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  1. now that u say it it makes more sence. that could explain why it could reach the stomach as well . like kinky jo.
  2. Hope have her ass wrecked (prolapse!)“Great.” Hope glanced at the pick-up address, a familiar client, and tucked it into the pocket of her cargo shorts. “I hate the feeling we’re helping someone out with something sleazy,” her lips twisted into a smile and she shot him a wink, “but I’ve got rent to pay.”Hoisting her huge, bright-yellow, messenger bag over her shoulder, she deftly grabbed her bike and wheeled it out through the door of the small lock-up unit which served as home-base for Go2Couriers. Mounting without breaking her stride, she pedalled out across the concrete yard, filtering into the trunk road traffic as if dodging between cars was the most natural thing in the world.The early-afternoon sun felt good on her bare shoulders and the caffeine buzz began to hit as her muscles started to work, pushing her between the lanes of slow moving traffic towards the glass and steel skyscrapers of downtown. As she rode, Hope mused, for the millionth time, that the students who did messenger work during their summer break didn’t really appreciate the sunshine. She’d been doing this job for four years, year-in year-out, taking the rough with the smooth, and seeing the best and worst of all seasons. Sure, it was hot today, but it beat the hell out of skidding over packed ice while being blinded by a blizzard. The strap of her bag was chafing her neck, but at least she got to work outside in shorts and a tank-top, instead of being cooped up in a crappy office, with a bunch of other sweaty people.Hopping the curb, she swung across a wide paved area, more wary of stray pedestrians than she had been of the vehicles on the road, before skidding to a halt in front of her pick-up. The company frequently used bike messengers, and had obligingly seen fit to install bicycle racks right outside their revolving doors. Hope undid the heavy chain from around her waist, wrapping it over and over around her bike in a practised motion, before snapping the padlock shut. Tugging the job sheet and her ID lanyard from her pocket, still breathing hard, she headed for the door. ***Kenji walked to the door, opening it when he heard her walking up. “Hello again, Hope. You’re looking nice. Come on in.” he said, opening the door for her. He said, “You can sit on the couch. I’m going to finish making myself some food. Want some?” he asked, locking the door behind her. He lead her through his house, in the middle of being remodelled, and waved to the couch in the living room. “You can wait there if you want. I wanted to talk with you before I gave you the 'package’.” he said, grabbing a bottle of wine from a shelf he passed and setting it on the table in front of the couch. “You can have some of that while you wait too.” he told her, before heading to the kitchen.***“Package, huh?” Hope shot him a smirk, flopping down on the couch. Suddenly out of the breeze, she suddenly felt the heat, sweat beading on her skin. Reaching out, she grabbed the bottle and undid the screw-cap, before taking a swig without waiting for a glass.“So, what did you want to 'talk’ to me about?” She called out into the kitchen.***He came back out a few moments later, some cooked meat and pasta on two plates. He sat it down in front of her, before setting one down for him. He sat down next to her, and smirked. “Ah, just wanted to… play with you again.” he said, reaching down under her as she sat on the couch cushion and dug his finger against her clothed ass. “You haven’t come by since I began remodelling my house, and I got anxious to have fun with you again.” He smiled.***No sooner had he set the plate down before her, Hope had it in one hand, shovelling forkfuls of pasta into her mouth with the other. In her line of work, you took any and every opportunity to 'refuel’.“So,” she gulped down a mouthful. “You called my work to set up a lunch date with me? We’re a courier, not an escort service, you know?” Despite her tone, she did nothing to dislodge his fingers from groping the crack of her ass through her shorts.Setting down her half-empty plate, she turned to face him. “Seriously, though, after last time I let you 'play’ with my ass, I couldn’t work for two days… And if I don’t go to work, I don’t get paid.” She gave him an apologetic shrug. “So, I thought it best if I let things drop between us.” ***“What, you’re saying you didn’t enjoy it? Hell, I am paying you anyways to come here, I could pay extra for the days you have off. I have enough money.” he told her, digging his fingers in deeper, even slightly pushing the fabric of her shorts and underwear into her asshole. “I even got a few new toys to play with. You don’t want to give them a try, Hope?” he asked, grinning. He then proceeded to calmly start eating his own food with his free hand, still fingering her ass. “I enjoy our play time a lot, I just figured we could do some more. Is it that much of a problem?” he asked, taking the bottle she drank from, taking a swig himself, as he reaching into her shorts to finger her ass with less resistance.***“Oh, I enjoyed it!” Hope leant forward, allowing his probing fingers better access to her hole, while she ravenously finished the rest of her pasta. “In fact, I think I enjoyed it a little too much; that sort of 'fun’ is dangerous! Last time I could barely walk. What if we get carried away, and I end up in hospital,” she wiped her mouth on the back of her gloved hand, “or worse?”Hope’s radio suddenly crackled into life inside her bag. “…TA on that pick-up, Hope? …should be… by now!”Rolling her eyes, she drew his hand out of her shorts before standing up and grabbing the handset. “Yeah, I’m on route, control.” Turning to Kenji with a wink, she added, “Looks like this one’s going to take longer than usual, so better make it my last job for today.”***He grinned, “Great! And who cares about the hospital. You enjoy the thought of completely destroying your ass, don’t you? prolapse it until you are dragging it across the ground as you walk, completely unable to control your bowels anymore.” he taunted leaning back around the couch and grabbing another bottle of wine. “Why don’t we start with something a little… tame, I suppose.” he said, setting the large bottle down and popping open the cap. “This shouldn’t be too bad to start with, compared to what you’re used too.”***Hope’s cheeks reddened as he described the things they had talked about so often before. “Stop it!” She bit her lip for a moment, eyeing the open bottle of wine on the low table.“Okay.” She kicked off her shoes. “I guess I’d better just accept that 'stuff’ is going to happen tonight.” Stepping out of her shorts, she shimmied her panties off over her hips, and tucked them into her bag. “But nothing too crazy!” Giving him a stern look, she stood astride the table, bending her knees until the pucker of her anus touched the rim of he bottle. With a deep breath, and a wince, she lowered herself, thighs straining, an inch of the cold bottleneck disappearing into her rear. “And if I have to take more time off… Or pay a doctor to fix my butt… You’re paying the bill!”***Kenji chuckled. “No promises about how crazy it will get. Like I told you, I bought a few toys to have fun with.” he told her, but nodded towards her second demand. “Sure, I’ll pay for your time off. Not quite sure I’ll pay to fix you though, at least until I’m in the mood to ruin you again.” he said, grinning, as he reached forward, placing a hand on her hips, slowly pushing her further onto the bottle. “Now, keep up the good work, this is quite a show for me whenever we do this.” he smirked.***Hope stuck her tongue out at him. “Well, in that case, if you want me to stick around so you can play with my broken butt, I’m charging you a day rate!” Her lips cracked into a smile, “but if it’s a show you want, let me give you a better view.”Awkwardly, she tiptoed around until she had her back to him, the base of the bottle rocking and rattling against the table as she did so. Relaxing her muscles a little, she began to slide smoothly down the tapering glass, her butt accepting about a third of the bottle, until the neck began to swell dramatically near the middle. “Ah!” Her sphincter stung, protesting the swelling intrusion. “How’s that? Good view?” ***He smiled. “The view’s wonderful, Hope. I can’t wait to see more.” he assured her, enjoying the sight immensely. He stared, seeing how she stretched around the bottle, before getting an idea. He reached forward to suddenly slide a finger through her sphincter, hooking and tugging it slightly to keep her in place, before kicking the table forward, knocking her feet from under her. He watched as gravity took over, in order to shove her down hard onto the bottle with the full force of her weight.***“Fuuuuck!” Hope yelled, taken by surprise, losing her balance. Flailing her arms to try and stay upright, her ass muscles clenched in an attempt to prevent to inevitable, to no avail. Her spread buttocks plunged downwards, hitting the table with a thump. As all but a couple of centimetres of the wine bottle suddenly filled her rectum, Hope’s anus went from being 'tight’ to 'crushingly constricting’ around his fingers, her weight squashing his hand against the table. Gasping in pain, she glared over her shoulder. “I thought you said this was going to be fucking tame!?”***He shrugged. “It started tame. Or if you don’t accept that answer, 'I lied’.” he told her, smiling, before he stood up, walking around the table, his finger still hooked in her ass, and yanked her over the table with it, forcing her onto the ground on all fours as his finger hauled her ass into the air. He smiled, hearing the 'glug glug’ sound of the wine pouring into her ass from the open bottle. He pulled his finger out of her as the wine continued draining into her, and placed his palm on the bottom of the bottle, and gave a shove, attempting to push it fully into her.***“Uuph!” Hope tried to spit her hair out of her mouth as her face was unceremoniously pressed into the carpet. She shuddered, feeling a rumbling in her tummy as the chilled liquid gushed into her colon. “Why do I get the feeling that I won’t be riding my bike home?” She shifted around, trying to get more comfortable, spreading her knees further apart.As Kenji’s palm applied pressure to the base, the bottle bottle slid deeper inside, albeit with strong resistance from the flesh it was displacing. Slowly but surely, the bottom disappeared through the gaping ring of her abused hole, still clearly visible, but technically fully inside. Hope grimaced. “I hope you have a good plan for how you’re going to get that out!”***He chuckled, “Who said you were going home tonight? I plan to have a lot of fun with you,” he grinned. He enjoyed the sight of her hole trying desperately to close around the bottle. “And I don’t really have a plan, other than see if you could push it out yourself. But not yet, of course.” he told her, grinning wider as, out of her sight, he grabbed the empty bottle they drank from earlier, and placed the base of that bottle against the poor hole, gripping the neck of the bottle and shoving it into her, pushing the first one in deeper. ***“Ah, what the fuck!? Really!?” Hope craned her neck, watching him brandishing the second wine bottle. The bases of the two bottles made a fragile clinking sound as they met, the second one easily socketing into her gaping butt behind the first. Despite his efforts to pack it in with some force, the first bottle seemed reluctant to move any deeper. Hope groaned, gritting her teeth, obviously in great discomfort. “I think that’s as deep as it’ll go. What’re you trying to do? Destroy me? …Already?”***He sighed, rolling his eyes. “I really am fine with destroying you right now, but I suppose it wouldn’t be as fun. Fine.” he said, dropping the second bottle and reaching down, grabbing Hope’s hand and pulling her up to her feet, as the wine continued to swish around within her. “Alright. let’s go to where I have all the new things,” he told her, pulling her after him with the first bottle still shoved inside of her. He pointed to the unfinished staircase, “I want to try that with you one of these days, maybe even today. But first…” he said, opening the door to a room, and revealing a lot of various things that he thought would be fun to shove into her. “Go ahead. Pick your poison.” he told her.***Awkwardly waddling after him, the bottle making it hard to move her hips properly, the wine heavy in her guts, Hope gazed in something akin to awe at the collection filling the room. “Wow!” She raised an eyebrow. “You really have been buying 'a few new toys’, haven’t you? This stuff must’ve cost a fortune!”Nude, save for her black tank-top, she moved amongst the tall heaps of sex toys, noting with concern several which looked more like genuine torture instruments, than anything constructed with sexy fun in mind. “Hey, I always wanted to try one of these!” She picked up a glossy, red plastic, butt plug, at least five inches across at the widest point. “But what the fuck,” she dropped the plug, attention caught by a pine tree-trunk, leaning against a wall, its tip roughly hewn to a point, “is that a fucking impaling post, you sick psycho!?”Eventually, however she was unable to contain her curiosity. Peering out of the door at the unfinished staircase, tilting her head to one side. “What did you mean about 'trying that’ with me? It *looks* harmless enough…”***“Oh, you know. Trying to shove that unfinished handrail up your ass. And what’s wrong with the post? Don’t you think it would be the perfect thing to absolutely ruin your ass?” he grinned, spanking her, even as the bottle shook inside of her. “That buttplug is so small, you will probably barely feel it unless other things are shoved in with it. Whatever. Choose what you to play with soon, or I’ll choose for you.” he warned her, slapping her ass again to send her into the center of the room to look around.***Hope hopped away from his slapping palm, wishing she hadn’t as the wine slopped around inside her. She eyed the freshly carved pine spike. “At least it doesn’t look as if you’ve used it,” she swallowed, “yet.”Gazing around, she tried desperately to find something that looked as if it might not disembowel her. Predictably, everything in the room appeared to be engineered for the destruction of the lower bowel. Her eyes alit upon a metal briefcase with “Ann Summers” stencilled on the side. “Hey, what’s in here?” She asked innocently, picking it up and bringing it over to Kenji. Whatever was inside was at least small enough to fit in a briefcase, and Anne Summers wouldn’t make anything dangerous, would they? She spied him eyeing up a sinister contraction, covered in rusty iron spikes, and quickly made up her mind. “Nope, we’ll us this!” She waved the case. “Whatever it is.”***He shrugged. “If you say so,” he said, before opening the case. It opened to reveal… a small thick looking rubber ball attached to a small handpump. The ball was about the size of a baseball. Kenji grinned, looking at the two things. “I got this on sale. I won’t exactly say what it does just yet, but it should be fun. Now lean over,” he told her, holding up the ball and long hose connecting it. “Spread yourself, and try to push out the bottle, unless you want to play with the bottle inside of you too. That would always be a fun thing to try.”***Hope frowned suspiciously at the rubber ball, before turning and dropping onto all fours. Experimentally, she tried to bear down on the bottle filling her rump. Nothing happened. Shifting her knees apart, she wriggled her arms into a better position and took a deep breath. With an almighty effort she ordered her rectal muscles to contract and force the intruder out, but it was buried too deep, the smooth glass denying her awkwardly displaced musculature any purchase.Finally, she gave up with a frustrated grunt. “Nope. It’s stuck! I told you this was going to happen.”***He shrugged, a grin on his face. “Oh well. That just means you get to play with them both,” he told her, palming the rubber ball in one hand, taking the small pump in his other hand and looking at the long tube connecting them. He smirked, kneeling down behind her, and punched forward, shoving the entire ball, as well as his arm, into her ass, even pushing the bottle deeper from the sudden force of his arm thrust. After slamming nearly half his arm into her, he slowly withdrew, and grinned again. “And now, let’s see what this does,” he said, before rapidly squeezing the pump, causing the thick rubber ball to suddenly start ballooning, it’s skin thick enough to still pressure her ass.***Hope yelled in pained surprise as he punched the base of the bottle, jamming it through her sigmoid bend and into her colon with a softly audible crunch of cartilage. “Careful! Don’t break it!” She yelped, “I may be a butt whore, but I don’t want an ass full of broken glass, thank you!”The ball fit snugly inside her already misshapen rectum, one domed side with the trailing hose protruding from the puffy ring of her open anus. Once he began pumping, the flesh surrounding her hole started to bulge, the ball inside her swelling irresistibly, its pressure beginning to squeeze her insides as it continued to expand.***He rolled his eyes. “Alright, alright. I’ll try to not break it.” he told her, before continuing to pump the ball larger and larger, stretching her ass. “I think the next thing we’ll do, is that.” he pointed to the impaling post. 'Unless you have another item in mind to do next. But first, we should enjoy the ball.“ he said, squeezing the pump again and again in a rhythmic tempo, constantly expanding the rubber ball inside of her, the strong skin of the ball pushing the bottle even deeper into her. ***"What, really?” Hope looked uneasily at the sharpened tree trunk. “I mean it seems an appropriate end for a butt-slut like me, and I can’t say I haven’t fantasized about it, but…” She bit her lip. The ball had swollen enough to visibly bloat her tummy, stabbing pain from her ovaries as they were squashed against her muscular abdominal wall. “It’s just; this is my life we’re talking about here! I feel like getting iced for the sake of a private sex game is selling it kind of cheaply!”***He rolled his eyes. “Fine then. Choose something else to use then. We will get to it eventually, but all you have to do is find things to play with until we have to delay. Otherwise, I will see that tree shoved up your ass. You can’t admit it wouldn’t be fun, but I guess I could wait if you find other toys you want to try out first.” he told her, but never stopped pumping the ball larger and larger, pushing the bottle and wine deeper and deeper.***It occurred to Hope that nothing short of surgery was going to get that wine bottle out now. With a sigh, she resigned herself to what she had had known would happen if she ever saw Kenji again. “Fine, then… But if you’re intent on destroying my ass… And taking it *all* the way… Could we at least film this, or something?” She squirmed, her tummy grossly distended by the swollen ball in her rectum, straining asshole stretched tight across its shiny surface. “I know I’d regret it, if my destruction didn’t get posted all over the internet.” She gave him a weak smile over her shoulder. “You might wanna ease off on that pump there; I feel as if I’m about to burst!”***He nodded, “Fair enough.” he said, dropping the pump and picking up a video camera from the various things in the room. He set it up on a table, looking at them. “Here you go, one video of your ass being completely destroyed, coming up!” he grinned, walking back to her. He sat down, …and quickly snatched the pump, squeezing it quickly and rapidly just to get a last bunch of pumps into the ball. He finally stops, squeezing slowly. “Ok. Now, pick what you want to use next.” he told her.***Grunting, Hope rolled back into a crouch, on the balls of her feet. Her belly felt obscene, bloated as if she were heavily pregnant. She glanced at the camera, cheeks reddening once more. “It’s kind of hot, knowing this is *definitely* ending up on facebook… Hi mom!” She giggled nervously.Her eyes roved over the jumbled piles of sexual paraphernalia. “There’s so much to choose from…” She briefly tried to envisage what the power drill with the brutal looking, cone shaped, screw attachment would do to her insides. She almost chose the piston powered fucking machine with the surprisingly normal looking dildo on the end, until she spotted the tiny, barbed, spines dotted along its length. “How about that?” She finally pointed to a wide, steel, transmission funnel, sitting beside a collection of bottles and cans.***“Sure.” he said, grinning. “I was kind of hoping you would pick the drill or the dildo machine, but this is fine too.” he said, naming the two things she had looked at. He then walked over, grabbing it, before returning. “Let’s see how much we could fit in you.” he said, joyfully. He then shoved the small hose at the end of the funnel past Hope’s ruined ass, sliding it past the expanded ball. He brought over a few of the bottles and cans, various liquids in each. “Ok then. What should we pour in first. I’ll let you decide.”***Yelling, and slapping the floor with her palm, as he jammed the ribbed hose past the ball in her ass, the metal pinching her flesh cruelly, Hope blinked at the collection of bottles. “These all seem,” her gaze drifted over tin of paint, bottle of various oils, a jar of glass beads, ball bearings, and a five gallon drum of epoxy resin, “utterly horrible.”She bit her lip and looked up at him with a wink. “I don’t suppose you need the bathroom, do you?”***His grin stretched wide across his face. “I absolutely love how much of an anal slut you are. I love the way you think.” he said, fishing his cock out of his pants. “Speaking of which, I do need to go after that nice dinner.” he played along, aiming his tip at the funnelled end of the hose. “Well, this should work nicely…” he said, before sighing out, spraying a stream of piss into the hose, the warm liquid flowing through it and into her ass. ***“Do you love me enough to reconsider impaling me?” Hope could hear his urine gushing into the funnel. The small gap that remained between the inflated ball and the bottle in her colon quickly filled with piss, and the level in the funnel began to rise. “You could keep my ass to serve as your personal urinal. Or, lend me out, if you wanted?” As his flow diminished to a trickle, the funnel began to empty, piss somehow leaking past the bottle to join the wine bloating her intestines.