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  1. Prolapse without pumping?

    Poppers won't help at all. They are just kind of chemicals used by community to relax muscles in a way they could be penetrated without any resist or pain. If you want to use it then go for it but it won't change your prolapse in any way. Rectum continue slipping down as the straining continues. Pushing on the toilet causes the pressure implied on the rectum and this pressure results in the damage of connective tissue and small vessels. This damage serves purpose in regeneration and extending of the tissue. There are numerous substances taking part in process of regrowth - it's just like a cut on your finger. Histologically if you want to develop full-time prolapse then there is some work to do. Straining straining straining and maybe pumping if you don't have any tissue coming out. You can easily grab the ends of the rectal wall using you fingers shaping them as hook from both parts: either top bottom or medial lateral. I strongly disadvise using any foreign substances in your body that could possibly cause stroke and cause damage to the neural plexus. Cheers just be safe
  2. Hemorrhoids help

    Imo there is no need for you to make any breaks. Hermorrhoids are real pain in the ass and they won't disappear at their own. You can wait even 10 years and they will be still able to present themselves under right circumstances. There is nothing shameful about going with it to a doctor. Trust me. I'm a beginning student and we've already seen so many things that are both far worse and far more embarrassing. If you are worried he would notice the prolapse then ask yourself a question: why did he choose to be gastroenterologist or surgeon? He must have been really interested and keen on the topic. You would get the treatment asap and then you could be able the continue pursuing your dream to fully prolapse. Hope you find a way to get rid of them :/
  3. Hemorrhoids help

    The only way to successfully get rid of hermorrhoids is to go to the doctor who will give you some kind of medication (sclerosis agent most times). Also check yourself for the liver and esophagus. These are the structures that could be endangered by too high blood pressure - hermorrhoids don't come out without proper reason
  4. Motivational topic

    No camming:p I'm not living alone and I'm also not an actor-type. I don't have any particular size in mind. Just wanna to have it fully prolapsed to show you guys it's entirely possible in short time and to prove society having prolapse is neither wrong nor dangerous I believe I achieved half of the desired length at this very moment and will continue doing it. Right now I'm going through another exams so no time but really really if you wanna have prolapse. Go for it. Train. Discover your body. Study a little bit of anatomy. Try various methods. Be persistent. Cheers!
  5. Motivational topic

    Yep. Only that. That's a proof everyone can achieve it whole process from the beginning to the current shape took me 2 years and a little bit. Just start doing it and slowly you will movie results!
  6. Motivational topic

    1) I've been trying to do it everyday lately but at the very beginning in February it was like 3 to 4 maximum play sessions a week. I couldn't endure much less than I can now. Now I believe the force of gravity can make enough itself and all you have to do to be persistent and spending lots of time trying. On the other hand - 1 hour a day for 365 days - one huge push every 5 minutes and you've got a nice brand new prolapse. 2) Not a little bit. It feels quite nice to come on the toilet in the morning and to feel nice bulge coming out on it's own. Little pressure with abdominal muscles and it's in full bloom boner for the whole day
  7. Motivational topic

    If you are wondering how fast you can develop prolapse and have little morale because the progress is barely visible then I've got something for you: Mine looked like that in Feb year ago: https://buskowianka12.tumblr.com/image/157729428976 And now it looks like that: https://buskowianka12.tumblr.com/image/170979136471 Keep pursuing your kinks and don't let yourself stop. Just follow the routine and THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN. People of prolapsing community... Let's gather and make our colons sagging down to the floor! Edit: zero pumping done on these pics
  8. Half way?

    Hello guys. I'm back for a moment... I haven't come back to post any new content but rather to execute somewhat 'educational' role. I'm going to explain everything as short as possible. First of all. What is the prolapse? It's condition when sphincter becomes patolous and is no longer able to hold inside both lining and tissue of rectum which can result in protrusion of red mass that potentially could be exposed for further risk but I'm not going to talk about that. Sphincter weak - gravitation does its work Gravitation does its work - walls of rectum get weakened and tend to collapse inside ( ONLY IF DILATED OR UNDER EXTREME ABDOMINAL PRESSURE - BIRTHS, PROLONGED STRAINING ETC Collapsed rectal walls create a ring that could be called a recess. If you noticed - after you achieve even small prolapse you can put your fingers around it and find surface that would be limited at the back of it. This recess doesn't exist in normal anatomy. Picture for explanation: Excessive force put upon the rectum and other structures - anterior wall gets weakened even more and eventually, after the length of prolapse exceeds 5cm, anterior wall drags small intestine along it which would be located in pocuh created by peritoneum. Another pic: And so on so on... You can imagine what happens after 20 years of doing it. Anyway it won't get bigger than total length of rectum + few centimetres of sigmoid colon. The problem starts when your prolapse gets stucked inside because sigmoid colon gets dragged inside. Only true hardcore veterans should care about it though. It is not dangerous unless u have 16cm+ of rectum sticking out. Another reasons why prolapse DOES occur: loss of natural fixation towards sacrum rectum gets straightened and there is loss in natural curves muscles located in lower pelvis gets stretched and weakened levator ani muscle that could be described in appearance as sling that is holding rectum starts having problems with contraction and that leads to further exposure of rectum to gravity Here is pic of dilated, stretched and damaged pelvic floor muscles As you can see the intestine is straightened. Some people refer to the muscles of pelvic floor saying that there are tendons that connect rectum to other structures and serve in holding it in right position in human body... BUT ITS WRONG. There are no tendons over there. There are only muscles built in a way it could potentially resemble tendon. There are only ligaments. Only one ligament in male body that is supporting rectum itself. If you don't believe me then check in wiki anococcygeal ligament. The only way to truly prolapse is to somehow weaken this ligament enough to allow total loss of fixation of rectum to sacrum. Hope I helped. Ah I forgot to tell you you should avoid trying to enlarge your lips because that obstructs blood flow and can result in hemorrhoids. Feel free to ask anything related to the problem. Cheers.
  9. Need advice

