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Sean Fucks Bradley

Studio: Masquerademen

Muscle stud Sean Duran has proven himself a rock star in the sack, and pretty much anywhere else actually, so when our local bottom boy, Bradley, asked if he could be in a scene with him the next time he was in town we told him wed see what we could do. Dont you wish it was always that easy for you? Sean clearly has a thing for latino guys, so he definitely had a good time feeding his big cock to Bradleys eager mouth and hole on the bed, up on the pillows, hanging off the edge, against the window, and finally spurting every drop of cum he had in his balls deep up in him! He like, we like, and we hope you like!

Format: mp4
Duration: 15:53
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 2439kbps
Audio: 124kbps

adedfb1d64647ba2349194c1b9451f40.png 0a4faf7c8aab41f6921ba1387ac814f1.png
656dabd54ff184bf48714d4afdf75521.png e14f1643d28f206e2ba0b2e78c90c1dc.png

File size: 298.9 MB
Download Sean Fucks Bradley

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Nicholas and Brent

Studio: BiLatinMen

Shot in Argentina, young handsome model Nicholas is back, and this time he fucks dick-loving bottom Brent. Nicholass face is so beautiful, his body is lickeable and that long thick uncut dick is to die for. Watch as handsome Nicholas gets serviced by a gay boy.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 20:51
Video: 960x540, Windows Media Video 9, 1660kbps
Audio: 429kbps

e7958b3aebd0f975737d58aa3e1e7739.png dc50cd5119be2daca80c452eb7d9e89d.png
45a41705824e896a3b79c0199539e024.png 016cb6e5e685091de24c9a6cfbfb48b4.png

File size: 310.1 MB
Download Nicholas and Brent

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Raging Stallion - Austin Wolf & Brian Bonds (1080p)

Dress code is blue jeans only when Brian Bonds meets Austin Wolf by a stack of tires. Brian's roving hands block Austin from unzipping his jeans as he shouts, 'spit in my mouth.' The instant Austin's jeans come down Brian is on his cock, slamming his nose to pubes and chin to balls until he gags. He twists Austin's nipples and Austin hooks his thumbs into Brian's mouth and stretches it while he face-fucks him hard. Austin is a massive, muscled, sexual make, and Brian is an eager cocksucker. When Brian's tonsils can take no more punishment, he buries his face in Austin's muscle-butt until he nearly . Brian yells 'whoa!' when Austin unexpectedly hoists him into the air, flips him upside-down and plugs a tongue in his ass while Brian dangles airborne. He reattaches his mouth to Austin's cock and his flailing hands grab onto that pile of tires. Austin lowers Brian to solid ground and drops his nuts in his mouth, jerking out a warm, wet load. Brian ejaculates at the same instant, leaving trails of jizz on Austin's leg. Austin trembles and vocalizes total satisfaction when Brian licks his cock clean.

Format: mp4
Duration: 20:13
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 6430kbps
Audio: 187kbps

aea026533c9a72a7d000503b589f70a2.jpg a4d3161e879b1d40868edc82bfd0cced.jpg
223d78010cf1a438b5c4ea32c6c65690.jpg f085509500ef518d1832ef276d4fb33b.jpg

File size: 982.0 MB
Download Raging Stallion - Austin Wolf & Brian Bonds (1080p)

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