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  1. German tattoo couple

    Ok I did find another: https://thisvid.com/videos/tattooed-ass-dildo-and-fist/
  2. This is the third video I found of them. https://xhamster.com/videos/alte-ausgeleierte-arschfotze-schwanz-zu-klein-7080492 I lost the location for the two others. Who are they? She seems to enjoy her poppers,
  3. Titanmen Ass Master PLUG 4.5 inch

    Maybe but I don't think the outer layer material is really good for its use. For anal toys, you want soft, not hard, or else you will damage your inner parts, including inguinal canals. You don't want to give yourself a hernia. It's costly to repair, will leave you in pain for a while and the mesh can hurt as well.
  4. Isabell666

    I think this is a question for a scat forum. Isabelle666 does do anal fisting but rarely, she is known as a scat model.
  5. Is the Slink safe

    Not everybody can do it. I can't and it's ok.
  6. Titanmen Ass Master PLUG 4.5 inch

    I took it in. It required getting high on poppers and gravity. Once inside, it would not come out right away and I freaked out a bit until I decided to popper up again and to birth it. It came out after a bit of work and I decided it was my limit. I had reached it and now it was time to back up a bit. Ialso lost a bit of blood, it streamed out for two hours and then stopped. A bit of blood was seen after I went #2 the first time after but never again after that. This was the last time I took it in full 4.5 inch glory. I actually removed the hard plastic outer shell and found the inner core to be a gentler, soft and more fun 3.75" wide toy. Play safe, kids.
  7. Pumping lead to a prolapse I think?

    I have been toying and pumping for more than 30 years, been fisted by many people, even double fisted, taken up to 4.5in wide plugs (I backed out since, as my body started to say "nope!") and never experienced any prolapse. I think it depends on the individual.
  8. Mucus

    It's natural lubrication. The intestines secrete it to help with digestion as well as transit. If a foreign object is inserted, the rectum will react by secreting extra. What lube do you use? If it is not water based, the body will automatically feel that it does not belong there. In essence, it is good that it happens. Enjoy!
  9. I wonder how recent is the video with Sasha Star on Hotkinkyjo's web site. http://bigholestube.com/sasha-star-and-hotkinkyjo-anal-fisting-by-alexthorn/ Is Sasha star back?
  10. It seems that Amy Brooke was in serious trouble. She looks drugged up on that photo and whoever she was associated with is now FOJ. Not good! https://www.didntdoitbailbonds.com/maricopa-inmate-search/heather-schlosser-t341884/ http://www.superiorcourt.maricopa.gov/docket/CivilCourtCases/caseInfo.asp?caseNumber=CR2017-003699 Disorderly conduct, and a minor in possession of alcohol: http://bookingbytes.com/records/arizona/maricopa-county/2017/february/heather-schlosser.html Sigh.... I miss Amy.
  11. She's like a female KirkJ
  12. Nothing has happened since the first video was posted. Scam?
  13. Ppl have been giving. I gave too. Not much but anything will help. Someone gave $500!
  14. are poppers safe?

    Same here. Sorry for the free ad for them. Their quality went South and I would not support them again.