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  1. killerhipo

    Anal Etiquette: Sam and Jess, Day 2

    No muses, I kinda think everyone should be able to substitute what their ideal is into the characters. But nothing is set in stone. I might need to describe the characters more at some point for the story. Feel free to share what you think they should look like.
  2. killerhipo

    Anal Etiquette: Sam and Jess, Day 2

    I'm still very new to writing and as much as I want to write more descriptive background settings, I'm having a bit of difficulty. That being said I look forward to the challenge in following chapters. I actually wrote a very descriptive second chapter but it just didn't work, so I put it away and wrote this instead. I may come back to it for the third chapter, now with some new insight. I think everything you've mentioned is going to eventually happen. It might not be in the next chapter, but eventually. BDSM is going to be included very soon. I almost had it in this one but the flow was wrong. It's going to get nice and heavy. Which sister would you like to be the masochist? Jess or Sam? An excerpt from the cut chapter: It will come back more refined and better than before.
  3. killerhipo

    Anal Etiquette: Sam and Jess, Day 2

    It has just occurred to me my title is wrong. This is still the first day. Any suggestions?
  4. killerhipo

    Anal Etiquette: Sam and Jess, Day 2

    I will check thanks, I always have trouble with names in books, I guess even in my own writing.
  5. killerhipo

    Anal Etiquette: Sam and Jess, Day 2

    Thanks, and as to the anal stretching we still have a decent amount of time after dinner...
  6. killerhipo

