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  1. Rosebutt

    Question for experienced "prolapsers"

    I’ve been stretching since the ‘90’s. I have a respectable rose/prolapse. I have ZERO issues with my ass. In fact, I’d say it’s stronger than most “normal” assholes. And I PUSH. Have at it.
  2. Rosebutt

    Deep Fisting Prolapse Male

    HungerFF is my new fisting/prolapse hero.
  3. Rosebutt

    Who is the person with this prolapse?

    It’s Timmy.
  4. Rosebutt

    Prolapse without pumping?

    Yes. Everyone is different. Discovery is made through experimentation. What works for one might not work for another.
  5. Rosebutt

    Sore after a stretch...

    “Rear bag”?
  6. Rosebutt

    Sore after a stretch...

    The more you do it, the less it happens. Trust me on this.
  7. I have that same little pump. Works great!
  8. Rosebutt

    She push it out (Solo during webcam)

    Jesus jumping Christ she’s beautiful.
  9. Rosebutt

    Prolapse without pumping?

    Honestly, this seems silly. A needless complication. Just push. And stretch.
  10. Rosebutt

    Prolapse without pumping?

    Pumping can help but it usually just puffs up your rectal walls. Straining and stretching your anus is where it’s at. I’m on the toilet right now and pushing HARD.
  11. Rosebutt

    Pumping questions?

    You guys are super over-thinking this. Put the pump inside and pump!
  12. Rosebutt

    Prolapse Questions

    YES. Otherwise you’re just pumping your anal ring. That can actually work against a prolapse as it puffs up the anal ring, occluding the hole.
  13. Rosebutt

    Any Regrets About Stretching

    Absolutely not. I LOVE my stretched hole.
  14. Rosebutt

    favorite buttplugs/dildos

    I’m currently loving my Great American Bombshell and a hollow segmented plug that allows me to really bury my double-ended dildo and do the best gape farts.
  15. Rosebutt

    Prolapse Talk

    You got to take your time and listen to your body. That’s really it. Everyone is built differently. Some develop prolapses easier than others. I’ve been playing for decades and have developed a decent prolapse but I’m nowhere near many of the folks I see these days, both male and female.