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  1. Hi tangerine, tu es de paris je savais pas.....j adore ce site depuis des années.....apperement nous avons la meme passion.....pouvons nous rencontrer?

  2. I second my friend as ever !
  3. The Best of Anal

    Please post in the right section.
  4. Quite rare clip..

    LOL amarcord : I remember. I had a few VHS of Charly & Paquita, a real dirty french couple. Furia francese ! (^ ^)

    Great work, congrats ! (^^)
  6. new ideas for Donna's beautiful asshole

    Agree with my friends Gni and CB, Donna is THE One ! (^ ^)
  7. You're spoiling the thread, and wrong section ! Moved
  8. Dirtydirector breaking street whores asses

    Many thx, saryd, please post more, ma cat ate all my DD files and I luv Zack Miles gaped tarts ! (^ ^)
  9. The most used word for porn search in many countries, funny how we look first in our own country asses. In France "beurette" means a french born arab girl. http://www.pornmd.com/sex-search (^ ^)
  10. Some well known here, but hard to recognise in the street. (^ ^) http://www.huffingtonpost.fr/2013/03/12/photos-actrices-x-avant-apres-maquillage-melissa-murphy-actrices-films-porno_n_2859603.html?utm_hp_ref=france#slide=2209031
  11. Does Sex change after children?

    OMG! sad news, my best thoughts to our friend here and anywhere.
  12. New Video Hit - Gangnam Style

    Maybe because of its fuckyfucky dance style?

    Well my mod pals, a funny looser story about Ian Scott, indeed. ^^ Circa 1998 I wanted at last to make my first own amateurlike porn movie with an old friend of mine in his dentist office. He brought the money, I brought the contacts, know-how and various stuff. So I went to a new casting Cie I knew to hire a model. A meeting was planned at a famous sex festival that was held then Porte Champerret. The only model who could have for the shooting day was a newcomer, Océane, luckily she just came by , a btfl tall blond, perfect, so we made the deal instantly. But she said we'll have to accept and pay for the presence of her BF during the shooting. Aaaah fuck come on ok for your knight fee. So 2 days after when we shot the porny dentist story we had the surprise to meet her future husband and most stupendous, his enormous cock. Muwhaha we were a bit disapointed by our littles weenies when we start to gangbang her gf Oceane on the dentist chair, so after half an hour my flacid penis throw me out of the porn male model field and I focused on the director job ^^. Unfortunately she just made in the morning a modeling session with a lot of anal dildoes so she didn't want hard anal anymore, especially with Ian's bazooka, so we just had vanilla sex and a classic dp , very quick because my friend just exploded in her ass after a few seconds, it's an hard work you know haha. We spent a lot of time all 4 , Oceane was rather cold but Ian was very funny and kind, we smoke few doobies and sniff my best poppers together, nice memories. The months after we had the surpise to see Oceane on many vids & sex mag covers and the beginning of the Ian Scott career, so i guess we were very lucky to meet them at the their beginings. I heard they're married with 3kids, nice family !!! ^^ But the 2 cams we had wasn't so good, analogic Sony, poor light, approximative cam movements, no script, the result was rather boring comparing to our present standards so I never tranfer the tapes on digital, sorry. End of my porn director career muwhahaha ! (^^)
  14. Many thanks, Kuddel, and sorry about Nicole. All the best, husband legend ! (^ ^)