***He frowned, “That’s a very reasonable offer, damn. Now you are making it hard to choose. I’d always enjoy the sight of you impaled on the spike, but I also want to keep you as my urinal. Oh well, the spike can always wait,” he grinned, nodding as he decided. “Ok, I’ll use your ass as my toilet.” he told her, watching the funnel finish draining his piss. “Alright. now what next? Just because I’m not going to impale you yet, doesn’t change the fact that I’m not done with you.”***Allowing herself a sigh of relief, Hope shifted onto one elbow to look at him. “Well, I’m not going to make a very good toilet with this bottle plugging up my guts, am I?” She glanced at the barrel of epoxy. “Perhaps we can get it out, somehow?”***He grinned, “Sure.” and grabbed a small barrel of the epoxy. “Here it comes,” he told her, quickly tipping it into the funnel, watching the liquid slowly fill her, mixing with the wine and piss.***“Uh, did you add the hardener?” Hope wriggled. “There should be a sachet or something; taped to the barrel, maybe?” She reached back, giving the pump hose attached to the ball a flick with her finger, eliciting a hollow sounding rubbery twang. “You’re going to need to mix it in. I think this thing is going to have to come out.”***He shrugged, making a fake sigh. “Alright.” he said, unscrewing the pump from the hose and letting the ball slowly deflate inside of her. Once it was back to the baseball size, he pulled it out from her ass, and grabbed the sachet from the barrel, and said, “So, what do you want to use to mix it in?”***Hope’s fully open rectum released the ball with a wet sucking sound, trails of sticky liquid coating the tattered looking rim of her gaping hole. The pooled epoxy was visible deep inside. “Um,” Hope cast around. “Something disposable; that stuff sets hard.” She looked at the drill again. “That could get messy, but maybe you have an attachment that’s not going to spray it all out, everywhere?” Experimentally, she squeezed her abdominal muscles, her ass winking partially closed for a moment, emitting another loud squelch as the epoxy disappeared deeper into her colon. “Better top me up, too.”***He shrugged. “Sure.” he said, attaching a small clear cone around the drill, to keep it all from spilling as it spun. “There. won’t be as messy now.” he said, before grabbing the rest of the barrel, and began pouring it all into the funnel, watching it slowly fill her ass, mixing with the hardener. He then shoved the tip of the drill into her, pushing it down until the cone hit her asscheeks. He then grinned, and said, “Here it comes,” before pulling the trigger, causing the drill to spin rapidly, churning the epoxy, wine, and piss mixture.***“Uh-UH-uh-UH-uh-UH-uh!” Hope’s whole body shook, and she felt as if he has just shoved a washing machine up her as. The fat screw on the drill pounded against her insides, further tenderizing her already mistreated flesh. She gritted her teeth, holding on until she was sure it must have thoroughly mixed the mess inside her. “O-o-kkkaaay! Tthaats enooughh!”As the drill slowed and was withdrawn, sticky grey-brown liquid dripped from the cone, but her butthole remained filled to the brim, leaking only a trickle over the downward edge, which flowed in a wide ribbon over her the curve of her perineum to coat her much neglected vulva with its rapidly thickening filth. “Just gotta leave it for ten minutes, I guess.” ***He nodded, and tossed the drill aside. “So, what should we do to kill the time, or should we just wait?” he asked, smirking at the sight of her ass now that he got a good look at her, with no toys blocking the view. ***“Well, I have to stay very still, but that doesn’t mean you have to!” Hope grinned, carefully beckoning him closer. Reaching up, she grasped his dick and began tugging on his dick, pumping it as much as she dared to without moving her body too much. Anything to distract herself from the fact that she had a giant mass solidifying in her ass that might be physically impossible to remove without disembowelling her.***He grinned, sitting there, and feeling her stroke his cock off quickly. “I like this idea a lot.” he said, walking to her front to move his dick to her face, saying, “Why don’t you suck it, or you can keep stroking so I can spray on your face.” he said, patting her head, waiting for the stuff to dry, and his approaching orgasm.***Hope paused, giving the camera a sidelong glance. She smirked up at him, and began pumping his cock more firmly than before. “I want you to blow *all over* my face! And in my hair. Fucking paint me with your spunk.”***He shuddered from her dirty talk, and grinned. “As you wish,” he said, feeling his climax quickly approach. “Here it comes!” he warned her, before spraying out a flood of cum, drenching her face and hair in his sperm. He covered her face and hair in a glaze of sticky white liquid, the thick fluid matting her hair down. ***“AaaaAHaah!” Hope did her best to keep milking his cock, pumping every last spurt from its tip. Jism coated her tightly closed eyelids, her mouth gaping wide gasping for the air which her bunged nostrils could not find.“Urgh.” When his orgasm subsided, she wiped her eyes with the back of her hand, smearing dark make-up over her cheekbones. Blinking stickily, she opened them. With a sudden shock when she tried to shift her weight, she realised her lower body didn’t seem to be flexing the way it usually. In fact, it didn’t seem to want to bend at all. “Uh, shit.” She struggled to look over her shoulder at her own ass, smearing spunk over herself as she did so. “I think it’s set.”***He grinned. “Alright. Now what should we do with it? Yank it out, along with the bottle? or what?” he asked, walking behind her and staring at the hard mass inside her asshole. He reached down, patting the hard material, feeling it and seeing how hard it was.***“That’s the plan.” Hope nodded. “Or it was; it kind of feel like it’s stuck to my insides though.” She bit her lip. “Can you get a grip on it, at all?”In the hollow between her buttocks where her asshole should be, the pooled epoxy mixture had solidified into something resembling very hard plastic, completely flush with the opening in her flesh. Somewhat appropriately, the spillage had formed a smooth, rigid, crust, sealing her vagina completely. “I guess, if you can’t, you *could* drill it and put a hook in or something. But please be *very* careful if you do that, okay?”***He grinned, grabbing the drill again. He placed the tip on the epoxy mixture, and smirked. “Alright. I’ll be sure to be *very* careful.” He said, pulling the trigger and pushing, drilling into the mixture, and her ass again. He continued, pushing it deeper, even as he looked away in search for a hook. He was not paying attention, possibly on purpose, to what the hook was doing to her insides.***“Ouch! Woah! I *said* be careful!” Hope squirmed forward away from the plunging drill bit as it bored through her ass-resin at a drunken angle. While the drill was spinning to a halt, she reached back to gingerly finger the rough edge of the hole it had made. “I guess that’ll have to do.”Looking about her, she spied a hefty looking D-ring attached to large item of bondage apparatus. “Hey, what about that?” ***He nodded. “That’ll work.” he said, walking over and grabbing it. He returned, attaching the D-ring to the hardened epoxy, and hooked his finger through it. “Ready? On the count of 3.” he told her, tensing his muscles to yank out the mixture. “1…” He suddenly yanked it out, purposefully not giving her the chance to prepare herself.***“Nnnnnnnngh!” Hope groaned, balling her fists. Her bowels felt as if they were being torn out through her ass, and she could well believe that was indeed what was happening. His arm muscles strained, and the flesh between her buttocks bowed outwards, stretching into a cone. He tugged harder, her insides audibly cracking and shifting, and finally the resin casting started to protrude from the lip of her hole, slowly working its way out, as an expanding lip of red-raw ass meat peeled away from it.***He grinned, grabbing the ring with both hands, and standing up. He began backing away, slowly drawing out the resin casting, enjoying the sight of the prolapsed ass coming out with it. He made sure that the camera got a good angle of it, and finally yanked again, pulling the entire mixture out, except for the bit attached to the bottle, that was still jammed in her organ. “Ready for me to pull the bottle out?” he asked with a grin, ready to yank it as soon as she gave the OK.***The resin formed a smooth cast of the inside of her stretched hole, perfect except for large, sharp edged, bubbles or depressions where pockets of other fluid had been trapped inside her. Groaning, Hope chewed her lower lip, well aware that he was hauling her guts out, but unable to think of an alternative to rid herself of the wine bottle buried inside her. “Nnn-huh,” she nodded.***He chuckled, and tightened his grip. “Alright then. Here we go!” he yanked powerfully, the bottle ending up yanking her colon down with it, before finally bursting out with a wet “POP”, leaving her with the horribly prolapsed ass, the red meat drooping down to lay on the ground below her. He chuckled, dropping the cast and bottle to the ground, and he stepped forward, grinding her assmeat under his foot for a bit. “How disgusting,” he laughed at her.***With her entire rectum and anus turned inside out, Hope yelped and stiffened when she felt his shoe grinding her tender guts against the hard, dirty, floor. Between her knees, the resin lump with the wine bottle stuck in the end represented a record of the last time her bowel would look anything like that of a normal, healthy, human being. She turned her head, looking upset. “But… I thought you *liked* girls with wrecked asses?”***He laughed. “I never said I didn’t love it. I just said it looked disgusting. I absolutely love girls with wrecked asses,” he smirked, taking his shoe off in order to squat down and grab the lump of ruined flesh, standing up again with it hanging from his hand. “So, what should we do with this now? do you see another toy you’d like to try on it? or maybe something could be used to pull even more out from you.” he seemed eager for that idea.***“More!? I…” Hope swallowed, nervously, well aware of the varied torture tools strewn around the room. It seemed as if he really meant to rip her apart tonight. “I guess… I mean, I don’t know if there’s much left inside me.” Was it her imagination, or was her waist a little slimmer already?“You know,” she looked up, hopefully, “you could always just stuff it back inside. You could even call up some of your friends, and invite them to come and use me as a piss and cum bucket, if you want?” She hoped she sounded convincing, despite the tremor in her voice.***He grinned. “Well, I want to see exactly how much is left. But I suppose that’s a reasonable request.” he said, but thought out loud, “But we could always stuff it back in after we pull even more out. I want to ruin it just that little bit more before I call my friends to use you as a toilet.” he said, smirking. “I want you to be able to shit out your entire colon whenever I tell you to, by the time we’re done.” he said with a grin. “So, one more toy to try and pull out what’s left, and then we will stuff it back in and I’ll call my friends. Thanks for that suggestion by the way.”***Hope frowned, feeling as if she’d been tricked into something, but not quite sure how. After all, any chance of escaping with her insides intact was long gone. She groped for the slimy inflatable ball between her knees. “This did a pretty good job of busting my rectum,” she gave it a squeeze, “perhaps you could pack it in really deep this time. Might help to break my colon loose, maybe?”***Kenji grinned, and took the ball from her. “Ok then. ball it is,” he said, picking up the grossly prolapsed ass, and rather than push it in, he kept it out, and instead slid the ball into the hole at the end, forcing it in deep with his arm, until barely any of the hose was still sticking out from the red assmeat. He grinned, reattaching the pump, and began squeezing it again and again, this time rather than just expanding in her intestines, it was in her organs themselves. He continued pumping it wider and wider, as his other hand toyed and played with the assmeat that was along the length of the tube.***For a little while, Hope thought perhaps it wasn’t working. Maybe, the hose had com loose, or the ball had a puncture? Then she realised it was becoming difficult to breath, and the stomach cramps with starting. “Oh…”Looking down, below her pendular boobs, and just under her breastbone, her belly was beginning to swell again. The bulge was a different shape this time, part of her body stretching and expanding, that unlike those lower down, were never intended to cope this bearing children.***He smiled at the sight of the bulge, and began squeezing the pump even quicker, ballooning the ball even faster. He let go of her assmeat, and ran a finger along the large bulge, feeling the stretched skin and organs beneath. He continued feeling each pulse of the ball as it expanded, feeling her soft belly as she bulged out, and continued his pumping hand.***The hem of Hope’s tank-top began to tear under the pressure of her bloating abdomen. Her chest moved rapidly, fighting for every shallow breath, and her a sharp pain stabbed at her kidneys. “Don’t you think,” she gasped, “that’s enough? It would be a shame if I suffocated… With so much left undone.”***He nodded. “Good point.” and gave a few more squeezes. “Alright. That should be good. Now, let’s yank it out, unless you have something else you want to do first.” he said, tightening his hands on the tube, preparing to pull it out. “You ready?” he asked, grinning, enjoying the sight of her bulged belly.***Hope’s eyes shot wide open. “Are you crazy!? There’s no way it’ll fit through my pelvis unless you deflate it first!” But it was too late, he had already started pulling. t was slow going at first, but gradually, with repeated yanking and releasing, the bulge began to move lower in her torso. For a moment, it did indeed seem to jam against her pelvis, but before long a bulge appeared in her exterior ass meat, growing large with each tug, as her belly began to deflate behind it.Hope groaned, squeezing her eyes tightly closed. Freed from the confines of her body cavity, the balloon was swelling to a much greater size, expanding her prolapsed colon with it, like a huge pink balloon. It hurt like hell.***The sight of her expanding colon as the balloon slowly emerged from her destroyed ass made him smile. He grinned, seeing her deflated belly, and gave the pump another squeeze, for the hell of it. He then once again tightened his grip on the hose, and gave her a smirk, before yanking the balloon out completely, and with it, her colon and other organs.***“URGOWMYFUCKINGGUTS!” Hope exclaimed, writhing as the huge balloon was dragged through her prolapse, tugging the entirety of her colon out behind it. A painful churning filled her abdomen as her small intestine shifted, pulled after its larger cousin, her abdominal cavity suddenly much less crowded. At least a couple of feet of angry red, tubular, meat landed in a tangled pile between her knees.Straightening to a kneeling position, the heap of guts squashing beneath her butt, she frowned, experimentally feeling her waist. “Wow! Better than liposuction!”***He smiled, laughing a bit at her joke, and picked up the multiple feet of assmeat from the floor. “Hmm…” he said, hooking his fingers in it and beginning to stretch it, seeing how far he could open the tube of meat. He grinned, “I wonder if we can actually make you into a meat toilet.” he said, trying to stretch her guts into a bowl shape, working it in his fingers as he did so. He stopped the stretching for a moment, smirking, and said, “Before that though, I need to piss again,” he said, sliding the red tube of meat over his cock, using it as a cocksleeve to jack off, as he began pissing in her bowels again. ***It was an odd sensation, feeling his hot urine begin to gush through the fleshy pipe that used to be her insides. “I’d say I’m already well on the way!” His fingers pinched her tender meat, pumping his dick with her ass-tube. “Maybe need to bust my hole open wider, for easier access. Oh, and find something to plug me up with too, to stop anything leaking out between fillings.”***He smiled, and continued pumping her assmeat up and down his cock. “Sounds like fun. Once again, your choice what we use for that. I want to see what your depraved mind thinks of to ruin your ass beyond all comprehension.” he said, speeding up the stroking of his cock. “Anything in this room, or anything in this house. I’ll let you decide what we use to turn your ass into the toilet it was meant to be.”***“Mmmm…” Hope cast her eyes around the now familiar inventory of perversion. “I’d kind of like to try that, while I still can.” She waved at the heavy looking piston fuck-machine. “Obviously, that won’t do, though.” The floppy rubber dildo on the end of the fat stainless steel pole was embarrassingly undersized for her recently remodelled rear entrance.***Kenji smiled, and walked over to the piston, removing the dildo. “Well, maybe we can improvise, and combine it with something else. You see anything that might fit that new ass of yours?” he grinned, starting the machine to test it, causing the piston rod to suddenly begin moving back and forth at a rapid speed, blurring from how fast it was moving, until he turned it off again, satisfied. “We could try something like the ball again, but it’s not hard enough to really do it…”***Hope jumped at the sudden screech of the motor, biting her lip in trepidation at the sight of the rod reciprocating so quickly. “Um,” she gulped, “I can’t really even see how big I am now.” Reaching back, she trailed her fingers round the ragged lip of her butt 'hole’ with its trailing length of insides still hanging out. “I don’t even,” she paused, catching sight of what she had originally mistaken for a small footstool. “That, maybe?”Half-buried beneath the heap of filth she nodded at was an enormous, shiny, red, buttplug, tall and easily a couple of wider than Hope’s hips.***Kenji grinned, and walked over, shifting through the pile until he finally uncovered the buttplug. “Good choice.” he told her, bringing the huge red plug to the machine, and screwing it on. “So, you think you can haul your ragged ass over here, or should I bring this to you?” he asked, making the decision for her, as he walked over and picked up the long red tube of assmeat, yanking her towards the machine by it. He then placed it on the tip of the plug and slowly rolled it over, pulling it over the plug in a way similar to foreskin. He then grinned, and turned the machine on…***Hope awkwardly scrambled backwards, dragged by her prolapsed guts, winding up on all fours beneath the piston of the machine, with the monster plug pointing down at her butt at a forty-five degree angle. When Kenji started sliding her colon over the plug, she winced, but the stretchy membrane slid over with ease, wrinkling up as it approached the middle of the cone. It wasn’t long before the end of the plug was nestling between her buttocks, inside the crumpled, red, sock of her flesh.WHIRRDUH-DUH-DUH-DUHDUDHDUHDUHDUH!When the switch was flipped, the plug instantly began slamming into her so hard that Hope had to brace her palms against the floor to avoid being pushed forwards. In addition to the rapid thumping of hard plastic against meat and bone, a wet slapping sound could be heard as the plug repeatedly plunged her prolapse into her, and immediately dragged it right back out again. As the seconds passed, it was obvious that more and more of the plug was being pounded deeper into her, brutally bashing its way into her torso.***Kenji grinned, watching the plug hammer deeper and deeper into Hope. He squatted down next to her, and said, “Having fun?” as he hooked a hand around the front of her hips, and pushed her slightly closer to the machine, to make the hammering piston slam even deeper. He then walked around her, and pulled out his cock. “Say, do you think you know of a way to let me have some fun as well?” he asked, pointing it at her face.***With teary eyes, Hope grimaced up at him. “Watching this machine - AH! - fucking butcher me isn’t *fun* enough?” She growled between gritted teeth.Her hips were bulging strangely, with a little over half the plug thumping into her. Between her thighs, the resin was cracking off the flexing skin of her pussy, leaving it an insignificant pink notch on the edge of her rapidly expanding ass hole. She shifted, angling her butt upwards, and the plug immediately sank deeper in, eliciting a long groan.***He shrugged. “Fine, I’ll settle for watching the show.” he said, before placing his hands on her shoulders, and began pushing her back even closer to the pistoning buttplug, watching it slam deeper and deeper into the expanding asshole. He grinned, and let go of her shoulders, walking around to get a better view. Once he was back, next to the machine, he found a small dial, that he turned ever so slightly to the right, causing the bucking piston to speed up even faster.***Suddenly, Hope let out an agonized scream. With a series of sickening, cracking, crunches, her pelvic ligaments gave way, the bone crushed aside by the onslaught. Her hips collapsed, and she flopped, face in the carpet, lower body supported only by the still-pumping piston. Inhumanly scaled as it was, the bulge of the giant plug had penetrated her, plunging into a now colossal gaping hole between her limp thighs. The screams continued unabated, as the conical tip punched hard into her abdomen, now directly battering the precious organs within. ***Kenji grinned widely, turning the dial even higher, as he hooked an arm around her leg and pulled her even closer, letting the machine piston even deeper. “Keep it up, hope. You’re doing great.” he told her, smiling as he watched the plug pound into the gaping hole, smashing through her hips again and again.THE END…?
  3. The small intestine in adults is a longand narrow tube about 7 meters (23 feet) long. The large intestine is so called because it is wide in diameter. However, it is shorter than the small intestine — only about 1.5 meters (5 feet) long." i am just posting this pls dont hate me. it is just here.