    Anal Etiquette: Sam and Jess, Day 2

    Since you all seemed to like the last one, I've decided to continue the series, this one is a bit longer, I hope I can prompt some activity in there again! Sam walked into her first class of the day, Physics 101, and took a seat in the third row. Not too close as to seem eager but close enough to admire her hunky professor closeup. As she sat, her desk made a small happy beep. You see in order to aid teaching in this age of endless anal distractions schools had decided that if they couldn’t beat’em then they would join them. After a few iterations, they had developed a novel way to make classes more engaging. They were called ASSisted Teaching Desks. The desks were set to automatically connect to any buttplug that came in contact with it. A microscopic chip in every plug, as mandated by Canadian regulations, would relay information to the machine about the size, type, and other attributed of any plug in proximity. It would then connect with the plug through any number of means as standardized across the industry. Some plug would connect magnetically, others with mechanical connections, and in the case of Sam’s plug a specialized suction cup would adhere to the base of the plug. After the small beep is heard Sam is now locked onto her seat, what’s more the chip in her plug also relays her identification to the central class computer. She in logged into the desk and her attendance is noted. Before her the desk lights up with a welcoming message before displaying the lecture slides. The rest of the class shuffles in and after the last beep is heard, the professor begins to speak. He is in his late twenties, dressed nicely and fairly attractive, but that would hardly matter to the male deprived women of this century. “Hello class, today we are going to starting a new topic “Relativity”, let start off with a question. What is the fastest something can go? A) As fast as the posted speed limit Infinitely fast C) As fast as light?” The professor asked, and as he posed the question the choices appeared on the screen behind him. Sam looked at the options, “C” seemed the obvious answer but she decided to press “A” anyways. The timer at the bottom of the slide quickly runs out and the class is filled with a chorus of moans, Sam included. Her plug pulled out of her ass and then pushed itself back in in one smooth motion as did every other girl who didn’t input the right answer. It was surprising how many girls got that question wrong… The plugs were each connected to the central computer and in order to keep the girl’s attention they were programmed to punish the girls. If they fell asleep, weren’t paying attention, or as had happened here gotten a question wrong or any other number of things. The punishments would get more and more severed the more were required, from a simple thrust to nonstop brutal fucking. There were rumored to be other punishment functions too but Sam had never witnessed them. The class went on and Sam answered more questions, getting some wrong accidentally and a few more on purpose. She came a few times too and was punished for that, which didn’t help the problem. When the class came to an end, the plug beeped and she was detached. She picked up her things and went to her next class, “English literature and themes” with that other hunky professor. *** Jess was in the middle of the third class, “Introduction to Performance Art”, this was just her first semester in Cegep and she had taken the course as an elective not knowing that it was meant for students that had already taken a few courses in the faculty. With thought any background knowledge the course was extremely difficult. She had tried to switch out of it but found that there were no other electives with free seats this late in the term. She wasn’t worried at the time as with all classes marks were almost completely based on attendance and participation but now that she was a few weeks into the semester and the class difficulty was starting to ramp up her butthole was paying the price. Today was even worse as the plug Sam had chosen for her this morning had been tormenting her nonstop. Every time she forgot about its presence it would thrust into her a few times to remind her. The plug was of course compatible with the Assisted Teaching Desks and now the desk would fuck her as well when the plug dictated. Jess was trying to figure out the answer to a rather hard question when her butthole felt the plug come to life again. Her hope of getting the question right disappeared and she accepted her fate. It just so happened that as soon as the plug stopped thrusting the desk started punishing her for getting the question wrong. The desk pulled her plug completely from her young ass, leaving it gapping open for a brief second before forcefully pushing her plug back into her butt. Once embedded into