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  1. Rosebutt

    Penis pump technique

    What I do is insert it as deeply as possible, pump and then push and pull the tube in and out.
  2. Rosebutt

    suzi fernandes

    These pics are OLD. Like ‘90’s old. I don’t think your contention holds water.
  3. Rosebutt

    bonnie rotten

    Video no longer available.
  4. I checked her twitter and turns out she has retired. To do... podcasts. Smh
  5. Where did you hear this?
  6. Rosebutt

    Is Prolapsing harmful?

    No. See #1. Yes.
  7. Rosebutt

    bonnie rotten

    And she is SUPER recognizable.
  8. Rosebutt

    bonnie rotten

    Guess motherhood wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Nor as lucrative. No clue why these girls think that they can just have children after doing extreme anal porn and think that life will be at all normal. My question is this: when she was giving birth to her little miracle, did her prolapse pop out? Had to have, no?
  9. I was VERY active on those MSN groups. I’d LOVE to be able to see my old pics that I posted on them.
  10. Dude- you’re the best. I love your descriptions of that which turns us all on so much.
  11. Rosebutt

    bowling pin

    I’ve used one. It’s actually amazing as the weight of it really pulls on your cunt.
  12. Rosebutt

    KirkJ - dissapear

    Contrary to all the stupid rumors about him dying years ago, he’s been posting fairly regularly- until recently. Who knows- perhaps he just got tired of the scene. For all his extreme videos, he seemed like a pretty private guy. Lived in the woods and NEVER had anyone else in his clips. Always solo.
  13. Rosebutt

    Could any "stretcher" answer this doubt?

    I’ve been stretching since the ‘90’s and have no issues whatsoever. As long as you take your time and enjoy the journey, you’ll be fine.
  14. Just listen to your body. Remember, what works for one person might not work for another.