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  1. gnurps


    @widevision yes!! Kegels are great for quality errection, better sex and healthy testosterone levels. And they are fun exercise
  2. gnurps


    yes, loss of minerals and could also have to do with water temperature. Make sure to use body temperature water. Try adding a tiny amount of salt and ideally some other mineral solution to enemas and don't do them deeper than necessary
  3. gnurps


    Oh, one other thing i've learned about recently is that prostate massage is a very healthy thing to engage in. Its part of the fun of anal play and is good for preventing prostate cancer and is also good for healthy testosterone levels.
  4. gnurps


    Hi there! This is a short post on self-care. The rectum and the intestines are fascinating... i've been enjoying depth and width exploration for years. They also serve critical roles in our health, making sure the stuff our bodies can't use gets expelled and the stuff we need gets absorbed. So, have all the fun you can have and take good care of your vital parts. I'm sometimes shocked about reading what other put up their ass, and i've been getting more and more loving and becoming more aware towards my own asshole over the years. In short - don't put sharp objects or ones which could break up your ass. - don't use chemical laden lubes like hair conditioner - don't use agressive lubes like soap, instead use something natural like coconut oil or aloe vera gel. I'm also considering adding shilajit (trace minerals) and probiotics to my enemas and or lubes - respect your bodies boundaries and focus on the enjoyment and the journey of stretching - share your passion with others - be mindful of the microbiology - when inserting veggies or fruit, get organic ones and boil them before hand to keep unwanted bacteria out. One of my favorite toys these days are huge boiled cucumbers - their juices remineralize your intestines and they become flexible in boiling. - most of the bacteria present in our bodies are in the large intestine, where we like to play. beneficial bacteria are critical for our health. Have fun and love yourself peace gnurps
  5. gnurps

    tripple anal fist

    http://xhamster.com/movies/186826/fisting_2.html enjoy!
  6. id love to know who this girl is too. great scene, thx.
  7. gnurps

    Mia + Max

    does anybody know more about Mia/ has more movies of her? i like her too!
  8. thx alot!!! ill keep it in RBB!