her, the plug started to rotate then it was thrusting and rotating. Jess got lost in a pleasure trance, she came and then was punished for that too, the plug speeding up and lengthening its stroke, thrusting the plug completely in and out of her ass rapidly. She recovered just as the next question was being answered and since she wasn’t paying attention she had no idea what the question was. She got it wrong again and prepared herself for the oncoming punishment but it didn’t come. Instead a message popped up on her screen “Max punishment level reached, now starting detention.” Sam’s plug was pulled completely from her butt and was instead replaced with another toy. It felt smaller than her thumper plug but as it pushed itself into her butt she felt the base expand to seal inside her ass. What happened next caught her off guard as the plug released golf ball size orbs into her butt. The computer had decided that any higher levels of punishment would result in nothing being learned in class, so now it was filling Sam up with orbs. These small spheres were designed to disintegrate into harmless fluids after a number of hours but would punish the student even after classes had ended with a fullness beyond her norm, especially after their plugs were put back in by the machine. A small counter in the corner of Jess’ screen read 5. Jess didn’t know how she felt about this punishment but put it to the back of her mind. Trying to focus on the class again. Things were just too difficult though and quickly the number of orbs filling her backside grew. It was now at 64 and Jess was feeling the volume. It now felt like she had her original plug in again. “Only another 30 minutes.” She thought as she continued to focus. “Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.” She was convinced there must be something wrong with the desk I mean she was getting more wrong then someone who would just be choosing randomly. “Damn was this class hard!” She got to a point where she didn’t think she could fit any more orbs in her ass, she felt as full as when she had her biggest plug in, but it was different, less rigid. A solid plug would force you to adapt to it, the orbs were more giving, they would move to fill your every nook and cranny. That fact had gotten her through the class. As it came to an end now she was relieved to be done. The plug deflated and pulled from her ass. She prepared to push the orbs out but instead found the head of her original plug pushing at her anus. Dread washed over Jess as she realized why this was the second level of punishment. She was going to have to take the orbs with her. Her plug started to slowly but endlessly force its way up, pushing at the orbs, forcing them further. They started to go around the bend into her transverse colon as only enemas had done before. The plug pushed and pushed and pushed, the orbs finding new spaces to fill with every inch. Eventually the plug seated itself, Sam didn’t know if she had ever felt so full before in her life. This level of full couldn’t be achieved by a plug alone, she hoped she would remember it next time she got the opportunity to get back at her sister. Jess stood and took as second as things adjusted inside her. She grabbed her bag and went to her next class walking gingerly. *** Sam was waiting for Jess in the parking lot outside one of the buildings, she would wait with jess for the 15 minutes until their sister arrived to drive them home. It wasn’t ideal waiting for 15 minutes but it was still better than taking the bus. It was uncommon though for Jess to take this long, and Sam was starting to wonder. Just then she spotted her coming around a corner, she was walking slow and it only took a second for Sam to see why. Jess was looking like she was a few months pregnant, she had gained a few more orbs in her last class despite her best efforts and was feeling the strain. “What happened to you! Did someone knock you up during your lunch break or did you forget that your supposed to let an enema drain before putting your plug back in?” Mocked Sam. “Ha ha very funny, no I got fucked over by my stupid performance arts course and was given a detention” Jess responded. “A detention?” questioned Sam “Ya I had never heard of it either, the desk basically filled me with the golf ball sized orbs, added more every time I got a question wrong then pushed my plug back in.” She explained. “Wow.” Awed Sam “I had to look it up in the school code, but apparently the orbs will just dissolve in a bit but damn, I feel sooooo full right now, can’t wait to get them out.” Just then Amy, their older sister, pulled up in her car. Sam took the front seat and Jess sat in the back. “How was your day? Jess you look a little full, did something happen? Did Sam do something to you?” Amy asked as she pulled out of the school parking lot. “Why do you always think it was me? I