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  1. kmoch333

    Does gaping and prolapsing cause incontinence?

    Ok, stall the attitude please. I see where you are coming from, but it's really uncalled for. Did you maybe stop to think for a second that people are not overly excited to share embarassing aspects of their lives? But fair enough. I stated that I had an internal prolapse. E.G. one that doesn't portrude out. This condition is usually acompanied by some or many symptoms, one of which is constipation. So yeah, my biggest problem is that I am always constipated. I've had to change my diet a lot and I also eat a lot less than I used to. I also have to eat some suplements to be able to even go in the morning. Does that satisfy you? I am sure that if you look up internal prolapse or internal intussusception (as it is mostly called) you can look up the symptoms. You could have done that yourself, you know.   Unsurprisingly, external prolapse (one that portrudes and one that people on this board are keen to have) can also cause constipation. Only not as much as the internal one. Because in this case, the rectum slides out of the body whereas in the case of the internal one, it stays in the body and effectively blocks the passage. You get the picture.   Like I said previously, I can't tell you if the condition I have was always going to come sooner or later, or if it's my doing. Oh and one more thing. People on this board seem to be very sensitive when somebody even remotely suggests they might have problems caused by their anal play. You know prolapse is a medical condition for gods sake and that should at least be taken into consideration. If you have a prolapse and have NO problems whatsoever, then I consider you lucky.
  2. kmoch333

    Does gaping and prolapsing cause incontinence?

    I wouldn't say it's a myth. It may happen and may not. Please allow me to share with you some of my thoughts on the subject. I can only offer you my very personal experience as well as my friend's whom I used to fist. I have been stretching my ass since my very early teens. In total, about 15 years. Two years ago, I sort of hit a wall. I experienced some problems and it turned out I had developed an internal prolapse that causes some very unpleasant symptoms. I won't go into detail, but it's basically something that quite significantly lowers my quality of life and there's very little I can do to aleviate the situation on my own. Surgery awaits me one day, sooner or later. So being almost 30 years old, I am not incontinent. But throughout the years of anal enjoyement, I have developed other problems. What might follow is beyond me. Now, thats my story.   My friend is turning 60 next year. He's been stretching his ass probably for two or three decades. He can sometimes take two fists. Yet he doesn't have problems I do, nor is he incontinent. So what do you make of this? I don't know. Personally I think that sometime along the way, I would have ended up with the same condition that I have. I may have just speeded things up a little (or perhaps a little more than little?). Well or not. I may have just been too rough in my teens and spoiled myself for good. There's no way to tell.   Having said that, I can't really answer your question and I would be really hesitant to do so compared to some people on this board (no offense please). You say you want a prolapse. Maybe get some more facts before you get into it. Read up on it and just know that once you get it, there's hardly any way to undo it. Unless you're willing to do surgery.   Go slow, go wise and think before plugging in xD
  3. kmoch333

    Prolapse: Is it worth it?

    Well then, have fun. I guess :) Don't overdo it though. Things might backfire on you if you do it too fast.
  4. kmoch333

    Prolapse: Is it worth it?

      Well said.
  5. kmoch333

    Prolapse: Is it worth it?

    Let's see. I've got a prolapse. I never wanted one, I never pushed for it. Until last year passed I hadn't even known such thing existed. I have just been doing regular anal sex few times a week since I was 16 (with two breaks as long as half a year). Now 10 years later, here I am with a prolapse. It's not a big one, but it's there. Recently I've been thinking a lot about whether I like it or not. I do like seeing it porn. However, when it comes to me having it, not so sure anymore. I won't lie, it does provide me with some sort of "issues" (no, I don't shit myself :-)).   Having said that, I generally would not recommend it. I've seen a doctor about it, all they are willing to do is put you through surgery. Which is the last thing I want to do. You have to decide for yourself. Some people on this board have suggested that willingly acquired prolapse is different than one you get involuntarily (like in my case). I beg to differ. In the end of the day, it's the same health condition no matter how you got it.   Summary: I like seeing it, sometimes even mine turns me on, but eventually I come back to thinking that I'd rather if I didn't have it myself :-)
  6. kmoch333

    Internal Prolapse

    Prolapse is very far from mainstream. I think asking about it in a sexual clinic would make me look like an mentally sick. Anyway, I doubt there is any kind of "healty" rosebutt/prolapse. Either is unhealthy. Like Ive said I have been experiencing some drawbacks. From medical point of view internal prolapse does seem to be causing more issues than external one. Despite the fact that external is almost always treated surgically. Like you said, I do believe internal can progress to external. But it requires a lot of stretching, pushing and possibly pumping. Fisting would probably help the best :-) But I have yet been able to find a person in my country interested in prolapse.
  7. kmoch333

    Internal Prolapse

    I've suspected for a while that I might have this. My symptoms are similar to yours. Too bad lol. I wish it was at least external. Doctors shoo me away and I haven't had the nerves yet to insist that expensive tests be done. PM me if interested.