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  1. Cuntbusting - beating pussy

    I just found Alexis Playground. It took two guys to bring down the bitch https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5a3ce388aa314 and she have more for sale https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/33899/milf-alexis-rain-s-playground/Cat215-CUNT-BUSTING/Page5/ClipDate-desc/Limit10 All of them looking amazing
  2. http://www.imagefap.com/pictures/6515760/Japanese-prolapse-porn-toons-by-DATSUCCO by Datsucco
  3. I drafted a second chapter but it needs a lot more work. I will post a small part as well as a Christmass present: Space Odysseum 2201:First Contact: Boss Battle 0.1 This place was the largest nest for analinguses discovered by the Dragonfly explorer team so far. The entire control room was covered in slime. The thick stench of spunk could be cut with a knife. There was almost no oxygen, but semen odour in the air. In the middle of it amongst five large analinguses was Captain Stella - a large six foot tall woman. She still wore her rubber undergarment that acted as a corset to hide the huge object she liked to embed herself on. Every other peace of garment was missing on her, safe for the facility contraptions bracelet. That is what Lt. Stuller needed to turn on the oxygen! The big amazonian from Brazilian decent had her eyes shut while petting one of the warms sucking on her huge right udder. The other breast was left alone because it has been sucked dry already. For the first time Lt. Stuller was able to see captain Stella's naked breasts without restrains. The boobs were truly massive although currently looking like a wreck. Both hung low and limp on her body with long stretch marks. The left one resembled a deflated giant balloon. There was a web tattooed around the massive sack's skin, sitting distorted on the collapsed tit flesh. The right one still had a bit of bounce left in it, being only-half empty and quivering past the captain's tummy. And then were her enormous areolae! The giant circles literally covered the entire bottom of the breast surface which according to the Lt. Steller's calculations put them at 8 inches in diameter! The only visible nipple was the left one. It was two inch long very reddish and swollen. There was a large silver ring going through it as well, but it did not impede the ongoing heavy milk dripping..... And God knows how many warms were hatching inside her wriggling swollen barrel of a tummy... with all the analingus mating going on around... Upon closer examination Lt. Stuller figured that six major nesting grounds holding the largest of eggs have been arranged in a circle around her. Three huge analinguses retrieved fifteen inch wide unborn spawns from a pink protrusion inbetween Captain Stella's legs, then placed them amongst those piles nearby. A fourth one was swallowing and then returning the egg back into another fleshy pipe at the bottom of the top commander's chair - even bigger! While this was going on a fifth analingus sucked on the delirious captain's right breast and out of it's other end refined goo stuff. It poured on the enhanced large alien ovums. At the same time six smaller analinguses travelled back and forth between six women stuck to the nearby walls. They looked like the adjutants who always accompanied cp. Stella at her video briefings the brig. The women had also ruined anuses which dropped their guts seven to ten inches to the ground. From there protruded and rolled into piles eight to twelve inches wide spawns. Analinguses retrieved the smaller eggs from the heaps, then wiggled to the main nest to drop their loads in a large outer rim surrounding Stella, before going back for more. Lt. Steller stepped even closer to examine this large incubate from which the biggest of alien ovums dropped out. If he learned anything about these worms – they did not hatch in anything but an anus! And voalla - his suspicions were confirmed....The huge red gooey pipe indeed connected to Stella's eviscerated anal ring. The broken gut prolapsed off the large woman's stomach all the way down and around to the bottom of her chair! Stella has been turned into the ultimate breeding nest enchanter of this analingus colony! While the lieutenant tried to comprehend this, the rest of the women form the rescue team started to sqeeze into the chamber and form a semi-circle. Only seven out of over forty member crew the DragonFly started with, remained able to stand. The first one on the right of Stuller was intern Judy. She was a short 22 years old girl with raven black hair and colourful eyes. Her face had such a submissive look, perfectly matching her attitude, that Deputy Jannie mentioned the petite female would probably stay an intern forever. Even her current posture was submissive: the girl was trying to cross her legs incontrovertibly like a Japanese hentai character. Despite the large bulge in between her tights! All the while holding a baton as if it was dildo... The whole top of her costume was missing - torn by one of the worms in a fight earlier. Her perky C cups stayed bare for everyone to see, glistering in slime. The fumes made her dizzy and horny at the same time... Judy was diagnosed as a small girl with hypoplasia. She had the smallest breasts on the ship, but that did not mean the intern was content with this. Various exasperating “natural” programs paid for by Judy's parent each month yielded effect, but were incredibly slow. She tried to compensate for the meagre size of her tits with lots of piercings. Eight rings in total skewered her large long well trained nipples in combination with two bigger ones going through her aureole. The other discomfort in the shortie's body at the moment was her overstuffed anus. The petite female was shattering with each move ever since leaving the Dragonfly, carrying more then fifteen kilos of latex in her guts. Judy was so scared at first, she wanted to seal her backdoor completely to the alien invaders. So the intern used a key she “borrowed” from fitness instructor Eleene, to enter the gym section for advanced training. She outdid all her previous achievements there, by somehow stuffing a large La FFontaine class expander. The determined woman jumped on it for an hour and eventually jammed it in her backdoor through that defeated sphincter of hers. The eight inches and a half that unbend however have proven too much for the small female's body. So far it made her waddle like a penguin, barely able to keep up with the creeping rescue team! The intern's adventurous actions and dedication however were paying off. Judy had survived the total anal onslaught so far with not a single worm inside her holes! There was simply no place even for a needle to fit in either of the three bottom orifices. The raven woman did kept her mouth open fairly often, groaning from the exercise, but analinguses did not liked getting in through there....did they? Foreign language correspondent Magdalenna was staying with legs widespread a bit behind on the left side of Lt. Stuller. Her head was oval in shape with stern gray eyes and long wavy hair dyed brown. A silver ring piercing on her nose completed the correspondent's look, hinting of her concealed personality. The 43 years old hag was forced to stay in this position rather then assuming it on her own. Magdalenna's suit has been breached, inviting hundreds upon hundreds of worms to enter her gaping sphincter for some time now. Thus the half-italian foreign correspondent's belly have grown so large, it bulged almost a foot off her chest. Once Magda got in the chamber, the abominations inside pushed the woman's legs so far away from each other, it became very hard for their carrier to move. The impregnation also mashed the correspondent's huge unrestricted KK mammies flat under the suit. Apparently Magdalena did not bind them very tight and parts of tit jelly meat could be seen showing up through the garment's crackings. Some even far bellow her navel. On top of everything two erect nipples somehow made themselves visible despite the immense pressure they were up against. Want stories like this more often? May be even with graphic content? Please check out my patreon here .
  4. The REMASTERED THIRD version of this same chapter you can find here. Hopefully it shows improvement. The year is 2201 A.C. The Dragonfly-E3 maintenance shuttles approached the freight drone Moe - B2 241 at 01:40 a.m. standard Earth time the hailed on it's military frequencies. No response was received and while copilot Lt. Stuller tried all other open waves the shuttle reached their target within visible distance of their lenses. Senior Lieutenant capt. Corbin asked to place image from the cameras on the big screen and when co-pilot Casey followed her orders, the crew froze from the sight they witnessed. As if from a horror movie Moe – B2 241 was floating in space with shut engines and no signs of life. Initial scans showed no indication of electrical impulses from within whatsoever. The secondary scan for living matter however came positive, but it clearly outlined some strange shapes and fluctuation as if the crew members were sleeping in very strange positions. The ship did not seem to have breaches anywhere on it's armour, but the oxygen level was dropping down. Currently the records were indicating very low. The engineers on E3 confirmed it was due to lack of circulation, caused by the total shutdown of all vital systems inside the drone. The computer calculated that there will be no breathable air within six hours, which meant the crew of the troubled spacecraft was in danger. Captain Corbin acted immediately - she contacted her senior Ms Kelly Wanderman and introduced her to the situation. The order of the Old Lady was to explore the ship, taking extreme precaution. At least one crew member needed to be left behind in case something happens to the forwarding team. It was clear to all Lt. Stuller was favourable to keep himself safe, but it remained to be seen if his man pride could allow it. The plan was drawn and the Old Lady finished by informing her subordinates that as soon as she can get into contact with United Terran Space Force senior admirals Dragonfly E3 will be updated. In the meantime her own flag ship will set course to the incident. After iterating the situation senior lieutenant Corbin created a more detailed approach how to go about this as her spacecraft approached the offline drone. It has obviously detached from the asteroid it has been mining from and simply floated a few kilometres away. It's internal barrels were still rotating by inertion though so some gravity would be maintained. In this state it was a bit hard to attach to the docks, but not imposable. Then the crew of E3 had to cut through the twelve meters tick layers of doors. The only fusion cutter at their disposal ran on battery which would surely need recharging. The process of recharging however was the favourite of captain Corbin and Lt. Casey. They eagerly jumped on the two biggest almost seven inched wide dildos and started pedalling. Yes the charger was actually a set of dildo bikes designed to provide energy when away from the ship. Lt. Stuller started cutting door after door under the supervision of the main Chef and appliances control Senior Sergent accountant Kayla. When the last door was about to be sliced off all females had to vacate their anuses form the large heavy grid torture dildos they were riding and prepare for the mission. Although the two chicks started pretty aroused, looking at the darkness of the corridor visible through the window of the drone's dock door quickly cooled down their orgasm. Everybody dressed in the only suits available which were the resilient swimming space costumes with special vacuum zips at their behinds and breasts. For the first time in their lives however the crew members felt vulnerable. For a century there were no major space conflicts, let alone catastrophes. If the scouting crew were to meet their first hostiles in their lives inside the offline drone, these spacesuits will not help much. Some of the female explorers left their ruined anuses left as they were, in case they had to run and others decided to plug themselves to the brim as usual just in case they need life support medications or ammunitions. Still those rear holes chosen to be on display empty were staying wide open of at least four inches or more, with a lot of prolapses. It was simply their natural state after decades of stretching and pulling. The captain herself had the biggest fallout of guts of all nearly seven inches long. She had to plug herself in order to be able to move freely. She inserted in her rear cave a seven inch wide heavy grid dildo that was of course nowhere near her limits. That is why she had to lock it in place within her costume or else it would fall out. As the group entered the freely floating spacecraft the first thing they noticed was a few drops of slime on the counter next to the acceptance desk. There Lt. Casey remembered was the position of a receiving member of the crew she knew as Glenda. How UTSF ship border control operated was in line with regulation R-456, according to which all packages addressed for the personnel inside were accepted by the clerks through the checkouts. They had to be less then twelve inches wide and under two foot long because the scanning equipment was actually inserted in the anuses of the safety control officers. The big containers with ore and trading stock was checked thoroughly as well but by much more experienced and gifted officials. There was no chance for contraband this way with security in space so tight. After all can't allow dangerous ingredients to enter space ships that can cause outbreak of some sort or worse. Back to the offline drone - following the slime on the desk Senior Lt. Corbin reached a lock keeping one of the two acceptance counters shut with a code. After tampering a little with the machine the high rank officer managed to manually force the shutter up. Immediately a strong and arousing smell shot into the air and then the group saw staff clerk Glenda stuffed inside. The woman in her mid forties was covered in dried up spunk sticking her limbs and body to the walls of the cupboard. Her anus was exposed to the side and a heap of eight inch wide eggs was currently present underneath it. The pile blocked the way no doubt of many others lodged inside the poor acceptance officer's guts with a visible bulge in her stomach. She still wore her gaper panties however specially designed for experienced back-door receiver masochist like her, holding it apart at astonishing twelve inches with spiked hooks. Glenda seemed to be half conscious, breathing heavy and her mouth was stuffed with something so she could not speak. The eyes of the Moe freight officer were shut, but muffled moans of pain and pleasure could be heard. The rescue crew was still looking at each other not knowing what they were facing when suddenly the “analingus” warm attacked! It came out of the cupboard within the eggs and quickly launched itself at captain Corbin. The alien creature did not have teeth but it's force of impact opened the the zip a bit and wiggled it's way into the cavernous rare of the Senior. Lt. Stuller took out his blaster gun and tried to shoot the worm. Only too late – it already made it inside. Immediately two, tree, six, eight more worms lunched at Seniour Lt. Corbin from under the same cabinet. A few found access through the same hole in the suit and jabbed inside her cavernous anus. The crew did shot only five before they reached their destination,, because they did not want to hurt their captain. At least twenty analinguses dispersed into the Senior Chef's guts despite the dildo, before their brethren were shot or smashed by the stunned explorers. Seniour Lt Corbin was crushing on the assaulting worms yelling to not use blasters when she started to moan. The analinguses that were inside her started to release their aphrodisiac slime and mate. Still the stern woman stabilized herself and paid attention to some female moans coming from within the other cupboard. The woman yelled at her crew to stop firing decided to duck and check what was in it. After hacking the lock, the main Dragonfly officer discovered the second acceptance clerks named Patricia, who was stuffed like her colleague. Sen Lt. Corbin remembered quiet well that this girl was a gifted receiving clerk, with astonishing rear capabilities. Currently however poor Patricia had huge belly. Large eleven inch wide eggs were present everywhere inside the small box accompanied by tons of slime. All of a sudden an enormous analingus somehow found it's way out of Patricia's wide open thirteen inch wide sphincter, knocking down many eggs in it's way and launched at Senior Lt. Corbin's skafander. The warm cracked the protective equipment in two then started making it's way inside the poor captain's throat. It tried to squeeze in for some time until the crew finally brought it down with their guns. At the same time another huge thirteen inch six foot long analingus escaped Patricia's anus and charged at the unobstructed commander's rear. The opening was loose and poorly plugged with way smaller dildo that it could bear so the creature quickly found it's way in. Her sphincter stretched over the poor captain's maximum capacity, causing immense pain and mixed moans of pleasure. Despite the damage that the adult analingus was taking from the blasters it simply continued to squeeze. At some point her useless dildo shoot aside and the adult warm crawled in! Until all of it was inside Capt. Corbin's cave that she mistakenly called anus. It seemed that the senior just took a thirteen inch or more wide monster inside of her making a huge bulge at her belly. The adult analingus started mating, eating other worms and lay eggs. For this purpose it injected the Dragonfly's boss anus with numerous aphrodisiacs which made the woman feel better for her situation. Still the senior of the explorer group managed to gather herself and order all of her crew that wore gapers, to go back and stuff their holes with the thickest dildos they could possibly wear in order to prevent similar tragedies. Then Capt. Corbin ordered Lt. Stuller being the only male to barricade in the ship in case the group does not manage to save the invaded drone. However his man pride prevailed and he had to disobey the chain of command, expressing that he was a sharp shooter plus the worms may not attack him. As he was arguing many other females went to pack or re plug themselves with much ticker dildos, except L. Casey and co-pilot Stuller. This was the moment when more worms exited the obviously huge cave inside Patricia and attacked the trio. Eventually the humen were overwhelmed and a few worms managed to enter inside the wide open loose ass hole of Casey while other four attacked the male's tight rear hole as well. This is when the Senior Lt. showcased her true nature as a leader. Capt. Corbin managed to drag herself to the cupboard and expose her cavernous rear to the incoming hoard of analinguses. The creatures naturally started entering this welcoming nesting place instead and gave time for the Stuller and Casey to defeat the ones left outside. By the time this was done Capt. Corbin had an bulging eye expression as her belly grew to unimaginable proportions. The adult warm grew bigger and bigger as it ate everything entering it's layer and was swelling to ever more dangerous proportions. The captain could feel massive amounts of eggs forming inside of her guts. The reason they were not falling off was because they were stopped by sticky slime which emanated from the worm. Some of it entered even her lungs and she started to feel delirious, but still hanged on. The male spacecraft member had a problem on his own - the warms made his anus bled it as it was not well trained. Also the aphrodisiac acted in a weird way to his enzymes making him not think straight without any sexual arousal. The poor guy was yelping in pain while the analinguses continuously tried to enter deeper rear. He attempted to grab the slippery creatures in vain and just jumped in one place. In the end he was saved by Lt. Case who came to help him by blasting and stomping the analinguses. When the remaining crew members arrived they saw that Stuller was lying on the ground holding his bleeding anus while the lieutenant was applying medicine to it. Next to them Capt. Corbin was gargling sounds, her belly was getting swelled like a nine months pregnant woman with quadruplets as everything in side of her moved, visible even from outside. Lt. Janna and Lt. Cindy the two medics in the crew took the man inside the shuttle on a stretcher while Lt. Casey who was next in the chain of command drew a plan. She decided to leave ten women in Dragonfly-E3 as a backup, while she and the rest of her crew break inside the main door of the space drone to try and activate the power. The air oxygen supply was still present, but going down steadily. In order to cut through the heavily reinforced door however it turned out they can not override the manually locked piece of metal. Instead they had to bring the same cutters they used to open the cargo bay and this meant some more riding of huge anal dildos while next to an analinguses nesting ground! Sen. Lt. Corbin was still heroically attracting the aliens to enter her cavernous anus and the crew was in huge debt to her for that. While they set up the cutter and begun the operation, foam started to form in her mouth. Still she was moving her head half conscious urging the group to move on while Janna was trying to hose in pipes so she can breath. Lt. Casey decided that this was the time to act, so she instructed for the cutting to begin. Although usually a male held the cutter, she asked one of her colleagues to help her hold the heavy equipment and begin melting the metal. Private Olga, her regular cooking chef friend and lover, along with Lt. Zelda, another co-pilot attached their seven inch wide dildos to the machine and started pedalling as quickly as possible. Soon they were followed by the rest powering the melting slicing welder to full power in no time. The door was cut within half on hour so everyone except poor captain Corbin can rest a while. It can be seen that the Seniour Lt had started laying large thirteen inch wide eggs off her broken anus already and they begun filling the small cabinet. Patricia was pushed aside but she was in some sort of crazed ecstasy and probably did not realize what was happening. All of a sudden the customs clerk brought her vacated anus to accept the dropping gifts of the capt. Corin. inside of her! The useless sphincter of the officer did not have to stretch at all but still a bit of prolapsed gut prevented the first egg from being pushed inside for some time. Private Olga found herself masturbating while watching this exchange of large alien external ovulation from one rear cavity to the other, covered in sleazy slime. All three women found themselves moaning in pleasure while breathing the spunky smelling air, obviously in a state of extreme ecstasy. The captain was starting to get even more aroused as she begin massaging her tightly bound breasts then tearing the remains of her suit. The spell was broken when the two medics Janna and Cindy arrived. They applied some ammonia so the women snapped out of it. Everyone had to start wearing gas mask in order to proceed in the sexually hazardous environment. Once all set up and protected, Lt. Casey moved to her senior not sure what to do with her. She did not want to place the infected woman inside the shuttle, but at the same time she was reluctant to leave her like that. When the lieutenant shared her thoughts with Corbin, her boss gave her the solution. Following her heroic spirit, the Senior officer. asked to be carried inside the facility and used as a magnet to attract more analinguses enter inside of her. With slurping sounds the delirious woman described she was already infected and it did not matter is she received a hundred more worms inside of her broken guts or a hundred thousand more. Indeed it looked to Casey that for the success and safety of their group this