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  1. Games Hentai All games xxx

    Adventure High v0.4.3 Sistem requirements (minimum): Browser Adventure High takes place in a school that teaches Adult Students how to master their unique gifts for magic to survive in the wilderness beyond the city. The main character's gift, however, is that of Control, leading to the constant temptation for him, or her to use their powers on the people around them. Censorship: None Platform: Windows Language: English Size 124 MB https://k2s.cc/file/335c2bbf7e9ce/adventurehigh.rar https://fboom.me/file/335c2bbf7e9ce/adventurehigh.rar DIS purity Version 0.0.32 Fix1b You are soul of a demon from the book of the dead (yes, exactly, the one you thought about). But you love not to tear your victims to pieces, but to seduce their minds so that they obey only you and their lust. Nevertheless, pretty soon it turns out that not everything is so simple and you have left a sinner in your past life, which is just so you will not be free and they will have to be solved .. First you enter the house of a large family of three daughters, two sons and parents. Because rules Patreon.com prohibit in*t - all brothers and sister in the game are adoptive (they have different biological parents) and are not blood relatives. And, of course, all of them are 18 years old Well, you understand Censorship: None Platform: Windows Language: English Size 926 MB https://k2s.cc/file/4007f9c832b5f/DISpurity_0.0.32_fix1b.zip https://fboom.me/file/4007f9c832b5f/DISpurity_0.0.32_fix1b.zip
  2. Games Hentai All games xxx

    Loki's Corruption Version 1.3 This game like the title says is a Corruption themed game. You are a young man named Loki. Who gets somehow corrupted and starts to slowly transform into a girl. So contains male to female transformations and mythical creatures even though they may not at first be portrait as such in the beginning of the game... there are reasons..? Censorship: None Platform: Windows Language: English Size 760 MB https://k2s.cc/file/ca927d4e9fe60/Lokis_Corruption_v1.3.rar https://fboom.me/file/ca927d4e9fe60/Lokis_Corruption_v1.3.rar
  3. Games Hentai All games xxx

    Uprising Episode 2.0b Uprising is a small story focused action game. It takes places in a world of superheroes and high-technology. Each Episode will have a playtime of 4-6 hours, fun roguelike combat and as all our games kinky erotic scenes. In Episode 1 you play as Chris (Of course you can change your name ingame) who's looking for his missing sister. Many different places, characters and kinks should make this game fun. Hold left-click to spam your regular attack. No more finger pain! Several checkpoints added through the game Difficulty levels added! (Easy, Medium, Hard) Hey folks! We hope you all had a good start into 2018. In the enthralling next episode to the Uprising saga, you play as Dr. Emma Everett, a scientist on the run from her sinister employer. Forging an unlikely partnership with a band of rogue S.T.A.R. agents, you will guide Emma as she struggles to save her loved ones, and unravel the secrets of her past along the way. Over 55k words of text Several lovely animated erotic scenes A new MC with a new set of abiltiies Several new NPCs join the Cast of Uprising Several improvements to the engine and general gameplay. These also apply to Episode 1 of Uprising Changes: Reworked Hitboxes for several skills. Especially for enemies. Reworked pathfinding for enemies Cinder Boss Fight completly reworked, four new skills added to her powerset. Two Enemies have been reworked to offer more variety in combat. Projectiles have been slowed down Superstrength now comes with regeneration to make up for it being a meele powerset ?Bugfixes: Lex no longer gets stuck during a cutscene Dialogue fixed where Chris had Hassimirs Dialogue Dashing Fixed Crash fixed when you enter the recording room in the NeoLife Facilities (Act 3, Episode 1) Missing Fade in fixed for NeoLife Facility Map (Act 3, Episode 1) Thanks for your help folks. Due the quite large changes on the engine and combat system we recommend a new playthrough. Censorship: None Platform: Windows Language: English Size 729 MB https://k2s.cc/file/b45d39eb46728/Uprising.rar https://fboom.me/file/b45d39eb46728/Uprising.rar Slave Nimiara Version 0.3 Our second game is a much more linear, story-driven game, following the story of Nafir, a servant in the palace. Nafir wishes for greatness, but his life are pretty normal and boring, full of day to day tasks. This all changes when he meets Nimiara - the master's sex slave. Nafir falls in love and his life changes overnight, leading him and her on a new path full of pain, bdsm, love, excitement and the wish for glory and power.? Censorship: None Platform: Windows Language: English Size 373 MB https://k2s.cc/file/883996b99ef17/Nimiara_the_Sl_Patreonv3.0.rar https://fboom.me/file/883996b99ef17/Nimiara_the_Sl_Patreonv3.0.rar
  4. Games Hentai All games xxx

