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  1. Black1982

    Brutal Scat Collection!

    Sep 20, 2018 - I iron a T-shirt and shit in panties 00:09:32 | 332 Mb | 1920x1080 | mp4 Download: https://fboom.me/file/5068642200df7/Ds2347.mp4
  2. I Love to Ride 00:05:50 | 154 Mb | 1280x720 | mp4 Introducing Mistress Paz Black! This is her first time riding a human pony and she absolutely LOVED IT! She constantly beats her pony and makes him work VERY HARD for her. She especially loves forcing her feet into his face and mouth when he is exhausted and trying to catch his breath. We have no doubt you will enjoy watching Mistress Paz riding in this video clip. Get it today! Category: paz black, reins, horse slavery, cart pony pulling, equestrian, spurs, cruel riding, whips, crops, pony, shoulder riding, carry, neck riding, suffering, donkey lifts Download: https://k2s.cc/file/1841a8b33e645/I_Love_to_Ride_saf_3.mp4
  3. First Time School Swats 00:05:48 | 173 Mb | 1280x720 | mp4 Naughty schoolgirl bent over the edge of the bed for her first paddling with the big scary Frat Paddle. Her bottom is already sore from the strap and the cane, but her first encounter with the paddle will take her breath away. Skirt flipped up and out of the way, her white cotton panties are snuggly pulled up between her cheeks. Exposing her taut round bottom for punishing swats with two giant paddles that will leave her bruised and breathless (and secretly wanting more) SCHOOL SWATS, BUBBLE BUTT, FRAT PADDLE, BRUISED, WHITE COTTON PANTIES, DOMESTIC DISCIPLINE, FIRST TIME, VIRGIN SWATS Featuring: The Master, Belle Download: https://k2s.cc/file/cdeba9fd29756/First_Time_School_Swats.mp4
  4. Black1982

    Torture, bondage, whipping, humilation

    Sep 19, 2018 - Jay Taylor, Cody Steele , Donny Sins 01:01:21 | 2190 Mb | 1280x720 | mp4 Jay Taylor gets DP'd in First Gangbang Ever! Cute girl next door Jay Taylor is chilling at home when she hears a loud knock at the door. She opens the door to find a flustered Zachary Wild who needs help reaching his friends and their tow truck. She invites him in to use her phone and wait for his buddies. When his friends arrive, they are immediately distracted by Jay's gorgeous tits. They pull up her top to kiss, lick, and smack her full breasts. Soon, Jay finds herself on her knees with cock in her mouth! This slut couldn't be happier as she licks, sucks, and strokes the five fat cocks surrounding her. These boys strip her, put her in metal bondage, bend her over the table start plowing her pussy. Jay moans as each cock stretches open her hungry horny cunt open. They spank her perfect ass as she moans around the cock in her mouth. She loves getting filled and fucked by dick so much, she cums over and over again while getting fucked. Next, Jay is bound in rope. She gets stuffed full of more cock as these boys manhandle her into all sorts of positions. Jay continues cumming all over their cocks as her ass gets plowed open. Once both her holes are stretched, the boys hold her legs open as they DP her tight holes. Jay's eyes roll back in her head as she gets fucked by two cocks at the same time. Finally, this slut gets 5 fat loads of cum all over her face and in her mouth. tags: anal, bdsm, Blowbang, blowjob, bondage, Corporal Punishment, Double Penetration, First Gangbang, gangbang, metal bondage, role play, Rough Sex, straight, top Download: https://k2s.cc/file/a0b4f53004943/BG_43583-Jay_Taylor_Cody_Steele_Donny_Sins_Mark_Zane.mp4
  5. Your 60 Hour Week Will Be Extended 00:06:26 | 472 Mb | 1920x1080 | mp4 Miss Xi and Miss Jasmine have again called their employee aka slave into the office for some more verbal and physical abuse. The disdain they have for him on Monday morning is only washed away by the joy their treatment of him brings them. They first look at his shabby office attire, dirty tie, wrinkled shirt, ill fitting suit, and talk about him in a degrading manner as if he isn't even there. The slave bows his head in humiliation, needing every penny he gets paid and also knowing if he ever stood up for himself the ladies would tell his wife about his online dating profile not to mention video of all the horrible things he has been subjected to at their hands. As the camera pulls back, lol, we already see the employee is standing with pants and shorts around his ankles. They pull up his shirt and both break out laughing when they again see his miniature cock. "A serious spanking is in order" Jasmine says. Xi adds "Beatings will continue until moral improves." They make him lean over the desk and they take turns flogging his ass and while doing so tell him they expect him to work over time everyday this week as they are not happy with earnings from the last quarter. "As an added bonus since you will hardly be home this week you won't have to worry about explaining to your wife why you have these marks all over your ass" Xi tells him. The slave starts to squirm and moan but it only makes the Ladies hit him harder. "This hurts me more than it hurts you. just kidding" Jasmine comments. The slaves heavy breathing and crying only makes the women want to hit him more and harder until finally he begs them to stop and says if they stop he will stay as long as they want and do whatever they need. Jasmine orders him to the ground where he is told to kiss their feet. "Your 60 hour work week is just not enough hours" Jasmine says, "After all there are 168 hours in a week." Mistress: Miss Jasmine, Miss XI Download: https://k2s.cc/file/dee4e7f22bc9f/kac-your-60-hour-week-will-be-extended_saf_2.mp4
  6. At the doctors practice part 2 00:07:25 | 191 Mb | 1280x720 | mp4 Hot and busty nurses Lucy and Frankie get the temperature rising at the medical practice. These blonde babes sure know how to have fun with their surgical gloves and uniforms Contains: latex gloves, girl/girl, medical, stockings, high heels, boots, blonde, lingerie Download: https://k2s.cc/file/7ea36943f9dd9/At_the_doctors_practice_part_2_saf_2.mp4
  7. 09/04/18 Strict Tutor Day 5 (remastered) 00:02:39 | 79 Mb | 1920x1080 | mp4 Miss Morgan reported that the two daughters (played by Veronica Ricci and Lilia Spinoza) of Clare Fonda where punished yesterday, along with Mary Jane and now all three will receive another spanking on their already sore bottoms from Clare right there in their bedroom. She puts each girl over her knee for a hairbrush spanking, first over their pajamas, then their bare bottoms. She leaves the all sore, with red bums. Starring: Clare Fonda, Veronica Ricci, Mary Jane, Lilia Spinoza Tags: Bare Bottom, Hairbrush, OTK Download: https://k2s.cc/file/4b5dee76000f1/stEfull3_saf_2.mp4
  8. Black1982

