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  1. Double and some fingers
  2. Rare, you don't see that every day. Thanks, would love to know more as well
  3. I think it's Veronica Avluv, don't know the movie.
  4. Where can we find her? name, cam? thanks again
  5. Today they (LP) just released the long awaited scene with Arwen and Linda Sweet. Another example of a scene shot long time ago (2015 i think) and only published now.
  6. Yeah, it's her alright.
  7. https://chaturbate.com/sandrastarr/
  8. Yes, Vivib was the name i was trying to remember.
  9. She's Romanian, and right now i'm having a hard time remembering her cam name .. but i'll get back to you
  10. Aubergines, pumpkins, huge cucumbers. What else in the fridge? 1.5L and 2L pepsi bottles. Only kinky people would find this strange
  11. Sandrastarr on Chaturbate https://chaturbate.com/sandrastarr/