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  1. Extreme Training of Lana

    many thanks for your feedback!
  2. Extreme Training of Lana

    If you like the story you can find some more at my patreon: https://www.patreon.com/foker Cheers!
  3. Extreme Training of Lana

    You are invited to help Lana with her Training. You have even no idea how hardcore is she going to stretch. Extreme Training of Lana. Part 1 Lana breathed in and out slowly for some time, relaxed and focused herself. “C’mon girl” she exhaled addressing these words to the walls as she was alone in her training room. It was rather dark with only couple small artificial lamps around. Since years she liked to work out without too much light in the room in order to have a cosy and comfortable ambient and to be able to focus and dedicate herself as much as possible. She was in a full split position, her legs completely and perfectly touching the floor. Her big and round breasts covered with a thin bikini top were rhythmically going up and down a bit as she concentrated on the breathing. Pleasant light touches her well-shaped buttocks embraced only by a black spandex shorts. Lana closed her eyes and let her mind relax. Even though she is in a training room, you would not find any piece of regular training equipment around, instead of that the place is full of very weird things. Dildos of various size (some small ones, but mostly from large to extremely oversized), sex-toys in different forms (as well rather huge and strangely shaped), big plugs, bottles, balls and plenty of other similar objects are gathered in the room. After some minutes of meditation, Lana opened her eyes and without help of her arms, simply by tensioning and bringing her legs towards each other, brought her body to a standing position. By this impressive and well-trained feat she tells herself she is ready. I was extremely excited from the very start when Lana invited me to her place. She asked me whether I can assist her during the training. I thought this is going to be some gym sessions, as far as she seemed to me quite fit. In addition, I found her very attractive and her young and feminine figure was a sight to adore. As I entered her training room and made myself comfortable on a chair, I hadn’t even the slightest idea of how hardcore this training is going to be. Lana looked at me and said in a sexy tone, “Let’s do some warm-up at first”, she turned her back to me, slowly pulled down her spandex shorts, reached back with both hands and gently, but still firmly separated her perfectly round cheeks. They parted with ease, and she pulled on them until her backdoor was clearly on display. What I saw right in front of me made my jaw instantly drop. Her anus was huge, its ring swollen, and wrinkled, like it was used to extreme dilations, yet it was incredibly elastic. Her pussy was also large and puffy, as if after a nice and thorough pussy-pumping session. Without letting me to say a word, she grabbed one of the inflatable dildos and guided it to the entrance of her anus. It was already 2 inches wide and about 16 inches long in the deflated state, attached I could see a fist-sized plastic orb. The head of the inflatable dong touched her meaty lips, easily parted them and sneaked inside her tunnel, followed by 4 or 5 inches of the dildo. “Ohh, yessss”, she exhaled and with a slow going pace inserted the dildo to the mark of 10 inches. Wow, that was impressive, thought I, and how came such a young and pretty girl has such a swollen holes? https://picload.org/view/daircdri/59048833_p0_master1200.jpg.html Then Lana came closer to me, where two heavy chairs about 30 inches in height were placed. The dildo made her walking a bit awkwardly, gap between the chairs was around 3 feet. Again she showed her impressive flexibility by bringing her legs sideways and doing a perfect split so that her body was in the air now, supported only by these low chairs above the floor. With her back and bottom to me, I’ve notices that couple of inches of the inflatable dildo left her. Lana quickly grabbed the end of toy and brought it back at first again to the 10-inch mark, and then inserted it further so only 3 inches were hanging outside of her bottom. What a remarkable feat it was! “Do you like what you see?” she