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  1. kgnot

    Anal Party

    I don't know. But I could writhe a continuation since it is quet inspiring, but I have got a couple of balls in the air at the moment. If there is a surge of interest of course I will do my best.
  2. kgnot

    Anal Party

    “I mean - ohhh - this definitely wasn’t part of the dare.” “Are you complaining?”“No keep going.”Liv could tell that Katie was doing her best to focus as she began to stretch Chalise’s butthole in preparation. Meg was definitely making that difficult as she stuck a third, and then a fourth finger in Katie’s ass. Liv had her entire hand up hers and was inching her other hand towards it - the obscene stretching sensation driving her to new heights of arousal. Something tapped Liv’s shoulder and she jumped. It was Anna, who nodded at where her hands were and grinned. “Want any help with that?” Liv felt heat shoot through her cheeks. This wasn't a dare, but… “sure.”“Face down ass up then girl.” Anna slapped her left butcheek and her grin turned slightly sadistic. “You’re never gonna be able to use that ass again after this.”Liv complied, and as she put her face on the carpet she caught a glimpse of what was happening with the other three. Meg had her entire fist up Katie’s ass, pistoning in and out all the way to her elbow. Similarly, Chalises butt was gaping and Liv caught a glimpse of a pair of blue panties - hey, those were hers! - deep inside the girl before Katie began to force her own t-shirt inside of her ridiculously lubed up ass. She felt a tremor as her the ass hooks were removed and Anna ran a finger all the way around her now permanently loose ass. “Honestly.” she said, leaning down to Liv’s ear. “I don’t think I even need to do this to your ass to ruin it, but you know what?” her voice dropped to a whisper “I’m going to do it anyway.”Liv shivered. Oh god that turned her on even more. Suddenly she felt something large begin to enter her anal cavern, and actually stretching it. She didn’t quite guess what it was until it reached the stitching and - is that a fucking plastic football?It reached the midpoint and suddenly Anna shoved it all the way inside of her and Liv screamed. “Feel good huh?” Anna said. “Get up and squat, slut.”Liv obeyed her and as she moved up onto her toes she felt the massive invader shift inside of her. “Now squeeze it out.”Liv felt around her ass and could feel the point of the ball and her anal lips hanging loose around it. They didn’t even twitch when she tried to move them. Ah well. She pushed, but the ball didn’t move, so she continued to push to Anna’s loud encouragement and repeated ass slaps - hadn’t she been so quiet at the start? It was always the quiet ones.With a huff Liv realised that statement also applied to her. It gradually moved towards the halfway point, and after almost a minute of constant, exhausting pushing it suddenly shot out of her ass and bounced off the floor towards her tormenter and she almost fell over before Anna caught her. “Oh no no no little slut, it’s not over for you yet.”Liv felt something gradually move back into her ass and she groaned. The ball was being shoved back in.It moved into her far quicker this time, sliding right in and moving back into its old position. She knew what Anna wanted and with a squeak she pushed it right back out, taking about 10 seconds to do so - only to have it forced right back in. And pushed out. And in. And out. And in. And out.Eventually she didn’t have to force it at all. Anna was just sliding this gigantic object - this football in and out of her cavernous ass with ease. She didn’t even have to try. If Liv stood up or just left it there it would just slide right out. As the football moved in and out of her, Liv collected herself enough to watch what the other three girls were doing. At the point Chalise’s anal cavity had finished being stuffed and her anus hung loosely open, allowing a good look at the mass of clothes inside her bulging belly. Chalise herself was kneeling behind Meg and right in front of Liv as she fisted Meg’s ass beyond repair - probably as some form of revenge. Meg herself had somehow managed to fit a massive black joke dildo - about 5 inches in width inside of Katie and was pummeling her into the floor as she screamed in pleasure - or pain. Liv couldn’t tell. The football was suddenly rammed inside of her and Liv overbalanced, face hitting the carpet. She lay there, delirious as Anna finally abandoned her open and dripping asshole and stuck a couple of fingers inside of her tight pussy. Time passed as Liv flowed in and out of consciousness and Anna progressed in fingers until she was fisting Liv’s pussy.