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  1. pirs45

    Asian gay constellation

    ネコ顔ノンケが密室での寝バックで悶絶しまくりノックアウト!? 密室で繰り広げられる男の子の痴態に迫る人気シリーズ第16弾!爽やか系男子が快感で絶頂を迎えるまでを様々な角度からfocusする最新作から、先行配信最初にお届けするのは、『i love pet 2』のネコ顔ノンケが密室で丸裸にされちゃう激エロfocus編!リードの上手な年上リーマンの巧みな攻めで、前戯はノンケとは思えないほどうっとりとした表情を見せるネコ顔くん^^しかしアナルを攻め始めると途端に悶絶を始めてしまい.でもここまできたらもう止まらない!!密室の空間でのリラックスした雰囲気も後押しし、いよいよリーマンのチンコがネコ顔ノンケくんのキツキツアナルにin♂特にバックと寝バックでは何とも言えぬ喘ぎようで、ネコ顔ノンケのアヘ声だけが部屋に轟く激エロタイム.。最後の射精シーンまで、快感の時間を様々な角度からお楽しみください Format: mp4 Duration: 25:35 Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 4880kbps Audio: 124kbps File size: 939.0 MB Download ネコ顔ノンケが密室での寝バックで悶絶しまくりノックアウト!?
  2. pirs45

    Asian gay constellation

    スベ肌ジャニ系少年のアナル、hinataの巨根でガバガバヌッポリ♂ 主観アングルを多用した"depth"が始動♂今どきの男の子たちの穴の中を、ヒダが丸見えになるまで巨根でしっかり掘り込んでみたい!先行配信ラストは、すっかり人気モデルの1人となった超スリムなスベ肌ジャニ系少年の登場です!回を重ねるたびにエロさが増すジャニ系少年の今回のお相手はエロの横綱hinata。hinata自慢の巨根でジャニ系少年のアナルはどこまで拡張されてしまうのか!?時間の経過とともに名器のアナルは「プスプス」となんとも卑猥な音を立てながら広がっていき、その内部がしっかり確認できる頃にはジャニ系少年のかわうぃい瞳もウルウル全開!hinataの巨根でガバガバヌッポリとなってしまうジャニ系少年のアナル、とくとご注目下さいませっ!※「depth〜生撮り〜」より配信【get-film】 Format: mp4 Duration: 25:00 Video: 704x400, AVC (H.264), 3174kbps Audio: 108kbps File size: 602.0 MB Download スベ肌ジャニ系少年のアナル、hinataの巨根でガバガバヌッポリ♂
  3. Curiosity of Bondage Leads to hot TS clerk fucking your brains out Studio: TsPussyHunters.com Cast: Kelly Klaymour,Milcah Halili Video language: English Hot Young Asian Babe, Milcah Halili is curious about bondage and she is shopping for some gear. She enter's Kelly's Kink shop and gets more than she bargained for. She goes into the back room where she is handcuffed and fucked hard with the Huge TS cock. She willingly submits to the beautiful TS kinkster. Format: flv Duration: 1:21 Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 1749kbps Audio: 122kbps File size: 18.5 MB Download Curiosity of Bondage Leads to hot TS clerk fucking your brains out
  4. GayWarGames - Right and Justice Parts 3 Studio: GayWarGames Cast: Bruce Ford, Dee and Tomas Friedel Genres: Tattoos, Cumshots, Fingering, Fetish, Bareback, Threesome, Muscles, Hardcore, Bdsm, Bondage, Military After a heavy and hard beating, once an aggressive soldier is now calm and obedient. Sucking cocks of high ranking officers whose mission was to teach him a you-gonna-be-fucked lesson. Let's seer how is he gonna handle those massive Tchukistanian dicks. Format: mp4 Duration: 16:06 Video: 640x360, AVC (H.264), 1156kbps Audio: 107kbps File size: 149.7 MB Download GayWarGames - Right and Justice Parts 3
  5. Dale Cooper Release Year: 2012 Studio: RandyBlue Genres: Ass Play, Big Dick, Masturbation, Muscles, Solo, Tattoos. Dale Cooper shows up at your doorstep showing off a stunning chiseled body, hard throbbing cock and beautiful hairy ass. You see him looking up at you from your phone. The mobile hookup site is the perfect place to order in when you are just not in the mood to cruise and you are now looking at your main course. A few texts later and there he is at your door, the incredibly handsome Dale Cooper. His handsome scruffy face looks even hotter than his photo and when he smiles you are as much his as he is yours. You do not even need to say a word, he knows exactly why he is there. Stripping seductively down to a jock strap, he knows you are eyeing him up like a piece of beef and he wants to give you the show of your life. He teases his finger around his hot hairy hole and just when you think he will pull away he plunges it deep inside, wishing aloud that it was your dick instead. He works his finger in and out and his cock be hard as a rock. When he shows you his entire body, from the athletic musculature of his chest to the chiseled strength of his legs you want so hard to take in the full picture but you cannot. The monster cock now standing at full mast is taking all of your attention. Framed by a delicious patch of thick dark pubic hair and a pair of low hanging balls, his cock would easily take two hands to wrestle into submission. Finally, once his show is nearingpletion he lay you down on the floor and showers you with his hot creamy spunk. Leaving you exhausted and spent just from watching him. You know he will be back for more. A lot more. Format: mp4 Duration: 18:53 Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 3430kbps Audio: 91kbps File size: 487.5 MB Download Dale Cooper
  6. pirs45