deed was necessary. Lt. Casey shot a tear of proudness and sympathy, then asked private Olga to help her. Both women lifted the heroic captain by a handle they found, connecting her tightly bound tits together. Then Sen. Lt. Corbin moved her legs up and let them be tied to the bulging balls of woman flesh as well - this will help moving the woman more easily. As a result this elongated the suffering senior officer's tits even more as her legs yanked her poor breast. But it must be a trill for the captain, because Casey knew her superior loved torturing them. Sen. Lt Corbin was hanging by her tits for hours while being violated anally and practices many other perverted masochistic games for her poor sacks. This is why her tits in normal state stretched over thirty centimetres off her chest. With Senior's ass leading the way the company stormed the lobby while keeping in contact with the back up team over the com link. Upon entering the civilian part of the space drones the rescue team was astonished by the amount of slime everywhere including the ceilings. First the explorer team found two of the security guards coated in slime, stuck in the corners of the entrance chamber. One of them Casey knew as Sheila the other one was unfamiliar. Both must have locked themselves initially in the cupboards on the other side of the desk, but due to the large amounts of eggs lodged inside their rectums the doors have broken, resulting in the guards falling off. Their respectively nine and ten inch wide dildos were lying nearby burred in slime and it was apparent the two security officers anuses were basically turned into breathing layers for the analinguses. The Worms were freely moving around the floor around them like children around their mother, but when they sensed new rear holes untouched by them immediately launched at the group. Most of them targeted the ruined beyond repair cavern of captain Corbin in open reach, most of the analinguses tried to circumvent it and reach the other juicy target. Perhaps they sensed the large worm would eat them The group kited backwards while shooting, until the aphrodisiac of the slime inside of the infected woman finally lured the worms to stuff themselves past her almost fourteen inch wide open dilapidated rectum muscle. After successfully cleaning most of the floor by vacuuming everything inside their faithful captain's broken rear, the rescue squad reached a secondary door which was locked as well as. At this point Corbin was dropping even more eggs from the heavy breeding happening inside of her belly. The crew started destroying all the offspring but it turned out some of the tiny worms could hide their way inside cracks in the floor. Plus it was very time consuming so the explorer decided to leave the eggs alone. The door to the corridor was locked as well. Not wanting to use the cutter, Lt. Casey decide to try and reason with one of the guards instead. She omitted the hundred worms that got out of the cupboard via the captain's anus once again, before reaching Sheila. She knew the guard had the code memorized and tried her best to wake up the non-stop orgasming space craft member by sticking ammonia in her nostrils. All in vain – it looked like slime was stuck even in her trachea. Lt. Casey then resorted to another method. She knew that her acquaintance hated not having her breasts bound at all times, so she undid the braces constricting the large double FF funbags of the custom security officer. The breasts of Sheila fell down like two volleyballs in couple of sacks and soon enough the guard opened her eyes moaning uncomfortably. At first Sheila did not recognize the lieutenant, but she was happy to see a standing woman so she tried to speak. Instead only gargles came out as slime and smelly spunk exited her mouth in large quantities. With gesture Lt. Casey pointed at the door and explained they wanted to open it. Sheila shook her head violently with scared look in her eyes, but then Casey mimicked the air was running out. Understanding there was no other way, Sheila asked for a digital display to write the code. More of the worms in the meantime were trying to enter captain Corbin's anus but they had no space to get inside anymore. The slime dripping from there was pushed by the ever exiting extra large eggs. The ten inch wide oval objects popped out almost non-stop as the two women gesticulated to one another. The adult analingus had many in store from before and now when it had room and conditions it started laying them in full force. Soon the ground became flooded with small worms and to the horror of Lt. Casey and her team a dozen or so found their way inside her anus, despite her supposedly shut suit. Still the lieutenant held on till the code was written trying to dodge as much as she could. Lt. Casey did not want to start killing the analinguses now because she sensed if that happened it could spur the unpredictably large nest inside Sheila to life. So she took the invaders like...a woman. When the big 45 digit code was all written, she got up hoping there was no misspelling and decided to plugg herself with the large nine incher of Sheila to mitigate further interventions. It took some time but she finally lowered herself enough to lock it in place. Afterwards he started dragging the nesting Corbin with the ever faithful Olga, the newly infected copilot went back to her crew at the door. Thankfully it successfully opened and also lifted part of the emergency lock down as well. Lt. Casey begun feeling the worms move inside her anus already hatch small eggs which started to pooled on the tip of her a bit over her maximum capacity wide plug. Past the newly opened door was a long corridor and the squad could see the red flashing lights blinking all the way in. The lieutenant knew the numerous doors were leading to different customs rooms, sleeping bunkers and the dining room straight ahead. In almost every corner there was a woman stuck to the ground, worms crawling everywhere literally, dropping even from the ceiling. Private chef Olga and Lt. Zelda decided to start extracting a few dozens of eggs from Corbin's overstretched guts in order to make room for more analinguses. It looked like the trap did not work, the worms simply could nto enter the poor captains rear. However even after laying more then seventy large eggs in just fifteen minutes, captain Corbin was still very full but the group decided to move on. Very soon the team was overwhelmed by the hundreds of worms more then half surviving the blasts and entering the captain's anus. In an attempt to survive the group extracted even the two inch wide textured pee-hole plug and removed her gaper panties to expose her pussy and yawning urethra. The captain was also responsible for the oxygen circulation, which meant training her peehole to accept the ship's large main capacity urine receptacle was one of her main prerogatives. It was currently three inches and a three quarter wide, but the captain had to always show progress to her superiors at the end of the month. It was the progress she had to achieve in order to prove her crew stayed competitive and the it's top commander - up to her position. A few of the smaller warms entered inside the gaping hole but soon exited it dying shortly after. Is seemed like the urine flora was fatal for the analinguses. Olga then grabbed a handful of slime and jammed it inside of the wide spread peehole of her superior, driving a deep grunt from the poor woman. As a result soon enough the worms begin crawling into the tighter in comparison with the other caverns hole. A few dozen small once must have started nesting inside because soon enough small eggs started dropping from there too. Captain Corbin's pussy seemed to be a welcoming place however and soon was filled as well. Worms coated it in shiny spunk on the inside and outside in no time. The analinguses however did not mate inside and this could be the reason the worms crept back at some point looking for an anus After the majority of the waves were dealt with, the group started moving forward steadily. It was halfway through the corridor when a large analingus exited one of the ducting pipes and attacked. Thankfully Corbin's long gone anus now stretching over fourteen and a half inches was able to attract the monster and it started squeezing inside. Over fifteen inches wide it was almost an impossible task and especially not with the older worm still roaming the guts. The two aliens started fighting for the human tunnel and it was looking like the new one was wining. The old one soon sensed it's demise and started to try and escape through captain Corbin's mouth. Judging by the poor Dragonfly's boss' gargles and terrorized look, her life was in danger! The crew intervened and after taking more then fifty shots to it's body the invading analingus stopped moving and dropped dead. Lt. Casey and the rest had to barricade themselves and wait till the other worm digest it in order to move on. It was impossible to extract the invader – it was way too deep and it could result in more problems coming from the captain's nesting cave, not worthy of any other function any more. In the meantime however the ever advancing analinguses had to enter into someone's ass hole and there was no way to stop all of them – they were too many. The blasters were almost out of energy so Lt. Casey said to her friend chef Olga to lift her by her tits. The cook was having none of it however. The private pulled the lieutenant down by her the handle on her bound tits, saying “Not until I have something to say! You are our leader, we need you to succeed - you go last!”. With that the brave woman jumped right ahead anus first just towards a group of fifty or more analinguses, opening the zip of her suit in the process and exposing her tightly plugged useless sphincter. Against her captain's order Olga pushed a button on her gapers which activated a mechanism that shrieked the mechanic dildo to four inch wide one. It was just about to fall off before an army of anal invaders pushed it in by creeping inside of the wide open rear hole. Lt. Casey would otherwise punish her friend but deep inside she knew Olga was right and watched torn by emotions while private chef Olga was filled to the brim within seconds. Through tears the Lt. bound her favourite crew member's breasts, then attached Olga's legs. With everything done she and Zelda lifted the new analingus attraction by the two purple globes just like captain Corbin until now. The team begun rotating the poor yelping chef around in order to protect themselves and survive long enough for the damn adult worm to be eaten. After what seemed like eternity, enough of the huge analingus was consumed inside the captain, for Lt. Casey to push in inside the pregnant senior's rear cavern and lead her women crew on their way. In the meantime her colleagues had a chance to take a look at the broken ducting and saw a female in maintenance clothes stuck there with a large twelve inch gaping anus on sight. She was dropping large same size eggs for the entire duration of the battle from the ceiling, but the group was too busy to pay attention. Lt. Casey concluded that probably the engineer tried to escape and judging by the massive bulge in her stomach was not only unsuccessful, but also very gifted anal receiver. The lieutenant caught herself thinking what would feel like to have such an enormous warm inside her cavernous rectum instead of the small tiny little ones that already moved inside her guts. The pilot barely managed to compose herself, adjusted her mask and lead her women forward, with Olga's anus protecting their rear, and captain Corbin's advancing forward. When the group reached the dining room they saw many crew members stuck to the tables or nearby cupboards, all turned into breeding nests for the analinguses. The opening of their sphincters varied in size but the smallest was five inch wide. Some still wore their gapers on, others had their dildos extracted, but everyone was in a delirious orgasmic state. So many worm entered the packed anus of Olga by now that the woman was completely out of it, not even trying to hide her arousal. While the group headed towards the kitchen because it was a shortcut to the basement where the power core was, the moaning chef started laying ten inches wide eggs. Behind one cooker the rescue team ran into the a bit overweight chef of the facility itself. The moaning in pleasure master graduate was sitting over a large pile of fifteen inches wide massive eggs and massaged her cow udders! And this is when the boss of all analinguses showed up! Over a foot and a half wide, the monster towered over everyone as it launched into poor Corbin's leading anus. The senior was out of it by now, but the stretching must have been too much even for her. The poor captain opened her eyes feeling terror and pain as her anus was extended to impossible limits. After the large analingus was unable to stretch her ruined sphincter wide enough to enter and being annoyed by the many blasts shot at it, the warm attacked a nearby Dragonfly crew member by the name of Clara. Knocking down the special interests specialist and tearing her suit, the huge analingus seemed in control of the situation. It even wiggled it's tale and crushed the integrity of the group. Everyone dispersed hiding and scared. This allowed the lesser worms around to enter random anuses of the disorganized team members. Lt. Casey saw half of her crew was being infected and decided it was time to abandon the unfortunates once behind and lead the surviving still mobile female crew members forward in order to survive. The leader of her group along with two of her colleagues grabbed the screaming Olga by her tits and managed to squeeze through the small door leading to the basement. Only after shut it behind she realized they will need the cutters to open the main centreboard room. It would be probably impossible to advance any further without it in the emergency locked drone anyway, so she had to return. She quickly jumped out and ran through the corridor, despite all the dangers around. The cutter was on wheels so she started pushing by her own, it but still it was slower process then the lieutenant likes. Unsurprisingly before she knew it her exposed loose anus was open by the already grown warms and begun dropping eggs. This made her incredibly aroused and she did not try and cover it, while a dozen of the wiggling monster analingus begun entering it. At least a hundred of fertilized eggs and many kilos of slime got lost dripping through Lt. Casey defeated sphincter before she can reach the basement. The huge father of all analinguses saw the huffing and puffing woman and begun crawling towards her. Then out of the corner of one cooker, Pamela, special forces on Dragonfly, attracted the massive alien towards her and lead it to enter her large permanently open anus. It was clear what exercises she did in the gym but she needed to know because a male foot could not touch the walls of that gape! Pam herself had many analinguses roaming her guts, but there was no way this worm was making it inside of her! Still the special forces agent managed to help and the second in command respected that. Lt Casey gave military salute and promised a pink heart, then gathered herself and pushed the cutter down to the stairs of the basement. The remaining four standing women breathed heavily while pushing the cutting machine down the narrow stairs. Finally they gave up as they were out of strength and let it fall down. The cutter rolled down then smashed on the ground and broke there so the team had to stop to repair it. That was easier said then done. In the basement a lot of the crew seemed to have tried to hide from the invasion, obviously unsuccessful. They all now lied down stuck in all the corners with their anuses gaping wide open from giving birth to thousands of analinguses. Olga tried her best to attract the worms but it was obvious she could not survive much longer taking hundreds upon hundreds of aliens inside. Instead Pam, one of her intern companions gave herself to replace her. The other one was Jasmine - the assistant to the senior maintenance engineer was far more important. She was the only one remaining who could repair the cutter. By the time the machine was all prepped Lt. Casey realized she had to leave Olga behind – the chef was too full to be of any use. Instead she begun dragging the now orgasmic wreck called Pam the intern by her tits as the next shield. The specialized military applicant proved to an experienced anal masochist, because she transferred from another career and was in her mid thirties. With all the daily exercises she had to perform on the Dragonfly it really shoed. She could not only stretch her spinster to the impressive twelve inches, but also do an amazing nine inch long prolapse. Her dildo was long gone by now, and her dangling guts were attracting so many worms like magnet that she already started laying eggs. On the way to the maintenance doors the small squad was attacked by two more large adult worms, right near the end of their mission. This almost proved too much for Pam, but Lt. Casey managed to fool the one to enter her colleague's pussy instead. Then she peeing in it and locked the mencae there. The creature wiggled violently before it died a torturous death, but not before making poor Pam faint. Lt. Casey knew herself would not be able to take a thirteen inch wide three feet long monster in her womb but apparently the experienced itnern was talented there as well. After surviving the last death spasms of the analingus in her cunt, Pam was revived by another tube of ammonia. First thing the exhausted woman asked surprisingly was to open her pee-hole to the warms. Obviously the woman was filled with arousal but Lt. Casey not feeling herself as well decided to do it and insert some tick worms just to see how much this masochist can take. Upon seeing how her superior acted and observing that now big five inch wide eggs were falling out of lieutenant's gaping loose even with the nine inch dildo still in place, Engineer Jasmine took the com link. Then she contacted the second group and asked it to be send towards her location. The worried female explained their situation and convinced Deputy Oxygen Controller Jannie who was in command there to comply. The first aider agreed to move out of the ship after she heard Lt. Casey's moans. Little did she knew the pilot was about to do some pretty nasty stuff with the worms. Either way Deputy Oxygen Controller Jannie shouted orders till she was happy how she organized her female friends. Lt. Stuller by now was up on his feet and for nothing on Earth would allow to be left behind. Instead, being very angry that the women wanted him out of the action, he grabbed nearby mousy blonde food tester by the name of private Garla and forced the tip of a ten and a nearby half inch wide leverage up her anus. It's purpose is not important, but the impressing part was he did this without pulling out her massive dildo! Making his point he took the only automatic buzz gun on the small shuttle and headed out. Sec-In-Command Jannie shrugged her arms, released the blonde and shouted for everyone to move out. What Lt. Stuller demonstrated was nothing short of what she had to deal with in their private time. On the way to Lt. Casey's locations the second rescue team were guided by the engineer. She navigated them how to proceed and what areas to avoid. At the very beginning she informed Deputy Oxygen Controller Jannie they will need to sacrifice one of the woman to become an anal nesting layer if they were ever going to make it. The most appropriate of all was Sen. Mech. Janna, who's anus prolapsed nearly five inches without a plug from daily rough abuse in the barrel. This state of her rear opening was also due to her job. She needed to test variable items and this was performed with most extreme measures on her poor sphincter, leaving the exhausted hole permanently ruined. So with pilot Stuller in the group choosing his targets carefully, the second force were able to proceed quickly forwards. Upon reaching the kitchen the fresh Dragonfly detachment met all the left behind members of the first squad. The women were swarming in spunk and by now many had given birth to thousands of warms. Carefully aiming Stuller managed to safely get his group to captain Corbin's wrecked body, but not before a dozen analinguses managed to crack an opening in a few of his female companions suits. The unconscious Senior Lt. Corbin was dragged and pulled with the group, despite the dozens of all the warms squirting out of her holes – urethra, cunt, useless anus and mouth and infecting the females around. She was their senior after all! In the meanwhile Lt. Stuller heard the engineer shriek on the com link so he rushed the group to move out. Upon arrival at the maintenance heating room where engn. Jasmine was hanging with Lt. Casey and Pam the intern, the reinforcing squad found out the trio locked into a slimy prison already. Three large adult analinguses were into each women ass and one was squirming around. It immediately attacked the newcomers but the angry Stuller had none of it. He took out his knife and sliced the beast to pieces. Millions of warms came out thought, splattering over everyone! It looked like the adult was very pregnant and the terrified Lt. Stuller ran behind accountant private Helga, his best lover. The woman was indeed an accountant, but also spent quite a lot of time in the barrel so her anus has started to prolapse a few years ago to reach it's current two inches length without a plug. She already had a few worms inside so she bend over and took the bulk of the worm invasion inside, while the man of the group stomped the nasty creatures in frenzy. Next the group managed to deal with the other analingus lodged inside engineer Jasmine following the same patter. Then they tried to wake her up in order to ask how to turn the power inside the space drone. The female however barely managed to breath, let alone talk. So they did the only logical thing in this situation - untied her breasts. Combined with this measure and two ammonia inhalations, egin. Jasmine came to her senses. Thanks to her instructions, the engine door was cut and the power turned on. Now the only thing left to do was reach the captain's cabin and turn on the oxygen. The doomed Jasmine gathered the last of her free will and drew a map where exactly the control cabin was. Then she explained that two levers had to be pulled to start the basic rotters and the oxygen will begin reproducing. After this was done the engineer asked her breasts to be tied once again before closing her eyes and going to her happy place. The brave group continued making it's way pushing the cutter and drilling through four more doors. By the time they arrived to the captain's cabin there were only three women remaining standing with private Helga leading the way and eight more dragging by their tits behind the cutter. Lt. Stuller refused to leave crew members behind if it was the end of him despite the fact it caused the infection to spread quicker through his team. Deputy Jannie herself was not feeling well partially because of a hole in her mask and simply followed. While opening the triple reinforced door of the drone's captain cabin, the three females worked overtime, but with so many analinguses in their anuses they could not power the cutter much. In the end Stuller simply used all the reaming charge and cut a small hole enough for one person to enter at a time. Epilogue: And there my friends was the captain Stella herself, a large six foot tall woman with five large analinguses around. God's knows how many inside of her were hatching and nests of eggs have been arranged around her. The amazon looking Brazilian woman was in trance and acting like zombie petting one sucking on her huge udder reaching past her tummy. Her other nipple was visible, very swollen and long at least two inches. Milk was dripping from there and by the look of the saggy milkbag, it was just sucked dried out of it's content. “ A boss battle is coming however, which you must wait for me to write at a later stage.