  4. TO CALL IT FILLER WOULD BE RUDE by Nasthybeth So, I’ve been struggling pathetically to finish any proper stories, so I thought I might be able to fob some of you off with logs from some of the ‘sexy’ online roleplaying I’ve been doing recently. 'Enjoy’! P sits on the bed, legs crossed. “I don’t have enough time to clean up between all the crazy sex I have,” she explains. “Hmm…I’ve 'had’ you, but I don’t think you belong to me.” Bethan toys with the condom, weighing the weighty load in her palm as the fingers of her other hand pinch the rolled opening. She shrugs. “True dat! Still, as apartments go around here, at least, I think yours has a certain sort of class."P grins "Well, it’s also above a bar. I never have to take a cab home after last call.” She kicks her feet gently, idle. “Because mine doesn’t have a rift to another dimension in it?” “There’s that.” Bethan agrees, tying off the neck of the condom. “Anyone would think you were saving all theseon purpose.” With a flick of her wrist she chucks it in P’s general direction. P catches it, briefly wondering who helped her fill that particular one. “Maybe I did just to bother you?” She teases. “You jealous? Or maybe you want to help me fill one yourself?” She grins playfully. “Ah, who am I kidding, you’re Miss Bareback over there.” Bethan raises an eyebrow. “Who me? I think you’ll find I actually kind of like the idea of having an apartment full of water-balloons brimming with weeks-old jism!” She giggles. “If you want to add to your collection, I would be more than happy to oblige.” P frowns a little “Hey, I don’t clean up /that/ rarely!” She goes into her side table - also a mess - and retrieves a box of the things, pulling one out. 'XXL, Studded for her pleasure’. She offers it to Bethan. “Well, you can always invite me over to your place for sex, use a condom, and then save it if you want to start a collection of your own.” “Thanks, I think.” She tears open the foil, letting it drop into the accumulated detritus, and inspects the circle of lumpy, black, latex. “I might even be willing to help you get rid of some the backlog you have lying around here.” She winks. “Now, sit yourself down, and let’s get you rubbered up.” P unzips those jeans and wriggles them off. The now-familiar shaft of her cock rests comfortably against her thighs, currently pretty much flaccid. She spreads her legs a little, letting it dangle, and sticks out her tongue playfully, showing Bethan her tongue stud. “Sick,” P says, as if that’s a bad thing, and playfully flips the bird. Bethan nods. “Yeeeeeah.” Spreading P’s knees, she kneels, taking the weight of her fuck-meat in one hand, whilst still carefully pinching the condom in the other. “This won’t do…” She frowns, awkwardly trying to pump the heavy flesh-log one handed. “Do we need to stick some of this vast porn collection on, or something?” P raises an eyebrow, looking down at her friend. “It’s not nearly as vast as yours. I’ve got like, Butt Sluts Go Nuts volume 3 and Herms Gone Wild and that’s it.” She shrugs. “Why don’t YOU do something sexy to get me hard?” She suggests. Now there’s a novel idea! “Oh, I love Butt Sluts Go Nuts! Volume eight is the best, though.” Bethan sucks her lip for a moment. “Hmm… Okay. Hold on to this for me.” She delicately balances the condom on P’s knee, before standing up. Unzipping her skirt, she shimmies out of it, and her navy blue panties soon follow. Wasting a moment trying to find a space to put them, she finally just dumps them atop the junk on the side table. With her back to P she kneels again, bending over the heap of magazines on the coffee table. Shuffling her knees apart until her boobs are squashed against the pile of glossy paper, she reaches back and experimentally sticks an index finger into her asshole. “Is this helping?” P grins and watches the show. Bethan can see it’s working by the way P’s organ swells and stiffens. “Not bad. And here I was thinking that the only way you knew how to turn people on was to show them your kinky porn stuff.” She jerks her half-stiffy slowly, matching pace with Bethan’s finger as if imagining she’s fucking her friend’s ass right now. Bethan giggles. “Isn’t this pretty much the same thing?” Withdrawing her finger, she promptly sticks it in her mouth. Hacking and gagging noises follow, as she attempts to slather her whole hand with spit, before returning it to her anus, this time with a second finger poked in beside the first. “Hey, I don’t suppose you’d happen to have any lube buried somewhere around here, would you?” P says “Well, the condom is lubricated,” indicating the latex object balanced on her thigh. But that’s not exactly what Bethan is after. She rummages around in her side table again. “Aha, mineral oil, for unsticking those stubborn assholes.” She grabs the condom and lube and steps over to where Bethan is bent over, making sure to playfully whack those asscheeks with her growing erection as she delivers them both. Bethan’s squeak accompanies the wet smack of cock on oily buttock, as P pours oil all over her ass. The stream welling around her fingers quickly finds its way inside, and she almost immediately adds a third digit, sighing at the ease with which it slides in. Moments later, she sniffs. “Is that *engine oil*!?” Giving P a frown over her shoulder. “I’m not sure that’s going to be safe with condoms, is it?” P raises an eyebrow again “I said Mineral oil, hon. It’s like baby oil without the perfume. Why would I put engine grease in your asshole?” Although that’d be kinky, it’s probably not healthy. Also pretty gross. “Do you wanna put this thing on me?” She offers, as an opportunity for extra sexy. “Or, I could just slip it on and cram myself into that ass that you’re preparing so nicely for me.” “I wanna… Try something. Give me the condom.” Withdrawing her fingers from her ass, leaving it oily and gaping slightly upon their exit, Bethan takes the condom, and with one fingers poked into its teat, carefully pokes the tip into her waiting anus. Gingerly removing her finger, the rubber remains in place, a black circle between her spread white cheeks. P grins as she gets what Bethan is attempting. She positions herself within that circle and slides in, filling the condom and Bethan simultaneously. Of course, she didn’t get any smaller since the last time they met, either, so it’s still a little bit of work to get her huge member inside. She wiggles her hips side to side and pulls on the porn-addict’s hips to make it easier. “Uuurgh!” Bethan buries her face in the pile of magazines. Despite her finger fucking, it’s still a shock to feel P’s thick dick forcing her sphincter open, and being plunged inside, the oil which has pooled in her rectum squirting out around it and dripping down her belly. “Did it work?” She finally reaches back, fingers fumbling around her stretched hole for the rolled lip of the condom. “Or am I going to be fishing that thing out of my guts, later?” P hmms, pulling back out again. The condom sticks to her unlubricated flesh easily enough, coming back out with her. “Nope, I think it’s fine,” She says, plunging back in. “I think you’d like it if you had to, though,” She teases, knowing how much Bethan likes 'the butt stuff’. She thrusts slow, so that they can talk, and Bethan can get her insides fully un-knotted for that thick shaft of hers. “I would not!” Bethan peers back over her shoulder, just to make sure she can see the dark sheath around P’s cock as it slides out. Her lips twist into a grin. “Well, maybe I would, but only if I had someone to help.” Breathing deeply, she goes through her usual routine of trying to relax, and twisting her body a little, so P can penetrate her colon comfortably. The oil really helps, and soon the press of hip-bones against her buttocks tells her that she’s being ploughed right to the hilt. P isn’t exactly gentle, but then she’s not going out of her way to hurt Bethan either as she starts to thrust, giving it to Bethan deep and slow. “Mmf, fuck, top three asses of all time right here,” She compliments, that experienced sphincter driving her wild. “Ooh, when I’m done, I could just pull out and fuck your pussy,” She suggests. It wouldn’t even be gross, since she wouldn’t have the condom on. “Heey! Only top three!? What the fuck!?” Bethan closes her eyes for a moment, concentrating on dealing with the fucking her bowels are taking. “You’d better hope I never find out who number one and two are, because I guarantee those asses would *never* be the same after I got done with them."P grunts as she violates Bethan’s behind, a little harder now, but no less deep. "Who says you’re number…nfff…three?” She asks. “I just haven’t had a side-by-side comparison to determine who’s the best yet.” The jealousy is pretty cute though, it’s nice that Bethan takes pride in her… well, work. “Christ, Bethy, your ass is amazing.” “Oh yeah? I’ll give you your 'side-by-side comparison’!” Bracing her palms against copies of Butt Slutz Go Nutz and Country Gardens Magazine, Bethan slams herself back against P’s thighs, impaling herself with all her might. “Come on! Fuck me like you mean it!” P oofs as Bethan actively pushes back against her, but, if she says she can take it… She groans pleasurably and grips Bethan’s hips, slamming her own forward as though she were fucking a pussy instead. Nothing held back, no admissions for the fact that it might get sore from a rough pounding, just pure, raw fucking. Her hips make nasty wet slaps against Bethan’s butt as she rails the girl as hard as she can. “Guhh…Bethy, wait” She manages to say before being overtaken with orgasm, her body spasming as she fills that condom with hot spunk to the point where it swells inside of Bethan, making her feel even more full than before. Bethan shrieks with delight when she feels the tip of the condom ballooning, deep within her guts, as P continues to drain her balls inside her. Face flushed and panting from the hard ride, she still manages a grin. “Damn, I love safe sex!” P pants for a bit, holding still until she’s done filling up that condom. “Mmh, did I convert you?” P asks, giving her a few more thrusts which just stirs the cum up a bit. “For comparison, here’s without protection.” As promised, she pulls out, leaving the condom inside with a 'snap’ of taut latex. Then, she slips her oversized member into Bethan’s exposed pussy, still not exactly being gentle. “Uuurrk!” Bethan claws at the edge of the table as P abruptly fills her pussy with her still rock hard, cum-slick, rod. Reaching between her legs, her fingers trace the bulge of the fat cock beneath her the skin of her belly. Squeeze from within, a little cum bubbles from the trailing neck of the condom hanging from her ravaged ass hole. “Better tie that off.” P does so, slowly thrusting into Bethan to keep her busy while she ties a little knot in the condom, pulling it slowly out. “How’s that?” she asks, showing the inflated condom to Bethan before setting it aside. She’s much more 'standard’ when it comes to fucking Bethan’s pussy, taking pleasure in the fact that she can fill her all the way up. When she thrusts deeply, the head of her cock kisses the porn-shop worker’s cervix, bottoming out. Bethan grunts, stars of pain flashing behind her eyes as P bumps her cervix. “Ow!” She blinks at the pendular sack of spunk, watching it wobble as P tosses it aside. “So much!” The oily rim of her anus gapes between her buttocks. “Feels weird to get fucked in the ass, and *not* be left with a load of cum inside me, though.” P doesn’t do it TOO often, of course. She still wants Bethan to get off, after all. “Well then, maybe I should remedy that?” Now that Bethan’s back hole is clear, she pulls out yet again, to slide into that well-lubricated colon. Now it’s got oil, pussy juices, and the lubricant on the condom, making for a nicely slick fit. “Oooh, do that thing where you got mad at me, again,” She requests - It /did/ seem to get her to blow a load in short order, after all. Bethan bites her lip, shifting her body again to make way for P’s sudden lane-change. “Oh, you don’t have to produce a new batch, just for *me*!” Her eyes dart to the various filled condoms around the room. “I mean, I just thought I could help you get rid of some of those, if you want?” Her insides give the intruding dick an encouraging squeeze. P hmms “Well, it’s not like there’s a shortage going on,” She explains, grinding her hips in a circle to stir up Bethan’s insides nicely. “But it’s still best when it’s fresh.” Seems she’s intent on giving Bethan the full experience all over again, her very own side-by-side comparison so to speak. “Besides, you’re acting like I don’t /like/ doing it.” Bethan shrugs her shoulders. “That’s very true.” The filthy grin still tugs at one corner of her mouth. “But hang on, I just want to try something. Pull out for a moment.” Grasping the discarded, tied-off, condom of still warm spunk, as the dick is removed from her gaping butt, Bethan clumsily presses the whole thing back inside her rear hole. Fingers poking the last awkward fold of rubber inside, she gives a wink. “Okay, try that.” P oohs “You want me to fuck that thing into you?” She raises an eyebrow and grins “I knew you were a dirty girl, but damn!” She obliges eagerly, pushing the filled condom in deeper with every thrust, like an old-timey artillerist loading a cannon. Surely with this method neither one of them will be able to reach it with their fingers…but then that’s probably what Bethan is banking on. Bethan nods. “Mmm-hmmm!” She arches her back, eyes closed, luxuriating in the thrill of having the cum-balloon packed deeper and deeper into her insides with each thrust. “This is almost definitely - Urgh! - require a visit to the - ah - doctor, but you know; hashtag yolo and all that.” P is from the eighties. Actually she has no idea what a hashtag is. That doesn’t stop her from fucking the pretty porn-store employee into her coffee table though, knocking glossy magazines off now and again with the force of her thrusting. Soon enough she groans in bliss and shoots another load into Bethan, splattering the outside of the filled condom as well as making that nice warm 'I was just cummed inside’ feeling deep in Bethan’s belly. P pants hard, catching her breath, though she stays buried in that amazing ass, giving it a playful little smack. Bethan wriggles her butt appreciatively against P’s belly. “Mmmm… Now that’s what I’m talking about.” She squeezes her (somewhat fuck-numbed) butt, milking the last drops from the cock within. She gazes somewhat wistfully at the remaining condoms littered about the place. “Sure I can’t take the rest of your collection off your hands, too?” P sits back, catching her breath “Some of them might be a little old and dry, but it’s not like i’m keeping them for any reason, you weird-o slut,” She grins and sticks out her tongue, showing that tongue piercing again. “You going to put them up your ass too, like you’re smuggling cocaine?” She asks. OF course, that’d mean she’ll need to 'help’ with that, which she’s not opposed to in the least. Bethan bites her lip, blushing slightly. She can feel the double load of spunk sloshing inside her well-ploughed colon. “Well… There’s kind of a lot.” Hey eyes search around, but she quickly loses count amongst the mess. “But maybe we can start with a few, and find out how many are going to fit up there?” P doesn’t believe she’s ever seen Bethan blush before, and the sight of it makes her smile. “OK then. I’ll be the doctor, you be the patient. Bend over something,” She instructs, grabbing a few spent condoms from here and there. Those that haven’t been tied off she ignores, but the sealed ones still have liquid inside at least. Collected all in one place she’s got about a half dozen 'good’ ones and the rest are just gathered up to be thrown away. Bethan repositions herself on the coffee table, moving magazines around until she’s something near comfortable. Reaching back with both hands, she pulls her buttocks apart, well-worked butthole stretching open obscenely between them. Even with the light shining in, no sign of the black condom is visible within. She swallows, “Okay, 'doctor’. Ready when you are.” P starts feeding in spent condoms one by one, pushing them with her fingers until they’re swallowed up inside of Bethan. “It’s kind of a shame that I can’t remember who I made these with,” She frowns, then mounts up again to push them in deeper with her cock. It’s most difficult at the start, since all six are bunched up shallowly, but soon enough, Bethan’s got a whole line of filled balloons of sperm like a string of anal beads. She pulls out and pats Bethan’s rump when she’s done. “Well, how do you feel?” She asks, giggling as she’s still pretending to be a doctor “Like a garbage can!” Bethan pants, still squirming from the sheer depth to which P was able to pound the wadded up rubbers. The combined weight of all that spunk weighs heavily in her tummy. “No sense in *not* using me like one now, I guess.” She grabs a handful of somewhat crusty condoms from the discarded pile, and crams them into her rectum through an anal opening that isn’t even trying to close anymore. “I feel so nasty. I can’t wait to spend all day at work tomorrow with condoms hanging out of my butt.” P hugs Bethan and rubs her tummy. “You are one filthy girl, you know that?” She asks, not even complaining. “Are you gonna drop by tomorrow, then, so we can get them out of you?” She asks. Bethan carefully straightens up. “I’d like that!” Grabbing her panties, she slips them on, the fabric instantly soaking with the combined mess of juices and oil between her legs.ooc I won’t actually be on again at this sort of time until Friday. I might pop on earlier tomorrow, though.
  5. Yes this person I would say seems to be closest to what Lordodie is turned on by like and writes. Probably because they are neighbours but yeah I lean looks good and promising.
  6. Chapter 13 - Day 12 - A Dog and Fluffy show penis. They wouldn't be seen again that day.
  7. may be there is but won't know about it...
