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  1. Blood every time in larger anal insertions

    Check yourself for the liver. Anyone with constant bleeding reappearing over time should do it eventually to find out what's behind this. Sometimes you have symptoms that could be leading to one problem but if it doesn't disappear over time then it leads to another. Another potentially dangerous cause could be too high blood pleasure damaging the vessels in the colon. Anyway I would strongly advice checking the liver and pressure for the exact cause. Health is most important factor.
  2. They would have to cut the ligaments connecting colon and vesicle colon and liver and also colon and sacrum Tumblr:buskowianka12
  3. I don't think it may be a good idea. Even though I'm dreaming about this myself. I'm taking md studies mainly because that and I can say nobody is going do harm to a patient because of extremely bad fines for making actions towards worsening of someone's health or doctor can even go to jail for that. Even though I have spoken with a man that was part of such clinic in brasil but eventually they had to close it. I can give you contact to him on tumblr
  4. Partial prolapse and Full prolapse

    Check put my guide. I have included there every method I used to achieve the size I have now within no more than 2 years...
  5. Is This a Prolapse?

    Haha I've meant that if you dilate your anus too much then when you pass certain age your sphincter probably won't keep all of your stuff inside. Prolapse is extremely common among women who have had a few births and are in their 60s. I can't say exactly how your body is going to react in perspective of years. All i want to say if you don't want to have prolapse be cautious and learn your body. I've had quite a similar look myself but I wanted and still want to prolapse aaaand it really did progress. I believe playing could be pleasurable so just avoid any straining, caughing, heavy lifting, prolonged standing and then you are going to be fine in case you see the tissue doesn't come further
  6. Is This a Prolapse?

    This tissue visible on the picture taken by you is the lining of rectum which can be visible because of dilation you have done onto your anus. It is prolapse and it is not prolapse, depends how you look at it. If you go on the toilet and with straining you achieve such image then it can be the first stage of this condition. You can't avoid prolapse - if you keep playing with your anus it will happen sooner or later. If you want to avoid it but still play with your anus then I would recommend doing lots of Kegel exercises which would strenghten your pelvis muscles. That would make it definitely harder for the gravitation to do its job. You may be thinking I'm completely wrong with my opinion but I'm not. Aging make collagen fibres weaker and more tissue which job is to suspend the organs in right place is going go turn into different kind of tissue - mostly fat. Coming back to the actual question you asked - if you have something like a recess on the border of your anus in which you can put your fingers then its probably internal prolapse which won't protrude. It's hard to tell a proper diagnosis just looking at the photo. It can also be sign of mucosal prolapse that is fully recoverable and can occur mostly within young age group 0-12 years old. Sometimes its also visible in adults. You should think what you want or don't want to do. Dilating your anus more and more will eventually make the suspensory ligaments weak enough to make signs of prolapse. Hope you find your way
  7. Partial prolapse and Full prolapse

    In the very beginning you are going to develop an internal prolapse that you can Google out. It may come along the state called mucous prolapse that is common among children that do too much pushing and straining which cause weak ligaments and then mucosa tends to fall put. Later more and more tissue will start creating something that looks like tube inside tube. Imagine a sock that is falling towards the cavity from lateral position. After much dedication this fallen tissue creates something that resembles a porch and drags inside small intestine. That's the secret of every heavy prolapser including me. If you want to have prolapse just be dedicated and try to create a routine in which you will be pushing, straining as hard as you can maybe 2-3 times a week. You can also try pumping but you would need to insert the pump inside to avoid hemorrhoids and swollen sphincter. Protip: if you can't insert the pump inside because of sharp ends but you can fit all these huge apples eggplants etc then just find a nail file and use it to smoothen the surface. At the very beginning you will notice no to very little progress but over time you are going to see a huge difference. Ah I forgot. Listen to your body and if something is trying to hurt bad then just stop it. Also avoid pumping continously for more than an hour so that you won't end up with gangrene. Wish you luck!
  8. Rosebutt tips !?

    If one have full blown prolapse and he is able to maintain it inside then after 30 years his whole tissue gets stretched including collagen bonds... that person will get wrinkles that is natural and will have bigger chance to develop prolapse that would be out all time and that wouldn't be able to hold it inside the body. I said it wrong. It's 100% chances that his rectum will stay out all time after 30 days... doesn't matter if he continue or not
  9. [DOUBT] Prolapse x Shape

    True and not true. Imagine the rectum as a sock that is attached from every site by various ligaments. The prolapse starts existing when one small part gets weakened and it protrudes towards the lumen. The bigger the prolapse the more of the rectal tissue is separated. These folds represent your tissue that consists of a few muscle layers and also a layer that lies most externally and serves in the attachment of anus. This oval shape is because the tissue became swollen because of unnatural positioning. It will get back to normal after some time when pushed back inside. If you push out your natural prolapse like in time he first photo and wait for some time then it will gradually get more and more swollen resulting in not folded look. hope that helped
  10. Prolapse Growth

    Is it just me or the forum is starting to become... unhelpful because of responses unrelated to the topic of the thread? He asked about some advice... You just gave him an empty statement about yourself. Shame there is no good source of information in the internet that would describe in a nice way how to gain prolapse in most efficient way; how it happened or with any stories connected tot he topic itself.:/
  11. Am I too young for this

    Can u please stop off-topping? It's so annoying to see notifications that pop up but when you look at the message there is nothing valuable... Please someone confirm my opinion.
  12. Question to experts :p

    Hiya guys. Got another question to you. I noticed that when my prolapse got bigger eventually there was something that I asked you in the topic connected to these medical stuff when you have advised me to see my doc. But I want to ask you abut the part of your small intestine that gets folded inside the prolapse when it's out. I'm not sure if I should continue prolapsing as I have seen some medical publications in the internet showing that small intestine can fall out because of a perforation in prolapse. At this state will be more probable if the prolapse will keep groving. Have you ever encountered something like a soft bulb in the prolapse? Let me know!
  13. How to achieve anal prolapse - full guide

    To be honest. Nothing extraordinary. Imo fresh ginger root placed there works much better as cramps inductor.
  14. How to achieve anal prolapse - full guide

    Def the best one is sitting on the toilet. It's creating a good angle to weaken the muscles that support your pelvic floor and that would lead to further prolapse when straining. Btw yesterday I have read something about induced laxatives. It's stated that they often cause cramps and very heavy contractions. I think i dont have to say anything more about it. ^^ decided to try it out and now im holding it inside and the feeling is slowly growing up. Will leave a note how it went. Gonna let it stick inside for 20 minutes more
  15. How to achieve anal prolapse - full guide

    Btw I wonder if anyone here used something like glycerin suppositories to induce contractions. Anyone?