asked. I was only able to nod my head oddly. The beautiful girl placed one hand on her butt-cheek and with the other started to pump the plastic orb attached to the toy. Arrrhhll!” she growled as her anus began to stretch, the meaty lips stretching thinner and thinner, pushing out from the base of her ass like a small crater. Her anus dilated now to 3-inch wide, then frankly she stopped pumping, let the orb hang beneath her and still being in this perfect split position she inserted 4 fingers inside her swollen pussy. “Mmmm, good” she murmured and added her fifth finger making her whole fist disappear in her already wet womanhood. Lana began to fist her own pussy, at first gently, but then faster and harder. It seemed also having 13 inches of a 3-inch thick dildo inserted in her asshole made the pussy fisting only more pleasurable. I leaned closer and noticed a big mirror in front of both of us, now I could see her face as well. Lana was clearly in a state of pleasure; soft moans were leaving her cute mouth. Keeping her pace, she looked at me and licked her lips. I was insanely impressed, with my eyes on her stretched holes I stupidly asked her “How…could… how old are you?” She smiled a bit and answered between her moans “I had my… 18th birthday… last month… Ughhh”. What? How could she be so young and already such a whore, such a pervert with such a used holes??? After minute or two of this intense fisting Lana took her hand out of her pussy, did some deep exhales and said “I’ve been training for 10 years already, I’ll show you I’m not a beginner”, with that she grabbed the plastic orb again. Oh, God, will do some more pumping thought I, but no, holding the orb firmly in her hand Lana began to push it into her pussy embraced by her fingers! No way will she put her hand and the orb inside at the same time; it is just too thick, probably four or more inches around in total! With the fingers of her other hand Lana grabbed her pussy lips and pulled them to the side, stretching her young hole. She gritted her teeth and suppressed a moan of both struggling and pleasure, and with great effort gave it a final push. Her hole distended unbelievably, probably four inches wide or more. Her meaty anus was also stretched thin around the 3-inch inflatable invader. And then the plastic orb and her fist logged in into her big pussy. “Grrrr, yesss…!” Breathing heavily, with her boobs in blue bikini going up and down Lana looked back at me through the mirror. I was literally blown away by this feat. She was clearly very aroused as well, her huge pussy lips were wet and some drops of her inner wetness were travelling over them and then dropping on the floor beneath. Her toes were pointed to opposite directions, how could she keep this split position having her pussy and her ass so stretched? For some seconds we kept the eye contact, her beautiful green eyes looking at me. Her mouth opened in a shape of O and her tongue started to appear slowly. Then I noticed some soft sounds of the air going through some plastic. Her forearm muscles were moving. Holy shit! She was pumping the plastic orb with her hand inside her pussy, she was making the inflatable toy bigger as if it wasn’t big enough already. Part 2 at https://www.patreon.com/foker
  4. Streaming session

    Glad you enjoy the story. I've remastered all the 5 parts and you can find them at my patreon: https://www.patreon.com/foker As well as some new stories I write.
  5. Streaming session

    Being not able to breathe in normal way because of the insane amount of rubber inside her, she turned her head to the camera and whispered: “I need... to have... more inside…”. It seemed having 20 rubber fists inside her asshole plus her own fist was not enough to satisfy Amy. When she reached for the next peace of rubber into the box near her bed her hand was trembling. She couldn't think of anything else apart from having her already insanely stretched rectum filled to even greater scale. As soon as the fist number 21 touched her cavern it made contact with the mass of rubber inside and could not enter even an inch. There was simply no space for the 3-inch diameter head to be pushed inside so full she was. Amy gritted her teeth and forced it harder “Unngghh" but her efforts were in vain. Breathing heavily the