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  1. deepassfist

    Please help with the name of this toy

    I would say it is a bruiser https://bad-dragon.com/products/bruiser
  2. deepassfist

    favorite buttplugs/dildos

    mrhankeystoys - BIG DADDY (XXXL) balls deep for nice deep stretches mrhankeystoys - DRAGON - (XXXL) balls deep for nice deep stretches with heavy texture mrhankeystoys - BOSS HOGG - (XXL and XXL) for nice deep stretches, still working to take them balls deep squarepegtoys - Egg Plug (Monster) for long term pluging squarepegtoys - Splitter (M and L [thinking about xl]) for blunt end pluging
  3. deepassfist

    What toy is this one?

    Could be David the Werewolf from Dad Dragon https://bad-dragon.com/products/david
  4. deepassfist

    Who is the person with this prolapse?

    Hi, i would say it is TimmyPH on xtube https://www.xtube.com/search/video/timmyph First video is https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/epic-saga-fuck-piss-fist-repeat-part-2-the-money-shot-30092881
  5. deepassfist

    Full prolapse

    Hi, I would say that 1.5 - 2 inches should be a good deepth. If I insert my fingers in my rectum and try to push my internal prolapse, thats as weel the deepth were the internal prolapse starts to fould out.
  6. deepassfist

    Is the Slink safe

    I own the Slink in XXL. Bought it, wehn it was 399$, currently it is only 369$. i can take it all the way down with no problem. You just need a good amount of lube and slowly insert it,
  7. Hi, has anyone already purchased a strap on harness for e.g. the Lampwick XL? They suggest https://www.mr-s-leather.com/sex-toys/ass-play/harnesses-ass-play/corey-jay-dildo-harness - anyone tested it or had it shipped to Europe? Thanks
  8. deepassfist

    How to achieve anal prolapse - full guide

    Hi, i am trained in deepth slightly good from my point of view - EE Henry (17.5 insertable) down to the base, EE Jackson (19 inches insertable) just below the medial ring both are 3over inches wide. BD Chance flared XL(15 inches insertable / 3.5 inches wide) down to the balls Sleipnir XL (12.5 inches insertable / 4 inches wide) to the last ring on the shaft. I think I need to do more pumping or fuck my ass more rough with above toys.
  9. deepassfist

    How to achieve anal prolapse - full guide

    Hi, my order of Clove oil and Peppermint oil came in yesterday. Mixed 5 drops of peppermint and 10 drops of clove oil into a 200 ml bottle of already mixed jlube. Yes, it works for me - I was able to take the Gold Dream Big Butt Plug with 4 inch / 10 cm diameter and afterwards the TSX bed knob xl (as well 4 inch / 10 cm of diameter) with just a bit of warm up on American Bombshell Shell Shock size L and without the use of any poppers. Normally I need some poppers to take the Big Butt Plug and Bed Knob. Sadly my prolapse still does not want to pop out
  10. deepassfist

    Hole stretching and impotence

    Stretching with big Things may cause numbness due to decreased blood flow and pressure to the nerves running to the penis. This can still be the case several hours after the stretching session.   If I try to force the XXL Stretching ring (Diameter of 115mm and full metal) into my ass, I will notice the numbness after several minutes. The numbness disapears after several hours.
  11. deepassfist

    How often to pump

    Hi, so each second day pumping the asshole for 15 Minutes at 3-5 inHg would be a good idea to help the rose Pop? Cylinder inserted in ass and as big as possible... Cheers, Chris
  12. deepassfist

    How often to pump

    Hi, just started pumping my Prolapse to make it really turn inside out. Currently I could push it out while holding my ass lips back but as soon as I stop holding them it goes in again. How often and how long do you pump your Prolapse to make it stay out once pushed? Thanks four your advice
  13. deepassfist

    Sasha grey plug

    [quote name='redrick' date='03 November 2013 - 10:43 AM' timestamp='1383471821' post='930513'] Anyone else using a sasha grey plug 24/7? [/quote] Do it some time - but the largest one got to small - now I am on the largest helmet head plug