didn’t do anything, she went and got herself in trouble all on her own.” Sam argued back at Amy. “Ya, you know that art class I was telling you was super tough? Well today was a bad day and I ended up getting detention.” Jess admitted. “Detention? Wow I’ve only heard of one girl who got one while I was in class. What is it exactly?” Said Amy. “Basically, she is stuffed full of soluble golf balls.” Sam interrupted bluntly. *** The girls got home and went up to the bathroom to change into something more comfortable. The girls stripped, threw their clothes in the laundry bin, and then started to help each other remove their daily plugs. Amy decided she was going to be first and braced herself as Sam and Jess took hold of her plug and started to pull. The plug pulled at Amy’s butthole, making it appear as a taunt cone before the plug pulled free and started to emerge. It was over 4.5” wide and just kept on coming out of Amy. In the end, it was 18” long and Amy stood for a moment not moving as she felt the cool air blow into her gaping chasm of an ass. After a long moment, she stood and motioned for Sam to bend over, she followed the order and braced herself as Amy had before. Her older sister gave her a bit of surprise and pulled Sam’s plug out quick. To Sam it felt like her plug was being ripped from her butt and she moaned loud as it came free. Her bubble butt now had a large red hole that once was a tight butthole. After the whole day with her large plug in, her hole didn’t even try to close and when she stood it closed more because her perk butt cheeks pushed it together then for any other reason. “If I were mother I would leave all those orbs in you and just give you a bigger plug.” Threatened Amy. “But I’m not, so bend over and let’s see how many we can get out.” Jess’ face went from a look of panic to joy and she bent over with a cute enthusiasm. Amy saw the unusual plug in Jess, looked over to Sam, who gave her a timid smile. Amy took hold of the plug and pulled. The pressure off all the orbs caused her plug to pop free as soon as it overcame the friction of her stretched butthole. Amy lost grip on the plug because of all the lube on her hand and it went sliding across the floor. With only a second of delay orbs started to gush from Jess’s butt popping out in a torrent. To Jess it felt like the longest string of anal bead to ever exist as orb after orb shot out of her ass. She started to orgasm, lost her balance and fell over. Sam and Amy just watched the spectacle, not thinking of helping but instead reaching down to play with themselves. Jess lay on the floor her butt arched upwards, her anus doing nothing as orb after orb shot free. She orgasmed again and again, each time the spasms would cause more orbs lodged deep inside her to find their way out, causing yet more pleasure and orgasms. *** Eventually, the flow of orbs stopped and Jess was left a puddle on the floor. Amy and Sam who had masturbated themselves and each other by fisting each other’s ass’ while they watched decided that it was now time to help. They both had a sinister air as they got on their hands and knees and went to Jess’ sides. “You know we should probably check to see if they all came out, I’m sure she would appreciate it.” Suggested Amy who reached over and caressed Jess’ butt. “I agree completely” replied Sam. She reached over and pulled Jess’ cheeks apart putting her pink gaping ass in full view of the two. Amy stopped caressing and got more behind Jess, sitting between her legs. She then made a fist and plunged it into her younger sister’s battered hole. Jess let out a whimper but was too weak to do anything about it. Amy’s fist sunk into Jess’ butt past her elbow without any effort, and with a gentle push she got her hand all the way to the middle of her bicep. “Got one!” Amy exclaimed and yanked her arm free. It emerged and Amy held an orb in her hand. She dropped it and then plunged her hand into Jess again. This continued for a while, orb after orb pulled free. Jess never uttered anything but a moan every now and then when Amy was more rough than usual. Amy was now up to her shoulder. Her arm could be clearly seen in Jess’ stomach, her forearm attempting to get around the bend in the intestines. “I think that’s all of em!” She exclaimed sadly and pulled he arm almost all the way free, then fucked it back into Jess one last time just for fun. “Give her an enema, shower and a new plug while I go make dinner alright.” She ordered. “I will give you some special treatment too later don’t worry.” *** Sam went to Jess’s side and saw that she was lying there with a blissful look on her face, she didn’t even make eye contact with Sam. “Great she is cum drunk.” thought Sam and pinched her sister’s nipple. “Oww! What did you do that for!” she exclaimed, snapping out of her reverie. “Come I’ve got to get you ready for dinner.” Sam