“You alright girl?”Liv looked up to see Chalise squatting in front of her, part of a t shirt dangling out of her open ass. Meg and Katie were standing on either side of their friend, watching Liv.“Uhuh…”“Yeah, you sound done. It’s Anna’s turn.”Liv felt the fingers in her pussy freeze and Anna speak up. “Wait, no this wasn’t a dare.”Chalise shrugged. “Tough shit girl. We decided since none of the rest of us have working asses any more, why should you?”The fingers left Liv as she tried to move away but she saw Katie and Meg move past her and from the sound of it, grab Anna’s arms and wrestle her to the floor. Chalise helped Liv up and turned her to see Anna face down ass up on the carpet as Liv had just been.She took a step towards her and the ball fell out, leaving her ass oddly empty. She jumped as she felt fingers slide up and wriggle inside of her loose anus, and looked at Chalise’s grinning face.“Don’t worry, I’ll find something for you to fit up there. You just worry about destroying that pretty ass."Liv smiled back and knelt down behind Anna as the girl wriggled and squealed. It was time for her revenge.Liv yanked down her pants, trapping her legs together. Her anus was just visible but Liv drew apart her buttcheeks and admired it for how it was for the last time. It was a cute, tight, virgin pucker, belonging to a very pretty white girl. Not for much longer. Liv reached for the lube and stiffened as something massive slid up her ass. It felt like the dildo Meg was ramming Katie with earlier. 5 inches wide, and a foot long, Liv slid down and sat on the thing with ease. Perhaps too easily. Ah well.Lubing up a finger she pushed, and managed to slip it inside Anna’s clenched anus. Drawing it in and out and wiggling it a few times to loosen her up she then slid in another finger to the sound of the girl’s squeaks.Taking her time she pistoned them in and out for a couple of minutes before adding a third finger, and after a couple more a fourth. She could feel Anna’s ass becoming more and more non - responsive and rubbery as her sphincter gradually gave up the fight.Remembering what Chalise did to her earlier, at a point when only the tips of her fingers were inside Anna she tucked her thumb in and thrust her entire fist into the poor girl’s ass as she screamed. Taking it slow, she gradually sped up her fisting and as Anna lost control and squirted all over Liv’s front she sped up further until she was ramming her entire forearm in and out of Anna’s ass. As her sphincter began to feel flappy she suddenly withdrew her hand, clasped them together in a position reminiscent of prayer and thrust them both into Anna at the same time. She screamed again.Liv didn’t let up. She wanted her revenge. A minute later she felt Chalise lean over her shoulder and waiting for the opportunity she stuck her own darker skinned hand up Anna’s once virgin ass. Eventually, she added her other. Anna now had four hands inside of her thrusting in and out and stretching her ass beyond recognition. She came again and again and they continued to ravage her ass, but eventually Liv slowed before gradually sliding her hands out of Anna’s ass, and Chalise followed. Anna’s gaping ass faced her. It was… amazing. An anal cavern, probably similar to what Liv’s asian ass looked like right now, it hung loosely open almost 5 inches across and trembled occasionally as Anna tried to close it and moaned. Her ass truly was busted. Destroyed. She could sit on something and accidentally have it go up her ass. She could fit somebody’s head up there. If some significant other in the future tried to slap her buttcheek and missed their hand would probably accidently slip up her ass - that’s how loose it was. It was horrendous.It was beautiful. Just as a finishing touch Liv reached for the football and slid it into Anna without a hint of resistance. It sat there easily inside of her open ass. Much like in Liv’s, it would slide out easily if she stood.She looked around. The two holding Anna’s arms had let go, Katie was running her fingers around the rim of Meg’s ridiculously gaped ass again, her own loosely open ass facing Liv. Chalise was squatting behind her, and she must be rather lonely so… Without a word of warning Liv turned and pushed her over, the massive dildo rotating inside of her as she shuffled around. Before the girl could react she quickly thrust both hands inside of her, feeling the mass of clothes inside of her anal cavity and pushing it further inside as she fisted what was left of the happily squealing black girl’s ass into oblivion. None of their asses would ever work again.But it was worth it.Oh god. Class was not going to be fun.