    Sexy Boys - New Gay Club

    NakedPapis Mono & Lazaro Release Year: 2016 Video language: English NakedPapis presernt hot video scene update with sexi latinos Mono & Lazaro Format: mp4 Duration: 16:44 Video: 768x432, AVC (H.264), 2930kbps Audio: 153kbps File size: 378.5 MB Download NakedPapis Mono & Lazaro
  7. pirs45

    Sexy Boys - New Gay Club

    Gay Boyfriends Eat Ice-Cream And Spunk Studio: Boys On Date Gay lads on their first date. Even a cold dessert cannot cool their ardor. On eating ice-cream the boyfriends get hungry for more, so they gobble up boy meat and have their first fuck for juicy loads of spunk Format: mp4 Duration: 31:15 Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 3922kbps Audio: 187kbps File size: 941.7 MB Download Gay Boyfriends Eat Ice-Cream And Spunk
  8. pirs45

    Asian gay constellation

    Tune Up Special Release Year: 2005 Studio: Island Caprice Studios Cast: Anutin, Panya, Chadin, Newin, Pheng Genres: Asian, Twinks, Oral/Anal Sex, Rimming, Blowjob, Handjob, Masturbation, Cumshot そして人気モデル和真が久々の登場! 見事な6パックの腹筋をくねらせながら仮性チンポへの刺激に悶絶! Format: avi Duration: 1:29:34 Video: 656x480, DivX 5, 1395kbps Audio: 31kbps File size: 1.0 GB Download Tune Up Special
  9. pirs45

    Sexy Boys - New Gay Club

    David and Rave - David Gobbles Rave's Schlong Release Year: 2018 Studio: CumPigMen Rave Hardick barely made it past the door before David Ace had his shorts down and was slurping down his massive 9" pole. Not the Rave had any objections, he grabbed David by the scruff of the neck and fucked his cock deep into the slim stud's throat. Rave managed to peel David's mouth away from the delectable dick long enough to turn around and rim his tight little hole, but that was only a momentary diversion for the avid cocksucker. David's a major talent at sucking dick, managed to deep throat till his lips were brushing Rave's curly pubes. Things turned serious, David assisting with a jacking hand and Rave pulling him onto the cock with a steady hand around his head. A giant load was bubbling up and David was there to swallow every drop. When it came, even hungry cumeater David couldn't get it all down in one try, with rivulets of sperm dripping out the sides of his mouth. But a cleanup tongue and cummy kiss later and David's face was sparkling clean and all that tasty protein was sliding down his gullet! Format: mp4 Duration: 11:22 Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 3356kbps Audio: 188kbps File size: 295.4 MB Download David and Rave - David Gobbles Rave's Schlong
  10. Sean Release Year: 2008 Studio: BlakeMason Cast: Sean Genres: Solo Video language: English Interview with the main character - His name is Sean - He is from Finland - He lived for a long time in the capital, in a city called Helsinki - he love singing with a guitar - He plays well on guitar - His favorite posture from the Kama Sutra "No. 66 lying lotus" Format: mp4 Duration: 17:44 Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 3035kbps Audio: 123kbps File size: 410.7 MB Download Sean
  11. pirs45

