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  1. Having a hard time finding them, imagefap probably took them down from too much blood like they had me do for my "Erotic Anal and Sex Organ Damage" pictures. Anyone with a week stomach, don't look. http://www.eroprofile.com/m/photos/album/Very-Hard-Core These should get the idea across, they were in the same gallery but are very mild. I think it's same girl, at least her pussy and ass-cunt looks the same. Instead of a guy it was also two women doing these things. http://www.eroprofile.com/m/photos/view/No_lips-_Master_Mark1 http://www.eroprofile.com/m/photos/view/No_lips-_Master_Mark Good thing I'm not a woman, it would probably be me doing this also.
  2. Cancer takes a longer time to show up, it's probably a bruise of some kind. As for me, blood is just part of stretching my hole out. Sometimes it's a little or none and others it's a lot. Probably one of the reasons is the only lube I use is anal mucus or some cum I saved up to start until the mucus flows. You'll find the more brutal you get with your hole the tougher it gets. I used to be gentle with mine, then I saw others fuck themselves with toilet or hair brushes, and not the handle. I also saw videos and pictures of women that ran huge needles through their ass-cunt into their pussies and out and through their clits and orgasmed. Now that's brutal. So what ever I do to my hole is soft core, blood or not.
  3. If it's damage it's minor compared to what has been done to some, including me. You may feel differently, but I wouldn't worry about it, "If there's no blood mixed in mucus, I'm not stretching enough". Won't go into details here but the pictures on eroprofile.com of me can be pretty nasty for anal damage.
  4. They're a great addition, feel great to play with, or have them played with. I try to engorge them as much as possible so they get bigger and firmer. During a good push they feel like they'd split open which only gets me even more horny.
  5. Depending on my mood, looking at others or my own content or even just reading and posting. It all gets me off, except if my wife is here, then it's just us.
  6. Inside to pull out your fuck tunnel, and outside to make your ass lips bigger. But it seems to me that after you get enough of yourself outside where it belongs the larger one will do well to increase your prolapse and lip size. BTW, every time I read through this thread I get fucking horny, thanks a lot, really, thank you.
  7. That could be great, too. It would make nice lips eventually and if you already have a nice set of fat purple lips from too much pushing it would make them huge and then floppy and loose when they aren't engorged. I feel a little cum approaching my limp cocks head thinking about it.
  8. Truthfully, I haven't pumped my ass-cunt, yet, but am considering it. From what I've seen it's what you can or are willing to endure. For example I saw Amazing Ty pump hers so long and hard it actually pulled blood through the tissues. She didn't seem to think anything about it and just emptied the mucus and blood out. Probably feels the same way about her ass-cunt like I do about mine, ruin it, torture it, stretch-fuck it and orgasm. From what I've encountered, it's amazingly resilient, more so than most seem to think.
  9. Well hung sloppy-loose ass-cunts and pussies are the best. Drooping tits are great, too. One last thing, don't be shy, show all the nasty things you do to your ass-cunt and other sex organs. I love showing all the damage done to mine, with descriptions. http://www.imagefap.com/profile/TinyNutsTim http://www.eroprofile.com/tinynutstim
  10. No one pays any attention to them anyway, just start buck naked, bend over, ram something huge in and/or shove out a huge wet prolapse and play with it, preferably both holes. I'm just the "Get down to business type", too. Impatience, that's how I got fucked up and also how I lost more than my share of blood through it.
  11. For just starting out probably be fine, but Donna could fill that thing up completely with her guts.
  12. Her beautiful big holes are completely ruined for all but the biggest cocks, but it's okay because her mouth is perfect for it and cum won't go to waste there.
  13. Is there any other kind? As we all know, "The bigger, the better".
  14. Anyone would be great arm deep in jo making belly bulges. I'd never take it out, just go on with her on my arm for ever.
  15. I don't know, another 6 inches or a foot would be just about right. That's already a foot of intestine hanging out. The other 2 feet might as well, too. Of course, he'd need a lot longer suction tube to pull it out with. Don't forget, women can push out amazing prolapses, too, from both holes.