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  1. yella

    Prolapse Talk

    was there any pain with the popping/tear? Any affects the following day (can you push it out at will now?)
  2. yella

    largest toy you can take

    Im halfway down the Man in a barrel. I thought that would be impossible last year, but i surprised myself, especially as I didn't have much warm up time.
  3. yella

    Question about pumping

    ive been trying to pump but i cant fit it inside (even though i can take 2.9 diameter). frustrating :glare:
  4. i want to give this a go so i may order a pump in a few days time. i would only really get the chance to pump once or twice a week so would this give any results or is it something you have to keep doing every other day?
  5. yella

    largest toy you can take

    i havent been stretching long, but i can take a 2.7 diameter plug comfortably. my 2 shots in the dark plug is my ultimate goal, seems like it will be some time before the second bump will slide in
  6. yella


    How safe is inserting apples and does size make a difference? I don't want anything getting stuck up there. any advice is appreciated
  7. yella

    Help me prolapse!

    im curious too, especially the prolapses that hang out, i dont want to have to hold myself open to keep it out.
  8. thanks for the Kream shower one. been looking for that one for ages it says ive reached my download limit although i havent actually downloaded anything yet though
  9. haha that would be crazy, good job that doesn't happen xD

  10. yella

    nice prolapse

    nice videos!
  11. nice vids! out of curiosity, doesn't having a rose like that cause problems? still, the vids are great :D

  12. [quote name='z3n0mal4' date='17 April 2010 - 12:25 AM' timestamp='1271460331' post='176254'] Miki , check dildoandfisting dot com . [/quote] nice one, thanks
  13. just found this stream on a site, not seen it here. any idea who it is? pretty nice http://www.tubegalore.com/cgi-bin/atx/out.cgi?s=98&c=1&l=sid:16;iid:1;gid:1254195;kwid:6065;pos:6&u=/movies/125/1254195/dildo-prolapses-girls-rectum/
  14. looks nice thanks. the code for download isn't showing for me though must b the site