ass-princess slowly took her hand out of her 7-inch in diameter anal ring, making space for her further punishment to penetrate. It went halfway and then stopped again. Still being on all fourth she started making circle motions with her buttocks and the fist-dildo inch by inch disappeared inside her until her tiny fingers reached the level of her anal opening. It was crazy wide, so wide that her own palm couldn't cover all the surface of rubber that was stretching her beyond limits. "Yessss.... so wide.... mmmhhhhh....feels so good..." Amy touched her red coloured anal ring with her index finger and let it make a circle on the edges of the whole opening. She closed her eyes and started to think of some cartoon porn featuring girls with overstretched anuses and overstuffed rectums, at the moment she was outdoing a lot of them. The thought that she was able to do more hardcore things than most hentai artists were not even brave enough to draw made the corners of her mouth smile a bit and she showed her tongue making slow licking motions, imagining she is touching her anal ring with it. "So... full... anghhh... mmmooore..." Unconsciously her hand grabbed the 22nd dildo and was pressing it inside but there was no space left. "Grrrr... mmoooreee..." she murmured and pressed her body back, her other hand squeezing the huge bulge of her belly closer to her boobs, trying to traverse the fists deeper using the force from the outside. After some minutes she still couldn't put even inch of the fist inside, so full her rectum was. Her hands gave up, resting on the bed, her face on the blanket with her tongue out. I thought she was done, lost in the state of orgasm with her mind travelling somewhere in the unknown corners of the universe. But to my surprise Amy turned her face to the camera and asked with a deep voice "Are you... ready.... for this?" Her eyes were full of lust and fire. She slowly made her way from the bed closer to the camera, it was very difficult to move with such a mass inside and the palm of her hand was not letting it leave her body. With her other hand she turned the angle of the camera 180 degree so now the other part of her room was in focus. In the middle of it I"ve noticed a low chair with an unbelievably huge dildo on it. The colossal dildo was made in a form of human cock, only many many times bigger. It was around the size of my thigh, easily 8 inches in diameter and 24 inches in lengths. Amy dragged the box with rubber fists closer to the chair and applied her position standing over the dildo. Only now was I able to understand, she wanted to use this dildo as a piston and press all the 21 rubber fists inside her rectum even deeper. Oh God, no way, this is impossible. As the monster dildo came in contact with the mass inside her ass her anal ring started to expend even wider, again she looked in the camera with her wonderful eyes, trying to look right into my soul and whispered "This is.... how... hardcore I am" What happened next has completely blown my mind, as Amy was bending her knees and putting more of her weight on the head the super thick dildo began very slowly enter her. It could'n be human possible. As about 3 inches of it were inside of her the deep long scream from the very core of Amy's body left her mouth "UUUNNGGGHHHH....." I could't believe my eyes, how could she do this. Then she went up and let the huge dildo leave her, reached inside the box and stuffed 22nd and 23rd rubber fists into her hole. After she felled down again and had couple of inches of this monster inside. Her hands were massaging the humongous bulge of her belly, eyes still in contact with the camera, were in tears now. "Grrrnnghgaaa... this... is...for.... you..." Amy didn't stop at 3 inches, four, five, six unbelievably made their way into her asshole. With an animal cry her knees brought her up again, she straightened and put the last two rubber fists into her insanely stretched asshole making it 25 in total. She did it. But wait, breathing heavily she reached for two more fists and penetrated them also bringing her torture and pleasure to the unknown, unreachable level. As Amy was lowering herself again on the huge dildo I shouted to her "Please, don't!" but she could not her me, she only whispered "Ngghh... I'm... not...done...yet....".
