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  1. Strange, they don't work any more.
  2. Mucus

    If you really want to try it wash out real good. Me and my wife are not into scat at all so the entire length of my fuck tunnel gets cleaned out until it's completely clear. If after some good stretching it stays that way it seems to remain so for a few hours, as long as you ate very lite before hand. Your ass-cunt will go into overtime making more mucus to replace what was washed out during penetration. I just stick my fingers in and smear it all over my ass lips before stretching for a "pre lube". After that things take care of themselves, so to say. Very important if you clean out to that extent. Before and after your done having fun with your ass-cunt you should take a few doses of probiotics. If you don't you will feel like you caught some kind of flu until your fuck tunnel gets back to its secondary function.
  3. Lily's anal dilation

    Just a thought, but I prefer later extreme sex content because things open up, hang down and stick out bigger, looser and sloppier.
  4. Titanmen Ass Master PLUG 4.5 inch

    Thanks, I'm just a little skeptical about the "Proudly made in..." quip on certain products. I consider it an insult to the hard working people that produce things of much more importance. My opinion, that's all. Ending further "off topic" comments from me, now.
  5. Titanmen Ass Master PLUG 4.5 inch

    Yeah, sure, I'm convinced.
  6. Titanmen Ass Master PLUG 4.5 inch

    I noticed it says in the description "Proudly made in...". Someone is "proud" to make huge anal toys? Whatever.
  7. Rosebutt tips !?

    Pushing hard helps relax it and alleviate pain to help get to the next size. In my experience it also helps develop full purple lips.
  8. are poppers safe?

    For me, I like feeling it while I'm being stretched. Most I do is a non-nsaid, so my blood doesn't thin in case I tare something or while play-piercing my cock and nuts, to handle just a little more pain.
  9. Newbie

    Sent you a reply in messages if you did not see it. I tried to figure out how here but I just could not "connect the dots" as it were, so I just cut and paste in the URLs of pictures I already published, but just the pictures, not the whole page they are on.
  10. Enema tips

    Enema? No, except a couple to clean out larger "debris" unless I'm going for a quick "maintenance stretch-fuck". Then I run a vinyl hose with a hallow ball on the end deep inside until it stops at the other end. Run warm water in and eventually it runs out my ass-cunt until it's clear. Won't get pushed the wrong direction unless you flow too much before it can begin draining out of your ass-cunt and even then, it's been washed in that direction, anyway. Good for hours after that. A few times I could even resume clean stretch fucking in the morning. You better take probiotics a few days at least or you will feel like you ate something real bad until your fuck tunnel returns to it's secondary function. I know, had so much fun I forgot one time.
  11. Used gaping woman

    Yeah, they have all sure been ruined. Probably a lot happier for it. Huge pussy means huge orgasms.
  12. Prolapse Growth

    Oh, yes. The engorged lips are half the fun. They make it look even more destroyed and I love how the feel either when I finger bang myself or stand up and they stay huge and stick out between my ass cheeks..
  13. Prolapse Growth

    You just may be a lucky one. To need to push it back in after only stretch-fucking it is most fortunate.
  14. Buttplugs and prolapse

    No, and it's become a turn-on for me, too. I use my extra mucus for sex lube when I hand-job myself, a few times there was more than a little blood in it, only gets me horny faster.
  15. Would not consider her ruined, except in the erotic sense. She just stretch fucked her hole to where it's supposed to be. In my opinion, if you can get both hands in there and are not able to clap, it's too tight.