told her sister and started to help Jess to her feat. Jess walked on wobbly legs to the washroom, her sister steading her along the way. Once inside they went over to the enema faucet. “Why don’t you just get on your hands and knees, I don’t think you could take an enema at this point standing up.” Instructed Sam. Jess did and told and stuck her ass out for Sam’s access. Like that had done in the morning Sam took the disk and started to push it into Jess’ butt, it was much easier now. Once in she tightened the disk, getting it quite a bit bigger then this morning. Also, curious about how deep Jess had been opened up she got out a colonic hose, about an inch in diameter. It was 3 feet long and she started feeding it into Jess’ ass through the hole in the disk. “What is taking you so long, turn the water on already, my hands are getting sore.” Jess whined. “OMG you don’t feel it do you? I’ve got 2 and a half feet worth of tube up your ass!” Sam exclaimed. “Are you serious, well hurry up then, my hands do hurt.” Jess conceded, now a little less sure of the situation, Sam was pretty impressed, normally Jess would be complaining after only a foot, those orbs, and Amy, must have really done some work. Sam finished putting the tube in without even a moan from Jess and stood up to turn the water on. *** Sam was feeling so full for the third time today, this was getting exhausting. Her stomach was bulging, she watched it expand slowly, looking between her firm tits. She noted her nipples, they had been hard for hours now due to her constant arousal and they were starting to get sore. “And that’s it.” Beamed Jess, “You reached your max volume and your max pressure is only at half, normally it’s the other way around, I might need to look at getting a detention if it opens you up this much.” Jess reached down and pulled the colonic tube from Sam’s ass in one swift pull, the disk instantly became an open tap as a stream of water erupted form the 1 inch hole. The flow was constant and Sam began to deflate surprisingly slow. Jess slammed a plug into the hole stopping the flow instantly. Sam groaned. “Why did you do that, I just want to let my enema out, please.” She begged. “I’ve decided that there is too much water in you to waste, let’s go down to the garden and we can water the flowers.” Stated Jess. Sam begrudgingly let herself get helped up, and waited while Jess grabbed a few things from the cabinet. The first was a dog collar, Jess held Sam’s hair out of the way and put the collar around her slim neck. She then took out a leash and attached it to the collar before giving it a tug and leading a bloated Jess out of the bathroom. “Come now puppy let’s go outside!” Prompted Jess. *** Sam was led through the house and out the back door over to the flower garden. “Bend over!” Jess commanded. Sam obliged and Jess reached down with one hand, she pulled the plug from the large disk in Sam’s ass and plugged it with her hand. With her other hand, she grabbed and attached a hose to the disk. A novelty item just for this use, the hose looked exactly like a garden hose with a garden nozzle and everything. “Okay you can stand up now my little watering can.” Jess teased. Sam took the leash again and walked over to a patch of flowers, she took the garden hose nozzle, aimed it at the flowers and turned the valve. Water started flowing just like a normal faucet would. Sam moaned. Sam was led around the garden watering the flowers, ever so slowly deflating. By the end she had to push against her stomach to get enough pressure, out the hose. Finally, the hose was detached and the last few trickles of water were allowed to drain into the grass. *** Sam was led back upstairs to the bedroom she shared with Jess. The leash, collar, and finally the enema disk was removed and Jess went to put the back in the bathroom. Sam was exhausted, sore and hungry, what a day it had been, she was going to sleep well tonight. Just then Jess walked back through the door, she went right to the toy drawer and pulled out a nice big smooth plug. She squirted some lube on the toy and spread it over its length. Jess who was sitting on her bed rolled over onto her side and pulled her knees up to her chest. Jess placed the toy, which was 14 inches long and 5 inches wide, at the entrance to her ass and gently pushed. The head started to slowly spread Sam’s lose anus, sinking in faster as soon as the head had sunk in. Inch after inch was pushed in until the base came to rest between her cheeks. Sam let out a whimper. “Time for dinner!” Amy called from downstairs. “Coming!” Yelled Jess back, grabbed Sam by the arms and pulled her into a sitting position. Sam held out her hand for help to stand. She let out another moan when she stood up, the plug shifting. The girls went down to eat dinner. To be continued… Please let me know if there are any typos!
  7. killerhipo

