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  1. Buttbunny

    Who is the person with this prolapse?

    Thanks guys!
  2. So I found a few videos of who I think is the same guy and I can't find out who he is. If someone could tell me thatd be pretty sweet https://m.xhamster.com/videos/cumming-on-and-in-a-prolapse-7323943 https://es.m.xhamster.com/videos/deep-fisting-prolapse-9406004 The one with the bigger prolapse
  3. Buttbunny

    Ass Lips???

    well I myself try to avoid asslips but sudden insertations might help. Rough anal but only shallow stuff. You wanna focus on using the ring area. A penis pump place on top of the butt will help alot. Tense your hole up so it sucks only the area not you guts. the goal of pumping that area is too swell up the skin. I believe doing this will give a much more worn look.
  4. what sort of clinics do this? and what else might they offer?
  5. Buttbunny

    Partial prolapse and Full prolapse

    Thanks for the tip! I was planning on 30 min sessions but that sounds good. what sorta pressure should I use?
  6. Buttbunny

    Partial prolapse and Full prolapse

    Thank for the advice! didnt know that 1hour plus thing. I probs would of done really long sessions so thats good I know that now. Also big fan of your tumblr!
  7. Buttbunny

    Partial prolapse and Full prolapse

    so theres no way to avoid it?
  8. Hey I have been doing alot of reading on prolapses as I have a pump and wish to start training for one. Only problem is that I want a full prolapse and im not sure if I will get a partial or full one. Is there any way I can 100% get a full prolapse and not a partial one? A partial prolapse is where the lining of the rectum detach and is sucked out. usualy smooth and looks like there is blood underneath with little to no sensation. This is very bad. A full prolapse is where the entire rectum wall is able to be sucked out. This is the prolapse that most you guys and gals have and has full sensation.