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  6. Flatmates

    Chapter 7 - No more secrets 10 minutes and a quick and one sided match later Meg finally shouted in triumph: “Told you!” “Y-Yeah… A-Aaah…” - was Ana’s only answer. She barely even registered the events of the game as all her thoughts were about the massive balls stretching her rectum and the endless orgasmic bliss she was trying to conceal. She lowered the controller in her lap, her hands accidentally brushing the bulge in her belly, making her moan loudly. “You okay?” - Meg inquired with a raised eyebrow, starting to notice her opponent’s weird behaviour. “S-sure! Just… h-have to…” - Ana forced an apologetic smile, slowly starting to rise from the couch, making very sure that her dress concealed her massive toy. Suddenly she realized that she had totally soaked the fabric of the seat, and looked up in panic. “S...Sorry, I… lemonade!” - she apologized - “Some le-lemonade got on the coach… Let me get the cleaning stuff...” - With that she turned round bow-legged, only to stop in her tracks with a yelp, barely managing to stop her hands from grabbing her marvelous butt. ”You hear that? Is that your phone buzzing?“ - Meg asked, as Ana was preoccupied with the sudden sensation of the balls vibrating inside her bowels. As each of the massive sphere was violently buzzing and smashing into each other, her mind was trying to remain functioning as her constant orgasm was switched to even higher gear. Meg must have found the timer messing with the app before... “Wha… Yeah, sorry, berightback...” - Ana jabbered, grabbing her phone and disappearing in the bathroom... *** Sunday morning Ana was up early and busy in the kitchen. The day before ended quite awkwardly and she decided to make up for it by bringing breakfast to bed for Meg. While the delicious toasts were slowly frying in the pan, filling the kitchen with a mouthwatering smell, her thoughts wandered back to yesterday evening. She remembered barely making it to the bathroom before her legs gave out and she had fallen to her knees right behind the door. There she needed a few minutes to recover as she was riding out the forceful waves of her orgasm that was sieging her sanity for almost an hour then. When she finally calmed down a little, she disabled the vibrating function on the pokeballs, and slowly crawled to the sink on all four, ass high in the air, her massive boobs dragging of the floor. She barely registered the the cold tile brushing against her nipples - her mind could only take in so much stimuli. She had to support herself with her arms to stand up, but when she was finally more or less upright, she pulled her dress up and got to survey the damage to her marvelous ass. She gasped at the sight in the mirror, had to muffle herself not to make any suspicious noise. Her full asscheeks were spread apart by the outer end of the toy, clearly showing her hole that was distended beyond anything before. The normally thin plastic connecting the base to the balls was inflated to about 4 inches in diameter, and her usually meaty anus was stretched thin around the massive shape. What was even more astounding was that the first Ball was pushing against the ring from the inside, so her abused hole was distended from its normal place to be in level with the end of her bubble butt, looking like a miniature volcano between her cheeks. Below, her puffy pussy was slightly deformed from the unnatural state of her posterior, but it was still soaking wet. She considered deflating the toy, but as she reached for her phone, she could not bring herself to it. She wanted, no, she needed to see and feel as the massively swollen balls bursted through her poor asshole. Instead she just opened the faucet to conceal the noises she was most probably going to make, and grabbed the base of the toy, while bracing herself with her other hand. She began to pull, but the massive sphere right at her entrance just would not budge. Her stretched ring was refusing to open up any more and instead it hugged the huge ball tightly, eventually forming a semi-sphere between her spread asscheeks. Now that the ball’s outline were clearly visible, Ana noted its size which had to be over 5 inches across. The mere thought of having something this big inside her and the forceful tugging only made her hornier and more determined to get it out without deflation. After a minute or so she was panting from both the exertion and her ever rising horniness, but still couldn’t pull the humongous invader free from her strained asshole. She needed a different approach, so she laid down on the floor on her back, pulled up her legs beside her torso, and grabbed the toy with both hands. It took some struggle to get a good grip as her massive breasts were practically overflowing her chest, spilling to both sides over her arms, completely obscuring her view of her lower parts. While reaching for the toy she traced the outline of it on her distended stomach, and was shocked to feel a bunch of prominent bulges along the way. Finally she managed to hold the toy firmly, and took a deep breath as she started pulling with all her might. Gritting her teeth she managed to make some progress, she felt her anus stretch even more, and millimeter by millimeter the toy started to emerge from her depths. She should have been more worried about damage, now that she thought back to the day before, but in her lust-crazed state she was too far gone to care. Finally after breaking a sweat from the struggle, she felt the widest part pop though her abused hole, as another huge orgam wrecked though her, her neglected pussy squirting all over the floor. She was in heaven, bathing in pride and pleasure, and just laid there for a while, when she remembered, it was only the first ball. There were still four to go… The toast was finally ready, and Ana put it on a plate already prepared with some bacon, added a glass of orange juice to it and went for Meg’s room. She did not want to wake her up, her plan was to silently put the breakfast next to Meg’s bed and let her wake up to the smell of fresh toast and bacon. Ana was lucky, she found her door slightly ajar. She was worried Meg may have locked her door, but fortunately she still getting used to having a flatmate. She rested the plate on her generous bosom, only holding it with one hand, and reached out with the other to open the door as silently as possible. Meg’s room was the only one she did not clean as she didn’t want to invade her privacy on the very first week. Stepping into the room, Ana a bunch of clothes laying around the floor, a notebook on a messy desk littered with papers, notes, and some jewellery, a halfway open closet and a strange, strong, musky smell. “You should at least ventilate sometimes...” She thought, then stopped in her tracks as she noticed something really strange. Meg was sleeping on her back, arms thrown over her head, her colorful hair messily framing her face. She was more or less covered by a thin blanket, one of her knees was pulled up, tenting the thin white fabric. Except, and that was why Ana stopped for a moment blinking cluelessly, both of Meg’s legs were clearly visible, as her feet were sticking out from under the blanket. “What the…” Meg started, suddenly realizing she should remain silent unless she wants to wake up her sleeping roommate. Instead, she just shook her head, sneaked next to the bed, and put down the tray in a safe distance so Meg could not turn it over accidentally. “Ana...” She heard a weak voice from behind her back. “S-So...” She turned, starting to apologize, but the weak voice spoke again, interrupting her. “Ana… More...” That was when she realised two things: Meg was only talking in her sleep, and the pillar was twitching slightly. A really dirty thought came to her mind, and Ana blushed and looked away ashamed, but her curiosity finally won over her. She crept closer, standing right at the end of the bed, and with one unsteady hand reached for the blanket. She was really careful not to wake Meg up, she steadied her hand and moved in a speed that seemed to be in slow motion. When she finally reached the end of the blanket between the sleeping goth’s legs, she pinched it carefully, and lifted it up until she could peek inside. She was not prepared for the sight. Under the blanket stood the biggest cock she had ever seen, and that was something considering how big of a size queen Ana was. She saw an absolutely massive, throbbing pillar of flesh covered in finger thick veins twitching in synch with Meg’s every heartbeat. At the base, squeezed between the goth’s thighs rested a pair of overfilled balls easily as big as cantaloupes, their skin stretched tight around their bloated shape. It was so manly yet fully feminine as the hairless shape was covered with the girl’s fair, flawless skin. All Ana could do was stand there hypnotized, staring at the humongous secret her flatmate had somehow hidden from here so far. “Yes… Ana… so good...” Moaned the sleeping Meg again, as her cock twitched more violently than before, letting out a generous amount of precum, more than an average ejaculation, soaking the white fabric at the tip. The sudden movement of the impossible girlcock took Ana by surprise, and she would have jumped away if her humongous breasts wouldn’t have unbalanced her. Instead she just pulled on the sheet trying to hold onto something while falling face first onto the bed, breasts popping out of her top. Her fumbling had fully revealed the throbbing pillar, allowing her melons to land on both sides of it, failing to fully envelop it in the bottomless cleavage. From this close, it seemed even more impossible to Ana, and she had barely noticed that behind the mesmerizing shaft Meg was staring at her wide eyed blushing redder by the moment. “I...I… did not mean to… J-just wanted to see i-it... C-Can’t be real...” Ana stammered still talking to the enormous shape right in her face instead of looking up at Meg. Meg opened her mouth to say something, but no words came out, creating an awkward silence for a few seconds. Finally she found her voice: “So… Could you...” “Oh.. Oh, yeah, I should uhm… Sorry…” Ana finally regained some of her composure, and moved her hands to push herself up from Meg’s lap. “No!” Meg said nearly shouting, stopping Ana in her movement. “Please… Please don’t leave…” She added breaking eye contact and blushing. “Oh… I suppose… Wow. It’s massive…” She said dreamily, while she absentmindedly started touching the massive thing with her hands - tracing her fingers on the underside, feeling the never ending length and the smooth texture. Meg only gasped from the sensation gripping the sheet with both hand. She could only hope that this was not a dream, this perfect goddess touching her war really happening. She bit her lips, face showing the incredible pleasure she felt mixed with the aching need to get some release after three days of forced edging. She tried to tell Ana to stop, but couldn’t, the sensations were too heavenly. She tried to tell her to do more, but couldn’t, she was afraid it would end too soon. Instead she just squirmed in her bed, pinned by the enormous weight of Ana’s bosom enveloping her poor, tortured, aching girlcock. “...And it’s really thick…” Ana notes as she couldn’t manage to reach around it with both hands. “A-Ahh!” Came the answer as the firm squeeze around the shaft pumped even more blood into the already bloated member visibly making it grow even more monstrous. By now Ana was really wet, she felt her juices running down her inner thighs. She felt the massive pillar pulsing between her endless cleavage, twitching in her hands, yet she could still barely believe what was right in front of her. Finally, her mind was able to focus again, and some coherent thoughts were able to form in her head. “B-but I have been here f-for a week…” She noted confused. “W-Where do… did you hide it?” Meg blushed an even deeper, crimson red as she struggled with her dignity to answer the question asked ”I tuck it back…” - She finally mumbled in a voice so low Ana had to practically read it from her plump lips. “But still, I can’t belie…” - She doubted, hands moving around the shaft measuring it’s obscene dimensions, trying and failing to find a reasonable explanation. “Up my ass!” - Meg bursted finally - “I keep it stuffed up my ass! And I managed it well! Nobody knew!” - She continued nearly shouting now. “Then you came, and… And now look at me!” - She was on the verge of crying - “It had grown even bigger, and I’m nearly always erect! I can barely fit it in my ass now, and it feels like a fuckin tree trunk! And I can’t even cum anymore! My balls are so swollen I can’t take it anymore! A.. And when I think of you, it is even worse!” - Meg gestured towards Ana who was staring at her mouth agape but with genuine care in her beautiful green eyes. She had even managed to ignore the massive phallus wedged between her breasts while Meg was talking. “Your huge boobs, your perfect ass, flawless skin, gorgeous face, cute blush… Yeah, exactly that… And you are also so fuckin nice to me, and innocent, and I’m just… just constantly thinking about…” “I also stuff things in my butt…” “What?” - Meg was thoroughly baffled. “I-I also stuff things in my a... butt...” - Ana confessed without looking Meg in the eye - “Huge things… And… And I think you are also... Perfect! I-I mean it!" - Her eyes finally met the goth girl’s cried out pair. “I-I mean, you are beautiful, b-but you are also so confident! Y-You always know what to say, and don’t… and you are not afraid of what will happen… And you are so smart! I… I found some of those books of you, and couldn’t understand a thing… And...” - She looked down, and paused for a moment - “And you have a huge p-penis!” For a second they just stared at each other silently, Ana’s stare alternating between the still throbbing girlcock and its owners nervously blinking face. Finally it was the blog girl who broke the silence: “C-Can I...” “God, yes!” - came the instant reply as Meg realize she had been holding her breath for a while.
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  8. Breeding raid

    Breeding raid by mu70 Warning: this story contains bestiality, gang bangs, nc-sex, pregnancy/birth, anulgs/worms, mind control, anal etc. and in all honesty shouldn’t be read a by a decent human being SH characters: Victoria Valiant, Lana LeBlanc, “camerawoman” Based on “Underworld” Written by: Mu70Breeding raidOutside the Museum for antique history, 10:24 am Victoria Valiant - superheroine pledged to the Freedom Stars, once an alien from the distant future, landed in front of the main entrance. Despite her skimpy outfit and her luscious artificially created body not many took notice of this. The reason was simple, the entire museum was on lock down and a dozen police cars blocked all roads to the plaza in front of it. In addition to the barricades the main entrance was guarded by a competent looking swat team. Virtually everybody no matter if he or she belonged to the police force, news teams or was a simply gawker, stared at the glass front of the museum. Not that they could see much, the glass was fogged and dripping with condensation, clouds of steam came out of the few open windows and with those clouds came the screams, the moans and groans and the occasional white fountain of goo… This was no time for a heroine to stay idle! With brisk steps and a tight grip on her scepter she went straight for the captain at this scene. That was Miranda Mitchell, a tough as nails former elite soldier, her platinum blonde hairwas a nice contrast to her chocolate colored skin. She kept her hair in a tight and stern bun and her sizeable chest and butt were hidden under a grey trench coat – although her curves were still quite visible. Without exchanging any pleasantries, Victoria went straight to business. “Captain, what’s the matter here? Our headquarter got a call from the mayor’s office.” She tried a neutral tone but the cop eyed her with disdain, if not outright disgust, before she answered. “Yes,” answered Captain Mitchell carefully, “it seems this morning at 0930 we had an extraterrestrial incursion into our museum.” “Extraterrestrial?” Victoria gasped and felt her lower abdomen twitch in remembrance to that episode with the alien smugglers. “Yes, we can’t get better or more info, we just know that these are some red skinned aliens, who have started to rape their way through the museum. Luckily it was early and not many guests were in there. Although sadly,” she points over to a parked school bus, “at least one class from our local high schools is in there with the staff and a few other people.” “I understand.” Victoria takes a deep breath. “Has anyone tried to negotiate with them?” As soon as the Captain shook her head our superheroine went off to the entrance. “Then I will do my duty.” No one tried to stop her, she was a superheroine after all, but everybody was shocked when shortly before she could knock the door opened - leaving a small gap. Fighting the urge to turn around and trusting in her powers as a Freedom Star, Victoria Valiant entered the museum and everyone gasped, when the door closed behind her.Earlier inside the Museum for antique history, basement 09:15 am Maria Clarkson knew that this was her last chance to make it into the newspapers. Almost all of their latest excavation had been catalogued and put to storage. This piece of leather bound ivory was the thing, which could give some insight into a long forgotten culture. There was only one problem, the long cylindrical object seemed to be completely useless… there was nothing, which could have indicated for what it was used. Eventually she decided to get the old leather off. Below that she found a smooth white surface and it was surprisingly warm to the touch in fact it got warmer and… did it just move… No it could… But it was too late, freed from its prison the ivory turned back into the agile half fluid state and shot from the table right down between Maria’s legs. Only seconds later the academic found herself on the floor, grabbing on what amounted to a white snake slipping into her tight twat, right before the other end pushed into her even tighter second hole. Within seconds the pleasure was so intense, that she couldn’t even scream. Only a few minutes later purple balls of light floated through the room, as Maria’s juice ran across the floor and drew symbols, which had not been drawn on this soil for millennia, over the concrete. By the time the portal was open, so that the Red Mistress and her minions could pass, Maria’s beautiful mind was already gone and the once proud archeologist reduced to an orgasm craving animal in heat. “Thank you my dear for opening this gate,” purred the demon, “finally we can take revenge on this super sluts, who come to our Dimension and try fuck us into submission. I will keep your soul in a special place.” And with that she and her followers began to swarm throughout the museum.Inside the Museum for antique history, entrance hall 10:32 am Victoria’s nostrils flared even without seeing clearly in this fog, the sounds and especially the smell was clear, she walked right into an orgy and according to the smell it was a massive one. A soon as her eyes had adjusted; she saw what had happened to the entrance hall. A strange kind of matter had grown on the walls and floor here and there, cocoons could be seen in some corner or hanging from the ceiling, some had already holes in it. Then there were the critters, a few had legs and scurried along the walls, some looked like anulgs but most were simple worms of various sizes, nothing to worry about for a heroine, but then she saw the humans. Two naked humans stood in the entrance hall, one was female the other male. On first sight they looked unharmed and unarmed to Victoria, very healthy indeed. For instance the female, although already in her mid-40s, was quite visibly pregnant; by the size of her heaving belly at least 12 months in. Maybe she had been used by an anthro or she was one of those lucky ones, who were fucked and knocked up by a real animal. In this case a Clydesdale was most likely. Anyway it couldn’t be long before she gave birth; the engorged nipples on her massive tits were already leaking milk and her twat send thick threads of slime drooping to the floor. Next to her stood a skinny man, even older than the woman, but when she looked further down, Victoria felt her heroic pussy twitch. Between the legs of this elderly man hang a dick so large, that at first the superheroine had presumed the man had a third leg. It was thicker than his arm and easily reached his knees even in its current flaccid state. Even better, according to its reddish state and the fact that it was covered in cum, slime and froth made it clear, that it had been in good use not so long ago. Naturally Victoria licked her lips; currently the superheroes couldn’t see any danger or hazard in this house, which could have led to the huge police operation out there. A damaged air conditioning, broken lights and an admittedly bad case of worm infestation were no reason to keep Badoma’s finest occupying the parking lot of the museum! She was already halfway turning to go back out and tell everybody that this was no situation for the law, when the woman finally spoke. “Excuse me miss,” her voice was silky and send shivers down Victoria’s spine, “aren’t you one of these famous superheroines, who protect our city from all kinds of evil?” So addressed Victoria turned around and struck a proper heroic pose. “Indeed citizen, I’m Victoria Valient, superheroine and aspiring member of the Freedom Stars. I came to safe you all.” “Save us…?” they looked at her quite quizzical. “There must be a misunderstanding, no one here needs saving. In fact we were just about to reopen the doors and invite more people in.” Victoria relaxed visibly, obviously her first assessment of the situation was correct and there wasn’t a major problem but then she remembered the police still being outside and clarified. “Oh I’m afraid there is indeed a major misunderstanding. It seems the police believes that there is a hostage situation, they have put the museum on lock down.” She looked at them with honest regret. The couple looked at each other, before the woman spoke again. “Well, then it might be best for you to talk with the M… her.” Whatever she wanted to say originally, she ditched it. Her pregnancy must have affected the speech center of her brain thought Victoria. That was something she knew all too well, because of herself being pregnant so often. “Yes, you need to see her.” the man immediately agreed and already gestured through a doorway but when she started to move, the woman spoke again. “You might want to leave your uniform behind, it’s quite humid deeper in the building; it might damage the cloth.” Victoria looked down at her outfit, it was modelled after her idol – Ms. Americana and merely consisted of a very skimpy piece. It looked more like a wide belt, covering only her waspish waist quite successfully, it’s back part soon disappeared between Victoria’s mighty cheeks, the front became thinner and thinner the closer to the crotch it got, her pubic mons was uncovered, as the string went between them and barely hid the entrance to her wet pussy. At the upper end her uniform divided itself into two triangles, again getting smaller the longer they were. Eventually they ended an inch or so above her nipple, covering the hardening numbs surprisingly well but failing miserably at doing that with her areolas. On her legs sturdy boots with rather short heels went into metallic stockings, which ended a few inches below her pussy. Victoria’s arms were covered in bracelets, from wrist to elbow. Leaving the only other part of her esteemed heroine outfit her golden tiara with the large integrated glasses for her eyes. She was obviously thinking what to do, her outfit was sturdy but she didn’t want to offend her hosts, who were both naked, so she compromised. First a little shrug, then she smiled at them and peeled the fabric from her nipples. Needless to say that both humans watched in awe, most likely they saw real superheroine tits for the first time. Afterwards it needed only a bit for shaking and wriggling and she stepped out of her outfit. “This will do I think.” She said; quite happy that she had made the man’s cock twitch a little just with a striptease. Afterwards she followed both humans through the door. Right when she wanted to asked them for their names, something oozed down from the doorway’s arch right onto her chest. Victoria stopped dead in her tracks and looked onto the greyish half transparent slime but the woman was fast to offer an explanation. “Oh that, don’t worry it’s a kind of slime fungus. It started growing in here after the climatic changes and is practically harmless, although it has a sweet taste – you should definitely try it.” The woman offered Victoria an honest beaming smile, before she stuck her index finger carefully between the superheroine’s bulging fun bags to collect a bit of slime, subsequently putting it into her mouth and moaning. “Hmmm, absolutely delicious.” Assured in such an impressive way, Victoria collected a bit of that slime from her right boob and licked it off. Indeed it tasted quite interesting, not the most delicious stuff she ever ate but it remembered her vaguely of cum, when suddenly a small fire went off in her lower abdomen and her nipples got even a tad harder. Within a blink of an eye the pregnant woman was in front of her, collecting more slime from Victoria’s chest and feeding it to her. The superheroine sucked the offered fingers clean without a second thought. “Taste great, doesn’t it? You know what, you should call me Ashley. Steve and me, we work here.” The smiling and pregnant woman said, “Ungggh, yes okay… A…. Ashley, although I feel a little dizzy. Maybe I shouldn’t eat…” Her protest was quickly quenched, when Ashley interrupted her. “Oh please, just a bit more, do it for me. I cannot have our visitors starving now can I? Just a bit more, I will rub the rest all over your glorious udders.” Victoria chuckled, she felt proud that someone had called her tits glorious and swallowed the amount of another handful of slime, slurping it with an obscene sound from those sleek fingers. Meanwhile she could feel her pussy starting to juice up and came to the conclusion, that she could really use a good fuck. In addition Ashley was now massaging the slime forcefully into her boobies and it felt so good – made her skin tingle. Right then the well hung Steve appeared behind her, hands full of slime and started to rub it over her back and ass. “Uhhh, c… careful um… Steve, you shouldn’t approach a pow… powerful hero… heroine… like… UHHH!” His hand had slipped between her cheeks, before the startled Victoria could finish her sentence. Ashley let her tongue flick across her selfproclaimed savior and moaned deeply. “Hmmm, when we have the time, we have to let you sit down in one of the fungal slime ponds, it works wonders on a slut’s fuck holes but I’m sure you can already feel a terrible need growing in your bung hole - for a fat cock to crawl up there, don’t you?” There was no way for Victoria to deny that, she tried to get her raging libido under control, testament for that were her teary eyes, but her asshole was really starting to burn with excitement right now. “Nnngggh, yyy… yes, you are… right. Maybe Steve…” “I’m afraid not dear,” Ashley’s voice was filled with sorrow, “but we shouldn’t keep her waiting.” She paused for a second, and then looked astonishingly surprised at Victoria’s scepter, as if she had noticed it for the first time. “But what about your scepter? You won’t need it here.” Looking at not only a symbol of her station but also a source of her power, a tiny voice in her foggy mind advised against it. “I… I don’t Oooohhhhuuuuuuggghhh.. uuuufffff.” Victoria bend slightly forward, as