  8. Chapter 12 - Day 11 - A witch's feast Chapter 12 - Day 11 - A witch's feast "Silence. Silence!" The Beauxbatons headmistress was eager to announce the official start of the second trial, disqualifying Hermione, but instead she quieted the room enough for everyone to hear the cock-stuffed witch's loud moan of pleasure, her eight and final orgasm on the now fully glowing dragon dick. She passed out on it soon after. Madam Maxime continued, peeved that her plan backfired but hopeful that Hermione would be too exhausted to continue. "Please welcome to the stage yesterday's first champion to complete the trial: Fleur Delacour from Beauxbatons academy!" The entrancing blond walked to the stage. She had another one of her slutty outfits on. She had found a way to look more naked than when naked, this time wearing a green bikini that was mostly just a collection of thin strings that happen to pass by key areas. As she walked across the hall, her tits bounced and jiggled alluringly, not impeded at all by the negligible cords. One of her nipples slipped out of its precarious sling, but she paid it no mind. She was also the only champion to have gotten a full night's sleep. Albus traded some expensive wine for a night of plowing her ass on the condition that she be allowed to sleep through it. Evidence of that was in the size of her gaped and bruised bumhole. "The second champion to complete the first challenge: Ginny Weasley from Hogwarts." Igor Karkaroff took the stage in her stead. Had something happened to Ginny last night? Harry was ready to rush across the hall and punch Igor in his crooked teeth but it turned out Ginny was fine; she was also on stage. Igor opened his robes and there she was, levitating a foot above ground, her throat firmly wrapped around his cock. With a flick of his wand, Karkaroff let his overnight cock-massager fall on the floor. The drop wasn't even enough to fully dislodge his long sausage. Only when Ginny fell backwards from her knees that the audience saw all sixteen inches of cock she was somehow hiding in this tiny torso. Ginny coughed and spewed while laying on her back, adding fresh sperm and spit to her already covered face. "The third champion to complete the first trial. From Hogwarts, Luna Lovegood! Luna?" ... "She's here! She's here! Hagrid footsteps made every table in the Great Hall shake. He was running towards the stage breathing heavily, a cute blond witch tied to his stomach. When he set her down, it was revealed that she was simply impaled on his large meat stick and holding on to his beard to stay upright. It seems him and Karkaroff had a similar idea to maximize their time with their favorite girls. "Thank you for the lift, Hagrid. And thank you for tonight" Hagrid turn red and giggled nervously. Luna wasn't wearing anything fancy, just her high socks and lucky button-less shirt. "The LAST champion to have completely the first trial, also from Hogwarts, Hermione Granger." Madam Maxime continued but with a much lower voice, hoping not to rouse sleeping beauty. Hermione woke up upon subconsciously hearing her name. She responded to the crowd with a wave, perched on her dragon dildo. It wasn't until she saw all the other champions lined up that she understood where she was and began the difficult task to unimpaling herself before joining them. Madam Maxim had no choice but to proceed with today's event with all four champions. "We have gathered the only three known Vessels of Wanting. Anything the holder wishes will appear in the receptacle. A true slut has but one wish, that is to drink an endless amount of cum. Today our champions will get their wish. Before sundown, they must wish the Vessel full of cum and swallow every drop one... hundred times." By the look shared by Fleur and the Beauxbatons headmistress, this challenge, or at least the quantity involved, was not their idea. Ginny and Luna seemed delighted, however. They immediately went to sit at their assigned chairs, eagerly awaiting the vessels. Hermione heard the rules but was immediately dragged outside of the great hall by Karkaroff. "Lucky for you, before we knew about your Cerberus, we had brought our own creatures for tomorrow's challenge." He took Hermione deeper and deeper into the Hogwarts underground until she was pushed into a damp cell-like stone room with three sleeping mountain trolls. "Swallow a load from each troll and we can say you finish the challenge. If some spill on floor, you have to lick it up." Hermione looked at the floor and made a mental note not to drop anything on its filthy surface. "Won't they wake up?" she inquired. "Don't worry there is magic spell on them. They should stay asleep." "Should?" Igor cast a clumsy version of Carnem Reparo on her and closed the cell door. The thought crossed his mind of adding a busty brunette Hogwarts girl to his fuck list, but his fist had a date with the Durmstrang champion's asshole for the better part of today. Hermione approached the troll that was sleeping on his side giving her easy access to his genitals. Even flaccid, the 12-foot troll's member, laying on the floor, was the size of a fully erect Centaur cock. It was covered in bumps and warts and smelled worse the closer she got. His ballsack was the size of an exercise ball. Hermione couldn't understand how it was fair for her to drain all three of these giant cum-factories when clearly there would have been one troll for each of the three champion had this been the challenge. Nevertheless, Hogwarts' future depended on her, so she got down on her knees and massaged the pustulant anaconda. The slightest touch made it twitch; a prideful Hermione had the thing nice and hard in no time at all. To make sure she was prepared for the barrage of cum that would surely follow at any given moment, the skillful cockmaster put her mouth against the hole at the tip of the monstrous dick. She had to open her mouth wide to cover the urethra tunnel and couldn't do much else than tongue its inside lining while caressing the head with her hands. The troll whined and, thinking it was waking up, Hermione's heart raced but she stayed the course. It looked like the troll was still getting his cock sucked in dreamland. Without warning, a blast hit Hermione in the back of the throat. Her head flew backwards and, as she swallowed what hadn't already splashed out, a second spurt shot right in her face. Now blind, she followed the provenance of the massive spurts pilling on her face until she managed to wrap her mouth against the opening again. She regained control of the situation and swallowed rope after rope but there was just so much capacity in her tight little human throat, a lot of the ejaculation overflowed out of her nose and added to the mess. The troll's cum train had no breaks but Hermione was gulping down everything he threw at her long after she felt full, long after her stomach expanded to new levels and even long after her belly button turned outie. Surely there would be an end to this deluge eventually, she thought, and just as she decided that she had no choice but pull off, the next spurt felt weaker. The one after even more so. "I've done it" Hermione told herself before scooping the layers of troll jizz off her eyes and seeing the pool of the same substance she was sitting in. "Well, most of it." Upstairs in the main hall, the three girls finally had their hands on the legendary Vessels of Wanting. They weren't very impressive. Just three wooden salad bowls, the outside covered in carvings of various symbols. When Ginny and Luna placed their hands on them, they instantly filled nearly to the brim with a white gooey unmistakable liquid. Both of them brought the bowl to their lips and chugged. *Gulp* *Gulp* *Gulp* resonated in the hall to a crowd that had gone silent, slightly horrified at how much the Hogwarts champions could chug spunk with no slowing down or gagging. The Hogwarts cum-toilets weren't even thinking of the competition at this moment, the vessels had given them what they genuinely desired. Luna started to fall behind after the first helping. Ginny put the vessel down and it instantly filled back up with the same substance, which she promptly worked down her gullet again, but Luna set the bowl down and pondered. It remained empty because she was conflicted. Eventually it filled up again, to the untrained eye and palate, it was just another batch of plain old human semen, but Luna tested the abilities of the fabled artifact by wishing for dog cum, which she could easily recognize the taste of. It absolutely worked and a whole world of possibilities opened before before her. Fleur's act of only pretending to love guzzling jizz was exposed by the Vessel of Wanting when it kept filling itself with chocolates, which she repeatedly tossed out. She eventually got it working, but was already behind and had to focus intensely to refill the bowl every time while all Ginny had to do was set it down for a fraction of a second. Fleur's only chance of catching up came and went. Ginny, forgetting to breathe, lost consciousness and fell face-first in the half full bowl . Harry rushed the stage to intervene when he saw none of the professors were doing anything about his girlfriend drowning in a pool of cum. It's a good thing he noticed the bubbles and the liquid going down or he might have disqualified her girlfriend by intervening. Ginny was swallowing what she could, perhaps subconsciously, while submerged. Once almost everything was slurped up, she took one single deep desperate gasp before getting back to drinking bowl after bowl. Hermione was busy cleaning the mess of her cell with her tongue. She couldn't even stand up right now with how much cum she had ingested and couldn't imagine how she was going to take another Troll load, let alone two. One thing at a time, she told herself. This cum on the floor wasn't getting any cleaner or fresher so it was best to lap it up now. She might have gotten too close to another troll, or maybe her squishy bottom was raised too high as she was licking the floor, giving one of them a whiff of the sweet aroma of her re-virgined pussy. Either way, one of the troll was definitely waking up. Hermione crawled quietly to the opening in the cell door and try to whisper as loud as she could without aggravating the troll situation. "Excuse me, I think there's a problem. Hello? I need help" The troll never spent one thought on where he was or how he got there. He spotted Hermione's pretty round behind from across the room and lunged at her, grabbed her slim waist and started slamming her posterior against his bulbous knob. Hermione couldn't help but scream and, in doing so, woke up the other two cell mates. To make sure he claimed his prize before the other trolls had a chance, Troll number one increased his pounding intensity until one of Hermione's hole gave way. The lucky orifice was her cunt, which, now that it started giving way to the troll cock, had no chance to resist his strength. In a single thrust the massive thing stretched open her pussy and punched her in the cervix. Another pump later and the tight inner opening was spread wide and her womb had two feet of cock expanding its walls outside her figure. The third pump had her ass right up against the troll's bean bag. Hermione was in so much shock, she had forgotten to breath since she was first picked up and her first long gasp brought upon her all the delayed sensations of having been skewered by an appendage as wide as her waist. The now alpha troll was trying to fend off the two rivals with one hand while jerking off with his soft elastic, but annoyingly loud, fuck-doll with the other. Eventually he got overwhelmed and agreed to share. Hermione felt thick rough fingers the size of Hagrid's dick poke at her free hole. Once he had two in her extra-stretched little bum, the second troll spread his fingers wide apart to prepare Hermione in record time. He didn't want to wait; the third troll seemed less eager to get in on the action for now, but only because he had just came twenty minutes ago. Soon his lust would grow and he would stop at nothing to get a piece of that cream pie. Hermione thought a year of centaur cocks pulling her ass apart would prepare her, at least mentally, for the troll gangbang, but even if the conditioning did help keeping her body in one piece, she was not prepared. As the second troll dick slid inside, squeezing her taint to the thickness of paper and making her organs scramble for space, Hermione screamed and kicked as if the trolls had a chance to care. The two gigantic dicks eventually worked out a rhythm of penetration. If the Triwitch committee had seen this display, she would have been crowned on the spot. Hermione's endorphins were kicking in full-flow and she actually managed to get off on being a mortar to their pestles. In her second orgasm, the trolls joined in. This was her chance, she thought: keep everything in and you win the event. Surely this would count as swallowing. She had little control over keeping in what was being poured in her stretched uterus. The tight seal of her vulva wasn't going to let anything out and all she had to do was not explode. The ass blast, however, proved more challenging. Like with Centaurs, the loads quickly ran through her digestive system. Unlike with centaurs, once it reached her mouth, the troll was only halfway done. Hermione had to plug her nose and shut her mouth hard to prevent the second half from painting the walls of the dungeon. Her belly was now a balloon taking whatever shape it could to fit between two giant trolls, but her youthful skin someone stretched through the ordeal. There was no doubt in her mind now, she was the chosen one... at least for this slut tournament nonsense. Her plan sort of crumbled when, after victoriously absorbing the full loads of the two trolls, they did not simply let her go and doze off. They kept going. Her initial oral friend had waited long enough for his turn, too. He grabbed her head from between his two troll mates and pushed her face hard against his sticky cockhead which rivaled the size of Hermione's own head. "This is it" thought Hermione, "hopefully they will still award me a postmortem victory..." "Stupefy! Stupefy! Stupefy!" Before passing out, Hermione smiled seeing Severus Snape, of all people, had come to her rescue. The tournament would be cancelled, everything would go back to normal. Right? Hermione woke up sitting in a chair, her bloated stomach and womb squeezed under a table, an empty salad bowl in front of her. The sound of gulping had her turn her head. Luna was next to her, savoring a particularly rare load of Thestral sperm. Fleur was one seat away, looking at a bowl of similar looking liquid on the verge of throwing up more inside, which she had done a few times so far, clearing most of the disgusted crowd. The rest had left once Ginny was declared the uncontested winner of this event, she was on her 112th bowl-full when Hagrid dragged her away kicking and screaming, looking overdue with quintuplets from all she had ingested today. "There has been an early vacancy, champion number four. Looks like you will be able to participate in the event after all " Madam Maxime condescendingly told Hermione. "No, I did it. I have all the troll loads inside me" Hermione replied, fighting back heaves. "What are you talking about? What Trolls? I would get started now if I were you. One hundred left to go." "No, ask Snape, he saved me." Snape made his presence known by stating in a monotone voice "I was just asked to bring you here". Hermione looked at the Vessel of Wanting. It remained empty because that is what she desired most in the whole world. Nothing. To digest her nasty troll cum in peace. Luna noticed her looking depressed staring at an empty bowl. "Something wrong?" She said after finishing her leftovers and licking her lips. "I can't drink anymore, Luna, and I haven't even started. Those cheating bastards are going to win." "Do you want me to make space for you, Hermione?" "What do you mean?" "What I want the most is to help you. It's to make you happy." Luna's bowl filled with a cloudy pearl-white sperm mixture. At that same instant, Hermione felt ever so slightly lighter. It wasn't much, but the power of friendship had reignited the flame of her competitive spirit. What she wanted most of all? Save her school, kick some frenchies ass, and make her best friend proud. The Vessel of Wanting approved and filled with cum of an unspecified source. It wasn't troll cum, she knew that much, otherwise the smell would have made her gag. Luna, now less concerned about analyzing the taste and aroma of the world's grossest smorgasbord was downing bowl after bowl of Hermione's stomach contents, giving her precious space to respond in kind. Fleur found her own motivation by seeing her two Hogwarts rivals conspiring against her. She let that cum-crazed fire-crotch midget show her off but losing to these two was completely out of the question. She forced herself to drink the load she'd been staring at for fifteen minutes. The dancing lights above her head formed the number 46. Luna had 38 and Hermione was climbing fast at 15. Every girl was summoning their inner Ginny. If there was still any students left to watch the disgusting display, they would have witness one of the closest calls in Wizard competition history. Three beautiful (as long as you kept your eyes above the table to avoid seeing their distended bellies resting on their knees) teenage witches all at ninety-nine helpings and gulping down their final meal each with fiery passion for their craft. Fleur's dancing lights sparked fireworks and turned silver almost at the same time as Luna's did in bronze. Hermione's sparked as well but it fizzled into nothing. Fleur raised her arms in the air too quickly and accidentally threw up into the legendary receptacle, the new contents of which she just left there as she crawled away from the stage. Luna and Hermione kept their loads down. The latter wondering why Fleur wasn't being penalized for losing her lunch. "I'm sorry we couldn't beat her, Luna" "I don't care, Hermione. I had a lot of fun. I love tasting a bit of yourself in my cum." Hermione decided that was more endearing than creepy and smiled as Luna licked her bowl clean. Ginny could have had the rest of the day off to digest the incalculable amount of heavy cream she ingested this morning, but instead found herself carrying her belly down in the basement section of Hogwarts looking for the Durmstrang headmaster, experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms from his giant dick. A bit lost in the catacombs, she saw the raven-haired girl again, through a little window in a cell door. This time, she wasn't being raped by her fellow students, she had three trolls balls deep in all her holes. Even her mouth had dislocated itself around one of the thick rods, it's shape entirely visible along her entire esophagus. Her eyes were wide open. Ginny felt a hand on her neck; she jumped but never looked away. "My little phoenix is back. Do you like what you see? This is what it's like to be a Durmstrang girl. You are nothing more than an object for our pleasure. Holes to be stretched. If we get tired of fucking you, we find other ways to amuse ourselves with your body." Ginny's pussy was dripping from the titillation of the headmaster's disturbing disregard for his female student body's well-being. If getting ravaged by bestial dicks was a punishment, she didn't know if she'd prefer being a good girl or a bad girl in the Durmstrang world. Probably a bit of both. One thing was clear, this is where she belonged. Later that night, Karkaroff's cock at home, plunged in Ginny's throat and his balls suffocating her nostrils, the headmaster made Ginny the proposal she had been hoping the hear from the moment he first took her innocence. Leave Hogwarts, enroll into Durmstrang and embrace her destiny. Unable to speak, she came hard in approval and hoped Harry would want to move there with her. Her recent awakening was exciting but also frightening and she could really use his support.
  9. Chapter 11 - Day 10 (part 2) - Care of magical creatures Chapter 11 - Day 10 (part 2) - Care of magical creatures Dumbledore cleared his throat: "Here are the rules of the first trial is a trial. Champions need to fully insert themselves on the member of each fantastic beasts and have an orgasm. The enchanted penises will respond in kind. This must be performed vaginally and anally for every stage. Failure to satisfy every beast before the end of the day will result in disqualification." This was a detail no one bothered to tell Hermione when she inquired about the tournament from the alternate timeline. Cumming while impaled on these... things!? Both holes!? And they are expecting young students to do all of them!? The dragon one was wider than any of the champion's waist! Hermione also only then realized then that there was three rows of magical cocks for the four of them. She wasn't sure how they would make that work but had a feeling she'd be the one on the rusty bucket end of the deal, once again. "Here are the creatures the champions must sate." Dumbledore pulled out a list because he had no idea who the cocks belonged to. 1. "Erkling" The lineup started relatively small, maybe ten inches, but weird. Like a flower made of dark green rubber. The presumed dick had a bobbing knobby ball on a thinner stem. The entire head seemed to ooze precum from its pores. 2. "Werewolf" Hermione called it. It was a manageable fourteen inches, the only tricky part would the wide knot at the bottom. 3. "Alpha Wood Nymph" Hermione kicked herself for not figuring that one out. it was the only one that kept its wooden veneer. It was simply a series of knots on a rigid stem, like Fleur's anal beads but growing in size the farther down you went. This would be the stage where things would get interesting as the whole structure was the length of Hagrid's cock. The middle knot was about Hagrid's girth, which meant it got much worse towards the end. 4."Hippogriff" Looked like a centaurs but a few inches shorter it was also covered in soft-looking feathers, which looked nice to slide in but perhaps hard to slide out against the grain after... 5. "Centaur" Yup, that was a centaur alright, Hermione thought. Just over two feet of thick cock ending with a ridge at the tip. Her ass was ready for that one. 6."Basilisk" Three winding tentacles each about two inches thick were flailing from the bench, extending and poking around as if on constant lookout for a hole to dig into. Hermione could understand giant hole-stretching dicks... This one, though, was uncharted territory. 