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  1. buskowianka12

    Do you think that Prolapse trending is diminishing?

    Start from my blog page which is buskowianka12.tumblr.com and go into observers. I've got pretty much ppl addicted to this scene watching the blog. Also you can try hotmeatmarket blog. Others can be find fairly easily via tumblr after you disable safe mode :)
  2. buskowianka12

    Do you think that Prolapse trending is diminishing?

    Check out tumblr community for that. The number of people interested in prolapsing increased dramatically over last year's. I always wanted people to know more about this phenomenon and I'm going to say that the guides work like charm :D soon we will be having a nice community of men and women interested in pulling their rectum out. It's so awesome and wish even more ppl were dedicated to achieving it <3
  3. buskowianka12

    Raw and sore rectum after soaping.

    I did! But it's completely normal to have it aching for a day or two after soaping ^^
  4. buskowianka12

    prolapse surgery

    basically pushing as hard as you can at every occasion. you go to the toilet take your time and try to push your prolapse out as strong as its only possible. do it for like 15 minutes everytime you go to toilet. apply heavy fisting followed by stretching and pumping... all is matter of time
  5. buskowianka12

    prolapse surgery

    Only theoretically. Nowhere in the current world you can find a person who would do that. Even for money. Maybe in the underground:s but yes it's possible
  6. buskowianka12

    Fisting and extreme anal multiple days?

    From my observations nope. You should just avoid anal play if your sphincter is sore and aching. Fisting isn't a problem either but if you get this state of mucus overproduction which happens after long and extreme fisting then you had better wait a day to let it normalize. Basically if you are fisting yourself and there is so much liquid that it starts pouring down your legs then you should wait a day :D Executing your schedule and doing regular play is best way to attain prolapse:p cheers!
  7. buskowianka12

    tumblr buskowianka12

    im back
  8. buskowianka12

    Prolapsing guide :)

    Added some new points to the guide and answered questions asked. Heeeey if you read it then seriously don't hesistate to ask ANYTHING you like. It's important to understand it clearly and therefore I politely ask you to write here your questions. It will be greatly appreciated by next generation of prolapse lovers like us
  9. buskowianka12

    Prolapsing guide :)