Steve had just put his large trunk between her buns and played hide the hotdog with her – not that this was feasible with his size but it felt very nice for Victoria. Ashley smiled broadly while she watched the opened mouthed superheroine trying to roll her tongue back in. “Here, let me help you.” She said and took the scepter from Victoria, who didn’t resist in any way, after all her hosts had only been kind and helpful to her and et voila seconds later the scepter returned to her. Although the roughly egg shaped, green glowing larger end, which was a bit bigger than her fist, was completely covered in slime. Shortly thereafter Victoria protested meekly, when Steve withdrew his cock and only spread her cheeks wide. The two women locked eyes again and Ashley spoke with a husky voice. “Please Victoria, I have never kissed a superheroine’s asshole, may I kiss yours?” Victoria smiled benevolently, her dizzy mind completely understanding what a powerful impression a true superheroine’s body had on normal humans, making love to them was instinctual and nothing an average human had control over, so she nodded. “You may.” Ashley muttered a “thanks” and dove head first between the cheeks, mouth opened wide she went all in right away, encompassing Victoria’s tight shitter in one go. Its owner groaned whole heartily, while the obscene smacking sound of that heavy smooching echoed through the hall. Then Ashley fulfilled her plan and simultaneously rammed her tongue up Victoria’s asshole and the scepter into that already gushing twat. The superheroine screamed in overwhelming pleasure, as she climaxed almost immediately. Her spasming cunt had no problem accommodating her scepter, it had done so before and so it welcomed the thing with open lips. The slime on the other hand took to her inner walls like a bear to honey and coated them quite nicely. Therefore sending her libido into overdrive and making her squirt all over Ashley’s big belly. This episode took a few minutes until Steve grabbed Ashley by the hair and pulled his cross eyed, drooling companion away from that super ass. Victoria’s butt hole was slightly gaping and a thread of saliva and slime still connected the muscular ring with the tip of Ashley’s tongue, which still hung out from her mouth, the slut was panting heavily. “G… God… fucking… dammit… That’s one tasty ass.” She needed another couple of seconds to compose herself, barely acknowledging the moaned “thanks, next time I eat out yours.” from Victoria and then simply jerk the scepter out of that foaming twat, to ram it into the more than welcoming ass hole. Obviously Victoria enjoyed it a lot, the fact that she pushed back, to impale herself on it was proof to that and in the end only the pommel and an inch of the staff remained outside. “Let’s get going, we can’t keep her waiting much longer.” Ashley said, as she got up and smacked that big ass in front of her quite hard. Victoria giggled and twerked her cheeks a little before her mouth fell open. She had noticed Steve next to her, his cock fully erect – it went over the mark of two feet easily. The pregnant woman rolled her eyes. “You might grab it for comfort, but we need to get going.” Victoria complied and reaching for it slowly and carefully, tenderly laying her fingers on it – almost withdraw when it twitched. Despite all this they moved on and reached their destination, roughly in the center of the museums ground floor.Inside the Museum for antique history, inner sanctum xx:xx am Whatever the room once had been, it had completely transformed now. Originally there had been multiple access points but now all of them but one had grown close with this weird flesh like looking plant roots which covered the entire room – floor, walls and ceiling. In the corners were a few cocoons piled up, which filled the room with purple light. Others of their kind dangled from the ceiling, on ropes much like the roots and a few basically seemed to grow out of the floor. The heat was almost unbearable and Victoria was glad to be naked, the humidity seemed quite high, fluids leaked down from the ceiling and the walls constantly and she noticed little pools of fluids here and there. Also lots of slime could be found virtually anywhere. However the first thing, which Victoria noticed, were the humans in this room - a couple of dozens in fact. Some simply sat on the floor or leaned against the wall, but most had a really good time! Victoria smiled, when she saw all those horny people, happily fucking like studs and bitches in heat. She felt proud to be a citizen of Badoma, for it truly bred the greatest sluts in the known universe. At any rate that could be said about the bunch of heavily pregnant schoolgirls in one corner, who, despite their large bellies, still took two giant red cocks into their tight holes each. That slightly confused Victoria, some of the men here, where muscular and very handsome but had a red skin color. Victoria was certainly no racist and those men all had really large cocks adorned with lots of thick veins, getting fucked by them must felt heavenly. Only a tiny voice in her mind screamed at her for saying that. Shortly thereafter Victoria noticed that almost all women in her were in fact expecting to become mothers soon – what a happy coincidence. This was such a beautiful moment, why was the police ever called to break it up? This should have been advertised as a spa, not a museum. Virtually every woman here had at least one cock for herself, most even two or three. Granted, it seemed some men were left out but she had to admit that they all had only normal erections, while there were lots of red guys around with their massive cocks giving happiness to every slut possible and there were also conventional colored men with proper hard-ons – like Steve for example – adding to the fun. Right then she saw an Asian woman, maybe in her early 30s, getting quite brutally ploughed in all three holes by schoolboys; their size seemed all right – strange but she felt happy for them. After what must have been only a couple of seconds, Ashley urged her onwards. Nonetheless Victoria only made a single step and stopped immediately, when she heard a wet squashing sound from beneath her boot. As soon as she looked down, she saw a large anulg crushed under her feet. Only then she noticed that the amount of critters in this room was even larger than back in the entrance hall. Not far from her current position sat a young woman, dressed in the torn remnants of a guard’s uniform and leaning against a cocoon. She could barely look over those large globes of tit meat and her giant heaving belly but her face showed utter joy, as a little school girl, herself visibly knocked up, sat between the older woman’s far spread legs and had her tiny hands locked around the head of a swollen white centipede. Victoria guessed the girl must have caught it here somewhere and she shoved back and forth into that frothing cunt. The superheroine nodded, the older woman obviously needed pleasure but no man or dildo was available, so the girl improvised. What a clever little lad. Each time the girl put it back into the guardswoman, the pleasured slut groaned loudly and a few small worms slipped out from her reddened asshole. Ashley led them deeper into the room and Victoria followed, watching all those happy couples. Judging by the thoroughness and force many of the red men used most of the women present must be hopelessly cum addicted cock hungry sluts, otherwise the men wouldn’t need to be so brutal in their fucking to get the bitches to their climax. Eventually they reached the center of the room and even Victoria had to swallow hard, when she saw “her”. Ashley and Steve went to their knees and Victoria felt the need to do that too but mostly just because it would be easier for her to suck that mighty cock, which protruded from her loins and might have cracked the four feet mark. It looked roughly equine like put the tip was too pointy and the shaft itself was covered with knobs, thick veins and lots of meaty rings ran around its girth. All that paled however, when Victoria noticed the SIX balls beneath that leviathan of a cock and they all looked bloated and ready to go. Suddenly one of these red, well-manicured, slender, long and overall beautiful fingers caught her attention – a gesture of invitation. Victoria followed that finger and not only got closer to the woman but also noticed her face. She was a real beauty, her skin the same red color as the men and her eyes the same white, but she had long wavy black hair, while the males where bald. However, when Victoria got closer her eyes also got wider, not only had this beautiful futa six balls, she also had six tits! Three rows of two gorgeous udders, albeit the first pair was the largest, with the third barely reaching superheroine size. “Hmmm, hello sweet honeycomb.” Her voice ran over Victoria like silk and made her shiver in anticipation of what was yet to come. “What brings you to our little party?” As the strange woman licked her lips Victoria immediately saw the long forked tongue and could only imagined what that could do to her clit. Then she noticed three tentacles with thick bulbous ends wriggling behind the woman’s chair, only slowly realizing that those were her tails… “Um… er… I… I… am Victoria Valiant. The police sends me to investigate the ho… hoe… hostage situation.” While waiting for an answer, Victoria decided to kiss the nice woman’s thigh. “Hostage situation?” Victoria shuddered, when she heard the earnest shock in the woman’s voice. “My dear this is a misunderstanding. My name is Amazalotha, I and my people might be considered aliens on this planet but we are refugees, trying to repopulate our world.” “Oh I understand that, you see I am an alien too!” Victoria beamed at her new friend, who looked honestly surprised. “It’s true, my real name is Shanny Darana and I’m from a distant future. I used to observe this planet, especially the crazy and exciting lives of the superheroines. Years ago Professor Plastik made me a body from the genetic material of the greatest superheroine of all time Ms. Americana! I jumped on that chance and although the change is irreversible I never regretted it. Well, I lost most of my mental power and I’m no longer immortal but what is that compared to a life as a noble and brave superheroine? Constantly helping the people, while being so sexy on the path to universal good, Truth, peace and justice!” Amazalotha smiled rather stupidly and even she, a being more than 10.000 years old, wasn’t sure, if she had ever met a bimbo dumber than this super slut. She actually needed a second to adapt to this, as she realized, that her original plan could be modified. “Well… yes, of course you are right. Therefore I need your help.” Victoria nodded and tried really hard to concentrate on what the red woman was saying, despite that wonderful, huge, monster cock just begging to be served, right next to her face…. No! She turned her head back and listened. “You see, we aren’t evil kidnappers, it’s just that our planet suffered greatly. Most of our females simply died, the rest turned into shemales, just like me. Together with our men we are able to impregnate women of other species but we can’t create more of ourselves. This morning we were able to open portal to this world, I met with the people here and asked them for their help and to my delight all the females here agreed to breed with me and my men, isn’t that true Ashley?” She looked at the heavily pregnant human next to her, still almost unable to believe, that anyone would believe such a bullshit story but apparently this Victoria Valiant bitch did it… “That’s correct, mi… ma’am. I am soon a proud mother of my… alien… babies.” She rubbed over her heaving belly, obviously in intense pleasure. Amazalotha smiled at her: “I guess you are ready right now.” A long finger touched Ashley’s belly button and a shockwave ran through her body, her mouth gaped open, she went cross eyed and trembled through a massive orgasm, at which end a huge amount of slime ran out of her twat and formed a puddle. Immediately Victoria was there guiding the poor woman to the floor, so that she could rest but soon Victoria stared between Ashley’s legs, as she could see the swollen cunt stretching itself. The birth seemed to be painless, in fact according to Ashley’s moans she experienced extreme pleasure, climaxing hard and often. “Fuck yes… make me cum… my babies… they make me cum… Fuck your mommy, fuck her on your way ouuuuuuuuuut.” Soon the baby appeared and Victoria yelped happily. “It’s a larva!” “Yes dear, that’s how we get into this world, only later do we go into a cocoon and reach maturity.” Said Amazalotha, who played the midwife. Victoria felt the need to explain. “It’s just; I too give birth to larvae. In fact when I get pregnant, and that happens often, I most often give birth to them.” Amazalotha had to swallow again. “Er… that’s… good to hear.” Ashley’s offspring now came in waves, dozens of them and normal human women could give birth to hundreds of them. With each newborn Ashley also pumped out a huge load of her juices and the slime, covering Amazalotha’s body with it. After a while the human’s sphincter gave way and the worms started to flow out, while Amazalotha was able to birth Larvae from her anal cavity, no human women could to that, offspring couldn’t develop far enough in a human ass, they would never be soldiers to fuck the hated superheroines into submission, they were just food. The six breasted woman grabbed a handful of Ashley’s anal born and offered them to Victoria. “Here, have a taste. Don’t worry, they aren’t intelligent, just the byproduct of a proper buggering. As they say on my planet, a slut hasn’t had her ass raped right, if she isn’t shitting these worms for the next three days.” Both women exchanged a smile and Victoria opened her mouth wide for Amazalotha’s hand. “You have to suck them off, or they will get away!” She said and the superheroine tried her best slurping noisily but at least one got away and went up her nose, so that she had to inhale that one. As soon as she started munching on them she got a surprised look on her face. “Really good, isn’t it?” Asked the red woman and Victoria nodded, they also made her bits tingle, although that hardly mattered anymore. The birthing continued for almost half an hour, Ashley continued to climax and press until her belly looked almost normal again. Suddenly Amazalotha made a happy noise and dove with her head between Ashley’s legs. “Here comes the delicacy, you human sluts are really good at producing.” And with that Amazalotha shoved her tongue deep into Ashley’s asshole, making the new mommy moan in delicious agony. Shortly thereafter Victoria could see that her host was swallowing but there hadn’t been new worms in minutes… could it be… Her suspicion was soon confirmed by Ashley. “Oh… God… mistress… yes! I’m so proud having given birth to your superior race, now eat my stillborn worms!” And that she did, until all was gone and a visibly sated alien woman got back onto her feet. “Hmm… by far my favorite dish. Most worms get born but some are hatching to deep up a slut’s bowels but I can’t keep my boys from buggering these bitches as deep as possible. By the way I would love to taste yours later, if you don’t mind.” For some reason Victoria felt honored but she also remembered her mission and that this peaceful place would soon be overrun with cops, if they didn’t deescalate the situation. “I… I think I wouldn’t mind but if I’m not back soon, the police my act and charge the building.” She now truly felt the responsibility of keeping these poor aliens safe from human persecution. To her dismay Amazalotha simply smiled. “Oh don’t worry, we have plenty of time, you see the nature of our portal leads to the fact that time is much faster in here than on the outside. For them you are gone mere seconds.” Now Victoria was glad, that gave her ample time! “Well, in that case, I would love to help you repopulate your planet first.” They shared another smile and Amazalotha agreed to show her around before her first proper breeding. Next to them Ashley had already started begging to be knocked up again and soon a red man helped her out with that by ramming his massive cum pump right up her snatch, through her cervix and into her womb, Ashley came instantly and ovulated within seconds. In the next hour Victoria witnessed 15 more births, most with an immediate reseeding of the happy mommy slut, she learned that continued breeding let to an increase in chest sizes and that human men, who consumed the slime or worms experienced tremendous genital growth. Case in point was the school class, whose captivity the Captain Mitchell had emphasized so much. Luckily their teacher had time to talk with Victoria between fuck sessions, or to be more precise she almost stopped riding her students cock and the guy behind her kept the ass reaming at a minimum. Her body was amazing, a rather short Asian woman with long black hair falling onto her back and with her glasses she was aspirant for the hot teacher award. In addition she was covered in various juices and of course visibly pregnant. Her main attraction were her milk bloated udders, swollen to the brim, Victoria noticed a dozen larvae dangling from all over that woman’s tits, obviously drinking her milk. In short: she was a good mommy. When Amazalotha suggested to kiss the teacher first, to taste the latest load, Victoria had no objection, the Asian woman was even nice enough to shove a load into the superheroine’s mouth. “Hmm… delicious,” Victoria couldn’t stop herself moaning, “I’m Victoria Valiant of the Freedom Stars, I was sent to save you.” “S… save… me?” The woman looked dazed. “I…” She looked down on herself. ”I am... pregnant… with… alien babies.” Victoria kissed her again and smiled. “I can see that.” That teacher looked more than a bit dizzy from continued fucking and birthing and she sounded like that too. “Can… can you make me… more pregnant?” The superheroine smiled again. “Oh darling, I am so happy for you!” Amazalotha had to shake her head, such a stupid slut but of course she stayed in her role. If she played it clever, she could make this the most successful recruiting run in aeons. “Please take into account that she has given birth eight times so far and is also constantly offering all her fuck holes to her students. She is one of our most dedicated breeders but her mind is suffering from an overload of pleasure.” Suddenly the woman jerked, her eyes rolled back and she started drooling, as she humped backwards. “Yes… Johnny! Come… Cum… for me! Fill my ass! More… cum! Drown… my… wormy babies there…” She grabbed for Victoria and held her tight while she rode through a massive anal orgasm. The superheroine could hear the obscene noises of the boy’s mammoth cum pipe, trying to fill an already overflowing backdoor. She could see the teacher’s sphincter fighting around that a cock, which was thicker than a can. Eventually it spurted out and the boy withdrew. It seemed to take an eternity and with each veiny inch Victoria’s eyes got wider. From a distance she heard Amazalotha motherly voice. “These poor boys do their best but staying here makes their fucking baby makers get larger and larger. Originally I could let three of them fuck my own ass but now even two of them almost destroy me. Last time I had a two feet long prolapse.” Victoria almost didn’t hear her, she saw that school boy with an almost two feet long cock, covered in frothing cum, slime, the teacher’s juices and lots of worms wriggling along it. Her mouth opened on its own accord and the boy simply pushed himself in. After a couple of inches Victoria simply devoured that cock whole, inhaling him balls deep, unable to wait and so eager to pleasure the poor boy. From the corner of her eyes she saw a red guy aiming his cock at the teacher’s ass, that woman was so lucky and soon she howled again. “YEEEESSSS, fill ass! Make babiennnghhmmmpfffff…” Another boy had closed her mouth again. Then suddenly a heavy weight fell onto Victoria’s ass and back, right before Amazalotha whispered in her ear. “Well, let’s start then shall we? I will rape your fucking ass so fucking hard and fast, that I will empty all six of my balls into you. You will be shitting nothing but worms for weeks on end.” Needless to say Victoria shuddered with delight, even more so when her scepter was pulled from her ass and thrown away, right before that cock monster finally pushed inside her. Amazalotha had been true to her word, Victoria couldn’t remember a better ass fuck in her entire life and when the red woman had climaxed, the superheroine had almost tasted the cum in her mouth. She soon did anyway, as her host made her clean the cock with her mouth something she did rather gladly. After this introduction her own breeding started, she lost complete record of time, as cocks came by and fucked her silly, she rode red men and human boys, slurped worms out of a milf’s ass, who milked her own son dry with her cunt and she gave birth herself a couple of times. Once she even impaled her gushing snatch on Amazalotha bitch slayer and got knocked up badly. Her belly looked as if it wanted to give birth to an elephant and she spent three days in labor. Naturally it was all worth it, when Amazalotha told her that these were some of the finest larvae ever produced in this breeding pit so far. They all celebrated when the first new aliens left their cocoons and Victoria felt very happy for those sluts, who got knocked up by them first. Ashley became her close friend, although she didn’t talk much anymore spending much time in post orgasmic bliss but whenever Victoria got hungry, Ashley had some worms up her ass to feed her. This were her days now, waking up by getting fucked, waiting for her bull to fire a big load into one of her holes, then crawl over to another well fucked slut – hoping her ass wasn’t ravaged at that moment and asking her for a breakfast of worms, which usual was provided happily. Afterwards it was a question of her pregnancy, if she wasn’t ready to give birth again; she simply waddled around to find something to fuck her. If her belly was churning already, she looked for a circle of bitches in similar state to share and help during the experience. Eventually Amazalotha pulled her out of such a circle and took her aside to talk to her, while the superheroine sucked on her mighty cock. “Victoria, I’m deeply grateful for your presence and your commitment to help my planet. It is great but it will take much too long.” The cock sucking embodiment of super powers looked up alarmed. “It’s not your fault or the fault of our other breeders, we just have not enough wombs to fill and we need more.” Victoria hugged that glorious cock and absent minded kissed the shaft, while trying to speak. “Oh, I am sorry to hear that but I am sure everyone here does her best. I can’t see a single woman in here, who is not pregnant.” “Yes, that’s true,” Amazalotha looked around and sighed heavily, “it’s a shame though; I mean you all obviously love to breed with us and we of course love to rape all you human sluts but it will take so long to replenish our ranks. On the other hand, if we had more women in here…?” She laid a finger on her lips and made a show of thinking very hard. It didn’t take long for Victoria to swallow the bait. “Oh OH! There aren’t more women in here, but there are more outside! Many more!” “Very good sla… Victoria.” The demoness smiled as motherly as possible. “If someone would invite them to join us and convince them, that we mean no harm, I could produce an army… ahem an army of workers to rebuild our world in just one of your human days.” Amazalotha couldn’t believe it but Victoria actually clapped at that and showed her a beaming smile. “Oh that’s a great idea, please let me go out and invite many more women in!” “You sure Victoria? You said they think it’s a hostage situation, they might not believe you, how wonderful it is in here.” The superherione had to think about that for a minute or two. “Hmmm, you might be right, we were never able to tell them what a wonderful opportunity you and your friends offered to us women. But we simply have to try; they have no idea what they are missing out on!” “Oh you are right of course; those poor women miss the fuck of their lifetime.” Amazalotha had serious problems pretending that this stupid bimbo could be right on anything, but it was for a good cause and so she continued to guide this airhead along the right track. “Maybe you could convince them to come in, if you tell them about my promise to leave this city after just one more day of… having fun with them.” She winked at Victoria “Better don’t tell them about the breeding, let that be a surprise. “ Her partner in crime giggled like a schoolgirl. “Yes, that will be so much fun, when they found out that they won’t just get a free fuck like a super slut but also will be honored by carrying your babies.” “Good, then its settled. Now we will prepare you for the meeting.” And before she could protest Amazalotha stuck two fingers up Victoria’s tushy and guided her over to a slime pond. Over the course of the next minutes she was surrounded by half a dozen mildly swollen girls and women, who prepared the superheroine for the meeting, first the cleaned her holes and made sure she had another couple of orgasm, which wasn’t a problem – it was quite hot getting the ass eaten and slurped out by a milf, while her daughter devoured her twat. Soon afterwards they covered her in slime, rubbed it into her skin and the rest of her uniform, from head to until she glistening like dew in the morning sun. Naturally Victoria enjoyed that quite a bit, even if she didn’t know why Amazalotha had ordered it but she would do anything for that sexy red woman.Outside the Museum for antique history, Front door 01:21 pm Captain Mitchell was slightly worried, not for that slut, who called herself a superheroine, but for the hostages. No one could tell what the aliens did to them and if they could have gotten any reconnaissance of the situation inside, the swat teams would have already charged the building. As matters stood there was no chance of getting any intel, all technological gimmicks they had tried had failed mere seconds after slipping into the building. Something or someone was exceptionally good at hunting surveillance equipment down and destroying it. They had tried to sneak in human recons but they literally hadn’t found a hole big enough to slip into the building, it wasn’t completely sealed off but closed thoroughly enough to prevent any shenanigans. On the other hand there was no lack of gawkers; quite a few people had gathered at the barricades, many of them had wanted to visit the museum. In addition she also saw the news, that bitch Lana LeBlanc was already here with her pestilent camera woman. Miranda would bet that those two whores had smelled the story half way across the city. That was the moment the front door opened unceremoniously and that superheroine Victoria Valiant came back out and Captain Mitchell’s mouth went wide open in shock. That slut had somehow lost most of her dress and the glistening skin left only one conclusion – she had been fucking in there! Well what was to be expected of these superheroine sluts, they were rutting like nuns in a monastery most of the time anyway. Captain Mitchell, the swat commander and a few others ran over to her immediately, eager to learn what ever information Victoria Valiant could give them. At first that was only a beaming happy smile but close to her the intense smell of lots of uninhibited filthy sex couldn’t be ignored. Her reddened superhero twat was almost gaping. Obviously she was quite wet, oozing lots of thick slime – most likely her own juices mixed with cum from her rapists. Miranda had problems tearing her eyes off of those swollen, puffy and pulsing nether lips. As soon as she took a quick