7. "And a Common Welsh Green!" Hermione looked around for someone to acknowledge that she called that one, though not the exact species, but remembered she was talking to herself at the time and also that nobody cared. The Beauxbatons headmistress took over for Dumbledore: "Will champion one to three stand by their lanes, please" Fleur had just finished swallowing the final load from her line of last-minute horny students and ran past everyone to secure the first, most visible lane. Luna skipped merrily to the second. Ginny... she had to roll herself off of her cushion and crawl to the third lane, her body still assaulted by the remnant of her first experience with debilitating tremors of pleasure. Hermione laid there looking like an idiot until Madam Maxime came to see her. "You'll have to wait until a lane frees up. Here's a little something so you don't get bored." With a flick of her wand and intelligible dark words, she sent Hermione into a waiting room of constant agony and ecstasy. Hermione wouldn't even get to cheer for her Hogwarts sisters from her state of constant convulsion from a never-ending orgasm. Ginny was the first one to fully complete the first stage in what would have been a world-record time had this been an official wizard games event. She started cumming the second the bumpy head touched her lower lips and, as soon as she was fully seated, a deep glow was seen through her navel as a visual indicator she had completed half of stage one. She was holding her abdomen as the elf-like cock filled her womb. The only weakness of the budding nymphomaniac was recuperating between orgasms. Every sensation was so new to her but the motivation of feeling new things was also strong. She pulled out of the rubbery flower and sat down again this time with the tumor entering her re-virgined asshole. The well-lubricated ball took no effort to slide in and she came instantly again, her abdomen glow intensifying as a display of completion. Before moving on to the second dildo, she looked at the mess of cum she left behind and quickly, pretending to tie non-existing shoes and hoping the hundreds of people watching her every move wouldn't notice, wrapped her mouth around the tip for a quick taste. She had tasted the cum of hundreds of students earlier that day, but there was a whole world of jizz for a sexually repressed born-again slut like herself. She repeated the same routine on the werewolf cock, where she came before taking the knot and her juices allowed her to plop down on it. She struggled to take widest lumps of the nymph tree-cock in her small inexperienced orifices, but by then she had a commanding lead. Luna was doing great as well but her weakness was the lack of motivation at winning. Hermione told her she'd been here before and failed, so her participation was mostly for fun. She came several times in each hole on the Werewolf cock just because she liked it so much. That girl truly had a passion for doggie dicks. Fleur looked frustrated that these amateurs were in the lead. Sure, maybe her libido had dulled a bit over the years and she didn't cream herself the second her holes touched a phallic object like these Hogwarts skanks, but creature-milking was her goddam major and she knew all the tricks. She was going to invest some time stretching her holes on the wood nymph before moving on and skipping the Hippogriff until the end because of how sticky its cum is. The Leviathan was going to be a joke as long as she stayed calm, and the dragon looked intimidating but she knew it was more spongy and compressible than it appeared. These rookies would probably give up just looking at it. Nearly an hour later, Fleur still looked to be behind, swallowing and spitting out the large knot of the alpha nymph with her anus after having done the same reverse-kegel exercise with her snatch. However, she was almost ready to start sprinting ahead. Ginny was stuck on the first part of the centaur. Her legs were just dangling, not quite reaching the floor, a foot beneath the dildo-ridden plank. She was doing her best to bounce herself deeper but progress was slow; the Hippogriff cum covered her insides in sticky goo that was working against her penetration efforts as Fleur predicted. Luna was a step behind Ginny. She loved the feel of the feathers on the Hippogriff cock tickling the deepest regions of her colon and decided to stay there a bit longer. As great as the show was, Hermione stole some of it. Her convulsions had her tits jiggling alluringly. A lot of the boys were thinking about it, but Lee Jordan was the first to act. He'd been watching sexy girls get off on monster cocks for an hour and he needed relief. He climbed on the left side of the stage, away from the action and tried to restrain the writhing witch as he pushed himself in her twitching cunt. Hermione, tormented by the anti-crucio spell, would have no recollection of Lee fucking her or the hundreds of students who followed his lead, but still instinctively serviced them if only to try to quench her insatiable need to cum. As Fleur foresaw again, the Hogwarts girls didn't know the first thing about being violated by a Basilisk's three-prong tentacle cock. You have to relax every muscle of your body and let the beast take you whole. It's also best to try and guide two of the tentacles towards your pussy so that only one of them will wind up your intestines and come out of your throat to cum in your mouth. That class wasn't on the Hogwarts curriculum at all and, while Ginny and Luna thoroughly enjoyed the experience, the two tentacles dilating the entire length of their insides wasted a lot of time fighting against added constriction from orgasms and cramps. It was a long hour before the slimy anal adventurers emerged in their mouths, but at least both requirements of the stage were fulfilled at once as they came while the third tentacle simultaneously expelled its rich content in their womb. Another three hours later, Fleur completed her final dildo. She rubbed her breasts against the shaft of the Hippogriff cock she kept for last as a show for the dedicated students who stayed until the end. All the penises of her row were glowing bright and she left the stage triumphantly. Madam Maxime considered Hermione indisposed from still being fucked by a crowd of students and didn't inform her of the vacancy immediately, nor did she undo her curse. At that point, both Ginny and Luna were at the Dragon stage. Their skinny frames and short stature weren't allowing gravity to compress the unreal monument of meat inside them very fast, but as they peaked and wet themselves, a few inches were swallowed up by their hungry holes. Between two orgasms, Luna decided to engage in conversation with her neighbor who was never really between orgasms, but could occasionally form complete sentences. "Ginny it's so nice to see you in the competition. Do you like it so far? Don't you just love that feeling when your insides give up resisting and surrender completely to a twitching warm cock? And when you become one with that manly meat and it explodes inside your mismatched trembling body and you feel like you are drowning in cum so much its like flooding your brain..." Luna's speech filled the only unstimulated sense left to Ginny. The taste and aroma of spicy Basilisk sperm still in her mouth. The feeling of her body making room for a dick as wide as she was. The sight of the shape of a foreign object deep inside, stretching her skin. And now, Luna's soft voice narrating her experience. Her already off-the-chart cumming intensified and she slowly but surely slid down the dragon cock, which packed itself tightly taking every cubic inch of space in of her reproductive system. It burst into light and cum when her adorable bubbly butt touched the wooden base. Not familiar with how well her body could cope with gallons of liquid trapped inside, she thought she would explode from the immense surge of heated jizz. "Way to go, Ginny, Luna cheered, as Ginny pushed herself off with her legs. "Hermione would be so proud of you!" Ginny had one final insertion to go and had just inserted the tip of the dragon into her ass still gaping from the previous encounters. She turned an extra shade of red from Luna's comment about Hermione. "How... how did you know?" "Just the way you look at her, I guess. She's my idol too." Ginny was happy to finally have someone to talk to. "Really? She's so pretty isn't she? And I like that she doesn't care what people think about her. She doesn't hide her lust, you know?" "Yeah look at her over there, making all these people happy. And that makes her happy." Talking about Hermione made Ginny more horny than anything. When Luna started describing what they did to each other the past couple days, while she watched her hero in a huge orgy and loving every second of it. Because of that, she was able to take the dragon anally even faster than Fleur did before her and its cum filled her already crowded entrails the second her still adorable but unbelievably stretched ass touched the plank. She licked the dragon dick before leaving, as per her new tradition (still pipping hot... and sour), thanked Luna for her help and wished her the best of luck. She felt like they were already best friends. Ginny was heading towards the Gryffindor quarters for some much needed rest when she was ambushed by her faithful boyfriend Harry. There was an awkward moment of silence. Ginny being completely nude, her red, open ass and pussy dripping globs of white ooze that were splashing on the floor did not help. "Listen" They both said at once. Ginny pressed on. "I want to apologize. I was just really confused. I've been feeling all sorts of new emotions lately but it was selfish of me to shut you out like that. It won't happen again." Harry said his peace as well: "I should of been more attentive to your needs. You'll never have a reason to go to someone else. Like tonight I'm going to make love to you real good." Ginny tried not to cringe at Harry's awkwardness "Harry you're so sweet but I'm so tired tonight. I just want to go to sleep." Harry smiled. As much as his ego couldn't handle much more rejection, he was actually hoping to simply hold his pretty girlfriend all night, knowing she was his and his alone from now on. He wrapped his cloak around her naked body and they walked hand in hand back to the Gryffindor tower. That is until they ran into Igor Karkaroff. He smiled at Harry who squeezed Ginny hand tightly. "You there, fire girl, come spend the night with me, I bet your still a virgin that far deep in your throat. Only if you want, of course." Karkaroff gave Harry a big toothy grin. He was addressing Ginny but that last part was just for him. Harry grinned back. He just wished there were more people around to see Igor get humiliated like he... "I'll.... I'll see you tomorrow, Harry. I love you." She kissed Harry on the cheek and gave him back his cloak as he stood there speechless. Karkaroff took Ginny into a secluded section of Hogwarts' underground reserved for the Durmstrang company. She passed a room where the foreign school's rejected champion was still being punished. Ginny had to stop and watch. The girl was suspended from the ceiling by chains attached to her piercings. Ninety-nine percent of the time she was actually held up by cocks, two in her mouth and one in her pussy or ass, but that one percent between shifts looked really painful. Ginny wanted to be in her place so badly. "She lives only on cum and piss." Karkaroff told her, breaking her out of her trance but making her even wetter. They abandoned the Durmstrang girl to her fate and entered Igor's cold, candlelit room. He guided her to his bed where she laid down on her back without any idea of what to do next. Thankfully, Igor took charge. He got on his knees above her face. Ginny opened her mouth at the sight of the familiar sixteen-inch veiny and wart-infested abomination. He pushed in at a steady pace, ignoring the choking that made her whole body reel. Once fully inside he pumped his cock head in and out of her stomach while rubbing his balls on her nose. Ginny never manage to get rid of her gag reflex that night and spent the entire time retching and gagging, her face caked in spit and cum. She wouldn't want it any other way. It was late when Madam Maxime uncursed Hermione. Luna was keeping Hagrid and Fang company for the night. All students had gone to bed. "The stage is all yours. All the real champions have completed the trial. Make sure you finish before we start the next trial tomorrow morning or you'll be eliminated. Carnem Reparo" Hermione had no idea what time it was or where she was... but sensed the urgency since this was clearly some kind of betrayal. It took her a moment to get her lucidity back from the hours her brain had been in sex-crazy mode. She was completely exhausted, physically and sexually, but got to work anyway. She had to. Madam Maxime seemed to have made her extra tight. Even the Erkling was challenging to pass through. She used her fingers to spread her labia wide and sat on the bulgy tip with all her weight. She could fell the ball tip well as it traveled down her tightened birth canal. That Beauxbatons cheater probably didn't think she could come again after spending so long under her curse but this wasn't Hermione's first rodeo. Hermione came hard on the weird looking cock and it flooded her womb with its seed, but nothing else happened. She figured there would be some cue. She tried again and again. Four times she came before the oozing dildo illuminated. Hermione was on the verge of tears. She had no time to spare and no one in the hall was there to fix her defective lane. She repeated the process anally and again, only four orgasms later did the glow intensity increase, signaling the completion of this stage. It was already a struggle to stay awake but now she had to work extra hard to make it before they announced the next event. A few early birds came to sit in the great hall before the sun was up, giving her an idea at how bad the situation was. She was still only on orgasm five of eight on the Centaur. Thankfully, Hermione was in her element. If she had one thing that the professional Beauxbatons slut didn't, it was that the fear of failure, the stress, the desperation... those things only made her more sexually volatile. Madam Maxime would be coming in any moment. Under normal circumstances she would not appreciate having two tentacles race through her digestive track, making her taste the cum of every cock that had been in her ass today then blow a new load right in her nasal cavity, and a third coiling up inside her womb like a nesting snake, but she was just happy to complete stage six so quickly. Getting off on it was easier than getting off of it. Pulling over 20 feet of resisting worms out of her only exacerbated her exhaustion. When she finally pulled out the last Basilisk cocktacle and climbed on top of the dragon, many students were now having breakfast in the main hall. As she sat there, waiting for gravity to anchor her insufficiently chasmal anus on the dragon tip, she began questioning whether the Beauxbatons headmistress lied about everyone finishing. Even Ginny? She couldn't take any chances; the fate of the school depended on her. Where Luna and Ginny had succeeded with patience, Hermione had to succeed with brute force. While riding the top of the beast she was jumping up and down and using her hands to help pry herself open. It was agonizing but she only had to worry about feeling good later, once she reached the end. The excitement of completing such an impossible-looking task in front of a large audience played well with her sexual profile and when she felt the cold wooden surface on her stretched ass, she came, and came, and came, and came. On the last one she let herself get slowly ejected from the pressure of all the cum inside her. She wouldn't of had the strength to push herself off. Sitting on the tip again, all she had to do was to get her dry, battered pussy to cooperate one final time. Well four final times. The sun of a new day was flooding the hall now. The loud footsteps of the half-giant headmistress cut through the student chatter like a the tics of a time bomb...
  10. Chapter 6 - Getting to know each other Chapter 6 It has been almost a week since Ana moved in. Meg’s semester had started at the university and she took class attendance quite seriously. She had chosen biochemistry as her major, mainly because she hoped to understand her special condition, and her determination made her the teachers' favourite in no time. She was always a wallflower, and her lack of social life left enough free time to read up on subjects she was interested in even before she started university. Not that she was unpopular - her looks would never let her be one, but she was simply not really interested in others back in high school. Either they were stupid airheads who just wanted her to join their popularity-club, overconfident jocks who wanted nothing more than to get in her pants, or introverted nerds, who couldn’t even speak when someone like her was around. As she thought about it, she felt superior to most of her peers, making her kind of an unreachable ice queen. Then came Ana, and she changed everything. At first sight, she was an absolute goddess and it didn’t even occur to Meg to consider anything other than her impossible figure. Naturally she had serious trouble restraining herself around the girl, as every aspect of her roommate radiated sensuality. Her massive, bouncing bosom, perfect face, meaty, yet still tight ass, the sway of her hips, even the cute blush she had whenever they talked. For Meg, it was like living a dream. A really erotic dream. She often thought about making a move on her, however, as shy as Ana was, she did not want to scare her away. She had resorted to masturbating every morning and every evening, her thoughts always circling around her new roommate. As the days passed by, however, strange things happened. When she awoke with her morning wood, she caught herself unable to cum, until finally she grew tired and let her massive girlcock unsatisfied, her balls aching for release. This had never happened before, and she was getting confused. The thoughts of Ana were still as arousing as ever, and she found herself getting hard quickly. But after that it seemed like however she tried to take care of it on her own, it was just not enough. Even the pink egg deep inside her urethra vibrating against her prostate couldn’t send her over the edge. By Saturday, her huge, smooth balls had swollen even bigger, and her sack was stretched so taut over them it seemed ready to burst. And there was this other strange feeling inside her chest that she was unfamiliar with... Today was Saturday, and Meg had nothing to do. The flat was cleaner than ever thanks to Ana, and the assignments hadn’t started yet. She didn’t even bother with her aching morning wood as she knew by now that she will not find release. Instead she just laid in her bed waiting for it go down enough that she can tuck it back and hide the swollen, pulsing thing inside her own ass - a task getting more and more challenging these days. Thirty minutes later she was more or less presentable, wearing an old blue tank top stretched thin over her round breasts and a pair of loose sweatpants to hide her serious case of blueballs. As usual she did not bother with her hair or makeup before she stepped out of her room. Only to be greeted by the smell of the best pancakes she had ever smelled. “G-good morning, roommate!” - She heard Ana’s angelic voice from the kitchen, and soon she could see her leaning out behind the corner. Her mountainous mounds were bulging the beautiful cream colored top she was wearing, and Meg’s hunger rose in more ways than one. “You too!” - she answered, walking through the dining room - “Are you making pancakes?” “Y-yes, strawberry pancakes. I thought...” - she looked away, back to the frying pan with the usual shy and insecure look Meg found so attractive that she had to adjust her gait. - “I thought we could maybe… hang out a bit? We… We hadn’t really t-talked...” “Great idea!“ - Said Meg, interrupting her with a warm smile, that made Ana blush as she finished up with the last pancake. “I-it’s ready. Take a seat...” Meg did as requested, squirming a bit to make some space for her endowments. Fortunately for her Ana did not notice her pained expression as she accidentally sat on her bloated balls for a moment before settling with her legs spread at the dining table. Then Ana brought some fresh orange juice and a bunch of delicious looking pancakes with slices of strawberries in them and sat next to her. She barely managed to squeeze her massive breasts between her and the edge of the table, causing them to spill forth over the flat surface, creating an even bigger cleavage than before. As arousing the sight was, Meg was really looking forward to some meaningful conversation with Ana. Until now, she was only seeing her briefly in the evenings during their dinner time. Ana insisted on cooking for them every day as she was staying in all day long trying to find a nice job offer online without any luck so far. Once they had their meal, Ana always apologized and after doing the dishes she went back to her room, and stayed there for the night. Maybe now they can have some talk and get to know each other? She felt her heart beat faster, and prepared for the pressure in her backside, but it did not come. What is this excitement then, she asked herself confused. They started breakfast in an awkward silence, but finally Meg spoke up: “So…” - Perfect icebreaker, you idiot - she thought to herself. “Y-Yes?” “The pancakes are crazy good!” - Meg tried with an easy topic, stuffing her mouth full of another huge bite. “Um… Thanks…” - Was Ana’s only answer, but Meg did not want to miss the opportunity for a nice chat. “You really do love doing these stuff…” “Wha… What stuff?” - Ana looked startled, blushing redder than usual. “I mean… chores stuff. Cleaning, cooking, things like these…” - Meg explained, afraid that her roommate might have misunderstood something, even if she had no idea what. “Oh. Y-Yeah, I like to keep things organized.” - Ana answered, letting out a small, but noticeable sigh - “And I like doing these routine things while…While I’m thinking.” - the blush returning as she finished the sentence. - “What about you?” - She asked finally, with an awkward look on her face. “Me? No! I mean, you’ve seen the place first time… I make things messy…” - However just as she had said it, she remembered the kind of mess she usually made, and it was now her turn to blush. “G-Good thing you have me now…” - Ana assured her with a warm smile that could possibly melt steel better than jet fuel. And it definitely warmed Meg’s heart... A few hours later, they were sitting on the carpet, in front of the TV. On the coffee table laid two phones, a pair of empty glasses and a bowl containing the remains of a bag of chips. They were each holding one of the X-Box controllers, mashing the buttons furiously, looking really focused on the screen. “Fuck!” - Meg shouted suddenly as the screen darkened - “You are a liar!” - She accused Ana. “What? Why?” - She asked confused, her face a bit red from the intense concentration before. “You said you haven’t played this before...” “I haven’t...” “Bullshit!” “B-But...” - Ana stammered. “I want a rematch. Winner takes all!” - Meg offered, grabbing the controller already, not expecting any opposition. “You mean chooses dinner?” “Yeah, whatever...” - She was now flexing her fingers in preparation for the big rematch. “Okay. J-Just let me grab some more lemonade.” - Ana said, putting her controller aside - ”I’m hot from all this action...” - She said as she stood up. As top-heavy as she was, she first got up from her knees on all four, her absolutely marvelous breasts trapped between her arms, hanging freely in her dress. As she was facing Meg, she could see a good foot of heavenly cleavage as Ana pushed herself up with a practiced movement. “Yes… Yes you are...” “What did you say?” “N-Nothing, can you grab some for me too?” “Sure!” - Ana smiled, then headed for the kitchen, Suddenly her phone that she left in the living room let out a small beep only audible to Meg sitting right next to it. The Pokeballs were still inside Ana, sending a nice, full, calming sensation through her entire body, contributing to her relatively uninhibited mood. However, as they were connected to her phone via bluetooth, when she went for the kitchen the app lost connection resulting in a discreet notification, normally only noticeable to the owner of the device. Meg reached for the phone without any bad intentions to help her new friend. She found that the screen was not locked, and with a sweep of her fingers, she discovered the Pokeball control app. “Do you play Pokemon?” - She asked, fidgeting around with the phone. “Wha-No, I don’t...” - Ana said without looking back while pouring the first glass of refresher. “What is this app then? Is this that stuff from last year?” - Meg was playing around with the app, and as expected from someone who have never seen it, she immediately started messing with the sliders she should have not been able to find. Ana realized her mistake a moment later. She nearly dropped the jug as she felt the balls shifting inside her. The spheres deep in her ass swelled suddenly, stretching her already stuffed belly even tighter. She did not know their exact size, but it felt like she had five bowling balls stuffed in her poor ass. This was definitely the most massive thing she ever had up there, and her mind went blank for a second, immense pleasure along with some pain wreaking havoc on her brain. A few moments later the pain faded compared to the pleasure of having her insides stretched to impossible proportions, and she had to grab the edge of the counter to steady herself, biting her lips to prevent herself from moaning out loud. Just as she was about to regain a hint of composure, the vibrations intensified, and the five humongous spheres started wriggling against each other furiously. With one hand gripping the counter so hard her fingers lost color, she placed her other on her belly. Even though it was hidden under her top, she felt the prominent spherical bulges against her skin and the insane rumbling coming from deep within as they shifted around, rearranging her insides. Her legs grew weak as she felt her climax approaching helplessly, not having the neither strength nor clarity of mind to do anything else. Then her barely functional mind registered a novel sensation she had not experienced before. She felt the last segment, the handle of the toy expand. Normally it was just a relatively thin plastic connector between the last ball and the controller buried between her glorious buttcheeks, however, she felt it rapidly gain width, stretching her well-trained ring in an alarming rate. She did not even know of this functionality, but soon it really did not matter as her backdoor was suddenly opened up to obscene proportions, instantly pushing her over the edge, into the most intense climax she had ever experienced. Luckily for her there was a small section of wall obscuring the lewd scene from her roommate who was obliviously pushing all her buttons. Literally and figuratively. Ana was standing by the counter, tremors running through her entire body as all her muscles spasmed from the overwhelming sensations, unable to do anything else. “It’s boring...” - Meg dropped the phone on the coffee table. - “Are you coming, or what?” “Y… YESSS!” - Ana moaned, biting her fingers trying desperately not to scream. - “Jussst… a-a Mmmm… Minute” - she mumbled weakly. After a while sha managed to calm down a bit, however, her orgasm did not end. She felt like drifting in a sea of pleasure, the gargantuan toy not letting her orgasm to finish its course. Eventually her overloaded mind regained some clarity and she felt like she was able to move with only minor inconveniences as her ass spasmed occasionally from its constant orgasming state. She finally got to inspect the damage done. She had drooled a bit on the counter, which she quickly wiped clean with a paper towel. Then she nearly fell when she slipped on her love juices making the floor slippery where she stood. She bent down to clean it up as well only to force the huge balls inside her to rearrange, nearly losing her grip on reality again in the process. Eventually, she managed to clean up all traces of her perversion, then fixed up her dress as well. She took extra care at her abused bottom, feeling around for the outer end of the toy to check how obvious it was. The size of what she felt was frightening even for her, but fortunately her dress was loose enough to hide the monster between her bubble butt if she moved carefully. Gathering the lemonade, she returned to the living room and placed the glasses on the table all the while keeping her backside away from Meg. She took her phone from the table and sank it between her marvelous, slightly sweaty breasts trying to remain as calm as possible. She succeeded quite subtly until she sat down on the couch. Her weight on her ass suddenly forced the toy all the way into her already overstretched anus, and her eyes bulged in surprise as she was fighting not to scream. Her constant orgasm immediately switched to higher gear, and she had to grab her knees to suppress the tremors shaking her legs. “You okay?” - Meg asked with honest concern, raising an eyebrow. “Y-Yeah...” - Ana forced a smile - “Just… just… Let’s have t-that rematch!” - she changed the subject grabbing the remote. “Oh, I’m gonna fuckin destroy your amateur ass now!” - Meg boasted turning to the TV, barely missing the absolutely obvious blush on Ana’s face and the silent gasp she let out.
  11. what lordodie is german?
