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  1. Who is she? What is the metallic toy? https://xhamster.com/videos/oversized-anal-toys-amazing-skills-9121849 Yay for Crisco. Nay for the red butt plug. This brand is nogo, the base can break and you end up in the ER.
  2. Any Regrets About Stretching

    When I go to the bathroom at work for #2 and hear the guy in the next stall struggle very loudly, and I'm done in less than 20 seconds, nope.
  3. Soap

    I advise against glycerin soap. I personally make my own soap. It's my own blend of Castille soap with some peppermint essential oil to enhance the pleasure. It won't dry up your innards or sting like commercial soaps do. You won't be sore for days like with other soaps.
  4. Enema Frequency

    I used to do large volumes enemas quite often but realized that they were not good for me. I'd be lethargic or my digestion had issues. Now I only wash the lower part, meaning rectum and sigmoid but I will stop and let go of the water before it goes too high. For play, it is more than enough. If you go too high sometimes it will not stop coming down. Otherwise I used to be able to take up to 5 quarts

    I can't get hard and do poppers. Same with alcohol. There is a physiological reason as to why.
  6. Abortion is a worse sin than anal in very Catholic nations.
  7. What I find extreme and which I dislike are scenes where the actress is obviously being abused. Like she says no and they keep on going and she's not playing or joking, she's obviously suffering and wants to stop. That to me is extreme. Otherwise DGG prolapsing 8 inches of rectum and going "Aaaaaaah...!!!" is not extreme because she actually enjoys this.
  8. Nothing not to expect from anal sex. If you're not ready for that, then stick to vaginal, which may also be dirty at times. I think she may have bled a little as well.
  9. Wow who is she

    She used to cam but kept being kicked out because she did not clean up well and "it" happened a lot. She claimed she could not have regular vaginal sex and anal is all she could do. She's long disappeared and all we have left is this vid.
  10. She hasn't done a lot of mf porn. Mostly lesbian and toys but always anal. I know she aggravates a lot of people with her voice but I like it a lot.
  11. Bbw anal insertion

    BBWs are lot of fun. I guarantee most are into anal and toys and are very fistable.
  12. I agree with you, Gapeme8. I like amateur or semi-pro porn better. It is most erotic because it involves people who love each other and know what each others like. Take fisting, for instance. How many "lesbian" fisting scene feature a girl very clumsily fisting another girl who ends up being frustrated and pretend to like it. Although Kink.com can be entertaining and that is because the videos are made by people who are really into BDSM. I am not too much of a fan of legalporno, by the way, because I saw many times the girls clearly say no and stop and still being manhandled and fucked beyond the point of enjoyable pain. This is one of the main issues i have with the porn industry and why I look for homemade and semi-pro porn (like the stuff found on manyvids or mydirtyhobby) instead.