    Anal Etiquette: Sam and Jess

    Thanks for all the positive feedback, I haven't started the next chapter yet, this one took me a very long time to get right. I did enjoy writing though so I will be continuing it, if only so I can myself find out what happens at school for these two girls.
  8. killerhipo

    Anal Etiquette: Sam and Jess

    Hello all, this is my first time writing anything so I hope you all enjoy it. This story is set to take place in Lordodie's Anal Etiquette Universe. It's my own little story about two sisters living somewhere in Canada, culture is a little different but a lot of this hasn't been written yet. With no further delay, enjoy! ____________________________ Sammie was woken from her deep slumber by the feeling of something pressing into her lungs. Trying not to disturb the comfort of a bed in the morning she moved her lithe hips under her warm duvet and adjusted herself until she felt the pressure on her lungs ease. “Just a few more minutes,” she thought but was further brought out of her slumber by the stirring in the bed next to her. An evil plan came to mind and she decided to act on it. Leaving the warmth of her own bed behind she got to her feet slowly, trying not to cause herself any more discomfort then was necessary. She slowly creeped over to the bed, hesitating only a moment, she jumped onto the slender form within, quickly she straddled it. “Sammie! What are you doing!” her sister yelped, but before she could do much more Sammie had smoothly pulled the blankets off of her sister and pinned her to the bed face down. With a graceful move Sammie rotated herself one hundred and eighty degrees so that she was looking at her sister’s delicate feet. The feet however were not her target, looking down she focused on her sister’s pert ass, under her lacy panties and between her firm butt cheeks she found her target. Sammie’s sister started to resist as she realized Sammie’s intentions but her struggles were useless when Sammie reached down and ripped the panties from her hips. The massive black shape that emerged made Sammie start to moisten from more than one opening. “You’ve gotta stop worrying so much Jess, I’m just having a bit of fun,” she teased as she reached her hands down and firmly grasped the base of the monstrous buttplug in her sister’s ass. It took a bit of effort to get the plug dislodged but the special overnight lube helped to get the toy moving. Jess moaned as her ass started to release its grip on the toy. Sammie, or Sam as her sister called her, pulled the first nine inched of the plug out of Jess’ ass then brutally slammed it back in. The four-inch-wide girth of the plug pulled at Jess’ anus as the plug moved in and out, making Jess cry out. “Oh god Sam, Please don’t stop!” she begged. Jess started to angle her hips towards the thrusting plug, pushing back in rhythm and loving every inch of the anal torment. It didn’t take long for Jess to cum the first time, and even less the second, third, fourth and fifth time. By the sixth Sam decided that her sister had had enough and pulled the plug completely from the well fucked ass in front of her. Ten inches of the black latex giant slowly pulled free from Jess’ ass, when the tip popped out a wet sucking sound announced its exit. The loose hole that remained was still over three inched across and, even after all the play, still begged for a toy. “Ugh that was awesome sis! You know just how to wake me up! Want me to return the favor?” asked Jess as her sister rolled off of her and onto the bed next to her. “Do you even need to ask?” replied Sammie seductively as she got onto her hands and knees, arching her back gracefully. Her sister moved behind her, now much more nimble with her own ass freed up. Jess stealthily reached under her bed and grabbed a harness, with practiced ease she put it on around her hips like a pair of panties. She then moved her crotch so that it lined up with the base of the plug in Sammie’s ass. A little magnetic snap told Jess that the plug and harness were attached and she started to move backwards pulling her new ‘dick’ out of her sister’s ass. Sam’s ass, being slightly farther in its training, divulged a plug even bigger then Jess’. At 4.25 inches wide the plug made a grand exit, pulling and tugging Sammie’s asshole over every one of the 12 inches of its length. When just the tip of the plug was still in Sam’s ass, Jess grabbed her sister’s hips and brutally plunged the entire length of the plug back in. This took the breath from Sammie, literally, as it hit the base of her lungs, and any air left was used in one massive moan. Jess started to pull the plug back out for another thrust as Sam looked down between her arms and firm tits, even from this angle, she could see the shape of the massive toy moving around in her. “God I love this feeling,” thought Sam as the toy and her sister worked their magic. Like Jess, Sammie was brought to a number of mind blowing anal orgasms before Jess deemed Sammie’s ass fucked well enough for this early in the morning. The duo then picked up their plugs in one hand, held each other’s hand, and walked to the bathroom their big pink gapping assholes obvious between their cute little butt cheeks as they walked. ____________________________ Jess being 18 and Sammie 19, they were both still in high school. They lived with their older sister Amy, who was only 25, since their mother had needed to move for a job and they had wanted to finish school with their friends. Amy had offered to let them live with her under the pretense that the girls continue their anal training even though their mother wouldn’t be there to take the ‘hand on’ approach they all loved. Jess and Sam had enthusiastically agreed and had only needed to be reminded of the terms of agreement a few times, and it might have been on