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  1. ...Belliassima, ti seguo da un pezzo... sei la mia preferita, lo ammetto!

    Un bacio al tuo bellissimo cul... issimo!



  2. wow! just stumbled upon your website! holy **** that is impressive! Wish I could do ya! (and u me btw!:)) keep it up!

  3. you are not only awesome, but you are also HOT. I love your pics and your body. totally gorgeous

  4. wow ciao sei grande!!! abbiamo la stessa età e siamo della stessa provincia ma tu sei bravissima e bellissima!!!

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  7. young girl with two big wholes. when you are old you have to wear PAMPERS :o)))) *LOL*

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  9. grazie di esistere ,sei il meglio

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  11. amazing ilike ur vid & profile

    kisses from vr

  12. Hi Veneisse, love to watch you getting double fisted

  13. Hi Veneisse, love to watch you getting double fisted

  14. Amazing videos and pictures, you're one of the best! Be safe out there and keep pushing your limits!

  15. I'm a new and loyal fan, Veneisse. From the few videos of yours I've seen so far, you've already moved into my top five girls of all time. Beautiful!

    I look forward to whatever work you release in the future.