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  1. That’s the BAM. I used to be friends with her but we had a falling out. It was a good time though
  2. MrHodder

    Anal Fantasies Confession

    My fantasy? Having an anal whore like you that I can train and share
  3. MrHodder

    Anal Fantasies Confession

    That sounds so hot. And I’m assuming there would be double and maybe even triple anal?
  4. MrHodder

    Some help with running my gf's asshole

    Thanks guys, I haven't been able to fist her ass all he way but I've been inserting my hand up to the knuckles. I've also been inserting two to three fingers in her ass while I fuck it and I've been double angling her with a dildo. As for her cunt, well it's gotten to the point that it's so loose I an barely feel it anymore. It's also always gaping and it definitely looks "used". Her ass is looking "used" as well. Darker, more wrinkles, no resistance when I slide in.
  5. Hello, Just looking for some pointers on how I can permanently ruin my gf's asshole and make her prolapse eventually. I've been using the shane diesel dildo on her and I've also got her fucking black men with huge cocks. I just feel like the frequency should be more often. Ideally i would like her holes to look like Arwen Gold's. Anyways here is our xhamster profile. If you guys have any suggestions let me know. http://xhamster.com/user/AvaReese
  6. Awesome, thanks for the tip
  7. Hi, My gf and I are swingers and we've recently talked about incorporating some BBC (big black cock) into our sex lives. So I was wondering, how long does it typically from regular anal sex with a very thick cock to get an asshole looking like Sheena Shaw's, Audrey Hollander's, Amy Brooke or any of the anal queens. I'm talking about those dark wrinkles around the sphincter and big gapes. 
  8. when it is convenient to meet in the chat room as a pre-write his account of when exactly it will be a meeting

    what you think of the idea :)

  9. much I need to ask what is your program for the week of work for which the desired result

    thanks much :)

  10. hello

    many will be glad to write more often so we can share experiences and ideas, and because its more of me to ask you what your program to train to have such a beautiful effect

  11. Hey, you're the best around.. nothings gonna ever keep you down

  12. Hey : ) I'm from Cali as well. Los Angeles. I'm quite the strapping young lad but I don't want to post any pics on here