purpose. In the bathroom the sisters helped each other prepare for the day, they started by putting their nighttime plugs in the plug washer before moving onto the shower. The shower like most these days was outfitted with a dedicated enema system. “Hey sis you mind giving me a hand, I’ve always got so much trouble getting the nozzle in,” pleaded Jess as she handed Sammie the nozzle and bent over. The ‘nozzle’ was made out of a disk of light metal, with a groove around the perimeter to hold the anus, it could then be expanded to lock inside. Sammie started to work the disk in, first starting with the edge and then turning it to trap Jess’ young sphincter. Jess moaned as her sister worked and let out an exasperated grunt when it finally slid into place. Sammie then turned a knob on the disk to expand it, Jess tried to escape the pressure and jerked her ass away, but it was too late. The disk was already 4.5” wide and Jess’ anus couldn’t pull free, Sammie grabbed the hose and pulled her sister back towards her using the disk now locked in her butt. “Where are you trying to go? You know how this works.” giggled Sammie as she stood and went to the faucet that controlled the enema system. There were a few knobs which controlled the flow rate, temperature and the maximum pressure that would be used to put water into bowels before automatically stopping the flow. “You don’t have to tighten it so much; it’s not like I ever leak,” replied Jess as she started to prepare for the rush of water. Sammie responded by turning the water on full blast, she set the maximum water pressure to slightly higher than normal and got out a disk for her own ass. “My turn,” said Sammie, handing the disk to her sister who was holding onto one of the railings trying to steady herself as her insides were flooded with water. Jess focused and took the disk from her sister, giving her a slightly evil grin, letting her know that her rough treatment wouldn’t be one sided. Like Sammie had done to her, Jess pushed the disk into her sister’s ass, it took her a little longer as she was constantly distracted by her own filling bowels, but once the disk was in place she was lightning fast in expanding the disk as much as she could. She was able to get it to a little over 5” before her sister wiggled her ass free. Sammie grunted but wasn’t about to admit defeat by her sister’s hands, so Jess stood on wobbly legs and went over to the faucet for her sister’s enema. Like her sister had done, she turned the water on full but then turned the maximum pressure up high, as high as her sister had ever took. “What are you doing, I’ll explode! I’m not prepared to take my max.” yelped Sammie, a scared look on her face. In order to stay within the bounds of their agreement with their older sister, the girls had given over control of their ass to each other, knowing that they wouldn’t go easy on one another would help them with their anal well being. The enema faucets, by changing a few programmable settings, could be made to only be controllable by certain people. The girls had done just such a thing and now they were at each other’s mercy. Sammie seeing that her sister wasn’t going to turn her pressure down went over and cranked Jess’ maximum pressure up to her max as well. “Let’s see how you like some of your own medicine” said Sammie smugly. The sisters were competitive, and neither was prepared to step down from this game of enema chicken. They both stood watching each other as their belies started to inflate, soon they needed to hold onto the railings, their stomachs looking more and more pregnant. They started to moan and then grunt as they got fuller and fuller, the water moving up and expanding their intestines. Jess was the first to start to beg for release. “Please Sam, this is all I can take, please turn the pressure down!” begged Jess. “I don’t know, I can take some more water still, I want to see how desperate you get.” retorted Sam. Jess’ stomach was protruding a lot now, as if she had somehow swallowed a basketball. “Please, I will let you do anything to me, just make it stop” begged Jess as she got closer and closer to her maximum pressure. “I kinda just want to see you reach your max now,” Sammie challenged with an evil glint in her eye, “You know, just for the fun of it.” “Please sis anything!” squealed Jess. Sammie reached over and turned down the pressure so no more would go in. “You are going to let me pick out your plug for today.” stated Sammie. “Never! You’re going to strap something brutal in my ass” argued Jess, remembering the last time she had made this promise. Sammie turned to pressure up again. “Ok ok ok, fine!” relented Jess. “You better follow through or I will set it to double tomorrow” said Sammie victoriously. The maximum pressure was once again turned down much to Jess’ appreciation and the flow stopped. Jess breathed out a sigh of relief and was in the middle of composing herself when she remembered her sister was still turned up past her max. Sammie was looked like she had a watermelon in her stomach when Jess finally turned down her maximum pressure and the flow stopped. She cooed, “Thanks Jess.” “No problem, don’t want you going any harder on my ass than you already will,” joked her sister. The girls caught their breath before attempting to free themselves. Jess wasn’t able to bend over anymore with her insides so full so Sammie had to waddle over and reach between her spread butt cheeks to get at the release valve. Upon hitting the biometrically locked button the hose detached from the nozzle, it immediately was blasted away as a torrent of water was released from Jess’ lovely butt. The hole was over an inch wide but it still took over a minute before the flow began to lessen, and soon after, coming to a stop except for a spurt of water every little bit. “Oh man, nothing