    Torture, bondage, whipping, humilation

    Sep 19, 2018: Summers Lovin | Coralee Summers 00:31:03 | 1700 Mb | 1280x720 | mp4 Coralee loves her summer visit to the INSEX studio. Coralee is just like any other bondage slut. Once the ropes go on she's a happy camper. The ballgag is super tight and that's the best! Spread her legs to expose her dripping gash and she purrs. Coralee loves the bondage. It's not necessary, but once the vibrator teases her clit she's done in. Having a slab of cold hard metal shoved between her labia makes for an interesting ride. Her arms and then hair are pulled back to increase the tension on her tender cunt. Her back is arched as much as it can be without breaking. Just the right position for some face slapping and choking. Then it's time for Coralee to swing. Like a marionette she's pulled in every direction by ropes. Her legs are held open creating easy access for a pogo. OT uses the dick to swing her around the dungeon. She can't help cumming, she's got no choice in the matter. Download: https://k2s.cc/file/80d91791d2d98/HA_0919-Summers_Lovin-Coralee_Summers.mp4
  9. Wax For The Slave Girl 00:09:47 | 289 Mb | 1280x720 | mp4 Lady Luciana has taken a masochistic slave into the old coal mine to decorate her body with hot candle wax. The Lady deliberately did not wrap her sensitive ... Download: https://k2s.cc/file/e4005c87b3317/Wax_For_The_Slave_Girl_saf_2.mp4
  10. Helen Stephens - Reform Academy - DZB 00:04:59 | 143 Mb | 1280x720 | mp4 Six of the best with a springy cane for Helen Stephens, held on Belinda's back Hoisted on Belinda Lawson's back, wrists held tight, Helen Stephens feels Earl Grey's cane across her tight denim shorts. Six of the best for complaining about an earlier punishment, but still Helen can't keep her mouth shut and earns an extra six strokes. Classic Reaction Cam and slow-motion replays from Reform Academy. To be continued. Download: https://k2s.cc/file/a6649f278f09a/academy_dzb4000_saf.mp4
  11. Black1982

    Torture, bondage, whipping, humilation

    The Incident - FantasyDamsels - Cherie Deville 00:13:39 | 151 Mb | 1280x720 | mp4 Cherie's therapy is evolving...She has something she needs to get off her chest, and until she does, she realizes that she cannot progress and be whole. She's thought on it long and hard and has decided that the time is right to open up to her doctor. She's buried the incident deep down for a long time and with good reason...But now, the time is right and Cherie opens her soul as she recounts every sordid detail. As her story unfolds, we learn that we are only beginning to see the darkness that has absorbed her world. Download: https://k2s.cc/file/e57ef894b6888/DAM_CHE_080112_FULL_NDWN_720_saf.mp4
  12. Human carpet for our nyloned feet part 2 00:08:25 | 217 Mb | 1280x720 | mp4 Download: https://k2s.cc/file/c6902c9c7945d/Human_carpet_for_our_nyloned_feet_part_2_saf_2.mp4
  13. Fuckdoll strap-on training part 2 00:05:52 | 222 Mb | 1280x720 | mp4 FuckDoll Jenna is getting a nice big cock up her ass as miss Tina continues the anal training. She is strict and expects her feminized rubber dolls to take it all Tags: doll, latex, strap-on, anal, boots, dungeon, femdom Download: https://k2s.cc/file/5caa0513f7993/Fuckdoll_strap-on_training_part_2_saf.mp4
  14. Edged and denied rubber doll part 2 00:08:05 | 208 Mb | 1280x720 | mp4 Tease and more tease for the rubber doll with our latex gloves whilst controlling it's breath. There will be no orgasm allowed. All needs to be under full control and in the end the frustrated doll gets put back in chastity Tags: doll, latex, gloves, medical, tease and denial, handjob, big boobs, chastity Download: https://k2s.cc/file/0ab94c2cce505/Edged_and_denied_rubber_doll_part_2_saf.mp4
  15. September 3rd, 2018 Madame Clare Spanks her Secretary 00:12:03 | 361 Mb | 1920x1080 | mp4 Madame Clare expect loyalty. When her secretary Elizabeth James covers for one of the girls, Clare puts her over her knee for a sound spanking, teaching her all she needs to know and getting Elizabeth to cough up the name of the bad girl call girl. Starring: Clare Fonda, Elizabeth James. Download: https://k2s.cc/file/9ea0bc66ea3ac/clare_elizabethfull.mp4