  12. Chapter 5 - Meg and Ana Sorry if this chapter contains more mistakes, I could not get it proofread. If anyone wants to do so, please send me an email about the things to fix, and i will do it. But still, enjoy the latest chapter... --- Sunday morning Meg awoke in the bathroom still covered in her own cum. Her blue-black hair was a mess, but the worst of all was the smell - and she had to get rid of it by the time Ana arrived, unless she wanted to have an awkward conversation... It took her an hour to clean up the mess she made yesterday, but when she was done, the bathroom looked decent enough not to betray her secret. She noticed that her trouser-snake remained dormant during the whole tidying - something that hadn’t occurred for a long time. It was actually a good omen as keeping it restrained around Ana will be a really hard pain in the ass - she smiled at the thought. After a quick breakfast, she decided to play some XBox to take her recurring thoughts away from her beautiful flatmate. However, it was in vain, as she caught herself thinking about Ana more and more. Eventually she had to stop playing as she had worked herself up to a respectable hardon, and sitting on her bloated balls was becoming uncomfortable. A quick glance at the clock - it was 9:50 - she thought maybe she still had time for a quick wank. Grabbing her phone she went for the bathroom to find some release. To make things sure and uninterrupted, she texted Ana to call her before she arrives, and took matters in her own hand. Meg noticed that her massive girlcock felt heavier than usual, such was Ana’s effect on her. Normally she would just consider it a burden, but this time she couldn’t help but imagine her massive, swollen monster sinking into the tight pink flesh of the gorgeous goddess. As she grabbed it, her fingers confirmed it was thicker, and it looked longer too, but she did not want to waste any time measuring it. She finished much quicker than before, the memories of those heavenly breasts were enough to quickly push her over the edge, right before her phone beeped, signalling an incoming text message. “I’ll be there in 15. Hope it’s okay?” it was from Ana, and Meg’s penis twitched, even though she had just finished masturbating. “Ofc, see u soon” she replied with a winking emoticon, and spent the next 10 minutes tucking her massive girlmeat inside her asshole - still the safest place to keep her secret, hoping that she could avoid yesterday’s “incident”. And it felt definitely bigger than before… Right on time the doorbell rang again, and Meg’s heart jumped from anticipation. She rushed to the door, fixed her clothes, even checked herself in the mirror. She wore a new black tank-top - with a zombified Hello-Kitty stretched around her impossibly perky boobs - and her usual baggy pants. She should have chosen another top, she thought, one that doesn’t emphasize her boobs so much, ‘cos what will Ana think... “Oh, come on!” She murmured to herself blushing. “Don’t be such a silly little princess...” She opened the door, and as expected, was greeted by the marvelous beauty of Ana. This time she wore a pink T-shirt with floral patterns that miraculously encased her massive breasts, and clearly showed the outline of the probably custom-made bra underneath. It was stretched tight around the chest, and became loose down around her stomach, and even with the mouthwatering body it contained, Meg still noticed how pretty it was, and made a mental note to ask where it was from later. Ana’s round bubble-butt was covered by a pair of short jeans, that were on the thin borderline between emphasizing her absolutely fabulous backside without being too slutty. Beside her there were 4 bags, ranging from really big to even bigger, and Meg was unsure how she managed to get all of them up alone. “Hi, Ana!” She greeted with an honest smile, this time, fortunately for Ana without the hug. “It’s so nice you are here, come on in, need a hand with all these stuff?” Meg offered as she stepped out of the way to let the girl in. “Hello! No… I mean yes, I was also lo… looking forward to this.” Ana replied, and still blushed, grabbed two of her bags, and went to her new room. Meg grabbed the biggest one still in the doorway, just as Ana was turning around. “No!” She lept towards Meg and the huge wheeled travel bag, practically tearing the handle from her hand. “S… Sorry!” She apologized, Meg still standing stunned by the unexpected outburst. “It’s just...“ “O.. Ok, no problem.” Meg answered still dazed, but already focusing on the wobbling titflesh of her new friend. “I’ll just… let you settle in then, OK?” “Thanks!” Ana smiled awkwardly, now carrying the last bag into her room. She closed the door behind her, and Meg started to walk away, but then suddenly she heard it open up again, and she turned back wantonly. She found Ana leaning out in a pose that made her bra beg for mercy as her heavy boobs were barely kept by them, bulging forward from her tilted torso. “Actually… After I’m done, H… How would you like getting some lunch?” Ana asked, and Meg felt her heart beat about twice as fast. “I’m quite a good cook…” “Yeah! I’d very much like that!” She answered practically shining from joy, while cursing herself for behaving like a little girl who got asked to prom. “I’ll be… around?” “Great!” And with that Ana, and her marvelous breasts disappeared in the room for a while… --- Once in the safety of her new room, Ana leaned on the closed door, with her heart racing and her heavenly chest rising and falling with her rapid breathing. All this was too much for her shy, introverted self. The packing and moving was okay, she had called a cab to take her and the huge bags, and the nice lady from yesterday helped her get into the elevator, when she told her she is moving into the apartment on the 4th floor. She told her Meg may be looking a bit strange, but she sure is a nice girl, but Ana noticed that she was lost in her thought for a while. Then Meg opened the door, and she was back to her same old wallflower mode, barely able to speak coherently, and just being socially awkward. Yet, when she saw the younger girl’s smile, she felt herself melting a bit on the inside, and couldn’t ignore the fact that she was drawn to this “strange girl”. She didn’t really know why, maybe exactly because of this “strangeness”, and how she was proudly flaunting it in everyone’s face, not worrying a thing. Then she remembered the incident with her “Toybag” and blushed several shades redder. She stepped away from the door, and struggled the huge bag up on the bed. It was visibly overstuffed, the zipper along the edges was barely holding the contents inside. She opened it, and as the zipper parted, the entire top of the bag exploded off to the side, and Ana’s most precious, most secret treasure spilled forth onto the bed. It contained toys, unsurprisingly, sex toys, to be precise. Huge, scary looking, extreme sex toys for massive anal stretching, to be even more precise. Most of it was custom ordered, but there were some off the shelf designs too. They were of impressive size, she put back a thick pink twelve incher densely covered with nubs that fell from it, and it was still on the smaller end. Her stash had different colored and shaped dildos starting at a foot in length, massive buttplugs of terrifying width, inflatables - along with the newest acquisition she wore yesterday, anal beads that looked more like softballs on a string, and many more strange and exotic device with the sole purpose of bringing her great pleasure while stuffing her backdoor to the max. Just seeing her toys calmed her a little. In fact, stuffing her backside full of toys was her most effective way of calming herself, the stretching, full feeling made it much more easy for her to be around people. She know it was perverted, but the feeling that she had something deep inside her that no one could even imagine made her feel special, more than a simple eye-candy as others saw her. She had gone without any “encouragement” today, as she was afraid her secret would be revealed to Meg, but she needed to calm herself, so she decided to take some plastic bravery anally. Picking through the impressive collection, she decided on a special toy that she ordered a few month back. It was called the PokeBalls, and it looked like five red-white-black spheres connected with a durable plastic string, like some oversized anal bead. The balls, modelled after the popular franchise, were also covered in plastic, and their diameter was around three inches, the connector between them about half that long. At the end of the toy, there was a flat, coaster-like handle with a few buttons, that would sit nicely between her marvelous asscheeks once the toy was fully inserted. She unbuttoned her shorts, and laid down comfortably on all four on the queen sized bed. It was impossible for her to sleep on her stomach because of her humongous breasts, but in this position the massive melons were like two comfortable beanbags under her, spilled to the side by over a foot regardless of the straining custom bra she wore. “Bed is nice and comfy!” she thought, as she pulled down her jeans to her knees. Her perfect, full bubble-butt was on full display now, her already soaked white panties hugged it nicely, and her swollen pusy lips were clearly visible through the nearly transparent undergarments. Soon they also came off, resting at her knees, and her hand went to get some natural lubrication for her meaty backdoor. She scooped up some of her gushing pussy-juice and applied it generously to her other entrance, sliding four fingers into the elastic ring of muscle without any effort. She played around for a while, pulling the well trained hole in every direction, proudly enjoying the feeling of it snapping back, as she was still tight and stretchy after all the hard anal workout. At least when she started her sessions. She had her whole hand inside to the wrist in no time, and she felt herself lubricated enough. Not that she needed much preparation for the PokeBalls, but she liked to play around for a bit before the main course. She grabbed the toy, and one by one, popped the balls inside, her anus swallowing them hungrily, closing around the plastic connector each time one sphere went in with a silent pop. All the while she managed to remain silent, she suppressed all her pleasure moans not to raise suspicions in her flatmate. Once all of them were inside, the handle rested snugly between her asscheeks, and she felt a comfortable, but still light fullness inside. Then her phone beeped, and a green led blinked a few times on the handle of the toy. She reached for her phone, and started the PokeBall app, which was designed with two goals in mind. One was to control the toy remotely, and the second to disguise itself as a simple app that had a ball rolling around on the screen. She used some gestures on the touchscreen, and felt the spheres inside her getting bigger. She rested her other hand on her belly, and the feeling of the spherical bumps on her taut stomach sent chills down her spine. Once she felt pleasantly full, she checked the secret view on the app to find out that each of the balls were nearly 4 inches across, and set them to a gently vibrating mode. She had to bit her lip to suppress a huge moan, and it was still only a half success as the balls vibrating against each other deep in her bowels started to work her up to a nice orgasm. With a dreamy smile on her face, she pulled up her panties and shorts, barely managed to get it buttoned around her full and sizable butt, and checked herself in the mirror. The bulges in her belly were completely obscured by her top, and the handle of the toy was swallowed by the cheeks of her meaty backside. The vibration was silent enough not to cause any audible sound, so the only thing she had to look out for was not to let out some sexy sound herself. That being done, she started to unpack her things waiting for the inevitable orgasms she would silently achieve during the process.
  13. Chapter 10 - Day 10 (part 1) - The Goblet of Fire Hermione woke up, exactly where she wanted to, completing a year-long plan to start the next real day on the right foot. She had taken over for one of her Time Turner selves, the one that spent the day with Luna. She was in a comfy bed, naked but her orifices free of cocks, her stomach flat and her best friend's face deep in the warmth of her breasts. She was holding Luna her like a teddy bear until the morning light stirred her half-awake. As if enacting a dream, her mouth found a nipple on her soft pillows and she suckled it. Hermione knew they would have to get up soon. They had a big day ahead of them and a school to save. Future Dumbledore had given her a few details about the tournament so she could be better prepared. The delegation from Durmstrang and Beauxbatons were arriving soon followed by the Goblet of Fire inscriptions, the opening ceremonies and the first trial later that evening. Hermione caressed Luna's face until it woke her up. The cute blond witch opened her eyes, saw that she was suckling on Hermione's melon, smiled, and continued. Hermione laughed. "We have to go, sweetheart". Hermione put on her her skimpy pantie-less school uniform. She had gotten use to wearing that tiny thing now. When you spend so much time naked, a little bit of fabric goes a long way. She looked through Luna's things for her clothes but came up empty. "Luna where are your clothes?" Luna was rolling around naked in bed happy as a clam "I threw them all away hahaha" "You can't just walk around naked everywhere. Here how about these socks. Hermione found, tucked between various contraptions in her suitcase, a pair of long socks with purple Ravenclaw strips at the thigh. Luna playful kicked her feet when Hermione tried to put them on but eventually gave up the game. Hermione could tell the socks were long but now realized they reached all the way up to Luna's firm round bottom, accentuating the length of her slender legs. Hermione still considered herself heterosexual but if she had a girl type, it would look exactly like Luna right now. They were about to enter an international slut competition so Hermione wasn't too worried about covering her lady-crush from head to toe but maybe one more article of clothing would complete the look. It dawned on her that her unclosable shirt was pretty useless at the moment, her large breasts were out there, regardless. The buttons were gone but with Luna smaller chest, the open shirt gave her a lot more dignity than it did for Hermione. Her pussy and butt were still completely exposed but now they looked like a real slut team and, with the support of her friend, she was gong to CRUSH those foreign bitches. They didn't even make it out of Ravenclaw tower before Hermione lost Luna to a small gang of horny boys seeing the airy teen as their House property. Hermione made Luna promise to make it back in time for the opening ceremony and got a thumbs up as a response, Luna being unable to use her mouth to answer. Hermione couldn't stick around and help, she wanted to see her competition. The majority of Hogwarts students were in the great halls. A line of tables had been cleared to allow a procession of guests to make their way through. Hermione found a seat by Ron. It felt strange to be completely topless in school. It was mostly a symbolic difference than with her useless open shirt, but she still covered herself with her hands or crossed her arms whenever she could. "Hey Ron, what did I miss?" "Nothing yet, the Durmstrang boat just arrived, we probably have a few minutes before they reach the school." Ron gave her an awkward smile and an inquisitive look. Hermione sighed and disappeared under the table. She resurfaced almost immediately after carry a small mouthful of Ron's sperm. After that, waiting for the Durmstrang entrance was done in awkward silence. Notably absent from the main hall were Fred and Georges Weasley. They were still in the Upper Hall tower making sweet love to a previous version Time Turner version of Hermione. Unless she altered the timeline in a major way, they'd be busy until tomorrow morning. Harry was across the table from her, holding hands with his girlfriend Ginny. Hermione could see he was sneaking peeks at breasts whenever he thought nobody was looking. She couldn't really blame him, she had learned to appreciate how gorgeous her plump leading ladies were. They were looking even nicer since the pregnancy. Bigger, firmer and her nipple had inverted ever so slightly giving them a little slit you just wanted to pinch. Just as Ron was about to ask for seconds, somber music echoed in the Great Hall and a formation of black-clad Durmstrang students cut the room in half. Hermione wasn't able to spot a single girl in the parade. They had probably only brought their slut champion with all boys student to participate in the festivities. Then it was Beauxbatons' turn to join them in the great hall. Their champion was easy to spot. Ahead of a large parade of handsome male students was a tall silver blond teen that looked to float more than walk. Either because of her Veela blood, her great beauty or the extravagant slutty ballerina outfit, once your eyes locked on her glow, it took considerable effort to look away. Fleur Delacour was much taller than Hermione but it was all from her legs that never ended. Her unitard went into a V starting as high as her belly button and becoming a thin string going between her perfectly visible and perfectly perfect pussy lips that seem to munch on the cord as she walked. The top of her unitard was stretched to the point of transparency showing the world she had Hermione beat even in that department. They were so perky that they still torpedoed forward and bounced with each step while packed in her tight one-piece. Every boys' mouth watered just looking at them. After she passed her table, Hermione could see what the bushy shape that was following her was. A long and high fox tail was sticking out of the back of her outfit. Seeing it sway from side to side as she walked, Hermione understood that it was only being held up by an anal implement. It looked like a heavy ornament to simply hold with your rectum but Fleur had an ass that looked like it could break open walnuts. Ron had his mouth gaping the whole time. Once Fleur was far enough away to break the spell, he told Hermione without breaking eye contact with Fleur's hypnotizing buttocks: "I heard she can suck the cum right out of your balls." Hermione couldn't understand why Ron was telling her this. She replied in a snarky tone: "Oh so you can save five precious seconds? I didn't hear any complaining when I sucked you off ten minutes ago." Ron realized his mistake. "I'm sorry Hermione, you're still the best when it comes to that stuff. I could really use another right now, actually." Hermione sighed and mumbled "unbelievable" as she dropped under the table once again. When she heard the voice of Dumbledore resonating through the great hall, she fit both his penis and ballsack in her mouth ran her tongue all over them while sucking hard to get Ron to finish immediately and prove to him that Hogwarts chicks gave the best blowjobs. "Students and esteemed guests, welcome to the first Triwitch tournament. We will determine the greatest upcoming female wizard based on slutiness, depravity, submissiveness and their ability to please wizards." Hermione looked around for a girl to share her outrage with but everyone was still listening attentively to Dumbledore's sexist nonsense. "If you believe yourself to have these qualities, you have until noon to put your name in the Goblet of Fire so that your worth can be judged." A crowd gathered around the large flaming goblet on the stage of the great hall, just to see who would put their names in, and maybe catch a close up look at Fleur's snatch, who was the first one to step up to put her name in. She did not disappoint them. Fleur made a show of holding her paper between her toes and raised her leg in a more-than-vertical split giving the howling crowd a good look inside her slightly gaping holes with only a piece of dental floss obscuring the view. The circle thickened too much to see after that, but she heard someone announce that she was giving blowjobs. Hermione turned to Ron to tell him it was OK if he wanted to go, but he was already gone. Harry was fidgeting in his chair, still holding hands with Ginny. Hermione waited in her seat, confused about her feelings of disappointment that no one was coming to see her for treats. She hadn't eaten anything this morning, Ron's paltry load did not count and was getting peckish. Eventually, Fleur exited the stage, her hands in the robes of Dumbledore and the Durmstrang headmaster, probably dragging them to a random bedroom. They looked elated. The crowd dispersed and everyone looked satisfied. Had she given oral to a hundred students in fifteen minutes? Hermione, who had throated half-giants and was ass-fucked by horse cocks for a year felt for the first time that maybe she wasn't the biggest slut of the wizarding world. On the first day of school, she would have taken that as a compliment but now, not only did the fate of Hogwarts rest on her ability to suck a mean dick but it was also a matter of pride. With the crowd dispersing, Hermione could now put her name in the goblet without making a big show of it. She was coming up the podium as Luna was stepping off. "Luna did you put your name in the goblet? I asked you not to! What if you get chosen and the exact same future repeats itself! At least I have a chance. I mean not like that... just that if I'm the Hogwarts champion, things have a chance of being different. Do you