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  1. kgnot

    Story Sites

    I think foker have written good extreme anal stories just not my type for the price and hentai foundry too (depending on authors, but many are new and talanted). But the last post was the richest in number but when i started reading them they do not fit this particular auditory unfortunately. Most of them are very old school stories style 50s ( My opinion).
  2. kgnot

    Story Sites

    none of these have very good stories though..
  3. kgnot

    Space Odysseum 2201 (remastered)

    Short but informative jk, thanks!
  4. kgnot

    Story Sites

    hentai foundry
  5. kgnot

    Is this identity theft?

    what do u mean troll, i just ask if u read any of the rules on these sites?
  6. kgnot

    Is this identity theft?

    Did you?
  7. kgnot

    Is this identity theft?

    The stories are mine and i wish to at least have access to edit or post new one with same username apparently or else who will know it was me? So you think in this case I can claim a copyright. I hate to do it but i feel like these sites are to no good. After all straigh forwards they steal stories of others like myself and give no chance for acess to the authors even...Or credit for that regard. Whatever is necessary i can provide after all i have written them. I have the account and the dates and so on
  8. kgnot

    Girls gape easier than guys?

    Omg. Either way i am not that interrested like you. I guess you work for it and youll get there
  9. kgnot

    Girls gape easier than guys?

    The biggest gapers are males
  10. Hey guys, I think I need a little help on this. So basically while browsing for BDSM stories on the net I stumbled upon multiple sites that have my stories under my account. I can show you one such site : http://bangfiction.com/12514_the-bdsm-club ; https://www.adoida.com/author/kgnot . Anyway I did not pay attention to these until I decided to register at one such site to edit or add my story. It turned out my account name is already taken and no email of mine would give the name back. Originally I never registered at these sites. I think some of the authors here might have the same experience, is this a identity theft? What is going on with these sites copying stories from the net?
  11. kgnot


    Nice to have you here man !
  12. kgnot

    Space Odysseum 2201 (remastered)