    Love Thy Neighbour Version 0.5 So, meet Kathy, your new neighbor. She is 18 and she studies Arts. A romantic dreamer living mostly in the fantasy world of beauty and art. She's new to the city: they've just arrived. Being taken away from her school, friends and everything she loves and cares for, Kathy feels desperately lonely in this new and completely strange city. Her mum and dad are not much of support to her. Her dad works hard to provide for the family, while her mum is busy seducing everything male around her. Will you be able to establish deep connection with Kathy?! And how far will this 'connection' go?! It all depends on choices you make. Censorship: None Platform: Windows Language: English Size 537 MB https://k2s.cc/file/2a9d6bdc18924/LTN-0.5-pc.rar https://fboom.me/file/2a9d6bdc18924/LTN-0.5-pc.rar
  5. Games Hentai All games xxx

    Milftoon Drama Version 0.03 + Walkthrough A Branch of one of the best artist's of Milftoon and their developer has set out to create on of the longest sexual adventures online. Milftoon Drama revolves around our hero Joey who is getting ready for college and is desperate for some action before he goes there. Everyone is a potential sexual partner for our hero.. from his teachers , his neighbors, his girlfriend and even targets from his own surroundings. Censorship: None Platform: Windows Language: English Size 70 MB https://k2s.cc/file/989d963bb3bce/Milftoon_Drama_Version_003.rar https://fboom.me/file/989d963bb3bce/Milftoon_Drama_Version_003.rar Reporter Kate Version 0.9 This is the introduction story of my another game 'Reporter Kate'. You will found out what is the story about in it and it includes the first two events of the game. Note: New game from Combin Ation - Creator of Agent Alona, Survivor Sarah 1,2 etc Update In (Ver 0.9): 1. Last location Event 1 (Kate's ethics >= 80) 2. Last location Event 2 (Kate's ethics = 79 to 20) 3. Last location Event 3 (Kate's ethics < 20) 4. Toilet Peep/Record 2 #Both toilet peep scenes will affect one of the last location event. Censorship: None Platform: Windows Language: English Size 132 MB https://k2s.cc/file/826e128e1e208/Reporter_Kate_0.9.rar https://fboom.me/file/826e128e1e208/Reporter_Kate_0.9.rar
  6. Games Hentai All games xxx

    Alternate Legends of the Avatar Versio 0.2.0 We would like to introduce our new game, Alternate Legends of the Avatar. Alternate Legends of the Avatar is a unique Visual Novel in development, which tells - as the title of the game series suggests - an alternative story about the adventures of the Avatar (and the rest of the characters from the The Last Airbender universe)! The game will consist of 3 Books, which will come together as a continuous story, where your choices will determine how things play out. Censorship: None Platform: Windows Language: English Size 253 MB https://k2s.cc/file/3cac59a8ba030/Alternate_Legends_of_the_Avatar-0.2.0-pc.zip https://fboom.me/file/3cac59a8ba030/Alternate_Legends_of_the_Avatar-0.2.0-pc.zip Kingdom of Deception Version 0.4.0 After centuries of struggle between races, humans have established the fearsome Kingdom of Lundar. Fueled by ambition and hunger for glory, the human forces are on the verge of completely annihilating all territories controlled by creatures that have not become vassals. The last hope of fighting off the human armies, a vast monster horde, has been defeated, leaving Lundar as the master of all. Their outside enemies defeated, the noble families and military factions of Lundar have quickly turned on each other in an internal struggle for power. In this vicious conflict, not even religious or family bonds will be spared.? Censorship: None Platform: Windows Language: English Size 494 MB https://k2s.cc/file/4bae1e6c2b119/Kingdom_of_Deception_0.4.0.rar https://fboom.me/file/4bae1e6c2b119/Kingdom_of_Deception_0.4.0.rar
  7. Games Hentai All games xxx