feels quite as good as that,” gushed Jess. “Can you please stop taking your time and do me now, I’m bursting over here!” exclamed Sammie. Jess walked behind Sammie, water spurted from her ass while she walked as her movement freed more water. Jess reached between Sammie’s cheeks, which were a bit bigger than her own, and unlocked the hose. Sammie too then drained for the next few minutes. But then when Jess and Sammie tried moving they both gushed water. “Looks like were gonna need some help draining,” smirked Sammie as she reached into a close by cabinet and too out a dildo. It was only about an inch in diameter but over two feet long, all along the dildo were holes, and when connected to the shower’s built in suction it would suck the water right out of a butt, this was the modern version of a ‘drain snake’. Sammie hooked the drain snake up to a hose and gestured Jess to come closer and grab her toes. Jess did as instructed and Sammie started to feed the dildo into her ass through the hole in the disk. The first foot was easy enough as Jess had been sleeping all night with a 12” dildo already which was much bigger, but as the dildo got to 18 then 22 inched in it became harder and harder for the both of them. With a grunt from Sammie and Jess, the dildo’s base came into contact with the disk and became magnetically locked in place. Sammie turned on the suction and the outline of the dildo became more and more visible in the twists and turns of Jess intestines as the water drained. Soon Jess’ stomach was flat and smooth, except for the dildo of course. Sammie undid the drain snake and in one motion pulled it from Jess’ ass. Jess let out a cute yelp. While she was at it Sammie loosened the disk in Jess and tugged it free. Jess again let out a yelp. Before Sammie was Jess’ gaping distended anus. It was 4” wide and she could see almost a foot in before it ended at a curve. She blew some air into her ass and Jess giggled as it tickled her. “My turn” ____________________________ Sammie was looking through her toy drawers as her sister sat on her bed behind her with an annoyed look on her face. Sammie was looking for the plug she was going to be making Jess wear to school that day. Sammie had already picked out her own, a 16 inch long, 4.5 inch wide plug made from clear material. Now she was looking for something to torment her sister. She looked first in the punishment dildo section, where the dildos were large and covered in a sand paper like finish. Although they would rub Jess raw it just wasn’t what Sam was looking for. She got an idea and went to her lower drawer that was filled with some of her more unusual and ‘fun’ toys. She picked up one that was just the right size for her sister, 14 inches long and 4.3 inches wide, and turned around to show Jess. “Why can’t you just stick a punishment dildo in my ass like a normal sister, that thing is going to be annoying as hell,” grunted Jess. The dildo although very normal on the outside was a technological master piece. It was known as a Hammer Plug and contained a heavy weight inside, at times that it calculated to be least expected, or least wanted it would propel the weight which was housed inside an electromagnetic tube that acted like a solanoid. The weight would hit the end of the tube and hammer the dildo in one direction or another. This could be painful if was hammered further into an ass, or annoying when trying to stop it from escaping an ass. “You agreed to let me pick any plug I wanted, now turn around and bend over that bed,” ordered Sam. Jess complied and Sammie went behind her. She took a scoop of lube from nearby and casually stuck her fist into her sister’s ever gaping ass. She worked her fist and the lube into her sister’s colon before removing her fist and placing the head of the Hammer Plug at the entrance. She pressed the button on the bottom for 10 seconds and the dildo came to life. It took a second for it to detect its surroundings then the barely audible sound of the electromagnetic coils could be heard, the weight was accelerated and the dildo plunged a few inches into Jess. It quickly fired again and again each time hammering itself deeper until it reached the bottom. Jess who had been grunting with each ‘thrust’ caught her breath and pushed herself onto her feet. “Ok, I can do yours no-“ the dildo hammered down and pulled itself out of Jess’ ass 2 inches or so then immediately hammered itself back in. Jess let out a half scream half moan. “As I was saying, I can do yours now,” Jess looked flustered and annoyed, as she went to help Sammie with her plug, which was much more uneventful. Jess chose to wear a skirt and a blouse, but as today’s fashion was, her skirt was just long enough to cover her pussy. She wore panties that had been designed to rub at her clit when she moved, as was the standard for panties these days. Her blouse left her stomach bare, the outline of the dildovisible, even more so when it moved. Something about a moving shape in someone’s stomach that draws the eye. Sammie wore tight jeans and a cute pink top, but like Jess they were up to the modern fashion. Her blouse simply had built in nipple clamps that although covered her nipples (as to school code) kept them hard and easy to grab, pull, or twist. Her jeans were one of her favorite pairs, and although similar enough to old fashion models had a lovely addition. There was a hole in the jeans right over her anus. This hole was the same size as her plug and connected to it, when it did so the microscopic but powerful LEDS illuminated her special clear plug and gave a perfect and unobstructed view all the way into her ass as if there was no plug at all and just cavernous gape. The girls looked themselves and each other over one last time in the mirror then went to eat breakfast and get to school. To be continued...