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  1. TinyChaste - Chastity Cage BlowJobs 00:05:58 | 199 Mb | 1280x720 | mp4 Compilation from three of our earlier clips featuring just the chastity BJ's from Anastasia Rose in "Cry Me A River", Gianna Love in "Day Of Denial" and Maria Jade in "Your Premature Problem". If you love blowjobs and you are in chastity, this clip will "Blow You" away! Tags: Blowjob, Chastity, Orgasm Denial Download: https://k2s.cc/file/56317d20560a8/TinyChaste_Chastity_Cage_BlowJobs.mp4
  2. The Queendom - Best Booty Day Ever (Face Sitting) 00:10:10 | 520 Mb | 1920x1080 | mp4 This is the first part of Best Booty Day Ever Some slaves just have all of the luck and this particular slave is about to have the best booty day ever! Mistresses An Li and Hannah Hunt have decided to team up to show this skinny, wannabe human-furniture slave just how brutal being beneath two women can be! First they start with chest sitting. Mistress An Li plops down right on the slave's diaphragm and invites Hannah to sit on her lap. Their combined weight pushes the air out of the slave's lungs and prevents him from drawing a full breath again! Soon they start bouncing and dropping the sexy asses on the slave's chest and stomach over and over! The slave's face quickly turns red and purple, but the Mistresses are just getting warmed up. After 10 minutes of double-teaming the slave's chest they decide its time to get to work on the slave's face too! Mistress Hannah Hunt lowers her incredible, massive rear end down onto the slave's face, cutting off all of his air while Mistress An Li gets comfortable, settling her full weight on the slave's stomach. An Li starts to get restless though and when the Mistresses switch position she really gets to work destroying the slave's face! She bounces and grinds her body into the slave's face without mercy, laughing at how flat and squishy the slave's nose is getting. Mistress Hanna meanwhile has made herself comfortable on the slave's stomach and lap, crus**** his pathetic balls beneath her amazing ass. Hannah is careful to keep ALL of her weight on the slave as she sits, but soon even that isn't enough. Hannah stands up, crus**** the slave's stomach beneath her full weight while An Li laughs. Soon they switch positions again and Mistress Hannah's ass swallows up the slave's face while Mistress An Li tramples and stomps his mid section. They show no mercy and for the final 8 minutes merciless facesitting turns into brutal trampling! Both Mistresses begin stomping on the slave's face and mid section. Mistress An Li plants both feet on the slave's face and squats down low, centering all of her weight on the slave's face! The slave's whole body turns red and his head looks like its going to pop when both Mistress stand on his chest. The slave is barely conscious after half an hour of constant crus**** and smothering, but these Mistresses are far from finished! Its going to be a very, very long day for this slave, but it will be the best booty day ever! Mistress An Li, Mistress Hannah Hunt, Facesitting, Chest Sitting, Trampling, Squashing, Smothered, Plastic Wrap, Bound Slave Tags: Ass Smothering, Face Sitting, Ass Fetish, Ass Squishing, Ass Worship, Female Domination, Femdom, Smother, Trampling Download: https://k2s.cc/file/719148af42339/The_Queendom_Best_Booty_Day_Ever_Face_Sitting.mp4
  3. A Bad Day Off Work Part 2 00:10:21 | 180 Mb | 960x540 | mp4 Young sexy secretary Andy has not her boss thinks, learnt her lesson, the spanking did not do the trick. Sterner measures are called for and after searching through his 'punishment' bag he finds a wicked looking leather paddle. Bent over the chair and her bottom raised in the most embarrassing position the paddle is applied with great effect to her tender young bottom. This hurts and this will do the trick. Starring: Princess Andrea Download: https://k2s.cc/file/53d2e75df2bea/A-Bad-Day-Off-Work-2.rar
  4. Torture, bondage, whipping, humilation

    March 16, 2018 - Kimber Woods, Mr. Pete 00:56:20 | 2060 Mb | 1280x720 | mp4 Anal Ransom Kimber Woods is tied up, blindfolded, gagged and begging to be released. She is wearing high heels and a tight short dress that shows off her butt. Mr Pete has her hostage and is crafting a ransom note to get some big bucks from somebody. Mr Pete tries to get bank account numbers, the code for the safe, anything but Kimber claims to know nothing. So she will have to pay the consequences. Mr Pete punishes her with the flogger, stinging her bare ass and thighs and turning her delicate skin bright pink. Mr Pete sets her on her knees for a thorough throat fuck with his big dick. Still she won’t tell him anything so he ties her up in doggie and plays with her ass for a while then fucks her pussy deep and stretches her butt wide open with his hard cock. Then with Kimber on her back, legs spread, pussy and ass right there for the taking Mr Pete pounds Kimbers slutty holes until she can't take it anymore and she is cumming so hard she's moaning and trembling with pleasure. tags: straight, bdsm, domination, submission, role play, rope bondage, anal, Vaginal Penetration, blowjob, humiliation, Corporal Punishment, Rough Sex, big ass, throat fuck, high heels Download: https://k2s.cc/file/20db87a6f6174/FT_43216_Kimber_Woods_MrPete.mp4
  5. Facial Entrancement 00:19:49 | 1150 Mb | 1920x1080 | mp4 I know you stare at every aspect of my beautiful body, but do you ever really take the time to look into my face? No? I think you should. I don't need to rely on my gorgeous tits to ensnare you. I can do it with just a glance. You only need the image of my flawless face to go down for me. My gaze alone can pull you out of your body and into my world. The way I trace a finger along my jawline will make you lose all sense of self and your cock start to well. I have such a perfect form, but I don't need any of it to take you down. You'll fall into trance with just a look at my face. Categories: lip fetish, Sensual Domination Download: https://k2s.cc/file/75c1cdd472c99/Facial_Entrancement_saf.mp4
  6. AstroDomina - ASS TEASE K.O. 00:12:13 | 716 Mb | 1920x1080 | mp4 You know those pink boxing gloves Sydney has on. They bring pleasure and pain. Pleasure from the ass she teases you with. All you can think of is burying your face in between those ass cheeks. If you could live in there, you would. Sydney's ass deserves your worship. It's tight, it's round, and if you're not careful, it'll beat you up. But most of all, it just teases the hell out of you. It's so close yet so far. And every time Sydney bends over, your chub just gets bigger and bigger and bigger. Tags: Asian Goddess, Ass Worship, Asian Princess, Female Domination, Female Supremacy, Femdom POV, Goddess Worship, Tease & Denial Download: https://k2s.cc/file/4e6d1f7d0bd07/AstroDomina_ASS_TEASE_KO.mp4
  7. Brutal Scat Collection!