  3. kgnot

    Anal Party

    I meant to share this masterpeace with you guys for a while and finally got around Chapter 1 - The Party by cutitnz Liv stood by her friends and sipped her drink. She was a skinny asian teen and she didn’t regret being invited to the girls only party, but she probably could have been doing something more productive right now. As it was, she was here so she should probably socialize. “Hey guys! Party games!” Oh that’d do it. Liz shrugged and wandered over to join the circle. “So.” A friend of a friend, Meg, rubbed her hands together and to the sounds of fake groans she said: “shall we play truth or dare - the adult version?” The rest of the circle groaned, but most agreed. The game was a staple of uni life, and everybody liked to play it at some point. A black girl called Chalise spoke up. “Since you suggested it Meg, truth or dare? “Dare.” “I dare you to kiss Anna.” Meg smirked, and getting up onto her knees she crawled across the circle to plant a kiss on Anna’s forehead who despite her expression of disgust, was blushing the entire time. “Aww.” Chalise pouted. “Not the lips?” “You didn’t tell me where to kiss.” Meg said, and waggled her eyebrows at Anna who blushed even harder. “My turn. Liv, truth or dare?” Liv panicked for a second before replying. “Dare!” “I dare youuuuuu…” Meg paused as if considering, though she had likely already decided. “To strip!” A heat shot through Liv’s body as the circle of girls oooh’d. She flicked off her shoes and socks and blushing so hard her face turned a deep red she took off her shirt and unclasped her bra. A couple of chuckles rang out. She had small classic young asian tits, A cups. The only part of her decently round was her butt, which as she slid her shorts and pants down off it, drew a couple of appreciative hums from her audience. She tossed the clothes behind her and sat back down, still blushing. “Okay, um.” She pointed at a blond girl named Katie while doing her best to keep her legs closed. “Katie. Truth or dare?” Katie grinned and made a show of looking up and down Liv’s body, probably to unnerve her. It worked. “Truth.” “Uh. Have you had anal sex.” “Yeah. My girlfriend and I have experimented on each other a couple of times. It was fun. 10/10 would anal again.” That drew a couple of laughs from around the circle as Katie pointed at Meg. “Meg. Truth or dare?” “Dare.” Katie smirked. “As you’re the host and I know you have them, I dare you to get your biggest dildo gag and once you've asked the next person you have to wear it at all times unless you are taking or giving a dare.” The girls laughed as Meg rolled her eyes and sauntered out of the room, returning a minute later with a massive double ended dildo gag, each penis about 7 inches long. Sitting back in the circle she placed it on her lap and pointed to Chalise. “Truth or dare?” “Dare.” “I dare you-” she glanced at Liv. “To stick four fingers up Liv’s butthole.” “Wait, what?” Liv said, as Chalise shrugged. “We’re gonna need lube.” The black girl said. “It’s in my bedroom in the first draw of the cabinet. Bring some of the other stuff in if you want, we’ll probably end up using it.” Chalise got up and left the room. All was silent for a second as Liv tried to control her mixed feelings. “Hey Meg you still need to put on the gag.” Katie said. Meg rolled her eyes, and lifting the gag to her face she positioned one of the 7 inch dildoes in front of her open mouth and slowly slid it in. She made a couple of “ghuck” sounds as her gag reflex tried to trigger, but she repressed it with the skill of an experienced deepthroater and soon the seal was against her lips and she reached around the back of her head to tie it in place. Liv could see the outline of the plastic cock against her throat. She had to admit, that was kinda hot. Chalise re-entered the room holding a bottle of lube in one hand and a bag, probably containing various sex toys belonging to Meg the sex fiend, in the other. She bounced her eyebrows at Liv. “Come on then, turn over.” Liv hesitated but complied as Katie spoke up. “Hands and knees and turn around so the rest of us can see!” Face burning she did as she was told, and her ass was soon facing into the circle, so all of the girls present could see her most private parts. Chalise knelt behind her and after running her fingers up and down Liv’s crack for a second and making appreciative noises she put a dollop of lube in her hand and began to apply it to Liv’s asshole. To her horror, Liv moaned as the cold of the lube shot through her and the other girls laughed. Chalise prodded her asshole with a finger and said “You’re gonna need to loosen up girl or this is gonna hurt.” She made her best effort in relaxing her sphincter and squeaked as the finger was inserted. Just a finger, but it was more than she had had up there before. It gently thrusted in and out for about half a minute, getting her used to the sensation before another finger was added and her asshole stretched in ways unknown to it. It was oddly pleasurable and Liv could feel her arousal beginning to build. Before long a third was added and Liv began to feel her limit - a tight pain that slowly began to relax as Chalise continued gently thrusting. A couple of minutes later to various commentary from the girls Chalise’s little finger was added and she began to slide her hand in and out of Liz’s bottom all the way up to her thumb. The girls applauded but quickly fell silent as something happened behind Liv. Surely it was going to end soon. She’d completed the dare and - “AAAAAH!” Chalise had tucked her thumb in and was now straight up fisting Liv, with her poor anus being drawn over the widest part of Chalise’s hand repeatedly. At times she only had a finger or two in and at others she was wrist deep. Howled encouragement came from behind her like “You go girl!” and “Whoop! Anal queen!” she even heard a gurgle from Meg. To Liv’s horror she could feel her arousal building even quicker as Chalise pistoned her hand in and out of her faster and faster. Suddenly the orgasm hit her and her toes curled as she squirted, drenching Chalise’s lubed up arm and hitting Meg who was on the other side of the circle. There was silence. “Holy fuck girl.” Chalise flexed her hand one last time inside of Liv and slowly withdrew it, leaving her poor anus hanging open for the viewing pleasure of all behind her. “When was the last time you did it?” Liv mumbled incoherently into the carpet and behind her Chalise shrugged. “I guess that’s as good an answer as any?” The other girls mumbled affirmatives and waited for Liz. She eventually turned, gingerly, and sat her sore ass back on the wet carpet feeling… something dribble out of it. “Okay…” Liv shook her head, feeling the last of her social anxiety vanish after… that. Taking over Chalices turn because she deserved it she spoke. “Okay. Katie. Truth or dare.” Katie paused, as if apprehensive. “Dare?” “I dare you to sit your ass on Meg’s dildo face for the rest of the night - only removing it as per the earlier rules.” Chalise and Anna giggled as Meg and Katie just looked at each other before Meg made a muffled “Eh” sound and lay down on the floor, face and dildo towards the ceiling. Katie grabbed the lube and went over to her. Removing her pants she applied it liberally to her anal ready ass, sticking a couple of fingers in to loosen it and slowly she squatted over Meg’s face, sliding the dildo into her. Both girls grunted as they settled into position, and it ended with Kate’s pussy almost on Meg’s nose as she lay there. Meg probably had a wonderful view and Katie bounced on the dildo a couple of times jokingly, drawing gagging noises from Meg. “Anna.” Katie said, unconsciously grinding on the dildo. “I dare you to put both your hands in Liv’s ass.” Anna blushed and Liv rolled her eyes, getting back on her hands and knees. Her ass hadn’t yet closed, not recovered from the shock of being both penetrated and fisted for the first time. As she settled she felt some more lube - or something - leak out of her ass and dribble down her pussy. “You sure this is alright Liv?” Anna nelt behind her, applying lube to her hands. “Yeah sure, why not.” Liv had to admit to herself, the sensation of being stretched was quite enjoyable and a little part of her was looking forward to round two. As Anna stuck a couple of fingers in her, and slowly slid the rest of her hand in she couldn't suppress a little shiver of anticipation. As she moved her hand in and out of her, Liv noticed that her ass felt… rubbery? Non-responsive in the extreme. She tried to tighten it as an experiment and it simply wouldn't close. Ah well. Unexpectedly, as Anna began another thrust she put her hands next to each other and slid them both into Liv at the same time and Liv screamed in shock. “Holy fuck!” Two hands were now inside her previously virgin anus, and as Anna continued she began to draw them apart, letting air rush between them into Liv’s ass cavern. She sped up and Liv, the small innocent asian girl, in a mixture of shock and pleasure squirted again, this time all down Anna’s front as she was directly behind her. A couple more thrusts into Liv’s rubbery ass and Anna withdrew her hands one after the other, letting them hang and drip behind Liv’s destroyed fuckhole. Through the afterglow some part of Liv realised that her ass would never again be the same, but the majority of her just didn’t care right now. “Hell, that’s a gape and a half Liv.” Katie said. She could feel it dripping and hanging open but she shrugged, and managed to sit back up, turning to face them. Anna had a decidedly evil glint in her once innocent eye. “Hey Liv” she said. “Truth or dare?” Liv pondered. “Dare.” because really, what else could they do to her? “I dare you to wear Meg’s anal gape panties on the maximum setting.” Oh. Chalise rummaged through the bag and tossed her a contraption that contained a large amount of lace, and hooks. Catching it, Liv examined it and realised she had no idea how to put it on. “Anybody want to give me a hand?” All the girls who could looked at Anna and her still dripping hands who shrugged and gestured for Liv to stand up. She attached the belt and told her to “bend over.” Complying, Liv felt four metal hooks being inserted into her loose ass, holding it open to its maximum. “What do you even have these for, Meg?” “Mmmf!” Liv winced as the hooks were drawn tighter and tighter, stretching her ass into an open, squarish shape. Finally she felt Anna stop fiddling with the straps and step back, admiring her handiwork. “Comeon girl!” Chalise called “Give us a show!” Liv turned around and bent over for the group. The hooks were holding her ass open in a square almost three inches across, and as she had previously been an anal virgin, there was no sign of a prolapse, just a cavern that remained open inside of her. She had to admit, it did feel weird to feel the air moving in and out of her, but it was kinda hot too. She gingerly sat back down, feeling the hooks dig into her anal walls, and raised an eyebrow at the group. “So are we gonna do the next dare or what? Meg?” Meg tapped on Katie’s leg and with a pout Katie stopped her gentle bobbing and slid up and off the dildo with a very wet sound. Meg then removed the dildo from her throat with another couple of “ghuck” noises, and sitting up she put it back on her lap. “Dare.” she said, voice horse. “I dare you to strip.” at the couple of raised eyebrows Liv shrugged and protested. “Hey, it makes later dares easier! And it’s hot.” Meg stood and removed her shirt. Her breasts were pretty large and pale, and jiggled nicely as she undid her bra. She then removed her trousers and underwear and - of