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  1. pigbtm

    Fisting until how old?

    At FistFest in Augusta, GA I fisted some guys that were in their mid 70's who had been fisting and stretching for 50 years. Their holes were amazingly talented. So long as you stretch sanely and don't tear things, I don't think you'll have any problems.
  2. Heh... I guess I've just been sticking stuff up my ass and stretching it for so long that doesn't happen any more. LOL.. give it time
  3. pigbtm

    Question for depth players.

    The other posters are right, I have a longer shower shot head that is meant for getting up in your colon to put water past the sigmoid bend. You need to go slow and make sure you get a couple of good cleanses up there. You'll know when you have because the water won't all come out with a push, you'll have to wait around and evacuate on the toilet... and it'll have a more acrid smell to it as there is generally still some stomach mucus that far up that hasn't been absorbed by the intestinal evacuation process. Enjoy it though! At least for me anyway there is a fun of taking in that much water and feeling full and expelling it out!
  4. pigbtm

    Taking the whole rambone

    Ass tired as the saying is, it really does come down to practice, practice, practice. You have a bend in your colon that you're hitting that is kinked that way by a band of muscles. These muscles are largely involuntary and you have to stretch them and train them to relax in order to straighten your descending colon out to take the whole of Rambone. I started playing with long dildos like double headers working them in to get the feel for it and then graduated to working the Rambone in. He's one of my favorite toys and now after a good clean out I can go immediately to taking him balls deep (and I'm a bigger guy). I would hope that this isn't the case with you, but some people just don't have the cooperating anatomy to go very deep - I hope you keep trying and I hope you make it! Me taking the Rambone in a hotel room http://xhamster.com/movies/5197135/taking_rambone.html
  5. pigbtm

    toys melting !

    I had the exact same thing happen to me with the exact same toy in my box.. just like the others, I was sad because I like that toy and I had to pitch it out... :-(
  6. Matty, Where did you order the steel balls from? I'd like to get in on that action too!
  7. I'm with Rosebutt, I've been playing for so long that I've gone through phases... Width, Depth, one hand then two... I still LOVE the feeling of holding water and playing with enemas after I'm cleaned out, I also love the ecstasy of feeling my hole stretched to it's limits.  Here recently I've gotten into some extreme depth play and it makes me horny as hell to think about the fact that I'm playing in my large intestine... 
  8. I have no clue - but I'd love to have that one in my arsenal as well!
  9. pigbtm

    How to take an 18" jelly deep?

    As someone that can take over 20" deep, it REALLY is all about practice and training your body. You have to work the muscles that constrict to let you into the sigmoid colon, start with thin dildos and LOTS of lube, and gradually increase them over time.
  10. pigbtm


    I don't understand what you're talking about? I've been taking enemas and shoving enormous things deep into my large intestines for [b]years[/b] without any kind of problem. Do you have some specific questions?
  11. pigbtm

    My Anal Awakening

    More please.... I want to know how the train turned out!
  12. pigbtm

    Depth issues

    All of the others are correct about this. Start with a thin double headed dildo and work that into yourself. What you are doing in stretching and training the muscle that generally hols that part of the intestine up to relax and let down so that you can accommodate deeper objects. I started off with a double header that was 1.5 inches wide and 18 inches long. It's a crazy feeling to have something that deep in you. I can now accommodate the same 18 inches long, but at 3 inches wide.... and I'm still working and training for bigger! Happy Stretching!
  13. pigbtm

    largest toy you can take

    3.5" plug is my regular 'stopping' point right now, I'm working up to 4" though.
  14. pigbtm

    Worried I'm loosing some control or sensation

    Interesting - this is not a problem that I have. Granted, I'm only 31, but I have been going at it for quite some time. I'd be interested to know what you find out!
  15. pigbtm

    Should I continue?

    Dude - my asshole sounds like a drunken duck when I fart. Honestly - I have to ask, who gives a damn what someone thinks about how your farts sound? The people that matter don't mind and the people that mind don't mater. Do you enjoy it? Has it become a defining moment in how you 'get off'? If so - then what do you care? Enjoy it and keep stretching that hole!!