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  1. male being fisted by several women

    Durress and Feld were friends way back!!!! I think I said Hi too him, a while back on the net... Asked for his stories.... Still have a file of Felds stories. One of them I posted here, I seem to recall!!! I seem to recall telling Eddie his e-mail! Great story teller!!! Hope he is well! --bfs
  2. New story

    Great New Story, Sweety!!!! xxooxx --bfs
  3. Someone help teach me to Prolapse PLZ!

    Turns out that this is just another scum bag pretending to be someone else!!! I really hope he posts again! --bf
  4. You really are a scum bag

  5. Someone help teach me to Prolapse PLZ!

    [quote name='Roxy Raye' date='25 April 2012 - 03:44 AM' timestamp='1335339870' post='592935'] I've been wantin to prolapse my ass but I cant I've been practicing for more than a year now I can take huge dildos but I can only get my ass to barely rosebud I want my ass sticking out I want to Prolapse I want to be able to see and feel my ass protruding from my asshole and to be able to push it back in my ass then push it out again someone please show me how you got your ass like this plz plz plz someone write me back ill do anything! [/quote] E-mail Donna Flowers!!!! She is a member here and on xhamster, as well ass other places!!! I bet she would Love to talk to you. She is easy to talk to!!! btw- You are Really Fantastic,Darling!!! ps- check your PM's here, Roxy!!! --bf
  6. [quote name='lostlilboy' date='16 March 2012 - 02:21 AM' timestamp='1331878870' post='578730'] I hate to say this but i actually agree... I get distracted by her looks and when she talks... I have to mute my speakers sometimes.. I know, i know... i sound like a dick.. but at least she still can turn me on sometimes. Anyway, Who is that one that is actually taking all 40cm? I wanna see more of her... I think they could've achieved a deeper depth IF they took their time.. they were sorta like jamming it in there.. That kinda stuff takes a lot of relaxation.. Maybe we can more of her and even DEEPER!!! [/quote] Dude- If you had a stone cold fox in your bed with you who was really just putting up with you, or a real woman who is a sex junkie.... I think you would take the fox!!! Personally, I would want the sex junkie!!! Donna is a sex freak!!!! Kind of like you, butt with a pussy!!! Most other girls are just actresses!!!! -=-bfs
  7. Dirty Garden Girl

    [quote name='dirtyflower' date='28 March 2012 - 10:44 PM' timestamp='1332989074' post='583995'] Bump 2012 I've put a few of my camshows on xhamster for added exposure Seems I can download them, but too lazy to be arsed to do more than a few now & then. [url="http://xhamster.com/movies/1116574/dirtygardengirl_xxx_pump_prolapse.html?s=9"]pump prolpase[/url] [url="http://xhamster.com/movies/1116601/dirtygardengirl_xxx_new_inflatible_dildo_in_ass.html"]new inflatible dildo in ass[/url] [url="http://xhamster.com/movies/1051685/stretching_ass_with_inflatible_dildo.html"]previous inflatible dildo[/url] [/quote] That really was a Big Toy, Sweet Ass!!!! Kisses!! --bfs
  8. Pregnant dildo

    She is a member on xHamster.... --bfs
  9. Isel@ Huge bottle anal and Gaping asshole

    Yea, Issy is Great!!!! --bfs
  10. Prolapse party site is up

    [quote name='peteyboy' date='30 December 2011 - 10:06 PM' timestamp='1325300806' post='550511'] I agree with you and we both know a real lesbian would never use ANYTHING that even closely resembles a dick like a dick shaped dido. Now as far as she listening to potential customers 1) only time will tell and 2) she is [size="5"]smart [/size]by doing that if she want to make money with the site, if people don`t like what they see , they will not buy or join whatever the case might be "give the people what they want ' they say..... And Lastly I hate that too oh god oh go oh god crap and that PHONY breathing, that no one believes she is enjoying,when the bitch is getting fucked up the ass and her pussy is as dry as a prune, they have ALREADY invented k‑y‑jelly‑gel for God`s sake PROPS? o Do we know each other, petty? Play Nice! --bf [/quote]
  11. French story - Sandrine consulte

    My translator program is still down.... New computer! --bf
  12. Chip...

    Have we met before?


  13. Beth's "Cyber-Sexy" Exploits

    [quote name='chipster8253' date='30 June 2011 - 03:47 PM' timestamp='1309463221' post='342791'] I would love to explore your darker side, it looks about as dark as mine. [/quote] Chipster???? Do we know each other? --bf
  14. The Illustration Game

    N.B--- Ass a Dedicated Reader & Practitioner of ass much extreme safe sex ass we can get into..... BRAVO!!!! Great Stuff.... And thanks to everyone who have added to your posts!!!! --bf