course she was wearing a thong. As she did so she pointed at Chalise. “Truth or dare?” The black girl shrugged. “Dare.” “I dare you to shove all the discarded clothes, including yours, up your ass.” A couple of giggles emanated from the other girls as Chalise looked at Meg blankly, then pointedly stared at the large amount of clothing scattered around the circle. Liz’s full outfit, Meg’s clothes and Katie’s trousers and panties. “You’re kidding, right?” “Nope! Meg grinned. Get to it girl!” Chalise grimaced and removing her trousers and panties she paused. “I’m gonna need a hand with this.” All eyes turned to Anna who raised her hands. “I’ve been in enough buttholes today thank you.” “I’ll help.” Katie said, taking off her top and bra “I’m warm.” she said in reply to the questioning looks, and crawled over. Liv could see both Chalise’s tight black asshole and Katie’s once stuffed winking one. It was odd to think that her ass was once anything like that, with how it was now. Her hand drifted lower behind her and she slid a few fingers inside of herself, exploring the cavern that was her ass as she watched Chalise and Katie. Oh yeah she probably had a latent anal fetish somewhere. Meg was obviously similarly aroused, for as Katie began to lube up Chalise’s butthole, she shuffled behind Katie and stuck two fingers up her gently winking already lubed ass. At Katie’s gasp she grinned and said “continue darling, I’m just enjoying myself.” “I mean - ohhh - this definitely wasn’t part of the dare.” “Are you complaining?” “No keep going.” I willl post the rest after I get home Enjoy
  4. kgnot

    The BDSM Club

    BDSM CLUB III: Preparations In the previous part: Joanna's “deflated balloons” spelling “BEAT ME” on the right and “STRETCH ME” on the left, with the last one dangling more then 10 cm lower then it's twin. She has also a very loose anus injected with chemicals and plastic beads to stay open. Similar is the setup for the stripper's urethra muscle. Fiona when last left was smacking the shit out of Joanna's breasts making them look raw before switching to her own heavily bound breasts. They are medically enlarged, saggy and tightly constrained starting to look dark blue. Fiona's only modification stretching her lower holes is the 2 inch anal dildo which she wears at all times. Her cunt lips are stretched 5 inches off her crotch all the way to her stocking with “Cunt” and “Stretch” tattooed on them. Large golden piercing go right through Fiona's clit. Laura is another masochist adoring to hang from the ceiling by her tits and be humiliated and degraded. She also hsd long cunt lips but instead they are just dangling heavy weights. Lastly she was finishing off tying off her pendulous hangers with a good old school rope. Stefanny is binding her breasts too but with a more modern pumped rubber bands. She was left reinserting her heavily textured urethral dildo back and forth. The BDSM stripper also loves slapping her fun bags and do this to the others as we will see shortly. Mandy was the supervisor who had to check on the lesbian orgy and prepare them for the paintball tournament! Start of the story The raven haired woman with a musky tan came into the room carrying a laptop over her neck. She was wearing nothing but big leather boots and a short miniskirt with a metal ball dangling between her legs. Mandy came next to the sadomasochistic orgy expressed in a severe tit slapping and quickly hit a sequence of blows to Joanna's right hanger. Since this caused nothing but adding up to the orgasmic blitz of the BDSM stripper, her supervisor rose up and pressed a couple of buttons on the machine. The lying erotic performer stood still as if dead, before rolling out of the bench onto the floor, dropping the running shower head in the process. The inhibitor chip installed in Joanna's brain started sending electrical shocks to her nerve system, making the depraved woman unable to move. Further more it connected with the metal implants in her nipples making her hangers heat up with power and even jiggle a bit! Most BDSM strippers were equipped with such thing as means to administer law and order when needed. Extraordinary pain lovers like the BDSM performers in the club combusted often in sexual desires and needed some sort of extreme measurement to put them straight. Mandy mashed with her left foot the "BEAT ME" tit which was laying on the ground next to it's owner and turned to the others in the room: "The paintball TOURNAMENT starts in 30 minutes! I want everyone dressed and ready in the entrance hall counting now!" The participating women hurried up with their cleaning duties and started to come out of the shower room heading to the “stuffing room” as some might call it. The display of power and the treats did not have effect on the four strippers on the bench thought. They still kept hurting each other, oblivious to their surroundings. Temporarily deprived of her playtoy, Fiona stopped the fight with her own pendulous bound juggs and dropped down on the floor to continue the onslaught of Joanna's saggers. Once she reached her destination however, the dangling ball between Mandy's legs caught her attention. It was a seven inch wide round piece of metal connected to a tick heavy pole made of the same material in one go and stuck right into the manager's cunt. Driven by high level of arousal the blue titted stripper grabbed and tried to pull it out! The tanned BDSM supervisor of romanian decent shrieked in pain as she felt the cruel metal tips dig into her insides and drag the bottom of her vagina out! She quickly put a hand over her mouth to muffle the cries thought. Any show of weakness in the face of pain was not welcome inside the BDSM club, especially at her position. All the managing staff was pain tested lover as part of their selection process and she knew that all too