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  1. Any Regrets About Stretching

    I used to get some constipation, too. Not a problem any more. As for regrets, just that it's not bigger and looser yet with a big prolapse to play with.
  2. Half way?

    Too late for me, I formed some fat purple lips from pushing too hard to relax my hole for a bigger stretch. Actually I have grown to like them a lot, would not change a thing, except to get bigger and looser.
  3. Half way?

    As far as enlarging your lips, too late.
  4. I know one thing, she's got the pussy and ass-cunt of a 40 year old fisting queen, that is some extreme penetration sex dedication.
  5. Advice with an issue

    It could also be an infection. All it takes is to get a little bit of crap in a sore. That's why I wash out completely so I don't have to crap for a day or so. I also take probiotics to put everything back the way it needs to be or I feel like I have a flu or food poisoning.
  6. what is going on

    If it's like you ate something bad or like the flu, I've had that. If you do a complete washout from end to end like I do to stretch-fuck myself or for a day of fisting you must replace what you washed out. Take probiotics the day before and at least a week after. Or, if it's on the lower left side you may have torn a ligament the holds up your fuck tunnel, which could be a good thing if you want a prolapse. And who here does not want that?
  7. Problem with non-play blood?

    Sometimes it happens to me after a good stretch-fuck, sometimes weeks later. Depending on the damage and where it is, I found resisting pushing while using my ass-cunt for its, to me, secondary purpose, helps. Also a quick washout afterwords without penetration seems to help, too.
  8. Fear about sphincter damage

    Only 20 years old and you already have a 71mm ass-cunt? That is some dedication. Unless you are concealing your real age, which is fine. Now, if you tor something there would be no question. Best case is you would be drowsy from blood loss by the time you got it stopped, or more likely in the hospital. Just don't go past the point where it hurts like I did. By the way, you are so lucky that you have a nice pussy to stretch-fuck, too. I am so jealous.
  9. Female fist man

    Ah yes, the couple that stretches together, orgasms together.
  10. tried to prolapse for years but never succeed

    You can also get it started by pushing hard while you stretch. But you develop fat ass lips too, so if you don't want that, and who doesn't, don't do it.
  11. Ass Lips???

    I developed them from pushing hard during a new penetration because it seems to help relax my ass-cunt for it and makes discomfort more bearable. Also on the plus side I got a prolapse started out of it. I found out after the damage (improvements?) were done not to push during penetration. Oh well, I like my lips and prolapse anyway.
  12. What do they do, cut the ligaments holding it in? It would only be a laparoscopic procedure.
  13. Strange, they don't work any more.
  14. Mucus

    If you really want to try it wash out real good. Me and my wife are not into scat at all so the entire length of my fuck tunnel gets cleaned out until it's completely clear. If after some good stretching it stays that way it seems to remain so for a few hours, as long as you ate very lite before hand. Your ass-cunt will go into overtime making more mucus to replace what was washed out during penetration. I just stick my fingers in and smear it all over my ass lips before stretching for a "pre lube". After that things take care of themselves, so to say. Very important if you clean out to that extent. Before and after your done having fun with your ass-cunt you should take a few doses of probiotics. If you don't you will feel like you caught some kind of flu until your fuck tunnel gets back to its secondary function.
  15. Lily's anal dilation

    Just a thought, but I prefer later extreme sex content because things open up, hang down and stick out bigger, looser and sloppier.