    Hey guys, I am presenting to you this story continuation. I think you liked it. I believe that the content needs to become free as it gets older. This pushes the creators to create new items instead of resting on old achievements. And also I want to give incentives to all creators out there to produce and post more free stories, thus ending the cycle of good dead stories. After all if people get paid for something they will produce more of it, is this not right? Space Odysseum 2201: Inside the invader's Den III Previously: In the previous episodes we left all remaining rescue crew members from Dragonly inside the brig of Mao's ship in the following order Lt. Stuller, Intern Judy, For. Cor. Magdalenna, Ms. Eleen Drjinski, Sen. Janitor Sunny, Private Erene, Private Sheila and Private Mandy! They are facing the biggest treat on the spacecraft captain Stella! The hulky woman is infested by the aliens and turned int their incubation queen. Her prolapsing enormous anus si giving birth to infinite numbers of anal seeking worms! It may very possible at this very just encounter the further development of this infestation and even it's level of threat to humanity! Who will win Stellar's dream team or Stella's brig bitch crew? Presently: While refining his plan of action, Lt. Stuller though of how all standing females still wore their ineffective "womanized" gas masks. These sexist gadgets were covering only the women's nostrils. It proved much less protection then the male version, but behold the politically standard for the space craft equipment these days... According to NASA's spokesman Dricia Tanahawa: - The new emergency attires opening even more of the woman's face, making them even more feminine! The only logical explanation for Stuller was the upper management cared more for the males and even wanted them to lead in cases of a crisis. The Dragonfly's pilot did not mind, but at least there should be more of them on board....The analinguses's incubation queen Stella made a threatening move, causing the five big warms to stand stern. This returned the lieutenant back to the much more pressing issue of saving the Humanity by containing this infestation! Since all of the “shielding women” used previously were left outside Stuller contemplated with the idea he would have to sacrifice some of his teammates to distract the current mighty opponent. It's not like he had a choice. The poor Dragonfly analingus receptacle were so stuffed they could never fit thought the cut anyway and besides they will be of more use where they are, stopping any alien reinforcements coming in. Clearly he and his team were hopelessly outnumbered though, but the lieutenant saw no other choice but to trust in the ability of his team to overcome the challenge ahead. Lt. Stuller pressed the trigger, starting to shoot at one of the carrier worms nearby! Startled, it dropped it's egg and wiggled behind the infested captain Stella. The sleazy creature tried to hide inside the fleshy fifteen inch wide open pipe, but it was already full to the brink with eggs. This sole action of violence however made Stella fully awake from her trance! The usually green eyes of the top commander were tucked way back into the pupils and she seemed pissed! The Mao's top commander gave a war cry and all hell broke loose. All six other women in the corner started to wiggle and give muffles as their prolapsing anuses started spurring eggs like geysers. Many worms rushed to collect them and stuff them into the many holes of the analingus enchanting center which was Stella now. The monstrously prolapsing commander begun dishing out hatching worms in alarming rate and so the boss battle begun! Looking at the amount of new eggs constantly delivered from the six birthers, clockwise around the room. it instantly became clear to Lt. Stuller that the survivors would not stand a chance. Especially lacking good firepower with the current set of weapons . While scanning the camber for clues that might help, Stuller got called by Eleen, who was pointing at one of the glued chamber breeding marshals of black decent. There was a hanged weapon stash full of automatic blasters! The large wall storage box was covered by slime and barely visible, but if they could break the glass, the rescue team might stand a chance! The sea of worms nearby the infested woman posed a threat though and Stuller had to think fast of a safe way to reach the guns. He asked Eleen to follow him and then both rushed to the storage site. On the way the instructor grabbed the nearby Dragonfly's top janitor playtoy Sunny by the arm, practically dragging her with her. The poor shorty only whimpered, as she was in no way capable of running her stuffed self, but submissively used all her strength to wiggle her limping legs as much as she could. Sunny's long prolapsing guts flapped about spilling worms left and right on the way, looking extremely humiliating... Ms. Eleen was in a predicament as well, having to move fast with holes stuffed with analinguses and all, but it was nothing more different then how she proceeded so far in this mission. With mastery combination of tamed tolerance for pain, while practicing intense physical activities in the gym for countless of hours, made it possible for the polish american woman to keep up, while crammed with serious amounts of worms. She did this on her own with both finesse and dignity, although the sweat on her face showed the amount of concentration it required. Finally the trio arrived at the black female breeder. Stuller had to be careful not to slip stepping over the nasty analinguses and spunk covering the floor, but not all were so lucky. Wearing the most girly high heel space boots made Sunny kept slipping and falling quiet a bit, slowing down Eleen and making her irritated. Either way once in position the man observed the woman stuck on the wall. The woman was a total mess – mouth drooling, messy hair and an ass prolapsing 10 inches all the way to the floor, spewing newborn analinguses! Two enormous quivering flesh balls, chocolate in color, were apparently the breeder's cow udders! The amazing tits hung freely from the woman's chest and were being squeezed by an alien worm at the very base with varying force. This was making them change color and causing them to shower white liquid over the newborns wiggly