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  1. Would not mind having that inside me.
  2. Know what you mean, grown kind of fond of mine, too.
  3. A lot looser, too, I hope.
  4. That's why I use yellow squash. Just pick the size I want or pick up a few. The texture feels great while it goes in, too. And they are cheap. Just a thought.
  5. Ass lips are always a nice addition to a ruined ass-cunt.
  6. I'll send a PM...
  7. Just a thought, they also have the legal power to put you on a 72 hour psych hold, so don't scare him too much. Might still be worth it, though.
  8. Vacuum that fuck tunnel out.
  9. I don't know if you can even damage your ass-cunt. From all I've seen and experienced I think it's almost as tough as a pussy, that's meant to stretch to huge proportions. After all, DGG has had three hands up hers many times. So I would not worry about it, more concerned about ripping a hole in it.
  10. Just for fun, say "Here, I'll make it easier for you" and push out a huge prolapse. Damn, that would be fucked up.
  11. As you should. I get horny and eventually orgasm while stretch-fucking myself more often than fucking my wife somewhere in her body or myself. So, as far as I'm concerned my ass-cunt is my primary sex organ now. My cock is just a convenient place for cum to exit during orgasm.
  12. Might have loosed/ruined some of the ligaments holding your fuck tunnel in, hope so.
  13. I found them, hope you have a strong stomach, because of the things I've done or allowed to be done to me the only get me horny. Even my wifes freak sister said "no the fuck way". And she's done some weird stuff.
  14. Don't forget your pussy. The bigger, deeper and looser my wife got the better her orgasms got. Because of that if I was a woman I'd be so big I could not sit on a bar stool.
  15. Might need someone to pull it out, damn that's hot, sharing your destroyed ass-cunt with a lover is amazing.