    Straight Version 0.4 Straight!? is a work in progress dating sim/visual novel that specifically focuses on M4M and gay content. The story follows the main character, Zack, from his first day of college after meeting his new roommate, Braden.? Change Log v0.4 -Massive stat change: All visible stats and requirements have been removed. Game progression is now based on achieving the previous checkpoints or obtainting items. You just don't have to grind stats or relationship points to move the story forward anymore. -Game is now divided into Chapters based on the conclusion from last update -Added chapter selection at beginning of the game. This will prevent players from having to start at the very beginning every single update. -Updated Main menu graphic for better quality -Corrected some typos (I feel like this will just always be included) -Default font change Censorship: None Platform: Windows Language: English Size 860 MB https://k2s.cc/file/d0528911babb1/Str8-v0.4-pc.zip https://fboom.me/file/d0528911babb1/Str8-v0.4-pc.zip Wicked Choices Version ASLPro3d is a husband and wife team that has over 20 years of experience entertaining people in the comic book, novel and 3D Industries with their stories and artwork. Each month, in our game: “Wicked Choices”, you will play one of the TWO major characters that you will control and who will find that their destinies are intertwined in a fate YOU control. The first is MICHAEL PRESTON (or the name of your choosing), the true Main Character that chronicles the events that unfolds (and that you, as the players, decide) as he is introduced and thrown into a world seeped in lies, deceit, incest, corruption, humiliation and all manners of dark desires. Married into a wealthy family that carries a dark secret and heavy burden, Michael Preston will learn that he has the destiny of being the ‘Antichrist’... the one fated to unleash onto mankind the demons that have long been kept imprisoned.Enter PRINCESS LYNARA, a young angel, wanted by her own kind for the truth she holds and who’s destiny is to find and meet the ‘Antichrist’; will she try to stop him… or will she allow herself to be corrupted and help aid him in his destiny? As the story progresses, you will be introduced to more and more characters that you will be able to interact with, experience, build relationships with and sometimes be able to control as the story moves more and more to its conclusion… Which ‘Wicked Choice’ will you make? Which side will you choose to stand with? Or… will you create a new path that no one could foresee? Only you, the player, can choose the fate and outcome of these character’s destinies, as the ripples of your choices affect all those around them! v19/1/18: Chapter Four - Part One released focusing on Princess Lynara, Carina and Rhianna the Oracle with varying choices and differing outcomes! v18/12/17: Chapter Three released focusing on MC with Syrina the "Demon Princess" with varying choices and differing outcomes! Censorship: None Platform: Windows Language: English Size 1590 MB https://k2s.cc/file/1bcf84178f099/Wicked_Choices_V0.4.1.0.part1.rar https://k2s.cc/file/7c8c4eec25c68/Wicked_Choices_V0.4.1.0.part2.rar OR https://fboom.me/file/1bcf84178f099/Wicked_Choices_V0.4.1.0.part1.rar https://fboom.me/file/7c8c4eec25c68/Wicked_Choices_V0.4.1.0.part2.rar
  8. Games Hentai All games xxx

    Deeper Version 0.0.1 You are Jake. Loving Son and Brother on the cusp of manhood. A string of bad luck leaves your family homeless and your sister is seriously ill. You must guide Jake into manhood whilst saving your family by whatever means necessary. Just what kind of man Jake grows up to be, depends on you. Censorship: None Platform: Windows Language: English Size 312 MB https://k2s.cc/file/04798e7c30c9b/Deeper-0.0.1-pc.zip https://fboom.me/file/04798e7c30c9b/Deeper-0.0.1-pc.zip
  9. Games Hentai All games xxx

    Man of the house Version 0.6.6 Extra In this game you will play as a young adult, who is living together with his attractive (step*)mother and 2 hot (step*)sisters, in a city filled with even more gorgeous women! Each NPC has their own storyline and you get to decide when and where you would like to explore and which girl you want to pursue. Every update will expand on existing storylines, but also on adding new locations, girls, jobs, events, etc. * Depending on your preferences. incest game :change xml file, Cut the old one out and paste the new one in. v0.6.6 • Extended an existing event chain for Veronica. • Added a (very big!) new event chain for Amy. • Added a new location. • Added a new splash and menu screen. Gameplay • Completely revised the savegame system: - You can now name your savegames. - Added an autosave feature (on a 10 minute interval). - Added error checking for incorrect/corrupted files, this will no longer cause a crash/black • Implemented a hint system for all girls that currently have a storyline. • Reduced the amount of money you make as a personal trainer to make it a bit more balanced. • Changed the health club opening times (so Amy can at least get some sleep). • Changed the trigger for the fashion contest message, you no longer have to be in your room to receive it. Bugfixes • Fixed max stat cheat, you can now complete the game while using the cheat, without any problems. • Fixed a bug that caused the quicktravel screens not to update when skipping time. • Fixed a bug with job times exceeding closing hours. • Fixed a bug with Claire's max arousal stat. • Fixed a bug that could get Veronica's submission below 10. • Fixed a lot of minor bugs and typos again. Thanks for all the feedback & bug reports guys! Extra • Added some more bonus images to the extra version. Censorship: None Platform: Windows Language: English Size 501 MB https://k2s.cc/file/af6f01dafa584/Man_of_the_house_v066_extra.rar https://fboom.me/file/af6f01dafa584/Man_of_the_house_v066_extra.rar
  10. Games Hentai All games xxx