extraterrestrial creatures bellow. Additional restrains and marks on the enormous womanly curves spoke of kinky desires the Mao's captain peer possessed when conscious. Upon further examination, Stuller recognized the stuffed analingus birther indeed to be one of the Stella's associates he saw on those kinky videos communications with Mao. A fit female in her mid 40 Angela has been with Stella since her years as a lieutenant– over twenty years ago! The older woman's crying eyes were shut so their color could not be unidentified. It looked like Angela used to have a corset around her waist, but it was however blown to pieces by the ever so expanding stomach of hers. The only visible remainder were the pieces dangling from the black woman's rear strap on. Other then that the adjutant was stark naked. A lot of hair could be seen between the analingus birther's legs and the angle made it hard to see anything more candy. Through a lot of spunk emanated from the older female's holes and streamed down onto her prolapsing gut, making it even wetter then it already was. Disgusted, Lt. Stuller turned janitor Sunny around and asked her to squat like she always liked to stand. The submissive shortly worked on complying immediately, but her breathing was impaired from running plus her legs were shaking. Eleen gave a good slap to the janitor's cunt making her go into an orgasmic bliss squatting all the way down in the process! This acted as desired, essentially making Sunny a magnet for all analinguses in radius of four meters! The masochistic Dragonfly piss receptacle went into another trans from the pleasure of having her anus stretched to acquire new fabulous and larger dimensions! The path to work on the gun stash hanging from the wall was clear! Lt. Stuller and Eleen worked together to turn down the force field protecting the dangerous weapons. The two space officers hastily begun hacking the identity panels located on both sides of the unit. It required two fingerprints from two top ship's staff members to open the safe box, but a lot of the space crew staff, especially within Drafonfly, knew how to circumvent it. They have gone through hacking courses during the cold war with the feminist movement. It was part of the struggle of the UNSD (United Nations Space Directorate) to tackle the illegal organization's ambitions to establish a foothold on to the Moon and secede from Eath! Since many parts of the emergency power were down Stuller hoped the alarm would not trigger, but unfortunately it did. The annoying sound marked the locking of all doors within the space facility, just when the gun casing opened up! The lieutenant instructed Eleen to grab at least five automatic blasters and distribute them to the rest of the struggling team. As he spoke Stuller turned around and regretfully saw that the small group of women spacecraft members were barely able to melee back the ever growing horde of analinguses with bats or even hands! The man then faced Eleen again and admitted that he had to stay where he is and find a way of disabling all six the camber breeders, if they were to have a chance defeating captain Stella and her minions! Eleen looked around wanting to help and upon gazing upwards she got an idea. The fitness instructor pointed out an vent, part of the oxygen airflow system on the ship - approximately 10 inch wide. There were many of them spread out as rings perforating the walls all around the oval chamber. A number of maintenance ladder cast out every 5 meters or so provided access to many of the vents. Eleen suggested that if Stuller could drag and tie each of Stella's adjutants upwards near the exhaust openings, then he would be able to cram their prolapsing analingus spewing guts inside the nearby hollow rounds! The lieutenant instantly loved the idea. There were buttons on the side which allowed for manual overwriting of the spin direction both inwards or outwards. The exiting worms will be sucked by the emergency battery powered fans and get mashed into a minsmi. Stuller decided to waste no time but get into action. Looking at the moaning black woman's pulling cords, restraining the midsection of her swinging udders, he already knew what that breeder will be hanging from up there! The lieutenant still needed a pair of more cords so he took some from Eleen. The fitness instructed unwilling unzipped her costume and untied off one of her many ropes violently shaping her tits into two round sausages. Bent and bound together the two womanly appendages jutted out obscenely far in front of her giving the illusion of normal breasts behind the rubber costume. Next Stuller took out his knife and started cutting the slime surrounding the delirious Mao spacecraft member. It proved more difficult then he liked and on few occasions Eleen had to even help Sunny by spreading her ass wide and inserting up the gaping rear parts of large worm waves that followed! In the end the dark woman splattered on the floor mashing on her tortured guts and Lt. Stuller wasted no time in grabbing the two breast bondage ropes. He yanked on them with all the strength he could muster, but in vain – the breeder have gotten too heavy to lift. Eleen had to join efforts with Stuller so both finally managed to get Angela off the ground by her fat tit midsection ropes. The male Dragonfly's pilot then jumped out of surprise! The adjutant was not only glued to the wall – she was also embedded through her urethra onto an urinal receptacle! The repository tank's head was huge – almost square, four inches at diameter and very coarse . It's two inch wide hole spurred urine smelling slime like a geyser, splattering on Stuller's gas mask and protective glasses. The guy wiped himself up, helped Eleen to get up and lifted Angela up by her udders once again - this time with two hands. With the strong blondie's help the lieutenant started climbing up the maintenance ladder towards one of the air flow ducts. Poor Sunny was left downstairs to fend off the worms who started charging in to save their birther. With both Stuller and Eleen struggling together, they were able to pull and push respectively the infested woman and begin climbing the ladder bars unsteadily. The Dragonfly's male copilot kept sweating and cursing with each step, while the fitness instructor used all her might to try and push both