understand what I'm trying to say?" "I understand, Hermione" Luna circled around Hermione running her fingers across her shoulders then hugged her from behind, caressing a breast with one hand and sliding the other one down to the brunette's leg gap. Hermione's legs went weak. "You're going to be chosen champion for sure. You're the greatest witch in the school. In all the schools. But there might still be two champions from Hogwarts. Wouldn't it be nice to compete side by side." Hermione couldn't refute that logic, not while cumming that hard. A circle was forming around them, now. Hermione didn't recognize any of the faces, some Beauxbatons uniforms, some Durmstrang. A lot of them already had their cocks out and she then realized that these schools only brought their "best" students on the field-trip. Either that or there was something in that French and Scandinavian water giving them a third leg. She hurried to the goblet to drop her name off and joined Luna again before the petite blond got overwhelmed. The best friends were still working on their international welcome party when Dumbledore signaled the end of the inscription process. Hermione's suitors didn't let her see much of what was going on, but she listened. "The goblet will now reveal the three most worthy witches." Even with a crotch in her face, Hermione eyes caught the flash of blue light from the goblet spitting out a name: "Fleur Delacour!" This was to be expected, but Hermione was still upset that Fleur got announced first in case the order had a significance. "Luna Lovegood" This was bad. Really bad. History was repeating itself! "...Ginny Weasley" The boy humping Hermione's face must have been a Durmstrang student because he forgot she existed for a moment and turn around, his dick popping out of her mouth. All the Durmstrang visitors were shouting insults mostly directed at a black-haired girl standing completely nude on the platform. Hermione could see why she never noticed her before; she was short and petite even more so than herself and looked so shy, especially now that hundreds of guys were yelling and spiting at her. She seemed to be trying her hardest to turn invisible. It didn't seem like she had an easy life. Her breast, somewhere about the size of Luna's had thick painful looking bullrings through each nipples. The two nipple rings were tied together with a third ring, which forced her modest breasts to squeeze together. That ring, in turn, had a leash attached to it that was being yanked punishingly by her handler. Looks like her life was only going to get worst. Hermione felt terrible... this was all her fault somehow. By all accounts, the Durmstrang student had been chosen in the original timeline. What was going on? Why Ginny? Why wasn't she chosen. She wasn't chosen. She wasn't chosen. That fact was slowly sinking in. Ginny meanwhile looked just as frightened as the Durmstrang girl. Harry looked like someone cast Petrificus Totalus on him and his redheaded girlfriend was crying and pleading to him that she didn't put her name in the goblet. That there was a mistake. Then a bright blue flash illuminated the hall with light and hope for the confused brunette and the desperate raven-haired slave. A fourth name?! Was the goblet confused from the time shenanigans. Dumbledore read the name: "Hermione Granger" The Durmstrang crowd, that had gone silent for the reveal, erupted in anger with twice the intensity as before. Their headmaster screaming louder than everyone else. He was mad at his champion, mad at Dumbledore, mad at the goblet, mad at Hermione. He kept saying every trial was prepared for three girls, that nothing would make sense. The mob of angry Durmstrang carried their fallen champion out of the room. Who knows what kind of horrible fate awaited her in their guest quarters. And what about Ginny? From what she heard of the trials from the previous timeline, the poor girl was never part of this freak show. Harry had finally cleansed his Petrificus. He was arguing with Ginny about asking Dumbledore to disqualify her, that it would fix everyone's problems. Ginny, while still sounding like this was the worst thing that ever happened in her life, had the unexpected stance of not wanting to bother the headmaster. That surely everything would resolve itself. The truth is that she had definitely put her name in the flames. Like Luna, watching Hermione's budding promiscuity had awakened something inside her. Something that couldn't come out no matter how much she touched herself alone in her bed. She needed to feel a throbbing hard cock inside her and pretending to be a mistake in the tournament was her way to save face in front of her kind but naive boyfriend. As far as everyone else was concerned, Hermione was the mistake. She was the fourth, the anomaly. In truth, they were both anomalies of the space-time continuum. In the previous timeline, Ginny didn't have the courage to put her name without seeing Hermione do it first. Their participation was so intertwined and confusing that the goblet elected them together, judging their combined promiscuity to be above that of the Durmstrang cocksock. The headmasters were having a long conversation out of earshot, The Durmstrang Headmaster stood as tall as Dumbledore. He had the face of an old man but his long curly black hair and imposing build made him more impressive. He still looked angry but had calmed down. Both giant meant were dwarfed by the real giant-blooded Beauxbatons Headmistress, Olympe Maxime, who was taller than Hagrid himself. It was her who stepped forward to address the crowd of befuddled students. "The tournament will go ahead as planned with four champions" Any Durmstrang student that hadn't left to take out their anger out on the poor raven-hair girl were booing. Harry was furious too; Ginny had to hold him back from crashing the speech. "Silence!" The giant woman's voice stunned the whole room quiet" We will begin the opening ceremonies. The first trial will begin at sundown, the girls will be available to sample until then. Would the champions please come on stage, please." There were three big cushions on stage. Hermione walked over to one of them. Fleur was already standing next to the first one and entertaining the crowd by squeezing her ample breasts together through her thin see-through one-piece and blowing them kisses. When she noticed Hermione, Fleur politely objected with her smooth velvety voice and obnoxious French accent: "I am so sorry, this cushion is for champions. The cushion for cheating skanks is number four at the end". Hermione didn't see a cheating skank or a fourth cushion. There was an upside down rusty wash tub at the end. Was that supposed to be a cushion? Hermione was ready to snap back at Floozy DelaCunt but then she realized: if this really was the fourth seat, either Luna or Ginny would have to spend the next five hours on it. Maybe it was for the best if she took this one for team Hogwarts. "I have to go. It'll be OK" Ginny had to repeat to Harry until he let go of her arm. She was the third one to reach the stage and took the cushion next to Hermione's bucket. She smiled shyly at her. She wanted to tell her that she didn't mind taking the metal platform but she was so nervous about being on stage and talking to her idol, that the first few words came out all wrong and she just gave up mid-sentence. Hermione was distracted looking for Luna who was probably still in the crowd sucking dicks. The Beauxbatons headmistress was wondering the same thing but decided to start the ceremony with Fleur. Champion number one, Fleur Delacour, please remove your clothes.. " Fleur made a show of that, as well. She stretch her unitard upwards giving herself the world's biggest wedgie, both frontal and rectal, and slipped out of the outfit through the leg hole. Her breast were now fully unveiled for the first time, majestically defying gravity as they torpedoed forward. After a few hops to show students how hypnotic their bouncing was, she turned around and pulled out her tail using both hand. The plug was massive and made a loud thumb when it hit the floor. "Do you have anything else inside you." The headmistress asked, which Hermione thought was the weirdest question to ask someone. Fleur mimed herself thinking then raised a finger as if she just thought of something. She dug deep inside her ass, which looked pretty tight considering what it was housing a second ago. When her fingers reached a ring she pulled on it and exposed a few inches of string. On that string was a ball maybe three inches in diameter that after much pulling plopped out with a popping sound that even Hermione heard from the other end of the stage, then another, then another. Fleur's ass was like a magic bag of anal beads. There was no doubt in Hermione's mind anymore, Fleur wasn't just all show, she was a pro. The crowd started counting balls as Fleur's ass gave birth to them and broke out in cheers when lucky number thirteen marked the end. But that bottomless whore wasn't done. She put the final ball in her mouth and swallowed it down, her mouth now free she took the next one in and forced it down as well. Last out, first in, all orbs own were swallowed down her lumpy throat until only the final bit of string and the ring it was tied to was left hooked on the tip of her tongue. She bowed to the applause and straddle the cushion face down with her gaping bottom facing the packed hall. "At the beginning of every trial, we will restore the champions holes to prevent preemptive stretching. Carnem Reparo!" Luna was climbing on stage at the same moment, cum dripping from her mouth and nose. "Champion number two. Luna Lovegood, please remove your clothes" Hearing her name, Luna intuitively said "present" Luna took off Hermione's old shirt but then hesitated. "Can I keep my lucky socks? The Headmistress stood so tall that she had to bend down to get a good look at the socks. They were riding all the way up her legs but left her ass and pussy exposed, which was the important part. She felt Luna up with her giant hands, looking for a hidden wand while Luna giggled from the tickling, then officially accepted the request. "Is there anything inside you" Luna, unlike Fleur, didn't prepare a show as an answer to that question, she's had so many things put in and taken out of her ass lately that she genuinely wasn't sure. She put a whole hand up her bum and felt around before coming to the conclusion that no, other than some leftover cum she licked off of her fingers, she was good to go. "Carnem Reparo!" Ginny was visibly trembling. It looked like she wouldn't even get past the undressing part of the championship. Hermione felt so bad for her, but maybe that was for the best. She had no idea Ginny was here voluntarily and hoped she'd get disqualified immediately to save her from the sex torture of the next few days. "Champion number three, Ginny Weasley. Please remove your clothes." Ginny became stiff as a board. She was the only contestant that walked on stage with proper clothes on. The only visible skin was from her face, hands and shaking knees. She was three or four times redder than usual. The crowd laughed from her turning around before unbuttoning her shirt. Only Hermione was facing her now. When their eyes met , it gave Ginny the courage to go through with the her undressing. She was wearing so many layers and the crowd was getting impatient. Once down to white bra and undies, Hermione saw just how fragile and immature Ginny's body looked. From what Hermione had heard of the first trial, this bullying would end soon enough, if she made it there. Ginny took a deep breath and remove her bra. Her breasts were two small lemons with puffy nipples taking more than half of the surface area. Hermione tried to wrap her juicy grapefruits in her arms not to give Ginny more insecurities than she probably had. Next came the panties, a thin red flame of hair adorned her tight and short pussy lips. Ginny turned to face the crowd as soon as her underwear was removed. So that she could hid both her modest breasts and genitals with her hands like a renaissance painting. Hermione got the first peek at her butt. It was small but certainly her most curvaceous feature. The crowd was chanting "Show us! Show us!" They all sounded so distant to Ginny, who unbeknownst to anyone in the room, was on the verge of her the first orgasm of her life just from the thrill of exhibitionism. She removed her arms and placed them by her side stiff like boards. Most of the crowd cheered, some laughed. Hermione accidentally found Ron's face in the crowd then couldn't look away the same car-crash way he couldn't look away from his sister's freckled body. "You probably don't have anything inside you" Madam Maxime whispered to Ginny with a caring tone. Ginny nodded. "Alright take your place and Carnem Reparo!" The headmistress, didn't move on to the next contestant. She stood there looking back and forth between her wand and Ginny's posterior. She excused herself backstage to consult with the other headmasters who seemed delighted at what they were hearing. The Durmstrang headmaster and Dumbledore looked like they argued for a while but eventually the Durmstrang leader won and approached the stage. During this pause Ginny was sobbing on her cushion. Hermione thought it was because of the embarrassing way her raised bubble butt was facing hundreds of students for such a long time, but Ginny actually felt miserable because she thought she would be disqualified. "This tournament is just full of surprises. It seems contestant number 3 is virgin!" The Durmstrang headmaster announced to all. The crowd roared in laughter once again, and Ginny was now crying audibly. "To repair some of the injustice the Durmstrang institute has faced during the champion selection. I, Igor Karkaroff, will take the Hogwarts champion's innocence before we continue." A third of the crowd cheered and banged on their tables, but from the other side of the room someone was screaming "WAAAIIIIT!" Harry was runnning to the stage. "That's... that's my girlfriend!" Ginny suppressing her newfound happiness of not being disqualified was repeating the same words to her beau as before "It's OK Harry, I'll be OK" So what?" Igor asked Harry "So... you can't do that." he replied his voice shaking. "Ha!" The Durmstrang headmaster turned around and prepared his cock for the shattering of Ginny's maidenhead, ignoring Harry completely. "I should do it!" Harry adjusted his tune slightly and it worked, Headmaster Karkaroff turned around. "Really? Why don't we let your girlfriend decide?" "Sounds great" Harry replied his voice now full of confidence but his body shaking under his robes. "Take your cock out, boy. Let her get all the facts before deciding who will plow her pretty garden. Take it out or I'm claiming her now." Harry didn't have a choice, but at least he knew it was merely a formality. He reached under his robes and pulled his pants down just enough to slide out his penis, flaccid from the stress despite being surrounded by beautiful naked women. When he looked up, he saw what he was up against and shriveled another inch. Igor's dick rivaled Dumbledore size, maybe even a bit bigger. Veins the size of Ginny fingers were traveling all over its shaft and three prominent moles completed the ruggedness. The slightest breeze would have made Ginny cream herself while looking at this symbol of power and virility. "I'm sorry, Harry" Ginny told him with a sad look indicating her choice. The charade was over. Harry stood there dick in hand, his world broken as Igor immediately stepped up to Ginny's podium. The second his grotesque sausage touched the entrance of her pure little snatch, Ginny started cumming and didn't stop. Not when her hymen broke, not when her outer lips parted so wide an experienced pornstar would have called for time out, nor when her inner lips buckled under the pressure of the inches of meat that just kept coming. The wrinkles, the veins, the moles were rubbing her clitoris as they passed her entrance. Every new inch was a cumulative orgasm and it all exploded when she felt the sinister tall man's crotch rub against her own. He was so big, she was so small, but she took all of it like a true champion. Igor was goading Harry as he plowed his girlfriend fiercely until the-boy-who-lived ran off. As if he just kept going to humiliate Harry, Igor let himself go as soon as he left. He gave a series of loud grunts for a solid two minutes as he packed Ginny's womb full of his fertile seed. His cock-warmer wasn't making a sound but her mouth was opened impossibly wide and her back looked about to break backwards. After he finished draining his balls, Igor turned around, hands he the air, cock still dripping and tainted red from the violent break-in. All of his cum was safely trapped inside Ginny's violated womb; it was the flood of her own lubrication that had soaked it and an entire side of the cushion. Ginny was still twitching when Igor gave her a congratulatory loud butt smack, which triggered another big one for the volatile young witch. And when the Beauxbaton headmistress came back to magically repair Karkaroff's damage, Ginny spasmed again. Everything was triggering her today and couldn't wait to get destroyed again. Contestant number...... four" Madam Maxime purposefully hesitated as a slight to the third Hogwarts champion's claim. Hermione didn't wait for any further humiliating comments, she removed her navel skirt, laid down on the metal tub and said "I'm empty." Madam Maxime scoffed and Carnem Reparoed her. All eyes were on her exposed backside so no one saw Hermione's eyes grow wide. She was good. Was it practice? Natural talent? She felt so tight, Luna's skinny pinky would have a tough time penetrating her. She almost pulled a Ginny right then and there but kept her composure. "Until supper, the champions are here for your enjoyment. Try to form orderly lines front and behind. And please finish quickly, although that will probably be beyond your control depending if you pick one of the capable champions" That was another slight at Hermione, she knew it. Well, she was going to show her. Boys won't be able to last two seconds in her holes, she told herself. The initial penetration of even a normal size student was surprisingly painful because of how tight she had been fixed, but the next five hours were pretty uneventful. As dreaded, but expected, everyone wanted to get in Fleur's lines until they got so long that students began weighing other options. Ginny's line was the next to fill up, then Luna's, then hers. This was not a good start. She did her best to give everyone who came to see her a good time. And they all showed their gratitude by unloading quickly into her mouth or throat or pussy or ass, or ear (damn Malfoy jerk). Supper time seem to come as fast as Ginny hearing the word penis. That girl had been in heaven the whole time. Her inexperience didn't matter as she feared. She just laid there, letting boys do their worst and it was more than enough for her... and them. She went through at least as many suitors as Hermione that afternoon. Hermione saw Fleur fans get back in the same line multiple times, something she doubted happened much in her lines. She told herself it was because pretty much all Hogwarts boys had already sampled her, but that wouldn't explain the students from other schools... "Everyone return to your seat when you finish as we prepare the first trial." This marked another publicly humiliating moment for Hermione as most of her line, realizing they only had one load left to drop, switched lines to Fleur's. A few loads later she was laying uncomfortably on her metal bucket, holes dripping, waiting for the sheep to finish inside the sex-freak of nature on the opposite side of the stage. At least she could now watch the elaborate trial contraption build itself magically. Pieces of wood were assembling into three long boards covered in pegs shaped like the phallus of various magical creatures from smallest to biggest. When it was down to the final touches, Hermione was able to recognize some of the dildos. The second smallest one was shaped like a dog's dick. It was too big for a dog or wolf so Hermione assumed it was that of a werewolf. The third-biggest she knew very well. It was a centaur's cock for sure. The final one was just a couple inches longer than a centaur's but so much wider and strange-looking. Its main girth was in the middle and looked like it had its own muscles and a spine. Some kind of dragon maybe? In any case, Hermione felt pretty confident about this trial. She wouldn't be able to take the final dildo, but she was certain nobody else could either. Making it past the centaur peg would probably secure her the victory. When the platform stopped bustling with flying material, the wooden cocks turned to flesh before everyone's amazed eyes (except for Fleur who still had her face buried in the crotch of one of the final ten students in her mouth-line). Based on how perfectly accurate the centaur penis was, Hermione figured all the others were shaped with the same degree of perfectionism. Since they actualized, the magical cocks seemed animated. The 6th one, between the centaur and dragon definitely was; it was basically three long coils flailing about. If you concentrated, you could see the centaur one twitch at little and the dragon one pulsate. Hermione was getting excited, not about the prospect of having to warp her body around these gross-looking abominations but because this was phenomenal display of magic. Ginny next to her was besides herself, not because this was a phenomenal display of magic, but because she wanted to warp her body around these gross-looking abominations.
