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  1. Would not consider her ruined, except in the erotic sense. She just stretch fucked her hole to where it's supposed to be. In my opinion, if you can get both hands in there and are not able to clap, it's too tight.
  2. Might have gotten burned. Or, he's into a lot of pain, the kind that leaves scars.
  3. It looks completely routed out. So loose she could not pleasure a mule, the way all pussies are supposed to be. Probably why she takes it in her ass-cunt, now.
  4. Well, that is one way to close up your freshly stretch-fucked ass-cunt right away.
  5. Looks like you are of the belief that a little blood never hurt anybody either.
  6. No, if it did my wife would have never married me.
  7. Both me and my wife will agree. Better than anything that comes in a bottle and smells better, too. Wish I made as much cum as I do mucus. As for the blood, to me it's just part of aggressive stretch fucking.
  8. Just know that if you are not into scat an ass-cunt that can not ever close again is kind of high maintenance. It's not like a pussy, but i wish it was. It would be so big by now I could park a bar stool in it.
  9. Just for something different, not for all day, obviously. Use some soft cotton rope around your nuts, over the plug and up to your waste to hold it it. With or without her help have an orgasm and bend over just as it starts to stretch your nuts and pull the plug deeper. One of my favorite ways to orgasm. Like this:
  10. Consider this, if a baby can come out, anything smaller can go in. It will take far less training than an ass-cunt does to take a fist. She has to learn to relax her hole as well as as just stretching it. Their first reflex is to keep things out, once she overcomes that it should be easy and painless.
  11. I always used what was on hand, tapered shampoo bottles, No More Tears, work very well. After your hole has been stretched and can handle more abuse yellow squash works good. Small end to warm up with and a fat end to "do the damage". The texture is very nice, too. No huge bumps but just irregular enough to get you horny while you stretch. It will also toughen your hole for more exotic penetrations. You could also just go straight to squash, just put a rubber (condom) over it until you're hole stretches and acclimates to it's new primary purpose. I started because I was amazed at the pleasure women get from vaginal stretching, and, I'd let my nuts recover, just a little, from abuse and switch to my ass-cunt while they "rested". So, here I am, with a sloppy-loose ass-cunt, tiny sterile balls and a cock that won't get hard without help, just the way I like it.
  12. Was it very satisfying? Flaccid orgasms are my favorite way to cum. No hard cock to distract me and I can concentrate on my orgasm. It doesn't happen every time I stretch fuck, mostly during fisting or when my wife sucks me, witch is mostly during fisting.
  13. Like I said in other threads, yellow squash is the best to me. It has that small end to warm up with and the fat end to do the damage. And the texture is great, too. Not too much to make your hole a bloody ruined mess, just a ruined mess that feels good to make. And they come in sizes for beginners all the way to over 2 1/2 inches, perfect for getting ready to be fisted by a smaller hand, like a womans.
  14. You are so lucky, the best I can do is four fingers, maybe someday my thumb, too. If I want a fist in my ass-cunt it has to be my wife and sometimes her sister.
  15. Don't know, rather see them destroy their pussies and ass-cunts.