well. The metal pole going all the way into Mandy's womb transformed at the most precious to the women's entrance into a two inch wide spiked ball which up until now was only digging into the sensitive flesh by it's own metallic weight. Heavier then five kilos it was causing sensual reactions, suppressed craftily by Mandy only while the supervisor was walking. But now it was pulling out the entire organ down with the added weight of Fiona, driving the spikes deep into the vulnerable flesh mercilessly tugging on her baby factory! Still the tough female forewoman managed to withstand this cruel attack and instead of tripping she straightened herself up. Lost in her lustful gaze Fiona kept leaning on the Mandy's uterus, impaling the metal spikes to the base. The organ started slowly to dislodge from it's rightful place! This alleviated the most severe torture Mandy have experienced and drove whimpers form the suffering female. The experienced BDSM officer knew there was a severe punishment for such an unregulated intrusion and Fiona would be no exception! She have to be patient thought! Surely the other mistresses watching the bath from the cameras would sent help; after all that is how Mandy ended up here! But she bet these bitches loved to see her suffer! Not that the superior masochist supervisor would object too much - she loved pain, just not...that MUCH! "Fiona you are going in the “Hell zone!" - yelled Mandy. The guilty strippers were usually sent to spend a minimum of 4 hours sentence with up to four mistresses at a large room, segregated into corridors. There they would undergo despicable tortures close to what the tanned forewoman was experiencing now... even more despicable then this. The place was considered by the BDSM managing personnel to be a "Hoes maze"(aka Hell zone), because from a customer's and theirs' point of view, it can literally only be seen cubicles with female lower orifices with their attached high heeled legs dressed in stocking sticking out from the wall. Cut off from the rest of their bodies - exposed and vulnerable for the clients to do as their imagination and pockets allow. But the real torture was going on the other side with the mistresses. They were administering their creative cruel treatment tearing a new one to their poor suffering subjects. Fiona was too far gone to stop despite knowing all that and pulled on her target's uterus so hard the BDSM stripper started to lift herself up solely relying on the metal device for support. Mandy struggled immensely to remain still while the crazed BDSM performer hanged off her perforated womb but tried to remain calm. That is until the suffering woman felt a cold breeze as if touching her soul and when she turned her head down the stunned sado-masohistic officer discerned the end of the metal rod coming out of her vulva! "What is this thing? Why it does not come out?!!" - flapping her thong the sassing sadistic performer asked her superior. Out of her mind from lust and desire Fiona started to tug even more mercilessly on the metal device, this time with her entire weight! Soon this sadistic exercise was rewarded with a dark pink fleshy ball pierced by the metal rod starting to protrude out of Mandy's cunt. The stripper watched in amazement slowly wrapping her dazed head around the reality now too - it was the tanned supervisor's urethra - coming out of it's nest into the outer world! The eyes of Fiona widened as she pulled herself up to touch and lick it. Mandy released a muffled sensual groan of pleasure as she felt her inner organ caressed, but restrained from further action. As her baby factory kept being exposed further and further from within her cunt the romanian american pulled herself together and finally called for reinforcements on her wrist radio. Sandra was the first manager to show up, since she was the one responsible for Fiona. The performer gone rogue have taken so much of Mandy's internal organ out that it was starting to drag her ovaries on it's downwards decent. The new blond mistress could not resist and took out a stapler from her belt. Then she approached the vulnerable flesh and shot one of the led bugger directly into the opening rim near the metal rod! Mandy yelled and started crying, but the cruel mistress was not stopping - she kept shooting and Fiona kept pulling! This is when Sandra saw her subordinate tit's - all bound and blue! The chubby supervisor gave them two good punches with her ringed fists and then barked: "Cunt, how long did you have your tits tied up?" "Not long enough!" - with craze in her eyes Fiona sassed back at her superior "They are almost black bitch!" - yelled Sandra as she shot a dozen quick staples into Fiona's fat saggers. The force of the industrial sized machine made the sacks of womanly flesh juggle all over the place despite the tyrannic bounds. Afterwards the blond took out a knife from her belt and hastily cut off the ropes, careful not to hurt her subordinate's breast skin. After all during the tournament the two appendages had to be kept non-bloodied, allowing maximum tit meat for the clients to hurt. The blond supervisor grabbed the cunt straps off Fiona's stockings next and tugged on them mercilessly. It was a tense moment for the onlookers watching, wondering which will give in first - the stockings or the BDSM performer's cuntlips... Fiona gritted her teeth as her lower torso was being lifted and agitated her superior to "tear them apart" if she can - all the the while half-weight suspended off poor Mandy uterus! In the end her straps just snapped out from their sewings driving a pleasurable yell from their owner as Fiona relaxed hanging purely by her cunt lips. Sandra started dragging the perverted masochist towards the changing room with the stripper's long pendulous breasts sweeping the floor a few inches behind the pained performer's