    Really Really Primula comes back to the Fuyou home as family. The King of Gods and King of the Devils perform an inspection of Primula's emotion control in front of Rin and Kaede, but right in the middle, Primula's magical force - which far exceeded their expetations - goes out of control and affects Kaede's mind. The various memories within Kaede are rearranged in tatters. As a result, Fuyou Kaede is left in a state of utter confusion and falls asleep. Nobody knows when or if she will awaken. In order to return her memory to normal and wake her, Rin and his friends dive into Kaede's mental world. Inside lies their past together. Censorship: None Platform: Windows Language: English Size 1690 MB https://k2s.cc/file/bbb7ee9965442/ReallyReally.rar https://fboom.me/file/bbb7ee9965442/ReallyReally.rar
  11. Games Hentai All games xxx

    Wands and Witches Version 0.31a The main differences from alpha are: - Added a series of events for Quidditch and qualify to the team. - Improved Hermione's sprite. - Added a lot of secondary art. - Fixed bugs, errors and typos. We will release the public version as soon as it ready. Censorship: None Platform: Windows Language: English Size 245 MB https://k2s.cc/file/eb03c5119e08e/WaW0.31a-Beta-pc.zip https://fboom.me/file/eb03c5119e08e/WaW0.31a-Beta-pc.zip
  12. Games Hentai All games xxx

    A Perverted Family Version v0.1 You are an adopted child who finally gets in touch with your biological mother and sisters who you thought you never had! You find the opportunity to get to know them in a two-week at L'amour Hotel stay which they paid for.? Censorship: None Platform: Windows Language: English Size 1520 MB https://k2s.cc/file/d238c8733e00f/APervertedFamily-10-win.zip https://fboom.me/file/d238c8733e00f/APervertedFamily-10-win.zip Sex-Arcade The Game (v0.0.9) Censorship: None Platform: Windows Language: English Size 68 MB https://k2s.cc/file/0cd4f01b5cb2e/Sex-ArcadeTheGamev009.rar https://fboom.me/file/0cd4f01b5cb2e/Sex-ArcadeTheGamev009.rar
  13. Games Hentai All games xxx

    DragaX Mind over matter v1.0 Final Mind over Matter is a game about a guy (or a girl) who obtains special powers and tries to use them to corrupt, control and transform others for his advantage. It's still in an early development stage and a lot of stuff isn't done, yet. Future releases will contain more physical transformations. Changelog: -You can now finish the game to get an ending with some variations! -Story progression after day 30 added -Achievements added -A new bad end added -A sex scene with Ms. Daniels added -Another new sex scene added -Increased chance to get your work done successfully -Fixed a bug where Lilly's work progress help got removed after loading a save -Fixed a bug where the wrong text was displayed at the meeting room events -Other minor fixes and spell checking Censorship: None Platform: Windows Language: English Size 101 MB https://k2s.cc/file/eb9773bbeab51/MoM_v1.0.rar https://fboom.me/file/eb9773bbeab51/MoM_v1.0.rar A Sister's Love Version 0.1 One random night you get a call from your sister(You haven't seen her in years) with some disturbing news. She rush's over and and this is where it begins. Granted the overview is short and lacking but you take control of a male character in a decision based visual novel made in renpy. This is my first attempt with a project like this. I'm still new with daz3d and coding and this is my first time actually writing a story. (You have been warned) I plan on making monthly updates which I will post here 3 weeks after patreon release only to keep it fair to those who would support me. This 0.1 is a little short but it is only the first night. I do plan to have more content in future installments. There is a patch for the taboo content or rather, a patch for the text. I have it pre installed with this current version. The zip also includes a walkthrough and 2 4k images. My mega account is still free so the bandwidth maybe lacking for that link. I did remake my 0.1 recently because I wasn't happy with the old So I am posting both variations simply because it was already put together. Thanks and I hope you enjoy! Censorship: None Platform: Windows,Mac Language: English Size 270 MB https://k2s.cc/file/2c735c644a552/A_Sisters_Love_0.1.rar https://fboom.me/file/2c735c644a552/A_Sisters_Love_0.1.rar
  14. Games Hentai All games xxx

    The Mage Depot v 0.6 The first Kim storyline! along with the branches of the storyline that lead to Trisha being turned into a bimbo and sexualy assulting Vincent. And one with her and Kim both becoming bimbos resulting in a X rated scene. Thats X for Xylophone people! Censorship: None Platform: Windows Language: English Size 247 MB https://k2s.cc/file/96ae794ac153b/Team_Ehiro_The_Mage_Depot_v_0.6.zip https://fboom.me/file/96ae794ac153b/Team_Ehiro_The_Mage_Depot_v_0.6.zip
  15. Games Hentai All games xxx

    Latex Dungeon [build 2018.1.16] Censorship: None Platform: Windows Language: English Size 502 MB https://k2s.cc/file/2d69e4ef914d1/LatexDungeon2018.1.16.rar https://fboom.me/file/2d69e4ef914d1/LatexDungeon2018.1.16.rar