  14. Chapter 9 - Day 9 - The year of the horse For better or worse, Hermione encountered an inhabitant of the forbidden forest before the first nightfall. It wasn't the best introduction, but the spear did miss her head, lodging itself in a tree she was leaning on. It's a good thing the young witch was not wearing anything under her robes or it would have been soiled. "What is a human doing here, we have a treaty." Said the colossal man fused at the hip with a colossal horse. "I don't mean any harm, mister centaur sir. I'm just looking for a place to live for a year at most. Do you think there would be room in your colony? I wont take much space." "This is most unusual, I will need to consult the elders. Come, ride with me. It's a long journey and your little legs would make it longer" Hermione hesitantly approached the manbeast. He stood even taller than Hagrid. Climbing on his back would be like scaling a mountain for the little brunette. She grabbed a hold of his long human hair, akin to a mane, to try and pull herself up. It was so thick that it could surely support her diminutive figure... "What are you doing, pulling on my hair!? Were you going to mount me like one of your mules? I'll be doing the mounting." He then pointed at his back legs. When Hermione backed up she realized that he probably was trying to point at his growing fifth leg. A beige fleshy cylinder unsheathing itself from a darker section. It was still twitching upwards and growing but was already two feet long and as thick as the albeit skinny girl's thigh. Hermione hoped for the best: "You want me to... hold on to it? "No, I said mount. As in with your ass. If this is too humiliating for you, human, I can go back to my initial plan of killing you." Hermione was on the verge of tears wondering why things like this always happened to her . She walked under the Centaur's horse body, barely having to lower her head, and turned her backside to the now fully engorged horse cock. She spread her malleable butt-cheeks and inserted one, then two, then three fingers in there, cursing her idiotic idea of freshening up her holes with the Carnem Reparo spell before her journey. While it was as tight if not tighter than before the day she first had her thin wand pushed in there, her skin felt easier to stretch. Maybe it was her anus' imbued memory of the dozens of times it was ripped apart, or maybe being somewhat used to the pain helped her dilate her rim in record time. She was racing against the clock of the Centaur's patience after all. Hermione fisted her ass viciously until it was wide enough to pull open further using both her hands. It wasn't enough, not even close, but when has it even been for any of her anal encounters. "Here goes nothing" she thought as she slowly backup, butt spread wide, trying to line up properly. The Centaur's dick was unlike anything she'd have before. In size, yes, but also in shape. It was mostly smooth between two larger ridges, one at the tip and one about halfway, marking the area the tip extended from. The second half was covered in veins and wrinkles and joined with gigantic pulsating balls the size of quaffles. The Centaur tried accelerating the process by moving forward but that just made Hermione fall forward flat on her face, butt raised, however, now much too low for the creature's almost horizontal erection. This was quite the puzzle, but Hermione's brain was her 4th best asset. She begged her would-be rider to follow her to short rock face where she stepped on a boulder closest to the cliff side, propped her head and neck against the rocky wall and kept her back door open with her hands. The Centaur put its hoofs on the higher ledge and poked around until the tip of his oversize horse meat touched something soft and warm. Hermione braced herself. She could now feel how much wider the knob was to the opening she created. Feeling the rubbery surface against her knuckles was a bad sign. Since her hands at this point were getting in the way, she let go and instead used them to fortify her hold on the rocks. The initial penetration was over pretty quickly. At least now she knew the answer to a potential physics questions: how many horsepower does it take to push a 7-inch wide pole into a rapidly closing 4-inch hole? Answer: One. Hermione lost contact with reality out for a moment but her body stayed firmly between the rock and the hard place. The relatively little stretching she did to her anus wasn't much but it couldn't have hurt. Either way, the Centaur's massive girth was the only thing in charge of reshaping her posterior's interior now. It was no easy task, even for him. Thrust after thrust got him closer to ultimate goal of being able to support Hermione's body on his cylinder while he rode. At some point Hermione woke up from her coma thinking she was in a dream, a horsecock-shaped bulge was pushing outwards from her body. She ran her hand along the curved surface thinking she wouldn't actually feel it there. But she did. She could feel her skin on her fingers and the fingers on her skin. The next thrust took her by surprise and made her pass out again. She woke up a final time from grass whipping her face. She was flying! The distention of skin in front of her was obscene, but it at least gave her something to hold on to during the bumpy ride. "We'll stop here for the night. It's getting dark" It was already getting dark when Hermione met her stallion... had they been riding for only five minutes? Couldn't she had gone through this the next day? At least she would have had time to prepare. During her first night with her unnamed transporter, she learned a lot about the Centaur race. 1. They didn't sleep. Spending the night in a clearing was simply because running through the forest at night was treacherous. 2. They indulged in the pleasures of the flesh regardless of race or size difference and they never went soft if they didn't want to. Her nights were spent against a rock or stump getting the few inches of cock that slid out the day's ride jammed tightly back in her colon again and again. 3. They came often and a lot. Their giant testicles, bigger than her head, could spit out enough thick slimy semen to back-fill Hermione's intestines, stomach and mouth in one load and refilled themselves in about 20 minutes. The boulder or fallen tree she was pushed on at night ended up completely covered in spew. The taste was much worse than human or half-giant jizz and not just because it had traveled through the length of her digestive system. It was also sour and vinegary. She wasn't sure she could ever get used to it. The journey back was two weeks of riding during the day and fucking at night. Her robes lasted two days before ripping enough to fall off of her and be left behind forever. She had thankfully hidden her Time-Turner and wand on school grounds for that very reason. Losing them in the forest would be catastrophic for her plan. Hermione wondered if her Centaur fuck-friend was just galloping in circles, taking advantage of the situation. Eventually, though, from under her horse, she saw unfamiliar hooves: one pair at first, then dozens. They were talking about her as if she wasn't there. Most of them sounded angry. "I need to speak with the elders. Stay here." Hermione tried to push herself off but was stuck. She had spent two straight weeks impaled on this appendage, her body was pretty much molded onto it. The horse-man was working on his own solution; he moved back and forth a bit, grunting and neighing, probably thinking of a particularly round horse bottom. When his hose switched on, Hermione, who didn't have anything to lean against for once, slowly inched forward from the pressure of the stream power-washing her rectum until she was ejected from her saddled, falling to the floor before creating a large puddle of seminal porridge around her. She immediately fell asleep, a luxury she did not have in a long time even at the risk of drowning. She woke up being carried in her man's arms to a makeshift raised pillory on which her arms and head were secured tightly. "The elders have agreed to keep you here until you bear your child. We will keep you fed with our rich seed. In exchange, you will provide your mother's milk to our sons and we will keep the human spawn to raise as our own." "Thank you so much but I can just eat like berries and leaves, really. No need to feed me." Hermione pushed her luck. "The elders have spoken!" Her Centaur acquaintance left, and stranger Centaurs began circling her. They weren't much for conversation. After the first one dared to approach her platform, put his front hooves on top of her wooden restraints and re-opened the gaping anus that was just starting to mend, it triggered a chain of sexually repressed half-horses in a constant rotation, feeding her from the wrong hole for months, day and night with only the five seconds it took for one to pull out and another one to push in as recess. Both her gradually expanding, dangling udders were also kept occupied 24/7 by hungry younglings. This usually felt pretty good other than when she couldn't quite keep up with the milk production. The little bastards could drink and when it wasn't flowing fast enough they chewed on her nipples to get every last drop and used they surprisingly strong human hands to wring her jugs raw. Whenever she wasn't throwing up disgusting horse cum, she tried talking. No one would talk back the first few months but she eventually learned a few names. She could recognize the subtle differences in size, shape and feel of their cock heads and shaft inside her well-trained ass. The perfect irony was these mythological cocks destroying her rump and punching her organs were her lifeline during the cold winter months. She depended on their warms and the warmth of fresh cum coursing through her warped figure to keep her naked body from freezing. Her growing belly sagging and stretching downwards was probably the worst part after getting used to everything else. It was the size it would be if she was overdue, but she knew form having nothing to do than remember how many days pass by, that she was only at least half-way through her pregnancy. That baby, or babies... based on how much she was constantly being kicked form the inside, must have gotten most of their genes from their father. 11 months and over thirty thousand Centaur loads after she first got affixed to her podium, she felt it. It was time. She warned every Centaur she could see or hear but their responses were all the same: silence. Her pussy was still tight, a hundred times tighter than her virgin pussy at a rest because of how much it was being crushed shut by the giant horse cock in her other hole. Centaurs didn't care and quarter-giant babies didn't care, either. Her brain would help her forget the next few days of labor as it was a carnival of pushing, screaming and cumming. The cum always flowed but helped by the stirring of her oversize babies, she could finally join her violators in orgasm. Every time there was a shift change of the Centaur in her ass, the bastards pushed out a few more inches and her mind exploded in pleasure. Complete relief felt so close. When the first pair of broad shoulders fought its way out of her cunt, Hermione unconditionally surrendered to the surge of conflicting sensations and only snapped back into reality to do it all again when the second pair followed. She never saw her babies and while the Centaurs eventually respected their agreement, every member of the herd, by her count, had one last go, this time inside her recently vacated uterus. The last Centaur to penetrate her she remembered well. Even from a different hole she felt the pronounced bottom ridge and specific size that had gotten her here and that looked to be the one getting ready to get her out. Once securely docked, he opened her pillory and Hermione flew again for another two weeks of riding during the day and "riding" during the night. The exhausted witch couldn't feel her legs anymore. Crawling from the forest outskirt to the hiding place of her wand and Time-Turner almost made her miss having a Centaur mount. "Carnum Reparo!" This was the most extensive Reparo to date. The process took a long time and she started cumming non-stop from it as soon as sensations returned to her lower body. She looked over nostalgically to Hogwarts before using the Time Turner. She had missed it so much and it was finally time to go back. However, something was off. It was the middle of the night and almost every window was brightly lit. What happened to curfew? Hermione decided to check it out. She had her Time-Turner back, she had all the time in the world. After a big detour to avoid Hagrid's hut, not wanting to have her fresh new holes destroyed so soon, Hermione snuck into the school that should be asleep. She completely forgot that she was naked, or rather that being naked wasn't normal, until she met the first Hogwarts students she'd seen in a year. They were also naked. And shagging. Right in the middle of the hallway. Everywhere she went, students were paired up or in an orgy. How could the staff allow this? The main hall was empty of students but all the male teachers were sitting at the main table chatting. There was a waggling butt under their table and she'd recognize that cute little apple anywhere. As Hermione approached the table, professors started looking at her one by one like she belonged elsewhere. To avoid suspicion, she joined Luna under the table and shared her assignment of sucking and jerking every boner within reach. The professors started conversing again now that everyone was doing what they should do. "Hgmineh, Hg ho hood to hee you ahain." Luna looked thrill to see her friend again but couldn't spare a moment to take Severus Snape's cock out of her mouth. "Hey Luna, it's good to see you too. What happened here, why is everyone... like us?" Luna finally decided to give her mouth a short break "I'm sorry, Hermione, I didn't win the tournament and we lost the bet. It's all my fault. I'm not a good slut but I'm practicing hard for next time." Luna was getting kicked under the table for her crimes of only servicing two cocks at one instead of three. Hermione didn't want to get her in trouble. The best she could do for her was to rewind time and fix... well, she didn't know what happened but she had a pretty good idea whose fault it was. Hermione's idea of being mad as hell was going to be barging into Dumbledore's office without even knocking, but her rebellious plans were thwarted by the door already being opened. She could hear moaning from the stairwell. Hermione stood frozen in the doorway, her rage boiling, when she saw what was happening in there. Dumbledore was sitting comfortably on his chair without a care in the world. It had been a while since she was at Hogwarts but Hermione was pretty sure the girl moaning loudly over his cock in her ass was Daphne Greengrass, a tall and thin Slyterin whore. Eating out the butt-slut was Susan Bones, a shy curvy Hufflepuff who, by all accounts, was not the kind of girl to willingly tongue-fuck a girl's pussy while she took it in the ass. And, on Dumbledore's desk, the old man's hand wrist-deep in her cunt and harmonizing moans with Daphne was one of the Patil twins. Hermione couldn't tell which one. Hermione eventually snapped out of her trance and cleared her throat loudly. Dumbledore casually glanced at her and jumped in surprise after taking a few seconds to remember who she was. "Miss Granger!? I thought you died" "No I've been busy with your brilliant plan of spending months in the forbidden forest getting my bum raped by centaurs. Do you not remember?" Hermione was using her most aggressive tone. "Well yes I remember..." Dumbledore was struggling to pull his hand and dick out of his concubines "...but I shouldn't remember. Why haven't you rewound time?" "I was going to before I saw what happened to the school. What is this about a tournament and a bet." Dumbledore shooed the giggling tramps out of his office and closed the door. "It's just you and me now, how about a little treat for old time's sake? I'll explain everything.. " Hermione hadn't had human cum in months. She begrudgingly missed the taste. Compared to Centaur goo, it would probably taste like heavenly nectar. She was still mad at Dumbledore but this was a long overdue desert she couldn't pass up. She did set strict terms, though: "I get the chair." Looking like a house-elf in Dumbledore's massive chair, while he stood next to her, she began doing what she did best on the comparatively minuscule human-ish penis. It tasted like ass and cunt but her taste buds could appreciate any variation from her camping diet. Dumbledore was in the zone, Hermione's blowing abilities were leagues above the average Hogwarts student he'd been dipping in all these months. Hermione, wanting him to get on with the tale, so gave his balls a two-handed squeeze. "Ow! Right, well, during the first week of school I got a visit from ambassadors of other schools about a TriWizard tournament. Did you know there were other wizard schools?" Hermione rolled her eyes. "I told them that sounded boring and I'd prefer a TriWitch tournament where pretty girls do sexy stuff or something." If Hermione could of rolled her eyes even farther, she would. "They were quite interested, I was surprised. So the Dunstang fellow..." Hermione raised a finger for Dumbledore to hold that thought while she pulled herself from the fifteen inches of sausage in her throat "Durmstrang" she corrected, before going back to fucking her own stomach entrance with his nasty but delicious cock. "Right, so him and the French bitch were talking shit about this being unfair because their school would mop the floor with the other schools. I thought with you progressing so well that we had a chance so I got in on the action" Hermione, before pulling out once again, buried her face deep into Dumbledore's groin while massaging the base of his cock with her throat and licking his sweaty ball sack. Only when she knew Dumbledore was past the point of no return did she pull out until his cockhead filled in her mouth, then gorged on the comparatively succulent juices of primate balls. Once she had sucked him dry and ran her tongue around the inside of her mouth to gather the sticky remains, Hermione finally asked the question she wanted to ask five minutes ago: "What action?" "They each bet me their star student as a sex slave. You should have see the pictures, Miss Granger. First of all, they were moving. Honest to Merlin or whoever, the pictures were moving. And you should have seen those girls. One of them looked like an actual dungeon-type sex slave with piercings all over. Real kinky, totally my type. The other one, Miss Granger, you wouldn't believe how hot the other one was. I drooled all over that movie picture and I haven't been able to get that silver-blond tease out of my mind since. I'm getting hard again just thinking about her, do you mind?" Hermione didn't mind but tried to look inconvenienced as she put Dumbledore's twitching cock in her mouth for the second time, this time using her hands to work the shaft. "I said yes, obviously, thinking that I would be betting you as a sex slave or,you know, or a few other girls too so it was more fair." Hermione tried to bite down on Dumbledore's dick for him to acknowledge the insult but her little jaw was way under his weight class and he didn't notice. "Turns out they each wanted control over Hogwarts if they won!" I didn't think we could lose, also, to be honest, I didn't really care and I sort of like what they did with the place. The mandatory sex is really helping develop the young minds of..." Hermione interrupted him and asked between two slurps: "Professor, was the prophecy rubbish this whole time". "I'm afraid so, Miss Granger, but I did see potential in you. The potential to win me those beautiful sex dolls. She you introduced me to Loony, I knew I had a strong backup plan but she couldn't do it. You are this school's best chance at winning the Triwitch tournament. You weren't there and see what happened?" Hermione sighed and pondered while mechanically stroking meat. "When exactly did you make that bet?" "I remember it was the night you fell asleep in those green boys room." Dumbledore answered, hoping she'd focused more on her task. "Bloody hell, I didn't have my Time Turner then so I can't go that far and stop your stupid mistake" Dumbledore was smiling waiting for her to say it. The last year had been quite enjoyable for him but thinking of that Beauxbatons vixen again got him excited about a second chance at winning a lifetime of plowing her heavenly ass while squeezing two handfuls of her gigantic torpedoes. Hermione eventually did say it: "I guess I'll have to go back as planned and win your stupid tournament. For Hogwarts's sake, not yours." Dumbledore oozed with anticipation in her mouth.
  15. Chapter 4 - Ana and Meg As Ana heard the steps, she quickly grabbed the huge dildo and turned towards the door, with the black plastic behind her back. She managed to hide it just in time, as Meg appeared in the door. She looked a bit different than when she left, her clothing more rugged, the spaghetti top was even torn a bit around her sexy flat stomach. Now that she looked more closely, it was even sexier than before, looking more trim and flat, with the perfect amount of feminine muscle. Just looking at this strange, punkish, blue-haired minx had arose feelings inside her that she only felt when looking at the mirror. “Hey, Ana, right?” Meg said ”I see you’re still here, and…” she looked back to the livingroom ”did some chores? That means you liked the place?” “Uhm...” Ana struggled again to find the right words. “Yeah, I-I like things tidy and clean.” She looked away shyly “Hope… Hope you don’t mind?” She added while trying to find the dials at the base of the inflatable behind her back. “No, I like what you did to the place.” She said reassuringly, and with a really heartwarming smile on her face. However, much to Ana’s panic, Meg also took a step closer. In response, Ana tried to step back, but bumped into the sink, her mind struggling to find some way out of this. “So, are you moving in?” The dark haired beauty asked, taking another step closer. Ana did not notice that the same panic was also hidden in the girl’s eyes, as they darted back and forth between Ana and a spot on the bathroom shelf. “Y-Yes, I’d love to...” Ana replied weakly, trying to stall for some time, but Meg darted towards her, with arms stretched out in front of her. “Great! Welcome Roomie!” She said cheerfully, still concealing her true intentions of trying to reach the shelf, more precisely the vibrating egg on it. “Oh my God!” Ana thought, “She is going to hug me…” Ana only had a split second to think. There she stood, in the bathroom of her yet-to-be-roommate, holding a monstrous 26-inch inflatable toy that would raise some really awkward questions. Then, the worst of ideas came to her mind, and she acted without a thought about the consequences. As Megan was going for the hug, Ana also took a step forward, her arms still behind her back. With a not so small amount of luck, she managed to get the end of the dildo under her summer dress, and pressed the 4-inch thick head between her glorious cheeks, against her meaty anus. This way, the more-than-two-foot monster was still hidden from Meg, as Ana was holding it under her dress. Then, as Meg was just about to reach her, Ana moved as if she was knocked over by the other girl, and fell on her ass. Three things happened. One, the black monster penetrated her ass, stretching it wider than ever before, and in one sudden motion buried itself to the hilt in her rectum. Two, as she landed on her well-cushioned, perfect ass, the pump part of the toy was stuck under her, inflating the monster inside her ass even more, making it bulge against her insides harder than it already was. And three, the pleasure and pain of the sudden invasion of her ass made Ana achieve her greatest orgasm so far. She would have howled like a wolf from the sensations, had the massive dildo not knocked the breath out of her. Instead she just sat there, arms cradling her bulging belly barely concealed in her dress, as she rode out the waves of bliss, impaled on a massive inflatable toy in a stranger’s bathroom, “Oh my god, I’m sorry, are you okay?” Asked the dark haired beauty coming to her help. Ana, of course, did not notice the quick movement of her hand, as she took a small pink object from the bathroom shelf and hid it inside her pocket. She was preoccupied with the intense pleasure radiating from her backside through her whole body. “Yea… Yeah!” Ana managed to say, but it still came out more like a moan than actual speech. Fortunately for her, Meg was focused on her massive melons still wobbling from the sudden movement, fighting the rising lust in her loins. She really did not want to get another erection, as the duct-tape was already starting to hurt around her hardening girl-cock. “Here, let me help you up...” Meg offered, and grabbed one of Ana’s hands. “I… I’m… Okay...” Came the weak opposition, but to no avail, Meg was already pulling on her arm, ass out to counterbalance Ana’s weight. Even though her plan mostly worked - after all, she managed to hide the toy - she realized, that the pump part was still hanging from the plastic tube, and if she stood up, her dress would not cover it. There was only one place to hide it. While Meg was pulling on her left arm, Ana put her right under herself. She hoped it would look like she was pushing herself up with it, but instead she grabbed the plastic pump and tried to blindly insert it back into her pussy. It shouldn’t have been a problem, as she had worn the massive inflatable like this many times, however, her ass was so full right now, that she had trouble pushing the thing into her tight vagina. She had to squeeze hard, which cause another rush of air into the already humongous dildo in her ass, yet the she fumbled with the pump and it slipped from her grip. “Come… on…” Meg was struggling, apparently the mountainous boobs were heavy as hell. She pulled herself closer to Ana, and a coy smile appeared on her face as the position, while allowed her to put her arms around the girl, also placed her head into the infinite cleavage of those heavenly breasts. The soft pillow-like bosom felt too good, for a moment she forgot about helping her new flatmate and just savoured the feeling. Her painfully constricted girl-cock snapped her back to reality, and she finally managed to help Ana up. Meanwhile the shy beauty used the momentary stillness to finally squeeze the handpump into her now gushing vagina, which caused yet another increase in the size of the gigantic invader in her rectum. As they stood in front of each other, Ana avoided eye contact, fumbling with her dress, trying her best to conceal the prominent bulge of her stomach. “Sorry ‘bout that... “ Meg apologized. “This was awkward…” She was blushing as she scratched her head, trying to make some normal conversation happen. “Anyway, when are you moving in?” “I… I was thinking… tomorrow, if tha… that’s okay?” “Absolutely! I can’t wait!” Meg was jumping from sincere happiness, breasts wobbling up and down on her small frame mouthwateringly. Even Ana was smiling now, the other’s cheerfulness was affecting her as well. Then they just stood there in the bathroom, not really sure what to say or do. Of course both of them had a similar problem at hand, a massively swollen thing preventing them from focusing on anything else. Ana broke the silence first. “I should be going now. To get my things packed...” She blushed at the ambiguity of her words, then wobbled out of the bathroom on unsteady legs. “Are you okay?” Meg asked with concern in her voice “You look like you hurt your… ” the end of the sentence was never spoken as Meg was now already imagining hurting that glorious ass in some other ways. She could practically feel her throbbing girlcock sliding in and out between those thick, round cheeks. “No, really, it’s nothINNNG” Ana squealed the last word as she tried to compose herself, but by doing so she accidentally flexed her vaginal muscles squeezing some more air into the huge latex toy. She just darted towards the front door, and left, all Meg could hear was a distant goodbye. “Nice to meet you, see you tomorrow...” However, Meg was not really paying attention to that, as all she could watch were the humongous breast wobbling as Ana ran towards the door, their curves clearly visible even from behind. This was too much for her poog constrained cock to handle, and in a loud tear the tapes snapped, and her baggy pants tented upwards obscenely. As soon as she locked the door, she ran towards the bathroom undressing herself and three hours later she was lying on the floor passed out, gallons of girl-cum splattered all over the tiles. Her cum covered face showing utter exhaustion and bliss, and she was quietly whispering in her sleep. “Ana… don’t stop, Ana...”