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  1. Wow, Kendra Sinclaire has been up to a lot lately working out her ass. She now has arguably the prettiest asshole in my opinion https://www.manyvids.com/Profile/768875/Kendra-Sinclaire/
  2. widevision

    Girls gape easier than guys?

    Explained very well! I'm a little jealous (let's face it, a lot) of a girls anatomy
  3. This has been a theory of mine for a minute now, do girls have an easier time gaping (at least I feel like I see more complete female gapes rather than I do guys) because they don't have a prostate to get in the way? I can never seem to stay as "open" as some of these porn stars yet I stretch myself with bigger toys. My favorite position is the position that gapes you the most, doggy
  4. widevision


    http://nudespree.com/videos/268805/deimos-61-31-august-2017-01/ This the one?
  5. widevision

    Best Video Ever...

    Oh nice, I did not know that. Don't normally care for pussy play but this girl is great
  6. Who doesn't love teens? https://xhamster.com/videos/prolapse-teen-9374073
  7. I have been noticing something and wondered if anyone has had a similar experience to back it up. I notice that cam girls that use inflatable dildos and inflatable butt plugs a lot seem to be able to prolapse pretty easily; I say that because I can't imagine they practice prolapsing. It makes sense to me: if you stretch out your colon via repeated inflating it, your colon will have to go somewhere when you push out. Does anyone have experience with inflating things in their ass?
  8. Wow, #1 she's got a sexy body, #2 she can fist her ass! = perfect https://www.nuvid.com/video/3885189/anal-fisting-big-gape
  9. widevision

    Hard or soft cock when streching

    When I stretch myself I am always soft, but I get so hard while my GF does it
  10. widevision

    Jake Orion Looking For You

    You do know why they got shut down... Unless you want that to potentially happen here
  11. widevision


    Works find for me whenI go to sicflics.com: I'm not a member
  12. I saw this yesterday, I've never seen her before, good skills though. there has to be more somewhere
  13. widevision


    I can attest that clean ass mucus tastes intestinally good