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  1. oregongaper

    Sofi and the Black Holes Expansion

    wow. i like it.
  2. Other than the insane repeat redirects and pop-ups, yeah that's the one. thanks. Even with those annoyances, I still prefer streaming to downloading.
  3. It's cool that she fisted you, but how did she react to it? Is she ok with it and wanting to do it more? A girlfriend willing to fist you is a wonderful thing, but only if she's not bat shit crazy too.
  4. oregongaper

    Any Regrets About Stretching

    I love having a big roomy asshole. No regrets at all.
  5. oregongaper

    Cocoa butter for better elasticity????

    tl;dr- yes, coca butter will help with elasticity. Cocoa butter will definitely help with skin elasticity. However, as with any thing like this it's incremental, in very small increments. You want to always use as pure a product as possible. I prefer Palmer's brand cocoa butter and I also really like their Skin Therapy Oil. Saying that negates my last sentence just a bit, but I really like the Oil and use it for stretching my scrotum. I like the fragrance very much... For anal stretching, think of cocoa butter (shea butter works too) as an after care application, because it soaks into the skin and can make it feel a bit tacky to the touch right at time you apply it. That's how it works... During stretching exercises, i.e. while you're fucking the living hell out of yourself you want a proper lube that's compatible to the body. I like coconut oil, but I mix it in with Crisco (70% Crisco : 30% oil) which is simply a ratio I've found to hold up well during hard play. Things like Boy Butter or Elbow Grease have all kinds of extra whatever in them that doesn't need to be there, and they're way too expensive for serious ass play consumption. One of those little tubs would last us about 20 minutes...so yeah, no. Long play sessions (for me, us) consist of numerous rounds hard ass workouts with breaks in between. During the later rounds one's hole can start feeling the burn, so to speak. This is the time for Bag Balm. Use it as play lube and work it in to the hole liberally. The lanolin will calm things down considerably and the petroleum jelly part makes for good lubrication that doesn't soak into the skin and it may well keep your hole able to go a few more rounds. Once you're done playing, really done, and your hole is feeling thoroughly used and you've cleaned up a bit, then is the time for the cocoa butter. Rub it in thoroughly, I'm talking about basically fisting yourself with it, which after a good workout should be quite easy. You want to concentrate on the sphincter, or ass lips, however you think of them personally. Keep working it in until it goes away, until it soaks into the skin. The end goal is generally to become wider, deeper, to take bigger things, three hands, or whatever. It's nothing to be ashamed of, but it's not something to hurt yourself for either. You will change yourself certainly, but you can do it with minimal injury. Wider is Better. Stay horny, my friends.
  6. To me there are very few things more erotic than a hot girl/woman punch fisting her own ass. Great video.
  7. she's an ftv girl so it should be easy enough to find her
  8. oregongaper

    Am I too young for this

    I started playing in my hole at 11 years old. Got to big stuff around 15. Not much play (some...)from 16-22 (high school/army) then hard at it from 22 on. I have been playing at what I'd call an advanced level pretty much since then. I have no fears about long term control, etc. You exercise the muscles to relax and open wider, you can (should) also practice flexing those same muscles to clamp down hard and try to trap a hand in your ass (never works, but fun trying). A well exercised and trained sphincter will serve you well for a very long time. I have better control than I did when I was a kid. Me- https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/Superlance-Quickie-1-14838461
  9. oregongaper


    It's obvious you're a member over at asspig too, as am I. Opinions over there tend to be a bit more strident, so I'll give you my thoughts here. Nitrites, poppers that is, work by relaxing smooth muscle tissue. A vasodilator. The rectum is smooth muscle, and the feeling of opening like a tunnel when you get a good hit is unlike anything else. Sadly, most poppers sold today are garbage. Ethyl Chloride is completely different. We always have some around, and I will usually hit it once during a night of play, well into the session. It mimics the properties (mostly) of ether. Read up on the history of ether parties of the 1800's for some perspective. It's a dissociative drug. As in- What the fuck is happening here, now, and what the hell is ramming me in the ass? It really does nothing to make one's ass take more. When I'm getting fisted and am going to hit on the Max Impact, my top knows and is ready. Take a rolled up rag, something to catch the spray, give it a healthy blast, so it's wet and cold (from evaporation). Stick the wet and cold part in your mouth, so your sucking through it, and huff, huff, huff. Long draws. You'll be able to tell you're getting traction on it, as it were. And you will go somewhere else. My top, ready as he is, will keep things going as possible. I've stood up on the play bed and tried to walk away. I've started swatting at the annoying thing poking me in the ass, amongst other reactions. The dissociation will last under 30 seconds. We do it just as a bit of variety, and to see where I go. But I've been playing with these guys for 15 years, so we're all on the same wavelength, which is such a nice way to play, in harmony with complete trust. And hitting it once a night is enough, for me anyway. But good poppers are an incredible aid to assplay and we cherish them and use them often and liberally. Stay horny.
  10. oregongaper

    Goals and community

    That's so awesome that you share the same kinks and practice them together. I wish you both the best of luck achieving those hot nasty goals
  11. oregongaper

    New Story, Need some help proofreading / editing.

    I would be willing to proofread a story for you, provided it isn't too long. Perhaps I can review a chapter or two at a time, but send me anything you'd like help with. I think I can help.
  12. oregongaper

    First toy you ever bought?

    Shrink wrapped to a piece of cardboard down at the lone porn shop in town, circa 1992, it was labeled as Ballsy Supercock. I think they still make them, but I'm too lazy to go look.
  13. oregongaper


    Why is this in the story section?
  14. Great video. A girl who can fist her own ass and gape like that is the absolute best.
  15. oregongaper

    Beverly Hill’s Therapeutic Medical Day Spa

    Good stuff, I really enjoy you posts.