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  1. Sideshow_G

    Inflatable Plug

    That's probably why I couldn't find it when I looked. Thank you for letting me know which plug is was. I'll add it to my wishlist for later use
  2. Sideshow_G

    Inflatable Plug

    Thanks, would be great if I could get that plug. I've had a look at the site but I can't find it. If you do manage to look it up then I would be grateful ;)
  3. Sideshow_G

    Inflatable Plug

    I've seen a few videos online of people using inflatable buttplugs but they appear to be really strong and of high quality to the point were the plug inflates to huge sizes but it seem to start out as a small plug. I have a number of inflatables with the biggest being my Ace of Spaces Inflatable which is massive but it's really difficult to insert deflated (but I have managed it). I get nearly all my toys from Lovehoney (UK toy shop) but does anyone one where I can get a good inflatable plug from which can go to huge sizes? Sorry for the long winded question
  4. Sideshow_G

    Any Regrets About Stretching

    No regrets at all, I want to go even bigger and wider. Possibly with the aim of prolapsing
  5. Sideshow_G

    Greetings - New to the site

    I used to have the Ace of Spade butt plug but they no longer sell it, I used to be able to fit that (just), it was so tight. I am hoping to get a prolapse at some point
  6. Sideshow_G

    Greetings - New to the site

    The biggest I can take is a 10 inch girth dildo. Here is a picture of it I took If you want information on it (you can't buy it anymore in the UK) here is a link to where I got it from https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=29777
  7. Sideshow_G

    Greetings - New to the site

    Hello Everyone, I discovered this site in my quest to achieve an even bigger gape than I already have. I have been stretching for several years and I seem to have hit a road block with the size I can take. I want to be able to stretch to take bigger and bigger toys but even with the help of poppers I can't seem to be able to progress. I use a combination to normal to large dildos, normal to large plugs and inflatables but I just can't seem to progress. Do you wonderful people have any advise or tips on how to make my gape bigger to take bigger things? I hope to one day prolapse my hole (I've read the guide on here and I'm aware of the consequences of having one). I'm already working on depth as I can fully take a crackstuffers depth trainer and the Square Peg training dildo. Any advise would be appreciated