look around, she noticed that everyone in their little circle had the same problem. In addition she reminded herself not to breathe too deeply, the musky scent had already made her lick her lips twice and her pussy tingled already. Next to her the swat commander shifted uncomfortable, as a visible bulge formed in his pants. It seemed Miss Valiant didn’t want to waste time because she spoke as soon, as a circle had formed around her. “Hello again captain Mitchell. I’m glad to inform you that my negotiations have been successful!” “Negotiations…?” Miranda jerked her head upwards; her eyes had practically been glued to Victoria’s massive and glistening tits – had they gotten bigger? She wasn’t sure. “Indeed.” The heroine giggled and started to use one hand and play absently with her drenched snatch. Naturally everyone in that circle started to look downwards; especially after the smell of a well fucked slut intensified. “Their leader has been very cooperative. She has agreed to leave the museum and free all hostages after just one more day.” Miranda gulped loudly and rubbed her thighs together. It took lots of willpower not to let her hands wonder over her body or worse over the swat commander’s bulge – did they all get closer to Victoria? She wasn’t sure. “That… that sounds… nice.” Was all she could mutter, when suddenly a female cop from the K9 unit gasped. ”Krusty!” But it was already too late and Victoria moaned like a 1 dollar whore, as the dog’s snout parted her ass cheeks and he began to lick her gaping bung hole. The superheroines even bend just a little bit forward to give the dog better access. “Do… don’t worry, my secondary cunt has been used quite hard, it can use a good licking.” Everybody around her felt his or her temperature rising and they could only guess what kind of nasty depravities the aliens had done to that superheroine. As a professional on her job Miranda was just barely able to ignore the dog, particularly now that the cop had to restrain her animal partner so that he didn’t hump the heroine’s ass. Instead the captain tried to keep the conversation going. “And… erm… on what condition would the aliens leave us alone tomorrow?” She had tried to raise her voice above the wet sloppy sound from Victoria, who was fucking her gushing snatch with three fingers. “Hmm? Oh… yes, it’s simple. She and her people came to us to have lots of good sex, lots and lots and lots…” Victoria’s mind drifted off. Miranda cleared her throat. “Yes, lots. But what are the conditions?” “What? Oh yes… Well she wants more… wom… women. The ones inside are getting tired by now. So she sent me out and asks for volunteers. Wouldn’t you girls all love to get fucked like never before in your lifes?” The women in their circle looked at each other; it was quite clear what would happen, if they volunteered. By now it was also clear, that all the people inside the museum got raped and there was no way to find out, in what condition they were or if the aliens were trustworthy and would leave after another day of raping a new batch of women. “I don’t think we have a choice captain.” The swat commander said suddenly. “If we want to get the hostages out, we need volunteers for that.” His eyes told Miranda clearly who he would like see among the volunteers. Well she would be damned, if she would become some alien’s willing cum dump without some Plan B in position first. “We have absolutely no guarantee that the aliens will…” This was the moment Victoria had been waiting for. Amazalotha and she had discussed it and had come to the conclusion, that every woman’s inner slut would immediately agree to volunteer but social norms and other boring stuff would let them pretend not to. Therefore the alien woman had personally refilled Victoria’s cunt with her powerful cum. Right then and there Victoria yanked her three fingers from her twat and shoved them into Miranda’s half opened mouth. The reaction was instantaneously, the hard lady cop came immediately, her eyes rolled back into her head, her lips clenched around Victoria’s fingers, her nipples poked through her clothes and she squirted harder than ever. Everyone within a few meters could smell how massively she creamed her panties. When the superheroine tried to pull her fingers back, Miranda tried to follow; making obscene smacking noises, as she slurped the cream of her fingers. Eventually the two sluts hugged and Victoria was able to pull up Miranda’s trench coat, revealing to half the circle that their captain hard ruined not only her panties but also her pants, soaking it in twat juice from butt crack to crotch and down both legs. “See that girls?” The superheroine asked. “If that is what their cum can do, how do you think does it feel to get fucked by the cock, which fired that? I tell you, simply amazing.” A murmur went around the circle, while Miranda finally let go of Victoria’s fingers, but only to waddle over to detective McKenzie. The top heavy blonde screeched, when her boss grabbed her but soon fell silent, when a tongue invaded her mouth and Miranda shared the rest of the alien’s load with her subordinate. Needless to say that both women soon squirmed in a tight hug, rubbing their chest against each other, kissing wildly and grabbling for their asses. Rebecca McKenzie felt duped in the first few seconds, then the cum on her boss’s tongue kicked in and she felt her snatch juicing. Moments later she shivered through an orgasm. Victoria smiled happily. “It seems I have found my first two volunteers. Who is next?” Originally the other women in the circle might not have volunteered, despite the fact that they had already inhaled a large amount of that otherworldly smell. On the other hand watching those two high ranking cops fucking each other’s mouth with tongues, while cumming like crazy, put up a good case. “I would come with you.” Said the K9 cop. “But I can’t let Krusty alone out here.” She towered over her dog and held him very close because the animal still wanted to mount Victoria. The superheroine turned towards the duo, let her hand flick over her pussy and offered her soiled hand to the cop, who gladly licked over it. “Oh don’t worry, I don’t think the aliens would mind, if you take him with you.” She might have answered in a happy tone but because she was currently orgasming, the cop simply twerked her ass in response. This made Victoria giggle and she rubbed more juice across her tits, having the complete attention of the circle but she wanted more. Lana LeBlanc had come to the museum as soon as one of her informants had notified her that Victoria Valiant was on the scene, whenever one of these super sluts showed up, a good story was guaranteed and right now that big titted bimbo walked over to her – naked… The reporter went into job mode. “Victoria Valiant can you explain to the concerned people of our beautiful city what has happened here?” Not that she expected a coherent response from that obviously well fucked super slut. “Hi Lana, so nice to see you.” Victoria came very close to her, so close in fact, that the micro almost rested between her boobs. “I can assure you that the situation is under control and will be resolved soon without the use of any form of violence.” “Tha…that ssssounds great.” Lana shook her head, tried to keep the mic from shaking and formed her other hand into a fist. What the fuck was wrong with her? She had used her favorite sex toys just this morning, that should have brought her through the day easily but somehow she could already feel herself getting moist. Licking her lips, she already saw herself riding on Miss Valiant’s face. “I know right?” The superheroine seemed very pleased with herself. “Tomorrow they will leave us and everyone in the museum will be free to go. However, I am sure it would be wonderful, if you could have an interview with the alien leader. All you have to do is to follow me and the cops, when we go in to another meeting.” Lana had made the mistake to take a deep breath and was now convinced, that she could taste Victoria’s cunt on her tongue. A side glance showed that her camera woman suffered the same symptoms and her tiny hot pants were already soaked. Suddenly Victoria approached the gawkers directly. “That offer also extends to you, if any woman among you wants to go in with us, please come over now.” Three giggling girls lifted their hands and Victoria waved them forward, next an Asian woman stepped over the barricade, followed by a Latina and two more white women. “Can we go too mommy?” A girl asked an indecisive looking woman but Victoria nodded enthusiastically. “Yes of course, you two can come too!” Invited by a superheroine the mother daughter duo went with her, followed by a dozen or so more women. All the volunteering cops waited in front of the entrance, among them four women of the K9 squad with their dogs, many weren’t convinced that this was a good idea, but they were willing to sacrifice their sexual freedom for a day, if it saved the hostages. As soon as every willing participant was assembled, Victoria informed them, that they should consider getting naked because of the humid climate. This led to some concerns and many were murmuring about rejecting the advice. Then, a few seconds after the group had started complaining, captain Mitchell and detective McKenzie dropped their clothes and showed off their sweating bodies. Soon the other cops followed their example and lots of the other women did likewise. “Great our friends will really really love you.” Victoria finally said and let the group into the museum. Re: Breeding raid part 2 Inside the Museum for antique history, inner sanctum xx:xx am In their absence most of the original museum’s interior had been overgrown with the alien material, covering now not only the inner sanctum of the alien bridge head but also most of the rest too. Liquids dripped from the ceiling, small ponds could be found all over the floor, slime spread over large portions of the former furniture and worms, anulgs and other critters seemed to be everywhere. And the smell… the smell of raunchy no nonsense sex permeated the air and more than one slut of the group started to moan longingly, as it attacked her nostrils. Naturally the women stayed close together, they all were at least slightly aroused and hands wandered along all those naked bodies but the situation seemed too strange to be comfortable. Lana looked around a lot and felt that something was odd. She just hoped her camera girl could continue filming. Suddenly one of the cops slipped on the wet floor and slid into one of the slime ponds. Almost immediately she started moaning like a sex crazed slut in heat, other women tried to pull her out, soiling themselves with slime in the process. When they finally had her out of it, everyone could see that both holes of that poor cop were under attack by large anulgs but they were stuck about half way in. In the end Victoria had needed her superior strength to yank them out, making the cop howl in pleasure, as she had a tremendous orgasm. Meanwhile the slime covered women around them were already making out. Much to the discomfort of the others and the group barely reached the inner sanctum intact. When they finally got to their destination, Victoria felt immediately at home seeing all these pregnant and birthing women getting fucked by red skinned super studs and some enhanced human men. Amazalotha sat in the center of it all, her ass impaled on the cocks of two only human but certainly enhanced boys. Her own cock was fully erect and protruded far into the room and her six tits stood proud on her torso, each of them getting sucked by a massively pregnant schoolgirl. “Greetings humans!” intoned the red one “I am happy that Victoria found so many volunteers.” The group had dispersed a bit along the wall around the entrance but half of them were already making out again. Miranda and Rebecca stood close together, still looking at the red woman but each of them already had two fingers up the other one’s asshole. In their dazed state the registered something was strange but they couldn’t tell what it was. Finally Lana LeBlanc realized their mistake. “What… the fuck!” She stared at Victoria. “Victoria Valiant you dumb fucking bimbo! These aren’t aliens. They are from that demon zone of the magic dimension! You know, that one that even fucking Susan Steel is fucking afraid of!?” She couldn’t believe it. The Freedom Stars had send out warnings about this dimension left, right and center, after Lady Freezer had lured Plasma Girl and Little Nova into a that dimension. There the girls had been raped almost to the death and were transformed into living sex dolls. Porkum bought them back for two judges, four state attorneys and six cops. Lady Freezer got what she wanted but the monstrous anugls the demons gave her proved too much for her and she died. How could that bitch Valiant not have gotten the memo? “Oh you must be mistaken.” Victoria still smiled. “That would mean that they aren’t really aliens and Amazalotha lied to me and… oh yes… shove it up my ass. Thank you, I needed that.” It shocked almost everybody among the newcomers but right during her sentence a red skinned demon had bend Victoria forward and rammed his cock up her ass. The superheroine orgasmed almost instantly and was obviously not willing to put up a fight. “I can’t believe it…” Lana muttered but the demoness only laughed. “Better do believe it slut, you all came here voluntarily to serve me and my kind for one of your precious days and so you will. You all will breed with my boys and rebuild my army, which the Freedom Stars have fucked to pieces.” Miranda looked intrigued, that sentence had cut through her dazed mind. “But how? You can’t breed with us in just one day.” “I’m afraid you are mistaken too my dear.” Amazalotha granted her an honest smile. “Outside just one day may pass, but in here time is different.” Her smile became ravenous. “In fact one minute outside amounts to roughly 18 hours in here, which means you all will serve us for… three years.” Panic crept onto so many faces, as every woman realized what she was in for. Three years of intense rape and breeding sessions, giving birth to demonic offspring and no one on the outside would care because no one knew that time flew so drastically different in here. “Mom?” The girl, who Victoria had encouraged to come here, looked over just in time to see a red man bending her mother over a cocoon, before he grabbed the daughter’s hair, pushed his massive cock into mom’s snatch and made the girl suck on mommy’s breast again. “I’m so sorry mommmphhhhh…” “Me… too… darling….” Her mother mumbled. “Fuck… he is so huge. I’m afraid… Nngh… you will get a new daddy.” The demon took her so hard, that she bit down into the cocoon. She was surprised with a gush of cool but tasty fluid and gulped it down hungrily, while her baby girl sucked on mommy’s teat. To her surprise she noticed after a few minutes that mommy was giving milk again and delicious milk at that. All four K9 lady cops were pushed to the floor and each got a bucket of slime emptied over her ass. Soon their dogs couldn’t behave themselves anymore and licked the sticky stuff off. Then the girls were left alone, as soon as the dogs mounted them. Soon all of them held hands, while they hoped their tight pussies wouldn’t have to take their knots. Lana needed to flee. There was no chance that she would become a breeding slave for some crazy demon bitch. Just as she wanted to grab her camera woman, she noticed that the girl had gone. She had been pulled a few feet away and looked pleadingly at Lana, even reaching out to her with one arm to Lana but her legs were already folded around a demon. He taken the camera and impaled its owner’s snatch from the front, using his long forked tongue to lick across her tits. To make matters worse, another demon had appeared behind the camera woman and was now obviously pounding her ass. Lana turned and ran. She didn’t get far though, running out of the room she stumbled across a red root and fell to the floor. Only then did she recognize that it hadn’t been a root, it had been queen bitch’s demonic super cock. “My my, you want to leave us so soon?” Amazalotha set across Lana’s legs and the reporter gulped hard, even in that position the cock covered her stomach, got passed the valley between her mountainous tits and was now right in front of Lana’s mouth – she could practically taste the pre-cum. “I… It’s too big…” “Hmmmm, that’s what they always say…. In the beginning.” Many women were unwilling but not those cops, who had come into contact with the slime pond earlier. These sluts were 69ing wildly, rolling over the floor, hoping to catch the attention of one or two of the demons. So far those were quite busy with the unwilling lot. One of the latin volunteers stood bend over a slime pond, her huge tits submerged in the liquid, while a demon held her arms together and tried to feed as much of his cock as possible into that bubble butt. Her brain tried to comprehend the pain from her ravaged ass hole and combine it with the pleasure it received from those tits. So far her expression switched from utter bliss to total nightmare every few seconds. Not far an Asian woman was spit roasted between two of the demons, choking on one massive red cock, while the other one was buried half way down her cunt and with a thump up her ass, she decided for the future not to give in into her curiosity again. If there was indeed a next time and those demons didn’t all fuck them to death. Captain Miranda Mitchell and detective Rebecca McKenzie looked around and felt lonely, so far no one had approached them, but then somebody cleared his throat in front of them. When they turned, they looked at the two boys who Amazalotha had ridden when they all had entered. Both were still rock hard and stroked their dirty shafts. They were both soiled with frothing cum, demon juice and these filthly worms slithering all over their poles -the very same worms, which also crawled all over the room. Remarkably both boys didn’t seem to mind. “Hi.” The boy facing Miranda said. “I’m Daniel and since you interrupted our session with the demon lady, I will rape your fuck hole till I come.” For Miranda the situation seemed surreal and although her body practically demanded cock, she wasn’t about to accept that command easily. “What kind of language is that young man? You cannot simply tell a woman that you will rape her.” The young man looked at her with the arrogance of a male, who had seen countless rapes and sighed. “Technically you are right, I should have turned you around and hate fuck that big black ass of yours but that’s what I deserve for being romantic.” He shook his head and then continued. “Okay, listen bitch, you are new in this fucking hell. I understand that but do you really think a man can have a two feet cock like this without side effect? This really hurts! No matter how much I fuck, I can’t get soft and my balls refill at an impossible rate, I honestly think that they will get so bloated that they could burst. Now turn around bitch and let me empty my nuts inside you!” Miranda and Rebecca looked at each other; they had boys that age at home and didn’t want these poor lads to hurt more than they had too. In addition they were more than just a bit horny themselves. So both turned around and knelt on all fours, asses up. “Okay, do what you have tooooooooooooo…” Miranda said while the one called Daniel suddenly rammed his meat up her tight shitter, similar to the one who hammered Rebecca. “Damn, I love black ass.” Daniel said. “There is something about it, seeing my pale cock impaling your dark ass meat.” For a boy his size he went in far easier then Miranda had anticipated - although she didn’t enjoy this fuck at first. Suddenly his huge bloated balls hit her snatch and a first moan escaped her lips. Soon Daniel took up speed and her pussy got really hammered by his big sack. Captain Miranda Mitchell started to smile, as her ass and twat began to feel really good. A look over to Rebecca showed the same and when she noticed one of the red man pulling his huge cock out of another cop slut’s ass Miranda waved at him. She was so happy when he really came over and started to fuck her face.Outside the Museum for antique history, Front door 06:42 pm Swat commander Dean Thomas leaned back against the wall. It was still lots of time before the group of volunteers would come back out. Naturally there was no communication with them but the commander could quite easily imagine what the aliens were doing with these women, even more so after seeing that Valiant slut. Luckily for him and his force the mayor had granted them all a special privilege. Officer Trudy Vasquez wasn’t very fond of his cock in her mouth or the situation in general. Roughly an hour ago she and the remaining female cops on the scene had been informed that all of their three fuck holes were now open to their comrades as stress relieve. At least two of them were in hospital now. After getting her first ass fuck in over six hours by her patrol partner, Trudy had told him that she had to get her daughter from school. They had used the squad car to get her daughter; of course Trudy had to give him a blowjob during the ride back and forth. Now the partner was banging her daughter hard on the hood of their car, while Trudy cleaned off the commander’s cock. He had unloaded into her daughter’s ass just minutes ago. It was going to be a long night.Inside the Museum for antique history, inner sanctum: Later Lana was grunting loudly as she rode that fucking demon monster cock as best as she could, but the last 6 inches simply wouldn’t fit into her cunt. Each thrust downwards gave her a short orgasm and made her shoot more worms out of her ass all over her camera woman’s back, who held Amazalotha’s asshole open with two fingers of each hand and tried to bury her face in it. The reporter knew what she was in for. The last slut mating with the demon shemale had been a Rebecca McKenzie. She had ended up with a belly so big, she was unable to move and had to be rolled to a suitable birthing place. As soon as Lana had seen how Rebecca gave birth, she had wanted it too. Her first two litters had been from red men and it had been great, but this was the real deal. “Come on you filthy demon slut…. Don’t be a prude! Fill me up!” Lana grunted, came again and felt another load of fat worms slip out of her ass. “So fucking good….” Her demon lover laughed. “My God you bitch truly want my babes? Look at that cop, her mind is broken. You…” “Don’t care.” Moaned Lana and continued her ride. The idea of getting mind fucked like Rebecca somehow turned her on. Miranda had noticed Rebecca getting her brain fucked out, the blonde slut had begged for it all the way, now her brilliant and analytical mind was mostly gone, as she let anything with a cock fill her holes. Not that the captain could have complained… Currently Miranda Mitchell was riding on Annie. She had come here with her mother. Breanna (the mother) had somehow transformed, unable to turn around she laid on her back with tits the size of full blown cocoons and producing so much milk, that it bordered on insanity. Annie had gotten the initial batch of milk and together with a sizable bust of her own. Her clit had grown to enormous proportions. This giant clit was now buried deep in Miranda’s snatch, who considered it her duty to massage that thing so hard, that Annie’s eyes had rolled back, her lids fluttered and her whole body shook with massive orgasms. They hadn’t talked for a while now. Not that Miranda could talk much anyway, since her asshole got a visitor. Interestingly the environment had also changed the dogs, their bodies got more muscular, while their snouts extended, hiding long sleek tongues – perfect to collect worms out of female asses. Their cocks had also morphed, easily doubling their length and girth in general. They also now spotted three large swellings along the shaft, in addition to their usual knot. Just now the third of such a swelling had slipped into Miranda’s ass and she hoped his knot would soon follow. Daniel visited her from time to time. The boy simply enjoyed it to get his cock real filthy and then rub it all over Miranda’s face before fucking her throat like a man possessed. Her feelings for him were quite motherly and she just hoped that before this was all at an end the boy would put a baby in her belly. Half an hour ago she had given birth to her latest litter from one of the red man. Around them lay at least four dozen girls and women in various stages of pregnancy, the number of cocoons, larvae and worms had increased drastically. All the women had their faces distorted by immense pleasure, in many cases they lacked any sign of intelligence, completely lost to their violent orgasms. In the midst of it all was Victoria Valiant, resting on her large belly, while Krusty the dog pounded her ass without mercy. This was so much fun. It was a shame that they had agreed to Amazalotha’s condition and would lose her in less than a day! This was heaven; this was how a woman should live. She cried thinking about the fact, that tomorrow everything would be gone. Outside the Museum for antique history, Front door 07:20 am The nightshift had switched the female cops for cheap hookers and the last of the sleeping bitches was just now tossed into the thrash. The garbage collectors would take care of them in a couple of hours. Detective Allison Carter had grabbed herself a digale and a decent schoolboy on her way here. Now she enjoyed both. Old cops still ate bagels and doughnuts but she preferred the newer digales, shaped like large cocks and with a nice filling but also a thick crust. They were easy to keep warm and to transport too. A woman could simply stuff them up her cunt or ass for 15-20 minutes without any damage to the pastry. Today the blonde bombshell had gotten herself the last chocolate one filled with what the producer called - Porkum essence. She had to fist the ass of some Latin bitch in front of her, so that the slut could only talk in incoherent sentences and was unable to order it for herself. Allison had enjoyed that little victory quite a bit and had taken the digale and the Latina’s son on top. Now she rode that nicely hung youth on the grassed area next to the museum and enjoyed her anally marinated breakfast. At first the boy had complained a lot but that had stopped, when she had put her soaked thong into his mouth. Now he was conveniently calm while she waited for the doors to open.Inside the Museum for antique history, inner sanctum: Much later Lana lay in a corner rubbing her giant belly and clenching her teeth, while her cunt stretched way past what should have been humanly possible, as the enormous larva tried to wriggle free. It was the first of at least a couple of hundreds, which had hatched in Lana’s now oversized womb. Luckily it wasn’t the first time for her gifting her demonic mistress with their offspring, so the reporter knew she could do it but it was always hard work… Most of the women here went through their 30th to 40th birth. All of them were happy to serve their extradimensional overlords, who showered them with love and allowed them to breed with them. Only a selected few were allowed to breed with Amazalotha of course and Lana was among them. In fact she was sitting in a circle with specially blessed sluts. Victoria Valiant, Ashley, Miranda Mitchell, Rebecca McKenzie, Lana LeBlanc and her camera woman had all been knocked up by Amazalotha’s magnificent cock. The superheroine had of course the largest belly, followed by Rebecca that former cop and now mindless bimbo slut. At least she was eye to eye with that Ashley and that Mitchell bitch and her camera woman had an even smaller belly. All of them were close too or already giving birth, Lana smiled and felt the warmth of motherhood as she saw a larva slithering across Rebecca’s huge belly. Soon the little bugger would suck