  6. Streaming session

    The only thought that was travelling now inside Amy’s mind was about how empty it feels inside her. She had only one small rubber fist 12 long and 3 inches thick inside her huge asshole and that was nothing. Even at the age of 15 she could accommodate 4 of them, but now, after 4 years of daily training and stretching her ass, she could barely feel something. Sweet memories came to her, ones she was struggling to put the fifth dildo to join the ones already inside and how difficult it was. She quickly grabbed 2 rubber fists from the box nearby her bed and in one motion smacked them inside her hole. Her asslips spread in order to hug the combined girth of 6 inches and closed a bit when her own fist also entered to push the second and the third rubber fist deeper. She smiled to herself feeling all the space that is going to be filled by the mass of rubber soon. That guy told her 25, she had never had that much but she wanted to test her limits, to stretch herself as wide and as deep as possible. Amy took her hand out of her hungry cavern and grabbed another 2 artificial fists. They were quit flexible and it wasn’t hard to bend them which made the task of having plenty of them easier. And the way they were touching her insides, the pressure they were creating on her inner organs was so good. With that she guided the 4-th and the 5-th home. When they reached the mass inside, they simply entered alongside and with her free hand Amy caressed the bulge that appeared on her belly. With pleasure she repeated the action with the 6-th and the 7-th and then without giving herself a rest the 8-th and 9-th dildos fulfilled her unstoppable desire of having more and more. Now slowly she started to feel full. Amy looked to the camera that was in the center of the room. She tried to imagine the guy that was watching her braking her insides with a jaw dropped. She gave him a smile and with a grunt pushed the 10-th and the 11-th dildo. “Nggghhhh, yessss, honey, look how full I am”. The mass of rubber arms made her feel so good. But most of all the point that she was destroying all the known limits of how much a human asshole can be stretched. It was already a lot, Amy asked herself could it be possible to have 25 of them, it scared her but also it encouraged her bizarre mind to find out. At the moment her hole excepted the 12-th and 13-th piece of her punishment, she decided, she won’t stop till the goal is reached or till she passes out. The pressure on her stomach brought her sweat pain as the portion of rubber started its journey inside her already unbelievably full colon. Amy was breathing harder and it was getting more difficult to push them as they met a barrier of the fists and arms. The effort of getting them inside made her eyes wet and she screamed with a deep guttural voice “Uugghhh”. Being on all fourth, she lost this position not being able to control her body. “I’m… so full… so deep…” Now laying on her huge bulged belly Amy brought her arms to her back and started to push so her body could be pressed into the bed and her torture would reach another level. So full, how could she put more inside? “Mmoorree… I need mmoooree…” were the only words escaping her mouth. With that she made a fist and in without mercy penetrated her overstretched asshole, than with a second hand she did the same. Breathing heavily, Amy restored the position on all fourth and pushed the mass of 15 rubber fists deeper. “Uunnnggghhh…. go…deeeepper”. The fists that entered her at first were now reaching unknown bowels under the ribcage, pushing internal organs out of the way. “Yessss…” That was what she wanted, her own hands went deeper. Still pushing with one hand, she grabbed the 16-th dildo with the other and inserted it completely. She put the same way another 4 and exhaled with her tongue out. Amy could only concentrate on the thought that she had 20 rubber fists inside her and her own hand. It was probably the maximum she have done till today. Being not able to breathe in normal way because of the insane amount of rubber inside her, she turned her head to the camera and whispered: “I need... to have... more inside…” To be continued...
  7. Streaming session

    This was insane. I was starring at four monster plugs beneath her on the bed. Her stomach seemed to be empty now and it looked so flat comparing to what I’ve seen in the beginning. She still had both her fists in her ass and was arching her back in order to get them deeper. As deep, as possible, as deep as, human body can allow. Her huge cavern was gulping her forearms inch by inch  and with remarkable flexibility she managed to push her arms halfway to the elbows inside herself. “Unngghh, go deeeeeper in that ass” she was addressing it to her arms, but because of the human anatomy they were failing to go further. It was a crazy view, seeing this tiny girl bringing her body to the limit, to the point where everybody would say, it can’t be possible, and then, torture herself even wilder. Beyond believe, that’s how her asshole was stretched now, not less than 8 inches were separating the lips of her opening of irregular form.  “Deeper… Grrghh… More!” she screamed with lower voice in between her grunts of concentration and efforts.   After minutes of trying und grunting she stopped, her exhausted breathing was so sexy at that moment. Slowly she took one hand out of her insatiable hole, then her second. The opening “closed” to around 6 inches. Probably, this is the end thought I to myself, but I was wrong. Beside her bed was a box, I couldn't tell how big it was because of the angle of the camera. She shifted and reached inside with one hand. It was a dildo in a form of a rubber fist and to my disappointment the size of it was 12 inches in lengths and 3 inches wide. After the monster toys that she had inside it would hardly be noticed by her anal tunnel. She kissed the tip of it, showed it to the camera and rotated it so for some reason I could take a closer look on the rubber thing. It wasn’t small but somehow it didn’t impress me. “Do you like it? How many of them do you want me to push in my hungry ass?” Wow, that was more like it. “Five, em…, no, seven!” I said and she smiled. “It wouldn’t satisfy me, darling… think once again”. “Nine?” asked I. “Push me… more…”. Oh fuck. “Twelve?”. “More… Honey, I want to impress you!” Holy shit, you already did. I was telling her to put 12 big rubber fists into her asshole and it was not enough for her. “Put fifteen of them” said I carefully. “Unghgh… push me… fucking more!” she yield at me. In disbelieve I shouted back “Twenty five!”. Fire appeared in her eyes and she bit her lower lip with pleasure. She turned her back to the camera again so I could see her insanely wide asshole and in one quick motion inserted the first fist into it with zero resistance. Did she take it seriously? No way would 25 rubber fists fit inside her. She reached into the box to grab a second one…   To be continued....
