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  1. hello, donde estas?

    no dices nada

  2. The first time i have seen a pumpkin in a shop i was so little that i only could laugh without "bad" imagination.... but getting teen everytime i was in shops touching a pumpkin i could only think that was amazing natural gift of the nature to women's happiness So my only doubt when i go to buy veggies.. is "ubaergines or pumpkins"? eggplants are surely the "queen" of veggies to go out with it inside or to sleep.. but pumpkins are simply more efficient feeling for orgasms anyway... i never missed both for long time in my sexual life The only copmlicate thing is to explain why my home is always full by them in fridge! Anyway... enjoy my time with these two big pumpkins... heavy warm up with self fisting and hard play with veggies ... ending with a very good looking gape I couldn't miss to search for the deepest way to take them inside in all positions i could try I'm uploading now video preview on my xhamster page It should be ready and published in 1-2 days.... Kisses to all, Veneisse
  3. what is getting boring?
  4. no but she was looking at me in very strange way
  5. For guys enjoying outdoor penetrations..... finally the second part!!!! It was so difficult the cut of video! lot of things to hide to respect people, car's number etc.. I was near to decide to cut all outdoor part because it's not so full of "action".. but... this is amateur and i'm sure lot of you like the natural way to do it! some upskirt... some moments i push cucumber out while walking.... and specially the come back home.. when i play to push it defintely out and you can see how it looks my pussy after hours walking around Outdoor lovers will be crazy about it and surely also veggie lovers! Xhamster preview will be published soon! All my previews here ! Kisses, Veneisse
  6. i was sure it could be enjoyed because of the crazy situation i shooted that! but it looks like some people like only if there is at least a finger in ass
  7. Summer is time of walks... Summer is time of hot ideas.... and with the warm weather the first thing i wish is to feel my pussy free of any cover.... so i used to go out walking but i always need to feel something inside! And few days ago i found in a shop a crazy shaped type of cucumber (yes! is so large and big but it is a cucumber as the girl in shop told me!) and i immediately thought it was perfect for my pussy!!!!! i bought a bunch, just to be sure to have many for many walks....! But i decided , after long time, to ask my friend to help me to shot a video while i'm around in the city! I think the result is so exiting ( i was exited myself watching it later! ) Light in not always the best but who cares? you can watch me preparing at home , with my short skirt and no underwear and , after short fisting, to fit this big crazy cucumber in my pussy so deep that you barely can see it coming out.... when i felt that it was firmly inside i went out for the walk.... and once come back at home i had to masturbate longly to get out of excitement The material we shooted was a lot, but as any outdoor shooting, it is a mess to join, organize, cut away all random people and child finished in out scenese! So today i publish the first part that is ready and next days i will publish the second part, mostly outdoor, and more difficult to prepare! I'm sure you will have lot of fun xhamster was really fast to publish my preview.... so this link is already here: and for my site, where you can watch all my videos... is always the same Kisses, Veneisse
  8. the link on xhamster for the preview is Kisses! V.
  9. yes i have seen. and unluckly i'm far from that anal performance
  10. Last time i visited shop near my home i noticed this nice red candle with the shape of big hearth Everybody would look at them like a nice stuff to have in dining room... but i couldn't stop my mind to think to have in my pussy room but was clear in my mind that one was not enough... so i decided that i had to have two hearths inside me!!!!!!! When tried them at home i realized immediately they fit very well.. both of them.. so deep that to put way both is very difficult.. specially, like in the video, i kept inside for long time... the "ejection" is very difficult.. you can check watching the video And after empty my pussy i couldn't stop, so i fisted and played with some big toy too enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Kisses to all, Veneisse P.S. Who wants a short preview can check my xhamster page.... video will be published in 1-2 days on xhamster!
  11. meganuke, i respect your point of view. but you are not on "this side of ranch". One of the reasons that i stopped to make videos is because i was stressed by some kind of persecutions and critics, specific requests and discussion about me and my personal life. One professional actress can be simply don't care, always smile and ask agent to reply on forums but i always tried to have a real contacts with fans , putting my face, my fingers on keyboard and my personal replies. But all i do is not professional, in bad and good, including to feel personal touched by discussions that treat me like a piece of meat. I know is the "price of porn"... and surely to make some money for it it should worth... but if you take away the money part, i would produce video just for my fun, not caring of requests or on update scheduling, video quality, new cameras, tools, etc... but surely the personal health of soul is more important then anything. So now i'm in my second "age of porn" and let's ee if i will be able to do it with smile and without regret to come back. Anyway... a kiss to you! V.
  12. I was afraid of comments about my new hair
  13. wow... i'm happy to hear this!
  14. Well friends... i could say a milion of words to explain why i was so long far from videos... I hope all of you can understand that sometime there are personal things more important then rest!!!! I am not professional , so i had to other important things of my life! But now i am back and i need large things inside me even more! So enjoy this new video and tell me what you think! Kisses to all, Veneisse P.S. Who wants a short preview can check my xhamster page!
  15. Hi to all!   I'm fine and everything is ok :)   I simply wanted to cut video activity because i had more important things in my life to care about!   All stories i read around this year are simply false....    So nobody should worry about me and what happened!!! :)   Just to reply all... i don't know when i will come back to post something... now i have other in my mind!   Kiss u to all !!!!!!!!!!   Veneisse