upwards. In the meantime one of the fifteen inch wide worms bit into the large fleshy pipe under the shrieking captain of Mao! Subsequently it started to twitch, the commander concentrated her guts producing something amazing! Large eggs started squirting into the air aiming for the struggling Stuller! The spawns went everywhere splattering on the wall and occasionally hitting the huffing and puffing lieutenant. It became clear to Stuller that he had little time before a lucky shot makes him loose balance and fall down! Ms. Drjghfnski was helping him as much as she could underneath but she had major problems of her own to worry about! At the front the black woman prolapse was hanging practically in the blonde's face. Consequentially all the worms that rushed out of it's wide dimensions fell onto the muscular fitness instructor. Now many of the falling analinguses smiled down and into Eleen's lower holes, but occasionally a number of them wiggled inside her throat too. This was due to the fact that the 34 years old was doing very heavy lifting, so she had to open her mouth from time to time...The other major issue was of course her ruined sphincter which started to poke through the rubbish space costume, giving access to even more ruination. Hundreds of worms from the pool down bellow tried to follow their “mother”and once Eleen turned around to climb the ladder her open ass was instantly attacked by the slimy aliens. Contemplating her ever bulging stomach, while moaning in excruciating pain mixed with pleasure, the mighty woman powered through. Thankfully once in the air the Dragonfly's fitness instructor found herself a bit safer as the analinguses proved to be poor climbers. When Stella started shooting her egg bombs however some of them landed directly inside Ms. Drjghfnski's ass! This caused the woman to yell and whimper in even more pain as the eggs bursted with force, stuffing even more hungry worms in to the Eleen's cavern! This of course provided opportunities to the aliens from the top to enter her body, which they seized immediately.. Having to through all this immense struggle however had a positive effect too. Eleen was putting so much force into pushing Stuller upwards, that her overused anal muscles amazingly awoke and started to twitch! They started to clench at the very bottom of her body, albeit weekly, but that was enough to force a portion of analinguses out every now and then. Each step that Eleen took, around half a kilo of worms dropped from her unfolding guts in exchange to every other half that entered! The entire scenery was a sight to behold... Watching the mesmerizing actions of the trio Magda thought to herself: “-Of course! These “arm” suppliers for the colony had to be dealt with first, before commencing any attempt of pacifying the main spawner – captain Stella!! Or else she will keep shooting out aliens till we are overwhelmed!” Speaking of which the group was already feeling the pressure. In front of all Mandy and Erene were swinging their bats fending off as much infestation as they can. They squeaked every now and then when a sneaky large analingus forced it's way inside one of the front fighters' holes. Utilizing their range advantage all the others were shooting at the incoming worm waves with their P44 blasters. Only Judy was staying next to Magda in her preposterous hentai posture and just rubbed her breasts. The foreign correspondent watched Stuller almost tip over after an egg shot from captain Stella's unfolded rear gun hit him dead on the temple! The worms spattering all over his face and made the man stop to clean up the mess... “-They need our help, or we are doomed!” the foreign language correspondent though to herself once again as. Without giving it any more thought the 43 years old women, prone to fist loving, dashed to the side of the group and dropped her blaster on the ground. Then she turned around and using both of her hands prayed her ass as wide open as she could. The cavern that which very long time ago used to be Magda's shit-holder. could be mistaken for a cave now, having stretched over 11 inches horizontally. As if that was not enough of an invitation for Stella, Magda starched yelling obscenities at the Brazilian woman, banging her feet and generally doing anything to draw attention of the infested analingus incubator. This did the trick. Obeying the instincts of nature the infested top commander turned her attention and started aiming at the huge opening before her. Magda started to moan in both ecstasy as the powerful balls entered her wide open cave with force and violently bursted into many disturbed, scared, wiggling worms looking for shelter! Upon noticing this depravity and being too dumb to understand reason behind it, Sheila's daughter rushed to Magdalena. Moving sharply Mandy hurt herself while bending because of her large body milking tanks packing all her tortured orifices. Not caring about it and unable to make a single sound to express her immense suffering the bizarre 25 years old BDSM entertainer and expressed pain lover started to wiggle her own fully stuffed and shit rear nex to Magdalenna's enormous rear cave. By providing a distraction for Stella the aging american of italian decent successfully took the heat off Stuller. She knew it was imperative that the Mao's infested commander do not revert her fire at him while he is disabling the birthers, so she kept taunting Stella to give her her best shot while wide spreading her ass! Some of the worms splattering around the correspondent's destroyed sphincter started entering the hollow gag of Mandy too, who was now making faces wiggling her distorted physiognomy nearby Magdalenna's ass, in a “dare you” type of posture. Once up near the duct, Lt. Stuller pushed Angela against the wall. The web slime encasing her back was very sticky still and glued the female in place for the moment. Next the lieutenant used one of the two breast stripes borrowed from Eleen to tie Angela's hands to a nearby pipe. The delirious woman started to throw kicks and fight, so the rescue operative tied her knees with the other stripe. Afterwards he connected the free end to both breasts ropes and tightened them until the adjutant's legs came to the level of her shoulders. The infected woman groaned in pain and discomfort since the additional strain on her