    March 14, 2018 - My shit for breakfast 00:10:15 | 681 Mb | 1920x1080 | mp4 Download: https://fboom.me/file/5d07fc9559d22/SF2119.mp4
  8. Sexy Teasing At The Cross 00:07:10 | 211 Mb | 1280x720 | mp4 Mistress Krista is teasing the Slave with her extreme sexy and beautiful body Categories: Teasing Download: https://k2s.cc/file/f071ff87d4429/Sexy_Teasing_At_The_Cross.mp4
  9. Belinda Lawson - Reform Academy - CT 00:13:40 | 404 Mb | 1280x720 | mp4 Tough, bare ass strapping for Belinda Lawson: but will it change her attitude? "The tawse has a really harsh sting," says Belinda Lawson after the long leather strap lashes across her jiggling bare buttocks. "When Earl Grey made me count off the strokes, I realised my voice was going up and up. I wasn't acting, it hurt!" Bent bare bottomed over a gym vault, on her toes, Belinda's Reform Academy lesson is harsh. Reaction Cam and slow-mo replay show every cheek-rippling, teeth-gritting moment. Download: https://k2s.cc/file/9cb1876299572/academy_ct4000_saf_2.mp4
  10. Lady Estelle - Teasing his helpless Dick 00:13:17 | 321 Mb | 1280x720 | mp4 An extreme CBT and Orgasm Control play session for my Slave who is helpless locked up at the the Cock Pillory. Tags: CBT, Orgasm Control, Latex, Mistress, Tease & Denial Download: https://k2s.cc/file/339f8a868973d/Lady_Estelle_Teasing_his_helpless_Dick_saf_2.mp4
  11. Torture, bondage, whipping, humilation

    Dual Wielding Pt II - TheWhipChamber - Mei Mara 00:17:28 | 193 Mb | 1280x720 | mp4 Little Mei...quite the soldier. Bent over the table, the whipping ensues. Scarlet red would be the best way to describe her ass as she takes her licks. But despite it all, she purrs with each stroke...The onslaught carries on with a caning and then more whipping action. Taken to the brink...red and raw...and quite obviously loving every last second of it. Download: https://k2s.cc/file/94a5fe5bd45e9/WHC_MEI_123011_FULL2_NDWN_720.rar
  12. Lady Estelle - Ass and Nipples Treatment 00:18:32 | 370 Mb | 1280x720 | mp4 Now my slave get a very special treatment on the Fuck Chair. I take care about his sensitive nipples with some special tools and then i fuck his ass with a Strapon. Of course i take also care about his M0nst3r Dick, tease him, wank him, and control his orgasm. Tags: Orgasm Control, Strap-On, Anal, Femdom, Latex, Nipple Play Download: https://k2s.cc/file/1c97edbb45965/Lady_Estelle_Ass_and_Nipples_Treatment.mp4
  13. Isabella: Spanked for Lack of Enthusiasm in Gym (Part 2 of 2) 00:04:22 | 93 Mb | 1920x1080 | mp4 The Dean returns and applies a strap to Isabella's bottom and then leaves her in a plank position in the middle of the room. Implement(s): Leather Strap Position(s): Bent Over Spanker(s): Mr. M Model(s): Isabella Download: https://k2s.cc/file/0ca37b1ee81f8/14451_1_700.rar
  14. Torture, bondage, whipping, humilation

    Slave Ap - Let me cum 01:02:40 | 1400 Mb | 1280x720 | mp4 Download: https://k2s.cc/file/f3d0a0b7e9497/Slave_Ap-Let_me_cum.part1.rar https://k2s.cc/file/7a13f704b43b8/Slave_Ap-Let_me_cum.part2.rar https://k2s.cc/file/0e8d6ac15a4ef/Slave_Ap-Let_me_cum.part3.rar
  15. Boutique Babysitter Experience by Mandy 00:12:32 | 304 Mb | 1920x1080 | mp4 Sessions are just about booked for the week, I'm really excited for all the shooting and bustle going on in March. As some of you know, I'm a traveller and I can't session all the time, although increasingly I wish I could. I'll be around much more this summer. Thank you to the boys who are coming in. We are going to do some great work, and maybe I'll even see *you* here next time. Download: https://k2s.cc/file/ca0f2540ff4c0/MMBoutiqueBabysitterExperience.mp4