on it’s mother’s teats. Seeing this let tears of joy stream down her face. Rebecca giggled in anticipation and already kneaded her tits, spraying her child with milk. Suddenly her camera woman spoke. “I’m hungry...” and reminded Lana, who sat across from her about the feeding deal the group had made. Miranda answered dutifully. “It’s okay, I have some left.” And Lana simply added “wait a second.” Riding through an agonizing orgasm that only the birth could give her, Lana started to move her feet to Miranda’s ass. Due to their current situation lube wasn’t a problem and Lana’s foot slipped easily into the cop’s asshole, just as Miranda had done to Lana a couple of times over the last... years. It didn’t take long; although Lana went deeper then she would have had to. “Hmmm God yes… I love your foot up my ass…” moaned the captain slut. “Stop sucking it in though, I’m giving birth here and can’t concentrate.” Nonetheless Lana soon felt Miranda’s worms wriggling over her foot and carefully pulled back out. This was the tricky part. She had to balance her foot over to her camera woman, with still enough worms on it, that the slut could have her feeding. “Open wide” is all that needed to be said and the first batch of worms fell into her mouth. Next she licked a few off before Lana decided to go all in and stuffed her foot into the slut’s mouth. For the last few times this had been the way how the girls fed each other. Worms were practically the only food source around here, luckily the girls had been sufficiently ass raped by the demons so that they had a good harvest and no one had to stay hungry. While the vip bitches gave birth to Amazalotha’s future elite warrior caste, Daniel was back among his classmates. Most of the girls had been destroyed. Too much demon cock had wiped their minds clean and the constant pregnancies had weakened their bodies, they pretty much only lay around like sex dolls and weren’t interesting anymore to most men. Daniel on the other hand liked to sleep among them, using their bodies as blankets. He liked their blank stares, happy smiles and the fact that they were really thankful for some attention. Their teacher was another matter; Mrs. Takahashi was still able to do some conversation, if her mouth wasn’t occupied by sucking some enlarged cock. Right now she hugged his and used a short blow job break to spit on the shaft. “Daniel.” She wailed. “Daniel, you promised me…” He sighed but she was right, he had promised to fuck her, if she got an orgasm out of him by just using her mouth. “Okay, okay… turn around.” She smiled joyfully and turned around, wriggling her ass like a happy dog. When he saw that ass, it reminded him of his stomach. “Are you carrying?” He asked the usual question everybody used to ask - meaning if someone had a dinner up her ass. The look she threw over her shoulder was almost angry. “I always am… Let myself get fucked good by red men. So my girls and boys have food.” She spread her cheeks and showed him her puckered anus. Daniel shrugged; Dinner was served, and dived in head first. Mrs. Takahashi started to moan, feeding her students felt almost as good, as getting it up the chute. All in all it seemed like a pretty normal day in their own private pocket universe. Until Amazalotha’s call echoed through the room. “Okay, this is the last breeding cycle, guys prepare to pack everything.” The sluts didn’t realize it at first but then the demons refused to fuck them! Panic broke out, at least with those, who were still able to form anything resembling a coherent thought. This couldn’t be the end! Their bellies were already getting small again and their asses emptied. Without being bred and dwindling food supplies many were scared. Some even begged Amazalotha to take them with her but the demoness stayed true to her word and at the exact moment of their agreement went through the portel, will all the remaining cocoons, larvae and red men she had. Leaving a consternated group of humans behind.Outside the Museum for antique history, Front door 01:30 pm Allison rode the Latina’s face as hard as she could. The bitch had come looking for her boy, it was only fair that she ate his cum before taking him from her. Suddenly the doors opened and after a second Victoria Valient waddled out, covered in what must be alien cum. Soon more women followed, led by captain Mitchell, who supported a pretty clumsy detective McKenzie. Lana LeBlanc and her camera slut followed suit and then some more lady cops, a few had strange looking animals at their side… As soon as she saw her Mitchell came over to detective Carter and put Rebecca on the grass. “Good, detective Carter. Sent in a few people to get the rest out, many girls and women are unable to move but be careful the area is still contaminated.” Detective Carter nodded. “I will take a team and…” “The hell you will.” Miranda moaned and forced a kiss on Allison. “First you will call my husband and son and tell them to meet me here and then you perverted bitch will fuck me senseless till they are here and can take over.” Captain Mitchell was already undressing her subordinate, who didn’t put up much of a fight and made the calls while having her tits grabbed and twat eaten. If the Mitchells were confused by the moaning cop calling them, they didn’t show either.Inside the Museum for antique history, basement 01:42 pm Daniel was among those still able to think but refused to simply walk out of the museum. Instead he followed the demons down to the basement and after they had disappeared in a wall of mist, he saw the shape of a human woman. Drooling and squirting massively she laid on the floor, legs spread wide, with some kind of double dildo inside both her holes. The young man was confused, he did not remember fucking her and he was sure to have fucked all sluts in the museum. He decided to correct that error and pulled the dildo from her holes. “THANK GOD!” The woman howled. “I… I can’t take… more… dest… destroy… that thing… it… makes portal…”She ignored his hard cock and only stared at the white dildo, which just now took its usual elongated form. Daniel smiled. “Thank you for that information.” He put the dildo aside and positioned himself on top of that woman. “Wha… no… NO! Please… no more, I… lose my… mind.” She begged and tried to push him off but to no avail. He gave her is best smile. “I know sweetheart but I can’t have you tell the cops how the portal came to be.” Without any further due he entered her hot snatch and began to fuck her. That was how the search and rescue team found him six hours later, pumping his enhanced cock into a very willing snatch. The two females, one EMT and one cop pulled him out of her but only to have his two feet cock for themselves. Maria Clarkson was gone, her mind had drowned in an over three yearlong orgasm, she would never tell anybody about what had happened.Epilogue 1 The search and rescue teams had needed 12 hours to clear the museum of all people, this was mostly due to them taking long breaks, during which they fucked each other and the sluts inside. Many of the men and women needed years of therapy just to be able to get back to a normal life, some never managed and were brought to brothels, where they could get the treatments they needed. Annie’s mother had to be sold to a milk farm, where her talent was brought to good use. Her daughter finished school and became a famous pornstar. She visited her mom often to fuck her and make specially themed movies. Mrs. Takahashi kept her job as a teacher and even earned and award from the Porkum Foundation for education and violation. Most of the girls from her class ended up as mind wiped living sex dolls and brought their families some good profits. Rebecca McKenzie left the police force and became a housewife, the eventual mother of 19 enjoyed being the alpha slut for her neighborhood. Miranda Mitchell eventually made it to the position of commissioner. When asked how her career sky rocketed so much she always said it was her mom/son porn flics and her willingness to work her ass off. Lana LeBlanc and her camera women had kept the camera intact but after watching the tape and masturbating for a couple of hours decided to keep it private. There was no physical evidence that they had ever been pregnant but the humiliation was just too much. Ashley and Steve kept working for the museum and tried to hide as many demonic artifacts as possible from the police. Maria Clarkson was identified by a dna-test and later sold to as a living sex toy, due to the fact that she had almost no mental capacity left. Most of those women, who had volunteered later, eventually were able to live an almost normal life again – except for an immense libido. Krusty married his owner and together with his friends became the father of an entirely new species of police dogs. He and his wife had 45 kids. As a demonically infused dog he was able to breed with human women easily. Victoria Valiant seemed almost unaffected and continued to be superheroine and super slut. Sometimes she thought back on that episode in the museum as one of her fondest memories.Epilogue 2 Daniel got home late, his sister were already out on some bastard’s party, when his mother hugged him tight. She had cried a lot, first thinking him being lost in a hostage situation, then suffering from side effects. “I heard a third of the people there had to be send to brothels.” She finally said. “When you didn’t come home earlier I thought you might have to be sent away too.” “Don’t worry, it isn’t that bad.” He said and started to kiss her, soon pushing her onto the kitchen table. “Oh… Daniel, I… I know the law but you haven’t raped me in months.” She remembered how she had originally done the raping… “Then it is about time I do it again.” His mom gasped, when she felt his massive cock falling onto her ass and back. “God… Daniel, you have gotten so big… I’m not sure your poor mother can take it.” Daniel laughed. “No problem, I have no poor mother, I have absolute whore for a mom and your ass can take it easily.” Soon she howled in absolute bliss, as he started to fuck her ass. The next morning he surprised her in the shower, grabbed her, lifted her up and impaled her twat on his cock. This made mommy very happy, until she had her orgasm and a bunch of worms slipped out of her ass… “D… Daniel…” “Don’t worry mom, just think of your ass as our new pasta machine.” “Oh Daniel, was that another gift you got with your cock? I can’t wait for you to fuck your sisters.”To be continued
  9. Anal Etiquette: Sam and Jess, Day 2

    If i remember in the first story you talked about protributing panties. This is a fetish called cameltoe. one of my favourite representative is Coco the painful cameltoe. But there is room for imagination in this regard to do other stuff (or make it more painful but that is my style). this is a deviation from anality but hey at school they rebel against older generations , they constatnly want to be better, different, change the stigma
  10. Anal Etiquette: Sam and Jess, Day 2

    This one is good. You might want to check the names of who is getting the enemas though
  11. Anal Etiquette: Sam and Jess

    now that u say it it makes more sence. that could explain why it could reach the stomach as well . like kinky jo.

    Hope have her ass wrecked (prolapse!)“Great.” Hope glanced at the pick-up address, a familiar client, and tucked it into the pocket of her cargo shorts. “I hate the feeling we’re helping someone out with something sleazy,” her lips twisted into a smile and she shot him a wink, “but I’ve got rent to pay.”Hoisting her huge, bright-yellow, messenger bag over her shoulder, she deftly grabbed her bike and wheeled it out through the door of the small lock-up unit which served as home-base for Go2Couriers. Mounting without breaking her stride, she pedalled out across the concrete yard, filtering into the trunk road traffic as if dodging between cars was the most natural thing in the world.The early-afternoon sun felt good on her bare shoulders and the caffeine buzz began to hit as her muscles started to work, pushing her between the lanes of slow moving traffic towards the glass and steel skyscrapers of downtown. As she rode, Hope mused, for the millionth time, that the students who did messenger work during their summer break didn’t really appreciate the sunshine. She’d been doing this job for four years, year-in year-out, taking the rough with the smooth, and seeing the best and worst of all seasons. Sure, it was hot today, but it beat the hell out of skidding over packed ice while being blinded by a blizzard. The strap of her bag was chafing her neck, but at least she got to work outside in shorts and a tank-top, instead of being cooped up in a crappy office, with a bunch of other sweaty people.Hopping the curb, she swung across a wide paved area, more wary of stray pedestrians than she had been of the vehicles on the road, before skidding to a halt in front of her pick-up. The company frequently used bike messengers, and had obligingly seen fit to install bicycle racks right outside their revolving doors. Hope undid the heavy chain from around her waist, wrapping it over and over around her bike in a practised motion, before snapping the padlock shut. Tugging the job sheet and her ID lanyard from her pocket, still breathing hard, she headed for the door. ***Kenji walked to the door, opening it when he heard her walking up. “Hello again, Hope. You’re looking nice. Come on in.” he said, opening the door for her. He said, “You can sit on the couch. I’m going to finish making myself some food. Want some?” he asked, locking the door behind her. He lead her through his house, in the middle of being remodelled, and waved to the couch in the living room. “You can wait there if you want. I wanted to talk with you before I gave you the 'package’.” he said, grabbing a bottle of wine from a shelf he passed and setting it on the table in front of the couch. “You can have some of that while you wait too.” he told her, before heading to the kitchen.***“Package, huh?” Hope shot him a smirk, flopping down on the couch. Suddenly out of the breeze, she suddenly felt the heat, sweat beading on her skin. Reaching out, she grabbed the bottle and undid the screw-cap, before taking a swig without waiting for a glass.“So, what did you want to 'talk’ to me about?” She called out into the kitchen.***He came back out a few moments later, some cooked meat and pasta on two plates. He sat it down in front of her, before setting one down for him. He sat down next to her, and smirked. “Ah, just wanted to… play with you again.” he said, reaching down under her as she sat on the couch cushion and dug his finger against her clothed ass. “You haven’t come by since I began remodelling my house, and I got anxious to have fun with you again.” He smiled.***No sooner had he set the plate down before her, Hope had it in one hand, shovelling forkfuls of pasta into her mouth with the other. In her line of work, you took any and every opportunity to 'refuel’.“So,” she gulped down a mouthful. “You called my work to set up a lunch date with me? We’re a courier, not an escort service, you know?” Despite her tone, she did nothing to dislodge his fingers from groping the crack of her ass through her shorts.Setting down her half-empty plate, she turned to face him. “Seriously, though, after last time I let you 'play’ with my ass, I couldn’t work for two days… And if I don’t go to work, I don’t get paid.” She gave him an apologetic shrug. “So, I thought it best if I let things drop between us.” ***“What, you’re saying you didn’t enjoy it? Hell, I am paying you anyways to come here, I could pay extra for the days you have off. I have enough money.” he told her, digging his fingers in deeper, even slightly pushing the fabric of her shorts and underwear into her asshole. “I even got a few new toys to play with. You don’t want to give them a try, Hope?” he asked, grinning. He then proceeded to calmly start eating his own food with his free hand, still fingering her ass. “I enjoy our play time a lot, I just figured we could do some more. Is it that much of a problem?” he asked, taking the bottle she drank from, taking a swig himself, as he reaching into her shorts to finger her ass with less resistance.***“Oh, I enjoyed it!” Hope leant forward, allowing his probing fingers better access to her hole, while she ravenously finished the rest of her pasta. “In fact, I think I enjoyed it a little too much; that sort of 'fun’ is dangerous! Last time I could barely walk. What if we get carried away, and I end up in hospital,” she wiped her mouth on the back of her gloved hand, “or worse?”Hope’s radio suddenly crackled into life inside her bag. “…TA on that pick-up, Hope? …should be… by now!”Rolling her eyes, she drew his hand out of her shorts before standing up and grabbing the handset. “Yeah, I’m on route, control.” Turning to Kenji with a wink, she added, “Looks like this one’s going to take longer than usual, so better make it my last job for today.”***He grinned, “Great! And who cares about the hospital. You enjoy the thought of completely destroying your ass, don’t you? prolapse it until you are dragging it across the ground as you walk, completely unable to control your bowels anymore.” he taunted leaning back around the couch and grabbing another bottle of wine. “Why don’t we start with something a little… tame, I suppose.” he said, setting the large bottle down and popping open the cap. “This shouldn’t be too bad to start with, compared to what you’re used too.”***Hope’s cheeks reddened as he described the things they had talked about so often before. “Stop it!” She bit her lip for a moment, eyeing the open bottle of wine on the low table.“Okay.” She kicked off her shoes. “I guess I’d better just accept that 'stuff’ is going to happen tonight.” Stepping out of her shorts, she shimmied her panties off over her hips, and tucked them into her bag. “But nothing too crazy!” Giving him a stern look, she stood astride the table, bending her knees until the pucker of her anus touched the rim of he bottle. With a deep breath, and a wince, she lowered herself, thighs straining, an inch of the cold bottleneck disappearing into her rear. “And if I have to take more time off… Or pay a doctor to fix my butt… You’re paying the bill!”***Kenji chuckled. “No promises about how crazy it will get. Like I told you, I bought a few toys to have fun with.” he told her, but nodded towards her second demand. “Sure, I’ll pay for your time off. Not quite sure I’ll pay to fix you though, at least until I’m in the mood to ruin you again.” he said, grinning, as he reached forward, placing a hand on her hips, slowly pushing her further onto the bottle. “Now, keep up the good work, this is quite a show for me whenever we do this.” he smirked.***Hope stuck her tongue out at him. “Well, in that case, if you want me to stick around so you can play with my broken butt, I’m charging you a day rate!” Her lips cracked into a smile, “but if it’s a show you want, let me give you a better view.”Awkwardly, she tiptoed around until she had her back to him, the base of the bottle rocking and rattling against the table as she did so. Relaxing her muscles a little, she began to slide smoothly down the tapering glass, her butt accepting about a third of the bottle, until the neck began to swell dramatically near the middle. “Ah!” Her sphincter stung, protesting the swelling intrusion. “How’s that? Good view?” ***He smiled. “The view’s wonderful, Hope. I can’t wait to see more.” he assured her, enjoying the sight immensely. He stared, seeing how she stretched around the bottle, before getting an idea. He reached forward to suddenly slide a finger through her sphincter, hooking and tugging it slightly to keep her in place, before kicking the table forward, knocking her feet from under her. He watched as gravity took over, in order to shove her down hard onto the bottle with the full force of her weight.***“Fuuuuck!” Hope yelled, taken by surprise, losing her balance. Flailing her arms to try and stay upright, her ass muscles clenched in an attempt to prevent to inevitable, to no avail. Her spread buttocks plunged downwards, hitting the table with a thump. As all but a couple of centimetres of the wine bottle suddenly filled her rectum, Hope’s anus went from being 'tight’ to 'crushingly constricting’ around his fingers, her weight squashing his hand against the table. Gasping in pain, she glared over her shoulder. “I thought you said this was going to be fucking tame!?”***He shrugged. “It started tame. Or if you don’t accept that answer, 'I lied’.” he told her, smiling, before he stood up, walking around the table, his finger still hooked in her ass, and yanked her over the table with it, forcing her onto the ground on all fours as his finger hauled her ass into the air. He smiled, hearing the 'glug glug’ sound of the wine pouring into her ass from the open bottle. He pulled his finger out of her as the wine continued draining into her, and placed his palm on the bottom of the bottle, and gave a shove, attempting to push it fully into her.***“Uuph!” Hope tried to spit her hair out of her mouth as her face was unceremoniously pressed into the carpet. She shuddered, feeling a rumbling in her tummy as the chilled liquid gushed into her colon. “Why do I get the feeling that I won’t be riding my bike home?” She shifted around, trying to get more comfortable, spreading her knees further apart.As Kenji’s palm applied pressure to the base, the bottle bottle slid deeper inside, albeit with strong resistance from the flesh it was displacing. Slowly but surely, the bottom disappeared through the gaping ring of her abused hole, still clearly visible, but technically fully inside. Hope grimaced. “I hope you have a good plan for how you’re going to get that out!”***He chuckled, “Who said you were going home tonight? I plan to have a lot of fun with you,” he grinned. He enjoyed the sight of her hole trying desperately to close around the bottle. “And I don’t really have a plan, other than see if you could push it out yourself. But not yet, of course.” he told her, grinning wider as, out of her sight, he grabbed the empty bottle they drank from earlier, and placed the base of that bottle against the poor hole, gripping the neck of the bottle and shoving it into her, pushing the first one in deeper. ***“Ah, what the fuck!? Really!?” Hope craned her neck, watching him brandishing the second wine bottle. The bases of the two bottles made a fragile clinking sound as they met, the second one easily socketing into her gaping butt behind the first. Despite his efforts to pack it in with some force, the first bottle seemed reluctant to move any deeper. Hope groaned, gritting her teeth, obviously in great discomfort. “I think that’s as deep as it’ll go. What’re you trying to do? Destroy me? …Already?”***He sighed, rolling his eyes. “I really am fine with destroying you right now, but I suppose it wouldn’t be as fun. Fine.” he said, dropping the second bottle and reaching down, grabbing Hope’s hand and pulling her up to her feet, as the wine continued to swish around within her. “Alright. let’s go to where I have all the new things,” he told her, pulling her after him with the first bottle still shoved inside of her. He pointed to the unfinished staircase, “I want to try that with you one of these days, maybe even today. But first…” he said, opening the door to a room, and revealing a lot of various things that he thought would be fun to shove into her. “Go ahead. Pick your poison.” he told her.***Awkwardly waddling after him, the bottle making it hard to move her hips properly, the wine heavy in her guts, Hope gazed in something akin to awe at the collection filling the room. “Wow!” She raised an eyebrow. “You really have been buying 'a few new toys’, haven’t you? This stuff must’ve cost a fortune!”Nude, save for her black tank-top, she moved amongst the tall heaps of sex toys, noting with concern several which looked more like genuine torture instruments, than anything constructed with sexy fun in mind. “Hey, I always wanted to try one of these!” She picked up a glossy, red plastic, butt plug, at least five inches across at the widest point. “But what the fuck,” she dropped the plug, attention caught by a pine tree-trunk, leaning against a wall, its tip roughly hewn to a point, “is that a fucking impaling post, you sick psycho!?”Eventually, however she was unable to contain her curiosity. Peering out of the door at the unfinished staircase, tilting her head to one side. “What did you mean about 'trying that’ with me? It *looks* harmless enough…”***“Oh, you know. Trying to shove that unfinished handrail up your ass. And what’s wrong with the post? Don’t you think it would be the perfect thing to absolutely ruin your ass?” he grinned, spanking her, even as the bottle shook inside of her. “That buttplug is so small, you will probably barely feel it unless other things are shoved in with it. Whatever. Choose what you to play with soon, or I’ll choose for you.” he warned her, slapping her ass again to send her into the center of the room to look around.***Hope hopped away from his slapping palm, wishing she hadn’t as the wine slopped around inside her. She eyed the freshly carved pine spike. “At least it doesn’t look as if you’ve used it,” she swallowed, “yet.”Gazing around, she tried desperately to find something that looked as if it might not disembowel her. Predictably, everything in the room appeared to be engineered for the destruction of the lower bowel. Her eyes alit upon a metal briefcase with “Ann Summers” stencilled on the side. “Hey, what’s in here?” She asked innocently, picking it up and bringing it over to Kenji. Whatever was inside was at least small enough to fit in a briefcase, and Anne Summers wouldn’t make anything dangerous, would they? She spied him eyeing up a sinister contraction, covered in rusty iron spikes, and quickly made up her mind. “Nope, we’ll us this!” She waved the case. “Whatever it is.”***He shrugged. “If you say so,” he said, before opening the case. It opened to reveal… a small thick looking rubber ball attached to a small handpump. The ball was about the size of a baseball. Kenji grinned, looking at the two things. “I got this on sale. I won’t exactly say what it does just yet, but it should be fun. Now lean over,” he told her, holding up the ball and long hose connecting it. “Spread yourself, and try to push out the bottle, unless you want to play with the bottle inside of you too. That would always be a fun thing to try.”***Hope frowned suspiciously at the rubber ball, before turning and dropping onto all fours. Experimentally, she tried to bear down on the bottle filling her rump. Nothing happened. Shifting her knees apart, she wriggled her arms into a better position and took a deep breath. With an almighty effort she ordered her rectal muscles to contract and force the intruder out, but it was buried too deep, the smooth glass denying her awkwardly displaced musculature any purchase.Finally, she gave up with a frustrated grunt. “Nope. It’s stuck! I told you this was going to happen.”***He shrugged, a grin on his face. “Oh well. That just means you get to play with them both,” he told her, palming the rubber ball in one hand, taking the small pump in his other hand and looking at the long tube connecting them. He smirked, kneeling down behind her, and punched forward, shoving the entire ball, as well as his arm, into her ass, even pushing the bottle deeper from the sudden force of his arm thrust. After slamming nearly half his arm into her, he slowly withdrew, and grinned again. “And now, let’s see what this does,” he said, before rapidly squeezing the pump, causing the thick rubber ball to suddenly start ballooning, it’s skin thick enough to still pressure her ass.