head. Knowing fully well she will be punished either way, the female club member did not let go of her new toy and kept pulling Mandy by her womb in the process. The half romanian sensing the spikes deep in her womb meat, realized she won't be able to get away and pulled Joanna's left tit with her. Large amounts of fluids started to come out of all of the unconscious stripper's lower opening as she trailed behind. This proved to everyone for the n-th time she was not able to hold anything without some sort of large phallus plugging the exemplary BDSM club's lose orifices. Mandy reminding herself of that, barely managed to grab on the way from to the bench some textured urethral plug, gapes and other essentials needed for her subordinate's appropriate attire at the tournament. In the meantime Stefanny and Laura were left undisturbed to take care of each other. Since both performers were having their udders all tied or all bound up they have been smacking each other womanly assets for the past 5 minutes. Some of the managers even started betting who could withstand more, despite knowing full well that their club entertainer need a lot more then 25 minutes to give up. Upon seeing how Mandy's uterus was being treated and the way she was dragged away by it, Laura got aroused so much that she wanted to do similar thing to Steff. The determined club peeler grabbed Joanna's petals, still lying on the bench and started cranking her partner's cunt wide open. Once it gaped more then 10 inches Laura took a special urethral plug which had a balloon at the end allowing it to expand upon filling with liquid and inserted it right into Steafany's pee canal! She then guided her own piss opening into it to fill it up until it started to overflow. All the inspired long cuntlipped BDSM club queen had to do was to start tugging the item with all her strength. In the meantime Stefany kinda figured out what her colleague was trying to do and burned with anticipation. Still for the sake of her orgasm she role played as if trying to "stop" her by twisting and mangling Laura's saggers clockwise. Steff kept going as there was no objections from her torturer and it got to a point the poor tits started looking like a pair of socks being dried out to their limits. The two draggy appendages even squirted lactose - who would have guessed some mammary glands survived after all these years working at the BDSM club! Two more mistresses - Jelly and Heyley came to try and stop the situation from spinning out of control. With only 15 minutes left towards the tournament start they brought the big guns with them - gas masks and collars. Scared more of ruining the tournament then not to experience the fate of Mandy they quickly choked the tight rings around Stefany and Laura's necks. Next the female enforcers in one quick go pressed a sequence on their laptops, causing electric shocks to ripple the two BDSM performers out of order via their microchips. It was time for the final stage – putting them to sleep. Jelly took out from her belt a canister the special gas - it was fairly mild having effect for only five minutes, but it's reaction time was implacable. Before being sprayed however Stefany in her convulsions pressed a button on her superior's laptop and by pure luck it happened to have started the shock in Jelly's pincushionned tits. Long needles went from her belly belt all the way into her saggers wobbling freely in their spiked cage. The electrical current caused the two fleshy hangers to jump around hitting the sharp tips mercilessly. The pained supervisor ignored all that as if nothing was happening and continued looking after her duties putting the last signed participants for the upcoming tournament in order. It was 5 minutes past the agreed starting time. Arch-mistress Dorothy yelled at the BDSM stripper contestants: "I will place the one responsible in the “Hell zone” for so long they will forget you are supposed to be working on the stage!” The old woman cleared her throat and moved her metal bustier a bit: “Now, you two - do not forget to keep your legs wide open! The first one to close them will loose all bonus pay and will accompany me into the "Hall of Shame"! Joanna opened her calves further away from each other and looked at Fiona. She was in the same predicament having to walk with her feet wide open. Not so much because her knees were tied to a bar smashing her breasts, but because she was told to do it! But the fun part was yet to come. Both their wombs were also open up by spatulas and connected to a piercing at the clits to stay up and out. Any client aiming to shoot at them would surely have fun time hurting their most inner opening. The two BDSM performer's uterus were quiet drawn out and the chained ridged spatulas tugged their entrances close to their vaginal exits – who knows may be either or both wound get a lucky shot in their fallopian tubes causing the strongest orgasm to date... Laura on the other hand had heavy twenty kilos of weights danging from her cunt lips while Stefany was wiggling with elbows tied up to her tits which were twisted four times!! Each movement emanated deep pain form within the saggy-baggy breast torture lover. The rest of the girls wore the standard attires more or less – petals in the cunt or ass, and dangling naked breasts with circles around their nipples for the cheaper customers as easier targets. A whistle sound was given and the BDSM strippers looked at each other - it was time. Cheers and clappers Laura was leading the charge, womb first when the last of her unit tried to circumvent the customer's position, but failed and it all ends up in a big pain orgy. Joanna was knocked out as she received a series of bombardments in the cunt earlier and had to stand still for more then ten minutes now. Fiona was knocked out shortly after Laura and the