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  1. [quote name='fistmanNorway' date='23 January 2014 - 07:20 PM' timestamp='1390504824' post='1002690'] look at the hips. pussy or dick, that is a dude. [/quote] i thought we were over these debates
  2. hi all, most of you know Susy or Suzy Fernandez. If not look here: well, a few days ago she publisehd tow new vids of a really big buttplug on a fuck machine pounding her ass. very very sexy. i hope she´s showing a lot more in the future cause to me she has one of the best butt and pussy. here´s her yuvutu profile with the two new vids: [img][/img] gershi
  3. [quote name='gninori' date='09 January 2014 - 10:35 PM' timestamp='1389306958' post='990522'] great. too short! [/quote] More of this nice couple on their xhamster page: gershi
  4. [quote name='Fistrik' date='02 January 2014 - 12:18 AM' timestamp='1388621896' post='983546'] This is what I like if I want it large... [img][/img] [img][/img] (check [url=""]triple fist[/url] for all photos) [/quote] WOW!!!!!
  5. yes, homemade. this is the guy: in the video comments he talks about it.
  6. this is the original video. unfortunately you can visit his profile only as a friend and he doesn't respond to friendship requests. gershi
  7. this guy is surely talented what a delicious sight gershi
  8. [quote name='gninori' date='18 March 2013 - 06:26 PM' timestamp='1363631187' post='760432'] i watched the clip only once, but as far as i remember i'm not that sure the fister is female anyway, all preferences are allowed here and nobody should be forced to see what they dont like but there's not explicite rule on putting male or female in titles or descriptions, because our motto is 'a rose is a rose', and we still dont want that rule, but it can be an act of kindness on the poster's side to indicate so or at least, the way i see it, a good complete full description of the scene (where fisting is fisting and not four fingers of a tiny female hands in a large pussy ) if you prefer only a male rose or a female rose we respect your choice but if you click a link and you see otherwise you just close the link, as simple as that, you're not DLing anything, we dont force you to continue watching. if you feel uncontrollable repulsion for watching for a second an ass of a sex you dont like, you dont prefer, etc, i guess this board is not for you, and i recommend surfoo, gayoo, etc..., strictly for heterosexuals, homosexuals ... and finally, come on, a regular member here should know what xtube is about... [/quote] well said, sir this topic keeps on apearing every three months or so and the answer is always the same: rosebuttboard is a site that is open to all sexes and fetishes. and we won´t change that if you can´t live with an eyeglimpse of male genitals then rsbb is certainly not the right place for you gershi
  9. buy a new dildo. and next time remember that some substances are made to cook with but not to be used in your ass gershi
  10. after watching the hd version last night i gotta say that for me this is the porn movie of the year oscar for most stunning actress, oscar for best toy use and hole abuse, oscar for cristal clear quality, oscar for the best laugh thanks to the fisherman and oscar for the easiest going still nastiest anal girl in porn biz these days gershi
  11. [quote name='gninori' date='03 December 2012 - 01:43 PM' timestamp='1354542231' post='689418'] irma the japanese [/quote] and in addition to my italian friend i give you their website: gershi
  12. [quote name='Nicoletohca' date='29 November 2012 - 09:16 PM' timestamp='1354223777' post='686521'] The site HKJ I'm not touching. God forbid [/quote] that´s the right attitude at first hkj deserves to earn big bucks just because she´s the top actual anal girl. quality is something people really should be willing to pay for. Otherwise there will be no quality anymore gershi
  13. [quote name='dirtyflower' date='26 September 2012 - 04:53 PM' timestamp='1348674819' post='651002'] Wow that looks like an awesome toy! My Tilapia buttplugs Small & medium, The small goes in without a lot of struggle,just over 10 inches the medium does not go in 11.5 inches ][url= 470 (640x360).jpg][img] 470 (640x360).jpg[/img][/url][url= 471 (640x360).jpg][img] 471 (640x360).jpg[/img][/url] The Cyclops at 11 inches around the head it does not go in. [url= 468 (640x360).jpg][img] 468 (640x360).jpg[/img][/url][url= 469 (640x360).jpg][img] 469 (640x360).jpg[/img][/url] The inflatible I've had in me & inflated it to just over 11 inches. [url= 474 (640x360).jpg][img] 474 (640x360).jpg[/img][/url] I'm stuck at just over 10 inches. I'm sure the medium fish and cyclops will go in eventually! [/quote] donna, are you talking about anal or vag? well, it´s the same routine every time. it´s training, the right set and setting, the right moment....and you´re reaching new levels i tried to get victor in for quite some time but never never suceeded. in fact i was far from getting near. and then one evening and with a new toy to open me up it went in and wow after a few monaths of working with victor i managed to take my 3.5 inch falcon plug which i thought would never ever pass my assring (you know, a matter of "eyes bigger than ass" when buying this monster ) btw, your new movies are exciting. you´re the most perverted lady i ever seen, and that´s a compliment gershi
  14. [quote name='Crisco61' date='05 October 2012 - 08:02 AM' timestamp='1349420558' post='654410'] Doesn't approve? Why not? It's a public vid on Xhamster. A must from her! [/quote] i don´t think gni meant that she wouldn´t approve to post the vid here. indeed it´s public, and it´s a repost. she posted the vid herself some 3 weeks ago. i think our italian connaisseur meant that she probably wouldn´t approve to the bdsm label. but who knows? gershi
  15. my new fav toy, victor. 3.25 inch diameter and it feels really good ;-) gershi