***Hope yelled in pained surprise as he punched the base of the bottle, jamming it through her sigmoid bend and into her colon with a softly audible crunch of cartilage. “Careful! Don’t break it!” She yelped, “I may be a butt whore, but I don’t want an ass full of broken glass, thank you!”The ball fit snugly inside her already misshapen rectum, one domed side with the trailing hose protruding from the puffy ring of her open anus. Once he began pumping, the flesh surrounding her hole started to bulge, the ball inside her swelling irresistibly, its pressure beginning to squeeze her insides as it continued to expand.***He rolled his eyes. “Alright, alright. I’ll try to not break it.” he told her, before continuing to pump the ball larger and larger, stretching her ass. “I think the next thing we’ll do, is that.” he pointed to the impaling post. 'Unless you have another item in mind to do next. But first, we should enjoy the ball.“ he said, squeezing the pump again and again in a rhythmic tempo, constantly expanding the rubber ball inside of her, the strong skin of the ball pushing the bottle even deeper into her. ***"What, really?” Hope looked uneasily at the sharpened tree trunk. “I mean it seems an appropriate end for a butt-slut like me, and I can’t say I haven’t fantasized about it, but…” She bit her lip. The ball had swollen enough to visibly bloat her tummy, stabbing pain from her ovaries as they were squashed against her muscular abdominal wall. “It’s just; this is my life we’re talking about here! I feel like getting iced for the sake of a private sex game is selling it kind of cheaply!”***He rolled his eyes. “Fine then. Choose something else to use then. We will get to it eventually, but all you have to do is find things to play with until we have to delay. Otherwise, I will see that tree shoved up your ass. You can’t admit it wouldn’t be fun, but I guess I could wait if you find other toys you want to try out first.” he told her, but never stopped pumping the ball larger and larger, pushing the bottle and wine deeper and deeper.***It occurred to Hope that nothing short of surgery was going to get that wine bottle out now. With a sigh, she resigned herself to what she had had known would happen if she ever saw Kenji again. “Fine, then… But if you’re intent on destroying my ass… And taking it *all* the way… Could we at least film this, or something?” She squirmed, her tummy grossly distended by the swollen ball in her rectum, straining asshole stretched tight across its shiny surface. “I know I’d regret it, if my destruction didn’t get posted all over the internet.” She gave him a weak smile over her shoulder. “You might wanna ease off on that pump there; I feel as if I’m about to burst!”***He nodded, “Fair enough.” he said, dropping the pump and picking up a video camera from the various things in the room. He set it up on a table, looking at them. “Here you go, one video of your ass being completely destroyed, coming up!” he grinned, walking back to her. He sat down, …and quickly snatched the pump, squeezing it quickly and rapidly just to get a last bunch of pumps into the ball. He finally stops, squeezing slowly. “Ok. Now, pick what you want to use next.” he told her.***Grunting, Hope rolled back into a crouch, on the balls of her feet. Her belly felt obscene, bloated as if she were heavily pregnant. She glanced at the camera, cheeks reddening once more. “It’s kind of hot, knowing this is *definitely* ending up on facebook… Hi mom!” She giggled nervously.Her eyes roved over the jumbled piles of sexual paraphernalia. “There’s so much to choose from…” She briefly tried to envisage what the power drill with the brutal looking, cone shaped, screw attachment would do to her insides. She almost chose the piston powered fucking machine with the surprisingly normal looking dildo on the end, until she spotted the tiny, barbed, spines dotted along its length. “How about that?” She finally pointed to a wide, steel, transmission funnel, sitting beside a collection of bottles and cans.***“Sure.” he said, grinning. “I was kind of hoping you would pick the drill or the dildo machine, but this is fine too.” he said, naming the two things she had looked at. He then walked over, grabbing it, before returning. “Let’s see how much we could fit in you.” he said, joyfully. He then shoved the small hose at the end of the funnel past Hope’s ruined ass, sliding it past the expanded ball. He brought over a few of the bottles and cans, various liquids in each. “Ok then. What should we pour in first. I’ll let you decide.”***Yelling, and slapping the floor with her palm, as he jammed the ribbed hose past the ball in her ass, the metal pinching her flesh cruelly, Hope blinked at the collection of bottles. “These all seem,” her gaze drifted over tin of paint, bottle of various oils, a jar of glass beads, ball bearings, and a five gallon drum of epoxy resin, “utterly horrible.”She bit her lip and looked up at him with a wink. “I don’t suppose you need the bathroom, do you?”***His grin stretched wide across his face. “I absolutely love how much of an anal slut you are. I love the way you think.” he said, fishing his cock out of his pants. “Speaking of which, I do need to go after that nice dinner.” he played along, aiming his tip at the funnelled end of the hose. “Well, this should work nicely…” he said, before sighing out, spraying a stream of piss into the hose, the warm liquid flowing through it and into her ass. ***“Do you love me enough to reconsider impaling me?” Hope could hear his urine gushing into the funnel. The small gap that remained between the inflated ball and the bottle in her colon quickly filled with piss, and the level in the funnel began to rise. “You could keep my ass to serve as your personal urinal. Or, lend me out, if you wanted?” As his flow diminished to a trickle, the funnel began to empty, piss somehow leaking past the bottle to join the wine bloating her intestines.***He frowned, “That’s a very reasonable offer, damn. Now you are making it hard to choose. I’d always enjoy the sight of you impaled on the spike, but I also want to keep you as my urinal. Oh well, the spike can always wait,” he grinned, nodding as he decided. “Ok, I’ll use your ass as my toilet.” he told her, watching the funnel finish draining his piss. “Alright. now what next? Just because I’m not going to impale you yet, doesn’t change the fact that I’m not done with you.”***Allowing herself a sigh of relief, Hope shifted onto one elbow to look at him. “Well, I’m not going to make a very good toilet with this bottle plugging up my guts, am I?” She glanced at the barrel of epoxy. “Perhaps we can get it out, somehow?”***He grinned, “Sure.” and grabbed a small barrel of the epoxy. “Here it comes,” he told her, quickly tipping it into the funnel, watching the liquid slowly fill her, mixing with the wine and piss.***“Uh, did you add the hardener?” Hope wriggled. “There should be a sachet or something; taped to the barrel, maybe?” She reached back, giving the pump hose attached to the ball a flick with her finger, eliciting a hollow sounding rubbery twang. “You’re going to need to mix it in. I think this thing is going to have to come out.”***He shrugged, making a fake sigh. “Alright.” he said, unscrewing the pump from the hose and letting the ball slowly deflate inside of her. Once it was back to the baseball size, he pulled it out from her ass, and grabbed the sachet from the barrel, and said, “So, what do you want to use to mix it in?”***Hope’s fully open rectum released the ball with a wet sucking sound, trails of sticky liquid coating the tattered looking rim of her gaping hole. The pooled epoxy was visible deep inside. “Um,” Hope cast around. “Something disposable; that stuff sets hard.” She looked at the drill again. “That could get messy, but maybe you have an attachment that’s not going to spray it all out, everywhere?” Experimentally, she squeezed her abdominal muscles, her ass winking partially closed for a moment, emitting another loud squelch as the epoxy disappeared deeper into her colon. “Better top me up, too.”***He shrugged. “Sure.” he said, attaching a small clear cone around the drill, to keep it all from spilling as it spun. “There. won’t be as messy now.” he said, before grabbing the rest of the barrel, and began pouring it all into the funnel, watching it slowly fill her ass, mixing with the hardener. He then shoved the tip of the drill into her, pushing it down until the cone hit her asscheeks. He then grinned, and said, “Here it comes,” before pulling the trigger, causing the drill to spin rapidly, churning the epoxy, wine, and piss mixture.***“Uh-UH-uh-UH-uh-UH-uh!” Hope’s whole body shook, and she felt as if he has just shoved a washing machine up her as. The fat screw on the drill pounded against her insides, further tenderizing her already mistreated flesh. She gritted her teeth, holding on until she was sure it must have thoroughly mixed the mess inside her. “O-o-kkkaaay! Tthaats enooughh!”As the drill slowed and was withdrawn, sticky grey-brown liquid dripped from the cone, but her butthole remained filled to the brim, leaking only a trickle over the downward edge, which flowed in a wide ribbon over her the curve of her perineum to coat her much neglected vulva with its rapidly thickening filth. “Just gotta leave it for ten minutes, I guess.” ***He nodded, and tossed the drill aside. “So, what should we do to kill the time, or should we just wait?” he asked, smirking at the sight of her ass now that he got a good look at her, with no toys blocking the view. ***“Well, I have to stay very still, but that doesn’t mean you have to!” Hope grinned, carefully beckoning him closer. Reaching up, she grasped his dick and began tugging on his dick, pumping it as much as she dared to without moving her body too much. Anything to distract herself from the fact that she had a giant mass solidifying in her ass that might be physically impossible to remove without disembowelling her.***He grinned, sitting there, and feeling her stroke his cock off quickly. “I like this idea a lot.” he said, walking to her front to move his dick to her face, saying, “Why don’t you suck it, or you can keep stroking so I can spray on your face.” he said, patting her head, waiting for the stuff to dry, and his approaching orgasm.***Hope paused, giving the camera a sidelong glance. She smirked up at him, and began pumping his cock more firmly than before. “I want you to blow *all over* my face! And in my hair. Fucking paint me with your spunk.”***He shuddered from her dirty talk, and grinned. “As you wish,” he said, feeling his climax quickly approach. “Here it comes!” he warned her, before spraying out a flood of cum, drenching her face and hair in his sperm. He covered her face and hair in a glaze of sticky white liquid, the thick fluid matting her hair down. ***“AaaaAHaah!” Hope did her best to keep milking his cock, pumping every last spurt from its tip. Jism coated her tightly closed eyelids, her mouth gaping wide gasping for the air which her bunged nostrils could not find.“Urgh.” When his orgasm subsided, she wiped her eyes with the back of her hand, smearing dark make-up over her cheekbones. Blinking stickily, she opened them. With a sudden shock when she tried to shift her weight, she realised her lower body didn’t seem to be flexing the way it usually. In fact, it didn’t seem to want to bend at all. “Uh, shit.” She struggled to look over her shoulder at her own ass, smearing spunk over herself as she did so. “I think it’s set.”***He grinned. “Alright. Now what should we do with it? Yank it out, along with the bottle? or what?” he asked, walking behind her and staring at the hard mass inside her asshole. He reached down, patting the hard material, feeling it and seeing how hard it was.***“That’s the plan.” Hope nodded. “Or it was; it kind of feel like it’s stuck to my insides though.” She bit her lip. “Can you get a grip on it, at all?”In the hollow between her buttocks where her asshole should be, the pooled epoxy mixture had solidified into something resembling very hard plastic, completely flush with the opening in her flesh. Somewhat appropriately, the spillage had formed a smooth, rigid, crust, sealing her vagina completely. “I guess, if you can’t, you *could* drill it and put a hook in or something. But please be *very* careful if you do that, okay?”***He grinned, grabbing the drill again. He placed the tip on the epoxy mixture, and smirked. “Alright. I’ll be sure to be *very* careful.” He said, pulling the trigger and pushing, drilling into the mixture, and her ass again. He continued, pushing it deeper, even as he looked away in search for a hook. He was not paying attention, possibly on purpose, to what the hook was doing to her insides.***“Ouch! Woah! I *said* be careful!” Hope squirmed forward away from the plunging drill bit as it bored through her ass-resin at a drunken angle. While the drill was spinning to a halt, she reached back to gingerly finger the rough edge of the hole it had made. “I guess that’ll have to do.”Looking about her, she spied a hefty looking D-ring attached to large item of bondage apparatus. “Hey, what about that?” ***He nodded. “That’ll work.” he said, walking over and grabbing it. He returned, attaching the D-ring to the hardened epoxy, and hooked his finger through it. “Ready? On the count of 3.” he told her, tensing his muscles to yank out the mixture. “1…” He suddenly yanked it out, purposefully not giving her the chance to prepare herself.***“Nnnnnnnngh!” Hope groaned, balling her fists. Her bowels felt as if they were being torn out through her ass, and she could well believe that was indeed what was happening. His arm muscles strained, and the flesh between her buttocks bowed outwards, stretching into a cone. He tugged harder, her insides audibly cracking and shifting, and finally the resin casting started to protrude from the lip of her hole, slowly working its way out, as an expanding lip of red-raw ass meat peeled away from it.***He grinned, grabbing the ring with both hands, and standing up. He began backing away, slowly drawing out the resin casting, enjoying the sight of the prolapsed ass coming out with it. He made sure that the camera got a good angle of it, and finally yanked again, pulling the entire mixture out, except for the bit attached to the bottle, that was still jammed in her organ. “Ready for me to pull the bottle out?” he asked with a grin, ready to yank it as soon as she gave the OK.***The resin formed a smooth cast of the inside of her stretched hole, perfect except for large, sharp edged, bubbles or depressions where pockets of other fluid had been trapped inside her. Groaning, Hope chewed her lower lip, well aware that he was hauling her guts out, but unable to think of an alternative to rid herself of the wine bottle buried inside her. “Nnn-huh,” she nodded.***He chuckled, and tightened his grip. “Alright then. Here we go!” he yanked powerfully, the bottle ending up yanking her colon down with it, before finally bursting out with a wet “POP”, leaving her with the horribly prolapsed ass, the red meat drooping down to lay on the ground below her. He chuckled, dropping the cast and bottle to the ground, and he stepped forward, grinding her assmeat under his foot for a bit. “How disgusting,” he laughed at her.***With her entire rectum and anus turned inside out, Hope yelped and stiffened when she felt his shoe grinding her tender guts against the hard, dirty, floor. Between her knees, the resin lump with the wine bottle stuck in the end represented a record of the last time her bowel would look anything like that of a normal, healthy, human being. She turned her head, looking upset. “But… I thought you *liked* girls with wrecked asses?”***He laughed. “I never said I didn’t love it. I just said it looked disgusting. I absolutely love girls with wrecked asses,” he smirked, taking his shoe off in order to squat down and grab the lump of ruined flesh, standing up again with it hanging from his hand. “So, what should we do with this now? do you see another toy you’d like to try on it? or maybe something could be used to pull even more out from you.” he seemed eager for that idea.***“More!? I…” Hope swallowed, nervously, well aware of the varied torture tools strewn around the room. It seemed as if he really meant to rip her apart tonight. “I guess… I mean, I don’t know if there’s much left inside me.” Was it her imagination, or was her waist a little slimmer already?“You know,” she looked up, hopefully, “you could always just stuff it back inside. You could even call up some of your friends, and invite them to come and use me as a piss and cum bucket, if you want?” She hoped she sounded convincing, despite the tremor in her voice.***He grinned. “Well, I want to see exactly how much is left. But I suppose that’s a reasonable request.” he said, but thought out loud, “But we could always stuff it back in after we pull even more out. I want to ruin it just that little bit more before I call my friends to use you as a toilet.” he said, smirking. “I want you to be able to shit out your entire colon whenever I tell you to, by the time we’re done.” he said with a grin. “So, one more toy to try and pull out what’s left, and then we will stuff it back in and I’ll call my friends. Thanks for that suggestion by the way.”***Hope frowned, feeling as if she’d been tricked into something, but not quite sure how. After all, any chance of escaping with her insides intact was long gone. She groped for the slimy inflatable ball between her knees. “This did a pretty good job of busting my rectum,” she gave it a squeeze, “perhaps you could pack it in really deep this time. Might help to break my colon loose, maybe?”***Kenji grinned, and took the ball from her. “Ok then. ball it is,” he said, picking up the grossly prolapsed ass, and rather than push it in, he kept it out, and instead slid the ball into the hole at the end, forcing it in deep with his arm, until barely any of the hose was still sticking out from the red assmeat. He grinned, reattaching the pump, and began squeezing it again and again, this time rather than just expanding in her intestines, it was in her organs themselves. He continued pumping it wider and wider, as his other hand toyed and played with the assmeat that was along the length of the tube.***For a little while, Hope thought perhaps it wasn’t working. Maybe, the hose had com loose, or the ball had a puncture? Then she realised it was becoming difficult to breath, and the stomach cramps with starting. “Oh…”Looking down, below her pendular boobs, and just under her breastbone, her belly was beginning to swell again. The bulge was a different shape this time, part of her body stretching and expanding, that unlike those lower down, were never intended to cope this bearing children.***He smiled at the sight of the bulge, and began squeezing the pump even quicker, ballooning the ball even faster. He let go of her assmeat, and ran a finger along the large bulge, feeling the stretched skin and organs beneath. He continued feeling each pulse of the ball as it expanded, feeling her soft belly as she bulged out, and continued his pumping hand.***The hem of Hope’s tank-top began to tear under the pressure of her bloating abdomen. Her chest moved rapidly, fighting for every shallow breath, and her a sharp pain stabbed at her kidneys. “Don’t you think,” she gasped, “that’s enough? It would be a shame if I suffocated… With so much left undone.”***He nodded. “Good point.” and gave a few more squeezes. “Alright. That should be good. Now, let’s yank it out, unless you have something else you want to do first.” he said, tightening his hands on the tube, preparing to pull it out. “You ready?” he asked, grinning, enjoying the sight of her bulged belly.***Hope’s eyes shot wide open. “Are you crazy!? There’s no way it’ll fit through my pelvis unless you deflate it first!” But it was too late, he had already started pulling. t was slow going at first, but gradually, with repeated yanking and releasing, the bulge began to move lower in her torso. For a moment, it did indeed seem to jam against her pelvis, but before long a bulge appeared in her exterior ass meat, growing large with each tug, as her belly began to deflate behind it.Hope groaned, squeezing her eyes tightly closed. Freed from the confines of her body cavity, the balloon was swelling to a much greater size, expanding her prolapsed colon with it, like a huge pink balloon. It hurt like hell.***The sight of her expanding colon as the balloon slowly emerged from her destroyed ass made him smile. He grinned, seeing her deflated belly, and gave the pump another squeeze, for the hell of it. He then once again tightened his grip on the hose, and gave her a smirk, before yanking the balloon out completely, and with it, her colon and other organs.***“URGOWMYFUCKINGGUTS!” Hope exclaimed, writhing as the huge balloon was dragged through her prolapse, tugging the entirety of her colon out behind it. A painful churning filled her abdomen as her small intestine shifted, pulled after its larger cousin, her abdominal cavity suddenly much less crowded. At least a couple of feet of angry red, tubular, meat landed in a tangled pile between her knees.Straightening to a kneeling position, the heap of guts squashing beneath her butt, she frowned, experimentally feeling her waist. “Wow! Better than liposuction!”***He smiled, laughing a bit at her joke, and picked up the multiple feet of assmeat from the floor. “Hmm…” he said, hooking his fingers in it and beginning to stretch it, seeing how far he could open the tube of meat. He grinned, “I wonder if we can actually make you into a meat toilet.” he said, trying to stretch her guts into a bowl shape, working it in his fingers as he did so. He stopped the stretching for a moment, smirking, and said, “Before that though, I need to piss again,” he said, sliding the red tube of meat over his cock, using it as a cocksleeve to jack off, as he began pissing in her bowels again. ***It was an odd sensation, feeling his hot urine begin to gush through the fleshy pipe that used to be her insides. “I’d say I’m already well on the way!” His fingers pinched her tender meat, pumping his dick with her ass-tube. “Maybe need to bust my hole open wider, for easier access. Oh, and find something to plug me up with too, to stop anything leaking out between fillings.”***He smiled, and continued pumping her assmeat up and down his cock. “Sounds like fun. Once again, your choice what we use for that. I want to see what your depraved mind thinks of to ruin your ass beyond all comprehension.” he said, speeding up the stroking of his cock. “Anything in this room, or anything in this house. I’ll let you decide what we use to turn your ass into the toilet it was meant to be.”***“Mmmm…” Hope cast her eyes around the now familiar inventory of perversion. “I’d kind of like to try that, while I still can.” She waved at the heavy looking piston fuck-machine. “Obviously, that won’t do, though.” The floppy rubber dildo on the end of the fat stainless steel pole was embarrassingly undersized for her recently remodelled rear entrance.***Kenji smiled, and walked over to the piston, removing the dildo. “Well, maybe we can improvise, and combine it with something else. You see anything that might fit that new ass of yours?” he grinned, starting the machine to test it, causing the piston rod to suddenly begin moving back and forth at a rapid speed, blurring from how fast it was moving, until he turned it off again, satisfied. “We could try something like the ball again, but it’s not hard enough to really do it…”***Hope jumped at the sudden screech of the motor, biting her lip in trepidation at the sight of the rod reciprocating so quickly. “Um,” she gulped, “I can’t really even see how big I am now.” Reaching back, she trailed her fingers round the ragged lip of her butt 'hole’ with its trailing length of insides still hanging out. “I don’t even,” she paused, catching sight of what she had originally mistaken for a small footstool. “That, maybe?”Half-buried beneath the heap of filth she nodded at was an enormous, shiny, red, buttplug, tall and easily a couple of wider than Hope’s hips.***Kenji grinned, and walked over, shifting through the pile until he finally uncovered the buttplug. “Good choice.” he told her, bringing the huge red plug to the machine, and screwing it on. “So, you think you can haul your ragged ass over here, or should I bring this to you?” he asked, making the decision for her, as he walked over and picked up the long red tube of assmeat, yanking her towards the machine by it. He then placed it on the tip of the plug and slowly rolled it over, pulling it over the plug in a way similar to foreskin. He then grinned, and turned the machine on…***Hope awkwardly scrambled backwards, dragged by her prolapsed guts, winding up on all fours beneath the piston of the machine, with the monster plug pointing down at her butt at a forty-five degree angle. When Kenji started sliding her colon over the plug, she winced, but the stretchy membrane slid over with ease, wrinkling up as it approached the middle of the cone. It wasn’t long before the end of the plug was nestling between her buttocks, inside the crumpled, red, sock of her flesh.WHIRRDUH-DUH-DUH-DUHDUDHDUHDUHDUH!When the switch was flipped, the plug instantly began slamming into her so hard that Hope had to brace her palms against the floor to avoid being pushed forwards. In addition to the rapid thumping of hard plastic against meat and bone, a wet slapping sound could be heard as the plug repeatedly plunged her prolapse into her, and immediately dragged it right back out again. As the seconds passed, it was obvious that more and more of the plug was being pounded deeper into her, brutally bashing its way into her torso.***Kenji grinned, watching the plug hammer deeper and deeper into Hope. He squatted down next to her, and said, “Having fun?” as he hooked a hand around the front of her hips, and pushed her slightly closer to the machine, to make the hammering piston slam even deeper. He then walked around her, and pulled out his cock. “Say, do you think you know of a way to let me have some fun as well?” he asked, pointing it at her face.***With teary eyes, Hope grimaced up at him. “Watching this machine - AH! - fucking butcher me isn’t *fun* enough?” She growled between gritted teeth.Her hips were bulging strangely, with a little over half the plug thumping into her. Between her thighs, the resin was cracking off the flexing skin of her pussy, leaving it an insignificant pink notch on the edge of her rapidly expanding ass hole. She shifted, angling her butt upwards, and the plug immediately sank deeper in, eliciting a long groan.***He shrugged. “Fine, I’ll settle for watching the show.” he said, before placing his hands on her shoulders, and began pushing her back even closer to the pistoning buttplug, watching it slam deeper and deeper into the expanding asshole. He grinned, and let go of her shoulders, walking around to get a better view. Once he was back, next to the machine, he found a small dial, that he turned ever so slightly to the right, causing the bucking piston to speed up even faster.***Suddenly, Hope let out an agonized scream. With a series of sickening, cracking, crunches, her pelvic ligaments gave way, the bone crushed aside by the onslaught. Her hips collapsed, and she flopped, face in the carpet, lower body supported only by the still-pumping piston. Inhumanly scaled as it was, the bulge of the giant plug had penetrated her, plunging into a now colossal gaping hole between her limp thighs. The screams continued unabated, as the conical tip punched hard into her abdomen, now directly battering the precious organs within. ***Kenji grinned widely, turning the dial even higher, as he hooked an arm around her leg and pulled her even closer, letting the machine piston even deeper. “Keep it up, hope. You’re doing great.” he told her, smiling as he watched the plug pound into the gaping hole, smashing through her hips again and again.THE END…?