  8. Streaming session

    I couldn’t stop looking at this incredible girl. Being so impressed by the feat she had just performed, I mean having such a huge dildo completely inside her, 21 inches long, 4 inches thick, with the base that was represented by 2 enormous balls. The whole idea that came to her mind to push it inside her ass base first and then completely till it disappears, oh god, so crazy. After the balls left her, her anus was gaping around 4 inches. I’ve noticed, that her belly reduced its size but why was it still bulging?   She brought her one hand to her large asshole and so easily pushed it inside without any signs of resistance. “Mmmhh, good, but… not… enough…” She whispered in a slow sexy way. With that she pushed four fingers of her second hand inside, grabbed the inner lips of her overstretched hole and started to pull them to the side. Gape between the hand, that was inside, and her fingers started to grow. One, one and a half, two inches. “Arrrggghhh” She grunted silently. Her eyes were closed and her teeth were clenched at this moment. For some seconds I was focused on her face, suddenly she started to say something through her teeth. “Mgghhh…This… Grrgh…This is for you….” I’ve looked back at her ass, she had now two hands completely inside and between them was enough space to put one more hand probably even without touching the sides. Her asscheaks were almost not to notice and so small comparing to what was happing in the middle. I was looking into her depth as she kept stretching and stretching, pushing her hands into opposite directions, shifting them randomly and making fists. Sounds of pleasure were fulfilling the room. How far could this girl go? She was breaking all the limits that I thought were possible. And she was breaking her anal ring with no mercy. The whole area was rather red then pink now and at one point I’ve noticed something was moving deep inside her forcing its way out. A huge plug touched the knuckles of her hands and continued to leave her body. I could describe it as a big rubber ball around 4 inches in diameter as it landed on the bed. Her eyes met the camera and she said with a sadistic smile “One…” My mouth was dry, I wanted to say something but I couldn't make a sound, being hypnotized by the view of the second plug of the same size scratching her hands and making her body to shiver. “Two…” she said as it joined the first one on the bed. It couldn’t be true, having just one of that plugs inside would be a challenge but she was, oh fuck, she was birthing a third one! This time slower than before and as I saw the the surface of that thing she stopped, reinforced her hands and started to stretch her anus with a double effort! An animal half scream half grunt reached my ears as I witnessed her hands creating even more space for the plug to leave her this time without making contact with her hands! “Three…” she exhaled. “Ugghhh…. Yessss…I have…. Ughhh… the deepest ass…” Oh god, this girl was incredible and she wasn’t reducing the tension on her anal ring after the third plug left her.   Her body was trembling, her hands holding her asshole so wide open. Small tears appeared on her eyes and she was breathing like an animal. Somehow, at this point I wanted her to stop, to take her hands out of her inhumanly stretched asshole. I wanted a prove that there are limits, and what I’ve already seen was far more than one can expect from a 19 years old girl. Mass of rubber was lying between her feet and her ass was raised up. “No, this is impossible” said I to myself. She was smiling with the corners of her mouth. As if she could read my mind she whispered in between her heavy gasps. ”Have you seen… enough… urgghhh… or…urgghhh… do you want… to see… mmmore?”  Fours plug was on its way to leave her unbelievably huge hole….   To be continued....