    I've decided not to write anything related to prolapse anymore but after I've seen your post I went nah. Gonna help you lady First of all know that a male is creation that is very psyhical. I mean it's easy for man to be attracted to certain things but some can scare them if they appear suddenly. What I'm trying to tell you is that if you noticed he is vanilla and he isn't attracted to this kind of actions theeen feel free to ask him. Communication is the most important factor in relationship. If you can trust him then say sth like " Hey. I've had a dream where I would be playing with my ass. I was very scared in this dream but after some persuasion you managed to convince me to take bigger and bigger dildos haha. I wouldn't expect it would feel so nice." If he jokes it off and makes no interest then gradually do more and more anal sex. Surprise him with sudden sex time. Ask what he likes in you most. Male is not sophisticated. There are many that would give everything to have gf like you Just don't make it sudden and try to feel how he feels to the topic. Good luck!
  10. Blood every time in larger anal insertions

    Check yourself for the liver. Anyone with constant bleeding reappearing over time should do it eventually to find out what's behind this. Sometimes you have symptoms that could be leading to one problem but if it doesn't disappear over time then it leads to another. Another potentially dangerous cause could be too high blood pleasure damaging the vessels in the colon. Anyway I would strongly advice checking the liver and pressure for the exact cause. Health is most important factor.
  11. They would have to cut the ligaments connecting colon and vesicle colon and liver and also colon and sacrum Tumblr:buskowianka12
  12. I don't think it may be a good idea. Even though I'm dreaming about this myself. I'm taking md studies mainly because that and I can say nobody is going do harm to a patient because of extremely bad fines for making actions towards worsening of someone's health or doctor can even go to jail for that. Even though I have spoken with a man that was part of such clinic in brasil but eventually they had to close it. I can give you contact to him on tumblr
  13. Partial prolapse and Full prolapse

    Check put my guide. I have included there every method I used to achieve the size I have now within no more than 2 years...
  14. Is This a Prolapse?

    Haha I've meant that if you dilate your anus too much then when you pass certain age your sphincter probably won't keep all of your stuff inside. Prolapse is extremely common among women who have had a few births and are in their 60s. I can't say exactly how your body is going to react in perspective of years. All i want to say if you don't want to have prolapse be cautious and learn your body. I've had quite a similar look myself but I wanted and still want to prolapse aaaand it really did progress. I believe playing could be pleasurable so just avoid any straining, caughing, heavy lifting, prolonged standing and then you are going to be fine in case you see the tissue doesn't come further
  15. Is This a Prolapse?

    This tissue visible on the picture taken by you is the lining of rectum which can be visible because of dilation you have done onto your anus. It is prolapse and it is not prolapse, depends how you look at it. If you go on the toilet and with straining you achieve such image then it can be the first stage of this condition. You can't avoid prolapse - if you keep playing with your anus it will happen sooner or later. If you want to avoid it but still play with your anus then I would recommend doing lots of Kegel exercises which would strenghten your pelvis muscles. That would make it definitely harder for the gravitation to do its job. You may be thinking I'm completely wrong with my opinion but I'm not. Aging make collagen fibres weaker and more tissue which job is to suspend the organs in right place is going go turn into different kind of tissue - mostly fat. Coming back to the actual question you asked - if you have something like a recess on the border of your anus in which you can put your fingers then its probably internal prolapse which won't protrude. It's hard to tell a proper diagnosis just looking at the photo. It can also be sign of mucosal prolapse that is fully recoverable and can occur mostly within young age group 0-12 years old. Sometimes its also visible in adults. You should think what you want or don't want to do. Dilating your anus more and more will eventually make the suspensory ligaments weak enough to make signs of prolapse. Hope you find your way