  13. Anal Etiquette: Sam and Jess

    The small intestine in adults is a longand narrow tube about 7 meters (23 feet) long. The large intestine is so called because it is wide in diameter. However, it is shorter than the small intestine — only about 1.5 meters (5 feet) long." i am just posting this pls dont hate me. it is just here.

    TO CALL IT FILLER WOULD BE RUDE by Nasthybeth So, I’ve been struggling pathetically to finish any proper stories, so I thought I might be able to fob some of you off with logs from some of the ‘sexy’ online roleplaying I’ve been doing recently. 'Enjoy’! P sits on the bed, legs crossed. “I don’t have enough time to clean up between all the crazy sex I have,” she explains. “Hmm…I’ve 'had’ you, but I don’t think you belong to me.” Bethan toys with the condom, weighing the weighty load in her palm as the fingers of her other hand pinch the rolled opening. She shrugs. “True dat! Still, as apartments go around here, at least, I think yours has a certain sort of class."P grins "Well, it’s also above a bar. I never have to take a cab home after last call.” She kicks her feet gently, idle. “Because mine doesn’t have a rift to another dimension in it?” “There’s that.” Bethan agrees, tying off the neck of the condom. “Anyone would think you were saving all theseon purpose.” With a flick of her wrist she chucks it in P’s general direction. P catches it, briefly wondering who helped her fill that particular one. “Maybe I did just to bother you?” She teases. “You jealous? Or maybe you want to help me fill one yourself?” She grins playfully. “Ah, who am I kidding, you’re Miss Bareback over there.” Bethan raises an eyebrow. “Who me? I think you’ll find I actually kind of like the idea of having an apartment full of water-balloons brimming with weeks-old jism!” She giggles. “If you want to add to your collection, I would be more than happy to oblige.” P frowns a little “Hey, I don’t clean up /that/ rarely!” She goes into her side table - also a mess - and retrieves a box of the things, pulling one out. 'XXL, Studded for her pleasure’. She offers it to Bethan. “Well, you can always invite me over to your place for sex, use a condom, and then save it if you want to start a collection of your own.” “Thanks, I think.” She tears open the foil, letting it drop into the accumulated detritus, and inspects the circle of lumpy, black, latex. “I might even be willing to help you get rid of some the backlog you have lying around here.” She winks. “Now, sit yourself down, and let’s get you rubbered up.” P unzips those jeans and wriggles them off. The now-familiar shaft of her cock rests comfortably against her thighs, currently pretty much flaccid. She spreads her legs a little, letting it dangle, and sticks out her tongue playfully, showing Bethan her tongue stud. “Sick,” P says, as if that’s a bad thing, and playfully flips the bird. Bethan nods. “Yeeeeeah.” Spreading P’s knees, she kneels, taking the weight of her fuck-meat in one hand, whilst still carefully pinching the condom in the other. “This won’t do…” She frowns, awkwardly trying to pump the heavy flesh-log one handed. “Do we need to stick some of this vast porn collection on, or something?” P raises an eyebrow, looking down at her friend. “It’s not nearly as vast as yours. I’ve got like, Butt Sluts Go Nuts volume 3 and Herms Gone Wild and that’s it.” She shrugs. “Why don’t YOU do something sexy to get me hard?” She suggests. Now there’s a novel idea! “Oh, I love Butt Sluts Go Nuts! Volume eight is the best, though.” Bethan sucks her lip for a moment. “Hmm… Okay. Hold on to this for me.” She delicately balances the condom on P’s knee, before standing up. Unzipping her skirt, she shimmies out of it, and her navy blue panties soon follow. Wasting a moment trying to find a space to put them, she finally just dumps them atop the junk on the side table. With her back to P she kneels again, bending over the heap of magazines on the coffee table. Shuffling her knees apart until her boobs are squashed against the pile of glossy paper, she reaches back and experimentally sticks an index finger into her asshole. “Is this helping?” P grins and watches the show. Bethan can see it’s working by the way P’s organ swells and stiffens. “Not bad. And here I was thinking that the only way you knew how to turn people on was to show them your kinky porn stuff.” She jerks her half-stiffy slowly, matching pace with Bethan’s finger as if imagining she’s fucking her friend’s ass right now. Bethan giggles. “Isn’t this pretty much the same thing?” Withdrawing her finger, she promptly sticks it in her mouth. Hacking and gagging noises follow, as she attempts to slather her whole hand with spit, before returning it to her anus, this time with a second finger poked in beside the first. “Hey, I don’t suppose you’d happen to have any lube buried somewhere around here, would you?” P says “Well, the condom is lubricated,” indicating the latex object balanced on her thigh. But that’s not exactly what Bethan is after. She rummages around in her side table again. “Aha, mineral oil, for unsticking those stubborn assholes.” She grabs the condom and lube and steps over to where Bethan is bent over, making sure to playfully whack those asscheeks with her growing erection as she delivers them both. Bethan’s squeak accompanies the wet smack of cock on oily buttock, as P pours oil all over her ass. The stream welling around her fingers quickly finds its way inside, and she almost immediately adds a third digit, sighing at the ease with which it slides in. Moments later, she sniffs. “Is that *engine oil*!?” Giving P a frown over her shoulder. “I’m not sure that’s going to be safe with condoms, is it?” P raises an eyebrow again “I said Mineral oil, hon. It’s like baby oil without the perfume. Why would I put engine grease in your asshole?” Although that’d be kinky, it’s probably not healthy. Also pretty gross. “Do you wanna put this thing on me?” She offers, as an opportunity for extra sexy. “Or, I could just slip it on and cram myself into that ass that you’re preparing so nicely for me.” “I wanna… Try something. Give me the condom.” Withdrawing her fingers from her ass, leaving it oily and gaping slightly upon their exit, Bethan takes the condom, and with one fingers poked into its teat, carefully pokes the tip into her waiting anus. Gingerly removing her finger, the rubber remains in place, a black circle between her spread white cheeks. P grins as she gets what Bethan is attempting. She positions herself within that circle and slides in, filling the condom and Bethan simultaneously. Of course, she didn’t get any smaller since the last time they met, either, so it’s still a little bit of work to get her huge member inside. She wiggles her hips side to side and pulls on the porn-addict’s hips to make it easier. “Uuurgh!” Bethan buries her face in the pile of magazines. Despite her finger fucking, it’s still a shock to feel P’s thick dick forcing her sphincter open, and being plunged inside, the oil which has pooled in her rectum squirting out around it and dripping down her belly. “Did it work?” She finally reaches back, fingers fumbling around her stretched hole for the rolled lip of the condom. “Or am I going to be fishing that thing out of my guts, later?” P hmms, pulling back out again. The condom sticks to her unlubricated flesh easily enough, coming back out with her. “Nope, I think it’s fine,” She says, plunging back in. “I think you’d like it if you had to, though,” She teases, knowing how much Bethan likes 'the butt stuff’. She thrusts slow, so that they can talk, and Bethan can get her insides fully un-knotted for that thick shaft of hers. “I would not!” Bethan peers back over her shoulder, just to make sure she can see the dark sheath around P’s cock as it slides out. Her lips twist into a grin. “Well, maybe I would, but only if I had someone to help.” Breathing deeply, she goes through her usual routine of trying to relax, and twisting her body a little, so P can penetrate her colon comfortably. The oil really helps, and soon the press of hip-bones against her buttocks tells her that she’s being ploughed right to the hilt. P isn’t exactly gentle, but then she’s not going out of her way to hurt Bethan either as she starts to thrust, giving it to Bethan deep and slow. “Mmf, fuck, top three asses of all time right here,” She compliments, that experienced sphincter driving her wild. “Ooh, when I’m done, I could just pull out and fuck your pussy,” She suggests. It wouldn’t even be gross, since she wouldn’t have the condom on. “Heey! Only top three!? What the fuck!?” Bethan closes her eyes for a moment, concentrating on dealing with the fucking her bowels are taking. “You’d better hope I never find out who number one and two are, because I guarantee those asses would *never* be the same after I got done with them."P grunts as she violates Bethan’s behind, a little harder now, but no less deep. "Who says you’re number…nfff…three?” She asks. “I just haven’t had a side-by-side comparison to determine who’s the best yet.” The jealousy is pretty cute though, it’s nice that Bethan takes pride in her… well, work. “Christ, Bethy, your ass is amazing.” “Oh yeah? I’ll give you your 'side-by-side comparison’!” Bracing her palms against copies of Butt Slutz Go Nutz and Country Gardens Magazine, Bethan slams herself back against P’s thighs, impaling herself with all her might. “Come on! Fuck me like you mean it!” P oofs as Bethan actively pushes back against her, but, if she says she can take it… She groans pleasurably and grips Bethan’s hips, slamming her own forward as though she were fucking a pussy instead. Nothing held back, no admissions for the fact that it might get sore from a rough pounding, just pure, raw fucking. Her hips make nasty wet slaps against Bethan’s butt as she rails the girl as hard as she can. “Guhh…Bethy, wait” She manages to say before being overtaken with orgasm, her body spasming as she fills that condom with hot spunk to the point where it swells inside of Bethan, making her feel even more full than before. Bethan shrieks with delight when she feels the tip of the condom ballooning, deep within her guts, as P continues to drain her balls inside her. Face flushed and panting from the hard ride, she still manages a grin. “Damn, I love safe sex!” P pants for a bit, holding still until she’s done filling up that condom. “Mmh, did I convert you?” P asks, giving her a few more thrusts which just stirs the cum up a bit. “For comparison, here’s without protection.” As promised, she pulls out, leaving the condom inside with a 'snap’ of taut latex. Then, she slips her oversized member into Bethan’s exposed pussy, still not exactly being gentle. “Uuurrk!” Bethan claws at the edge of the table as P abruptly fills her pussy with her still rock hard, cum-slick, rod. Reaching between her legs, her fingers trace the bulge of the fat cock beneath her the skin of her belly. Squeeze from within, a little cum bubbles from the trailing neck of the condom hanging from her ravaged ass hole. “Better tie that off.” P does so, slowly thrusting into Bethan to keep her busy while she ties a little knot in the condom, pulling it slowly out. “How’s that?” she asks, showing the inflated condom to Bethan before setting it aside. She’s much more 'standard’ when it comes to fucking Bethan’s pussy, taking pleasure in the fact that she can fill her all the way up. When she thrusts deeply, the head of her cock kisses the porn-shop worker’s cervix, bottoming out. Bethan grunts, stars of pain flashing behind her eyes as P bumps her cervix. “Ow!” She blinks at the pendular sack of spunk, watching it wobble as P tosses it aside. “So much!” The oily rim of her anus gapes between her buttocks. “Feels weird to get fucked in the ass, and *not* be left with a load of cum inside me, though.” P doesn’t do it TOO often, of course. She still wants Bethan to get off, after all. “Well then, maybe I should remedy that?” Now that Bethan’s back hole is clear, she pulls out yet again, to slide into that well-lubricated colon. Now it’s got oil, pussy juices, and the lubricant on the condom, making for a nicely slick fit. “Oooh, do that thing where you got mad at me, again,” She requests - It /did/ seem to get her to blow a load in short order, after all. Bethan bites her lip, shifting her body again to make way for P’s sudden lane-change. “Oh, you don’t have to produce a new batch, just for *me*!” Her eyes dart to the various filled condoms around the room. “I mean, I just thought I could help you get rid of some of those, if you want?” Her insides give the intruding dick an encouraging squeeze. P hmms “Well, it’s not like there’s a shortage going on,” She explains, grinding her hips in a circle to stir up Bethan’s insides nicely. “But it’s still best when it’s fresh.” Seems she’s intent on giving Bethan the full experience all over again, her very own side-by-side comparison so to speak. “Besides, you’re acting like I don’t /like/ doing it.” Bethan shrugs her shoulders. “That’s very true.” The filthy grin still tugs at one corner of her mouth. “But hang on, I just want to try something. Pull out for a moment.” Grasping the discarded, tied-off, condom of still warm spunk, as the dick is removed from her gaping butt, Bethan clumsily presses the whole thing back inside her rear hole. Fingers poking the last awkward fold of rubber inside, she gives a wink. “Okay, try that.” P oohs “You want me to fuck that thing into you?” She raises an eyebrow and grins “I knew you were a dirty girl, but damn!” She obliges eagerly, pushing the filled condom in deeper with every thrust, like an old-timey artillerist loading a cannon. Surely with this method neither one of them will be able to reach it with their fingers…but then that’s probably what Bethan is banking on. Bethan nods. “Mmm-hmmm!” She arches her back, eyes closed, luxuriating in the thrill of having the cum-balloon packed deeper and deeper into her insides with each thrust. “This is almost definitely - Urgh! - require a visit to the - ah - doctor, but you know; hashtag yolo and all that.” P is from the eighties. Actually she has no idea what a hashtag is. That doesn’t stop her from fucking the pretty porn-store employee into her coffee table though, knocking glossy magazines off now and again with the force of her thrusting. Soon enough she groans in bliss and shoots another load into Bethan, splattering the outside of the filled condom as well as making that nice warm 'I was just cummed inside’ feeling deep in Bethan’s belly. P pants hard, catching her breath, though she stays buried in that amazing ass, giving it a playful little smack. Bethan wriggles her butt appreciatively against P’s belly. “Mmmm… Now that’s what I’m talking about.” She squeezes her (somewhat fuck-numbed) butt, milking the last drops from the cock within. She gazes somewhat wistfully at the remaining condoms littered about the place. “Sure I can’t take the rest of your collection off your hands, too?” P sits back, catching her breath “Some of them might be a little old and dry, but it’s not like i’m keeping them for any reason, you weird-o slut,” She grins and sticks out her tongue, showing that tongue piercing again. “You going to put them up your ass too, like you’re smuggling cocaine?” She asks. OF course, that’d mean she’ll need to 'help’ with that, which she’s not opposed to in the least. Bethan bites her lip, blushing slightly. She can feel the double load of spunk sloshing inside her well-ploughed colon. “Well… There’s kind of a lot.” Hey eyes search around, but she quickly loses count amongst the mess. “But maybe we can start with a few, and find out how many are going to fit up there?” P doesn’t believe she’s ever seen Bethan blush before, and the sight of it makes her smile. “OK then. I’ll be the doctor, you be the patient. Bend over something,” She instructs, grabbing a few spent condoms from here and there. Those that haven’t been tied off she ignores, but the sealed ones still have liquid inside at least. Collected all in one place she’s got about a half dozen 'good’ ones and the rest are just gathered up to be thrown away. Bethan repositions herself on the coffee table, moving magazines around until she’s something near comfortable. Reaching back with both hands, she pulls her buttocks apart, well-worked butthole stretching open obscenely between them. Even with the light shining in, no sign of the black condom is visible within. She swallows, “Okay, 'doctor’. Ready when you are.” P starts feeding in spent condoms one by one, pushing them with her fingers until they’re swallowed up inside of Bethan. “It’s kind of a shame that I can’t remember who I made these with,” She frowns, then mounts up again to push them in deeper with her cock. It’s most difficult at the start, since all six are bunched up shallowly, but soon enough, Bethan’s got a whole line of filled balloons of sperm like a string of anal beads. She pulls out and pats Bethan’s rump when she’s done. “Well, how do you feel?” She asks, giggling as she’s still pretending to be a doctor “Like a garbage can!” Bethan pants, still squirming from the sheer depth to which P was able to pound the wadded up rubbers. The combined weight of all that spunk weighs heavily in her tummy. “No sense in *not* using me like one now, I guess.” She grabs a handful of somewhat crusty condoms from the discarded pile, and crams them into her rectum through an anal opening that isn’t even trying to close anymore. “I feel so nasty. I can’t wait to spend all day at work tomorrow with condoms hanging out of my butt.” P hugs Bethan and rubs her tummy. “You are one filthy girl, you know that?” She asks, not even complaining. “Are you gonna drop by tomorrow, then, so we can get them out of you?” She asks. Bethan carefully straightens up. “I’d like that!” Grabbing her panties, she slips them on, the fabric instantly soaking with the combined mess of juices and oil between her legs.ooc I won’t actually be on again at this sort of time until Friday. I might pop on earlier tomorrow, though.
  15. Anal Etiquette: Sam and Jess

    Yes this person I would say seems to be closest to what Lordodie is turned on by like and writes. Probably because they are neighbours but yeah I lean looks good and promising.