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  1. No, not if you use a web shop that supports buying from public (anonymous) wish lists. Like Amazon. I don't know what sex toys site to recommend right now, but I have seen a few offering this. Actually this is a quite common method.
  2. Sorry for delay. Holidays ... Yes, real feelings and people can do what they enjoy and be relaxed. Although, you might not be the absolut typical girl. I think your view is much more common among women than what is publicly spoken. My fav vid? Glad you asked. Difficult to choose, but I will have to go with Balls in my gape. Not just because of the balls. I prefer when you play with big toys or hand (or getting fucked, but you have not shared that), but don't get me wrong seeing your ass stuffed with balls is also hot. But the main thing with that vid is that I can see more of you. Partly dressed in the beginning, where I can see your fit ass in your white jeans, your fine tits, starting to play with your ass AND that you also show and play with your pussy. Really hot. And that you fist your ass at the end. Superb. Have you tried water 50 cl plastic water/soft drink bottles? A hand in your ass at night and seeing you gape that ass in the morning when you pull out the plug. Oh my. Your are spoiling your trainer
  3. https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/anal-training-dildo-part1-live-on-teen69xxx-com-31463752 https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/anal-training-dildo-part2-live-on-teen69xxx-com-31463782
  4. Classic. But I can't remember the source. Maybe from Surfoo or Adultism.
  5. hascum @ tumblr.com (profile is gone)
  6. What's her name?

    Really nice. The horny Italian girl you can find via those links is: https://off-cams.com/search/evelynna/ She is similar, but it's not her. A bit similar (it's not her): https://de.xhamster.com/videos/denhaagman-solo-cam-slut-prolapsing-ass-2179800
  7. Great! Knowledge is always key. What was his advise? Yes, thanks to internet anyone can find information about sex. Yes, sexually you are probably many peoples absolut dream GF. Go slow. Very well shaped ass with a gaping talent. It would be great to know more about you, but I respect your privacy. But my experience is that amateurs makes the most of the new sex trends, and that the big companies exploits them. If you don't like xVideos, you could try Reddit or Tumblr. But beware of smartphones GPS EXIF meta-data in photos. Switch it off in settings. Not all sties strips meta-data. I've been thinking about Portugal for quite some time. You are a good ambassador and makes Prt even more positive.
  8. I don't care about the (professional) porn business. All the best stuff is home made ! And you seem like a normal girl with a kinky side. Perfect. And you got the body to match. Take it easy. Don't let the weirdos stalk you.
  9. Yes, you made it here! You are very welcome to the forum. Love your content. Simply amazing.
  10. Another couple

    SicFlics https://www.xvideos.com/profiles/annabelle-dangel#_tabAboutMe
  11. What's her name?

    Great clip. Hard to tell who it is from that view. kakaducams ? So many cam sites these days.
  12. Name of this couple..

  13. http://www.xvideos.com/video32099333/