stomach forced a lot more spawns out her ruined gut and onto the Dragonfly's fitness instructor's face. Once the birther was fixed Lt. Stuller used both his hands to carefully stuff the prolapsing and widened to now 12 inch of fleshy egg popper into the 10 inch wide duct hole. It was a tight fit but in the end around half of the guts were inside. The alien ovums were quiet jelly, so they fond their way out shortly after. The power was on and Stuller switched the vent to blow air out. He then put his ear to listen to the splashing sound of crushed eggs and worms for a moment, before starting to head back and try to help poor Sunny. She was by now overpowered and had a long nine inch worm breaking her trachea, while a twelve inch analingus pushed her immense eight inch dildo inwards! Eleen was already down in the meantime collecting the weapons while trying to poop out all the worms trying to make it into her backdoor. That is when the misfortune struck. The pipe could not handle the heavy woman up for so long and it broke while the Dragonfly's co-pilot was only one feet away from ground. Stuller reflexes kicked in on point and his strong hand caught Angela's right breast binding rope in mid-air. The tit produced a rubber-like sound from the immense breast tissue stretching and tearing while the brown adjutant gave a death howl of pain!! The torture was too much for both her right breast and prolapsing gut were being pulled beyond anything she ever was submitted to. Slimy urine poured out of the broken pipe, splattering both space crew members in yucky sticky waste. Lt. Stuller grabbed his nose and apologized for the accident by accident(pond intended :). Then he dragged the helpless woman back up to the top all by himself, but this time using the slime on her back to drag her vertically! Once in position the top Dragonfly analingus exterminator want-to-be used one of the metal steps to fix Angela's hands to. It was much more sturdy despite being a bit further then the pipe. The lieutenant bound the woman to the new stronger point, stuffed Angela's guts back into the vent once more and rushed down again. He only hoped that the Anglea's gut wont extent so far to the vent... Once on the ground Stuller was shocked to see that Elene had caught poor Sunny and opened her prolapse wide open for Stella's gun to target! Mao's captain seemed to have been persuaded to switch from Magda's eviscerated popper to Sunny's prolapsing cave...The janitor's fleshy opening was stretching to almost 11 inches with Eleen's power grip, which was a new record for the Dragonfly's janitor. The tiny girl whimpered but contemplated her faith as the most viscous alien gunner on the ship concentrated on filling up the offered guts to the bring. The eggs splashed and hundreds of worms entered deep into the janitor's rear and other front holes to join and possibly provide food for the ones already living in. Stuller instantly got pissed off – how can in such moment Eleen delay the weapon delivery? In the heat of the moment he kicked the fitness instructors' right udder hard! Never before had he done this, but this was an extreme case. The kick really bust the severely bound breast and made Ms. Drjghfnski curl up on the floor holding her bruised titte. The lieutenant ignored her whimpers and pulled her up by the arm. Then he pushed her towards the stash of blasters she dropped earlier and yelled at the blond to deliver the weapons! Bent over, humiliated and Eleen picked up five automatic blasters class PA13 whining that she did this to protect him! Gazing at Magdalena's posture, Stuller realized that the health instructor was actually right. Currently the Dragonfly's member in her forties was pinned down by a fifteen inch monster trying to enter her cavern while the women nearby were shooting desperately at it, trying to free the crying foreign corespondent. It occurred to Stuller that probably the fisting lover of Italian decent has been distracting Stella's canon by prying her own rear, before getting attacked by that enormous analingus... Yes, that is why they were left alone at some point up on the ladder!! Upon realizing his mistake, Lt. Stuller turned to the currently targeted by the Mao's captain top janitor's rear and was afraid to see it has already started started closing in. The lieutenant apologized profoundly and helped the polish American to get up! Before sending her back to the second group to deliver the weapons thought, he demanded to have her strong gapers and install them on the new analingus “shielding woman” Sunny. Eleen knew protesting was futile, so she accepted with great grief to part with them. In the process the blondie decided to take off her space costume too – it was useless at this point anyway. The tall man grabbed the powerful metal electrical wonder and started working on poor Sunny. He used the gadget countless times on his female colleagues - usually after spending the night with then, so the lieutenant definitely knew how to put them on a woman. First Stuller hooked it to the submissive janitor's dilapidated sphincter and then tied it to her waist. By pressing the button the entire thing stretched the crying woman's rear to the brink once again even turning her guts inside out a bit more! All this pain caused Snny to cry out loud and there she was – ready to continue attracting Stella, giving a chance to Lt. Stuller rush towards the next breeder. One dealt with – five more to go! In the meantime Eleen tattered butt naked towards the second group. Her anus looked to be a total mess: the sphincter was very loose as expected and a massive rosebud formed as if something heavy was pressing from the inside. Occasionally small worms dropped from the red folds, so it was not hard to guess what this weight might be. A pissing plug and a vaginal dildo completed all lower Dragonfly fitness instructor's pleasure attributes. Once getting within shooting range, the blond woman lifted her automatic PA13 and aimed at the fifteen inch anal destroyer!... to be continued....
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  14. If you wish to have a say which of the listed stories I should continue please vote at https://www.patreon.com/kgnoteks since there is no polling option to place here.
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    yeps thats the on!