two top masochistic participants now became a funny target for the four young lads armed with automatic air guns. They were aiming for their privates and plenty of the bullets entered their wombs causing them to black out falling on the ground with their legs still wide open. Stefany was hit at the very end near the first barrel wall on the left flank. But with the two new powerful air shotguns aiming at her with the team leader protecting leading the defense on that side she stood no chance. The BDSM stripper was shot down a while ago but stood still determined to allow them men to make a bruised minsmy out of her saggers. The tits of Stepany were in tatters after being bombarded for only 5 minutes so far but it looked to her like eternity! Ten other strippers laid in various submissive position across the field trying to keep their hands above their heads and not move while being shot at their private organs. It looked like the match was over and the end signal will come very soon. Suddenly before the whistle for surrender, Joanna moved...She begun crawling slowly towards the customers' position eating up all the raining shots. It turned out that one of the clients was rather aroused by the particular show of submission and lust for pain so he called Dorothy to ask Joanna in particular to start moving forward. He offered a substantial sum for breaking the rules of course. The astonished male group stopped shooting and let her reach them no understanding what is happening. Joanna then listening to her radio closed in to one fat man with a belly and tried to hit him with her breasts. The long swingers proved to be powerful whips when there was no care for their well being and hit the man's gun, despite his attempts to move away. They were simply too long and too wobbly! The large male became angry though which is what Joanna was after and started shooting at them tits from blank range. Soon his example was followed by the others. The poor BDSM stripper convulsed from the recoils, but tried to hold her hand behind her neck at all cost, taking as many shots as the customers gave her. As the plastic bullets dug in deep blood started to spew out from Joanna's monstrous bruised beyond recognition breast skin. When Mandy saw this she had to interfere and stop the orgy. The match was finally over. Joanna was declared worker of the month and received a hefty material bonus. Dorothy decided to spare her the Hoe's maze, but all the others would be signed up for what she called a “intensive training” for the weekend. The manager hoped they would gain more stamina and able to withstand additional punishment then usual, like their top masochistic colleague. Stephany, Laura and especially Fiona would have to withstand 8 hour marathon though with the most cruelest of punks on Friday having fun with their orifices on one side of the wall! And the best supervisors would be on the other side of the wall taking care of their upper body parts! The end.... Alexandra came to the office of Viorel, the BDSM club master. "Sir, we have a new proposal for a competition" "What is it" "It's a snow skiing challenge sir..." If you wish to examine more such stories please consider supporting me and expressing your desires on pathreon.
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    I think foker have written good extreme anal stories just not my type for the price and hentai foundry too (depending on authors, but many are new and talanted). But the last post was the richest in number but when i started reading them they do not fit this particular auditory unfortunately. Most of them are very old school stories style 50s ( My opinion).
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    Story Sites

    none of these have very good stories though..
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    Space Odysseum 2201 (remastered)

    Short but informative jk, thanks!
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    hentai foundry
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    Is this identity theft?

    what do u mean troll, i just ask if u read any of the rules on these sites?
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    Is this identity theft?

    Did you?
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    Is this identity theft?

    The stories are mine and i wish to at least have access to edit or post new one with same username apparently or else who will know it was me? So you think in this case I can claim a copyright. I hate to do it but i feel like these sites are to no good. After all straigh forwards they steal stories of others like myself and give no chance for acess to the authors even...Or credit for that regard. Whatever is necessary i can provide after all i have written them. I have the account and the dates and so on
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    Omg. Either way i am not that interrested like you. I guess you work for it and youll get there
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    Girls gape easier than guys?

    The biggest gapers are males
  14. Hey guys, I think I need a little help on this. So basically while browsing for BDSM stories on the net I stumbled upon multiple sites that have my stories under my account. I can show you one such site : http://bangfiction.com/12514_the-bdsm-club ; https://www.adoida.com/author/kgnot . Anyway I did not pay attention to these until I decided to register at one such site to edit or add my story. It turned out my account name is already taken and no email of mine would give the name back. Originally I never registered at these sites. I think some of the authors here might have the same experience, is this a identity theft? What is going on with these sites copying stories from the net?
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