    Sexy Boys - New Gay Club

    Dudes In Public vol 12: Understall (Morgan Blake, Jeremy) Genres: Anal Sex, Blowjob, Cumshots, Hairy, Masturbation, Muscles, POV, Tattoos, Uncut. Video language: English We love bathrooms. Any place with that much exposed junk is bound to be a good spot for some hot action. And man was that ever true for these two muscle hunks who turned a public bathroom into their private playroom. You do not want to miss the rapid-fire cumming when they get caught in the act! Format: mp4 Duration: 16:02 Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 5813kbps Audio: 124kbps File size: 697.7 MB Download Dudes In Public vol 12: Understall (Morgan Blake, Jeremy)
  12. Bound Blonde Babe Release Year: 2016 Genres: Bondage, Humiliation, Roped Video language: English Angel Diamonds - Bound Blonde Babe Gets Machine-Fucked In The Basement Format: mp4 Duration: 7:55 Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 4830kbps Audio: 122kbps File size: 287.8 MB Download Bound Blonde Babe
  13. pirs45

    Sexy Boys - New Gay Club

    Rene Fuentes and Alberto Martin Release Year: 2014 Studio: Fuckermate Cast: Rene Fuentes and Alberto Martin Genres: Anal, Blowjob, Cum shots, Interracial, Oral Released May 1 2014 Fuckermate strives to find the newest, hottest and horniest guys for you. Alberto Martin is our latest gift to Fuckermate followers. This horny mate from Madrid is smooth, athletic and 100 % bottom, this sexy Spanish guy is the perfect match for our hot, hung and horny Latino mate Rene. The chemistry between Rene, our hot black top and our shy, cock hungry bottom is exactly what Fuckermate is all about. The connection between these two mates is unmissable. Alberto ispletely obedient and his ass gets the reward. Every inch of Rene's rock hard cock gets deep inside Alberto and the finale is an super shower of cum for the willingly passive Alberto. Format: mp4 Duration: 32:22 Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 2232kbps Audio: 184kbps File size: 574.5 MB Download Rene Fuentes and Alberto Martin
  14. pirs45

    Sexy Boys - New Gay Club

    BrokeStraightBoys - Damien Pushes His Shaft Into Jos Damien Nichols and Jos Alvarez share their thoughts on what it takes to be a successful and relevant BrokeStraightBoys .and then they go one step further and show us! They lie back on the bed and make out as their clothes come off and Jos wraps his lips around Damien's cock, sucking that sweet dick while Damien pulls Jos's prick out and slowly rubs it with his hand. They 69, each dude with a fat dick in his mouth as they get each other hard, spreading each other's ass apart and fingering that tight hole as Damien prepares Jos's ass for a hard fuck. Damien pulls his finger out and pushes his cock into Jos instead, pumping him full of his bareback dick as he makes Jos moan and beg for more of that long shaft. Damien fucks him form behind next, lying next to him on the bed and taking him hard and deep as Jos touches himself and then turns onto his back to take Damien's dick that way. As Damien pushes every inch of his raw dick into Jos, that tight hole makes Damien nut all over and Jos cums hard next, getting a taste of their jizz as he gets a few more kisses from Damien before going to get cleaned up. Format: mov (QuickTime) Duration: 19:56 Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 2429kbps Audio: 153kbps File size: 378.3 MB Download BrokeStraightBoys - Damien Pushes His Shaft Into Jos
  15. BF - Bobby Part 7 Release Year: 2016 Genres: Gay BDSM, Bondage, Fetish, Oral/Anal Sex, Cumshots, Tattoos, Spanking, Dildo, Rimming, Facial, Muscle, CumEating Straight young athletes are seized, stripped naked, bound, tormented, degraded and fucked.and it's all captured on video. Watch handsome confident hetero jocks totally ruined, their straight untouched holes stretched open, penetrated and defiled. Their muscular chests, backs, stomachs and buttocks flogged red raw, they are made to deep throat their assailants' cocks. Hot cum hits the back of their disgusted throats and they are made to swallow it all down by their new masters. The torment is fiendish. It's high time these straights were taken and used greedily for our own pleasure don't you think? Format: Windows Media Duration: 16:04 Video: 960x540, Windows Media Video 9, 2261kbps Audio: 93kbps File size: 276.7 MB Download BF - Bobby Part 7