  9. Streaming session

    I’ve clicked the button “Play” to start online streaming. It was quite a small ordinary room with not much light on. She was seating chilled and relaxed sideways on the bed with her young and beautiful face with a bit of makeup. Her eyes were looking at nothing in particular, they were half-open and by that look I could understand almost clearly she was enjoying something. She had some weird clothes on: an old-fashioned long sweater and a blue skirt that was barely touching her knees. The sweater was a stretchy one and it was it was underlining her belly which looked like she was 9 month pregnant. Considering the point that she was not older than 19 and was rather a tiny girl, proportions of her huge belly to her small body made me think she was pregnant with twins. I was not much into that kind of staff and was about to close the streaming but what happened during this online session had totally blown my mind.   She turned her angelic face to the camera, licked her lips with passionate look and in a slow motion extended her tongue in a state of pleasure. Then she smiled a bit and turned her back still being on the bed. Her hands reached the skirt and slowly brought the material up. I was not surprised to see her wearing no panties, what astonished me was the size of her anal ring. Even being closed the skin around it was pretty stretched and deformed like I have never seen before. She put herself on all fours, shifted a bit on the bed so I could also see her face without losing the sight of her incredible ass and smiled once again to the camera. In this position her huge belly was almost touching the sheets, still covered with the sweater. Having her hands on her ass cheeks, I could tell by the look in her eyes, she was concentrating on something. Her breathing had changed from relaxed to more intense. The skin at her anus started to suck itself a little bit inside as she was breathing in. With every breath her hole was opening more and more. In less than a minute it was gaping around 2 inches wide.   “Mmmhh, yesss” were the first words I’ve heard from her. I had an impression they were going from somewhere deep inside. To my amazement her anus wasn’t about to stop its extension and soon using her breathing technique appeared to be wider than 3 inches. She started to shiver a little bit and spread her legs more. Sounds of pleasure were accompanying her now heavy breathing, with her mouth open her tongue was licking her lower lip from time to time almost reaching her chin, so long it was. It hit me as a storm as I saw something black appearing inside her gaping asshole. “Yesss, so wide, mmmm, mmmore” she whispered. An insanely big dildo was trying to leave her body, taking all the space between her buttocks. Oh god, it was not less than 4,5 wide and she was giving birth to it with her anus. Her whispering transformed into grunting as the first inches of that inhuman dong were leaving her body. When 3 or so inches were outside the wideness decreased to 4 inches and I could understand, it was the head of the huge dildo that she was giving birth to. It meant, there were more to come and, oh, fuck, she had it backwards inside! How could a pregnant girl do something like this to her body, or was she....? Or was her belly....? Questions and excitement were travelling around in my head. Who knows how long that thing was. And for how long was it inside her. Inches were slowly leaving her body, five, seven, nine. Her face became red and her grunts became louder. I was looking at her with my jaw dropped. At 12 inches the dildo was making its way further on the surface of the bed.   Still staying on all fours she made a pause to catch her breath, looked straight into the camera, smiled with the corners of her mouth and asked “Do you like what you see?” I was in awe and said yes. What came next impressed me. “Do you want to see more?” she asked. I almost screamed yes! With that she closed her eyes, opened her mouth really wide, grabbed her buttocks even stronger and started to push. 13, 15, 17 inches of an 4-inch wide dildo left her anus in one quick motion. Holy shit, her legs were not as thick as  that peace of rubber and she had 17 inches of that monster inside! “Grrrhhh” she grunted loud. Fuck, it was so sexy. I thought that insane dildo was going to leave her at 18 inches but instead of that it had stopped its progress. I looked at her contorted face full of concentration and then back at her unbelievably stretched anal ring. It was getting even wider! It was impossible. She was really struggling with something now. Oh my god, the balls of the huge dong were leaving her body!! They were 6 inches around and 3 inches long. She screamed very loud as the monster dildo left her. 21 Inches of rubber were laying beside her.   She looked back at me and said in between her breathes “Do… do you want to see.. mmmmoorre?”. Her belly was still oh so big.   To be continued....