing her towards the inevitable climax. A climax she did not want to reach, as that would mean the end of this divine feeling, this indescribable state of mind between euphoria and complete bliss. Meg held on as long as she could, which was an almost superhuman feat, but after a few minutes, she could not deny herself any more.

“I’m… I’m...” She groaned between her teeth.

“Cum! Cum inside me!” Ana replied nearly shouting, her pace not slowing the slightest.

“N… No, You… understand...” Meg protested with the last bits of her willpower.

“P...pump me f...full of...” Ana demanded, when she felt the already insane shaft suddenly swell even thicker inside her.

Meg tried to push Ana over, but she was holding her tightly with the strength of a mad man. She felt her already paper-thin anus widen even more as the massive urethra stretched from the inside, a thick bulge squeezing its way along the two-feet length. By the time the first massive spurt left the tip and bloated her abdomen like she had suddenly swallowed a cantaloupe, she was again squirming from a mind shattering orgasm.

Then another spurt came. And another. She was feeling every one of them travel through her insides still in the twitching girlcock only for them to suddenly explode into her guts with a force of a firehose. And she was loving every moment of it. She felt the thick seed pumping into her, stretching her in places where she could never reach before, rapidly inflating her abdomen. Through the orgasmic haze she vaguely felt the rubber band of her dress rise up just below her breasts from the pressure, as her belly reached the size of a pregnant woman.

She felt the bulk lift her boobs higher and higher, and in a sudden clarity of mind she realized, the flow is not slowing down. The pressure inside her grew and grew, her anus gripping the swollen shaft so tightly that none of it could escape there. Her belly just grew and grew, exceeding the size of a full term pregnancy reaching the realm of beach balls. The pressure inside was intoxicating, had she not be experiencing the orgasm of her life, she would have started to panic. She could feel the skin of her monstrously bloated abdomen stretch so taut that her fingers could not press into it, when the rubber band below her boobs suddenly snapped.

She felt an unexpected release, but it was only momentarily as she felt something travelling up her throat, and she barely had time to cover her mouth with her hands, before her cheeks bulged suddenly. She could feel the sweet taste of cum, she realized her eyes opening wide, when another spurt arrived and cum spouted from her nostrils and between her fingers. Then came another. Cum was now flowing from her open mouth in a wide stream, bubbling down to the wide valley of her cleavage parted by the swollen mass of her belly. Suddenly she realized she could not breathe, and a she was feeling more and more lightheaded, the only thought in her orgasm-wrecked mind was how perfect way to go this would be. Then after one last spurt, the unending torrent of cum suddenly stopped.

Meg tried everything she could to warn Ana, but to no avail. Her cum output was immense on her regular days, but as backed up as she was today, she could only imagine what will happen. She watched with lust mixed in equal part horror as Ana locked herself on top of her, and she felt the her balls clench so hard she thought they will break. The impossible tightness became nearly unbearable as her girlcock swelled to even greater proportions, and she started to release spurt after massive spurt into this sex-goddess.

The sight, again, blew her mind. She could see Ana’s belly bulge more and more after each powerful contraction of her overfilled testicles. She was inflating her like some water balloon, her heaving breasts rising higher and higher as her abdomen rounded out. More amazing was the fact that since she started squirting gallons of girlscum into her friend, she hadn’t stopped climaxing, and Meg could’ve sworn she saw Ana’s eyes roll back from the pleasure like in some over exaggerated fiction. She just came and came, like a firehose, and watched helplessly, albeit with rising lust as the girl inflated from her own cum.

Soon Ana looked full term pregnant, and she still did not feel the end of her climax. When the otherwise so pretty dress snapped, she gasped in sudden fear of hurting the other girl. Without any better ideas, she reached forward to at least feel around the swollen belly now much reaching the size of a beach ball, she found it so taut it felt like rubber. That was when she heard some strange gurgling noise from up top, and saw some white stuff burst from Ana’s mouth. It took her a moment to realize what it was. The whole scene was now unreal, as she pumped so much girlcum into the other girl it started flowing out of her mouth, then down the heavenly cleavage, only to pool between Ana’s boobs and the massive swell of her belly. Soon it overflowed even its newfound resting place, and simply dripped down onto her own stomach and boobs, then down to her bed. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, she felt herself run dry, and with that, her consciousness faded.

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Nice to have you here man ! 

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Thank you, sketchysketch, awesome job

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Absolutely fantastic! Thankyou very much. 

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I love this story 

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