    Hello. Nowadays I've seen many people being inspired by prolapses, rosebutts etc. Im going to admit that for some time I have been making a blog on tumblr about prolapsing but deleted it as it was taking too much time. I have posted some guides written by me myself overthere but they vanished when I decided to deactivate the account. That's why I'm writing another guide here on xtube. I'm almost 100% sure it won't consist of one part but will be split in numerous chapters. I'm also going to update it as often as possible or everytime when my knowledge on the topic gets broadened. First of all remember that this type of kink is not for everyone. Take care of your own body. Stay fit attempt some training and don't let anyone and anything ruin your health as you have only one. This guide is for people who are one hundred percent sure they want to have a prolapse and I take no responsibility for you copying my actions. Also if you have hemorrhoids or any other anal related issue it's better not to try prolapsing as it could potentially worsen your health. What is a prolapse? Simple question - simple answer. It's a state when the tissue of rectum starts falling out behind the anal canal outside your body. This could be caused by malnutrition, genetic disorders, extensive pressure put on abdomen, heavylifting, weak pelvic floor muscles etc. Generally everything that puts pressure on your guts and lower part of the body is going to have effect on prolapse(rectum). How do you start? It was very difficult for me to establish a nice start since when I was just starting there was little to none information on how to do it. I was scared it could be harmful or if it could lead to me wearing diapers for rest of my life but no. Now, when I have already gathered some information I can tell you that the best and most efficient way to develop the first level of prolapse is: - gradually improve size you can take into your anus (vegetables, fruit etc. (be careful with round objects because they can get stuck inside you since you've no muscle control at this point) - play with some bottles and dildos - use lots of lube - AFTER YOU CAN GET AROUND 6 CM DIAMETER ANYTHING INSIDE YOU:: - buy a simple penis pump that wouldn't be so crappy and it wouldn't let the air flow outside/inside it - it should be working 100% and cheap ones often can't maintain pressure - work on taking this pump inside you ( not on the outer lips but rather inside ) - start pumping inside yourself (i can't tell you how much - you have to discover it yourself because everyone is different; what works for me probably won't work for you) How do you increase the size of prolapse? At this point you should feel a small lump of rectal tissue coming out of you when you strain on the toitlet. If this happens - ITS PERFECT and you have done a great job. Now you should start creating a routine of exercises that could be applied to both widen and lengthen your prolapse. My routine: - once per 2 or 3 days self anal fisting - im kinda lucky i can do it but have read numerous topics on the internet that its actually quite hard to achieve anal fistin by yourself - maybe find a partner if you are not the lucky one; fisting is definitely most efficient method on developing the prolapse as it can loosen up the ligaments inside you and works best when it comes to stretching the rectum from inside; other way is to buy some heavy size dildos and play a lot - before and after fisting lots of straining on the toilet - im doing it for 15 minutes minimum - my fisting session consists of taking around 300 punches inside and at this point im so wet inside i no longer need any lube as the rectum starts secreting its own natural lube - sometimes instead of fisting im just sitting on the toilet using my both hands to grab behind sphincter from opposite sites and push as hard as i can - that helps too - squatting and pushing - another fantastic method of having your rectum go further outside you General advice and information: Know your body well and stop if any fresh appears. You should avoid situations when you insert sharp object inside your rectum. Generally speaking inserting glass objects is a terrible idea. Avoid it at all costs. About ways to train: there is no one exact method that is going to work for everyone. Anatomical build of your body varies from person to person. Also sometimes you may feel you can't proceed today. It's fine. After you pass some certain point on your journey the prolapse is going to start progressing on your own even if you don't strain on the toilet or practice fisting some situations like extremely prolonged walking can have effect on prolapse enlargening it. About size trainings: especially near the very beginning I could penetrate myself for only 20 minutes or so even with LOTS of lube. My sphincter area would starts aching as hell and it was impossible to continue. In such a case you should make a break until the disappears completely. Never ever try to accomodate huge objects into your anus all at once. It can seriously damage your body. Work your way steadily and carefully. Take your time and attempt doing it when you don't have to rush things. It shouldn't be like obligation but rather your ultimate quest to develop your kink. It's a body modification just like having tunnels in your ears. If you do something wrong you are going to regret it. Coming back to the topic: if you see some don't be scared. Especially after pumping there may be minimum of visible because of micro-damage done by pumping. However, this micro-damage is necessary to transform your correct rectal tissue into prolapsing rectal tissue that is different hystologically. Every huge straining done and every major push is going to work and have its effect on your rectum. After some time you will start seeing the thing and feeling them with your own body. That will be the moment when this guide won't be useful for you anymore because you will have your own knowledge at sufficient level to pursue it at entirely your own. I believe that's all for now. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me. I will try to take time and answer them covering as many details as it's only possible. Thanks for reading and I hope you will achieve it if you decide to follow this guide. Cheers! I have written this guide on my xtube account - sexyprol. Hope you will also ask me questions so that every thing I haven't covered yet will be written in the final version. #EDIT 1 Downsides and pros of having prolapse I can't think of many downsides but the big one that comes to my mind at the moment is that I have struggler with bloating. I can't really say if it was because of prolapse or it was just my body. Anyway bloating could appear everytime after eating food rich in natural bacteria. This lasted for 4-5 months and then my body re-adjusted to the new situation. Now I don't have any problems connected with having prolapsed ass. However, there could be some problems connected with swelling of rectum veins - that is most common and called hemorrhoids. Generally speaking people are afraid of them but they pose no major threat. It's kinda embarassing to go to doctor and tell him your whole situation including fact that you have something slipping out of your anus. The doctor is a human like any other and it's his job not to ask useless questions but help people (not judging their behaviour). Btw. I haven't encountered problem with hemorrhoids myself as I don't have any. Maybe because of young age... About the pros it's kinda other talk. It's much much easier to keep hygiene with a prolapse. Without it sometimes bowel movements were a nightmare. Painful lots of stress anxiety and even struggling to keep them at regular schedule. Now all problems vanished. Also the poop isn't going to get spread everywhere but rather comes out ... I don't know how to say it properly? In one place? Perhaps... Having stretched my sphincter I noticed that penetration or typical physiological actions cause 0 pain atm. I could do everything I want with the whole area and I'm going to assure you having round huge obejcts inside is one of most pleasurable things in sex ever. Especially apples. Some people are scared of incontinence and walking in diapers for the rest of their life - it's a myth that isn't covered anyway in real life. Of course someone old like 80 years old who has long history of constipation, prolapse etc. with lax both pelvic floor and sphincter is going to be incontinent but it's part of being old. Once you have been training for some time, you gain the ability to control your muscles in much precised manner. You can actually start feeeling how your intenstines contract and when they do relax. When you insert something inside you then you can control not to let it go inside you too deep. There is no actual way you can poop youself because of prolapse... even if you are experiencing a diarrhea you still have little to none chance of doing so. Toys and fruits As I have mentioned earlier you can use a wide variety of vegetable and fruits including bananas, apples, oranges, tangarines, cucumbers, eggplants, ginger etc. One thing I have to tell you about 'natural toys' is that they may be contaminated with some sort of bacteria so either wash them carefully before insertion or use them washed with condom around them. Really. It's important. Toys - everything is permitted. Penis pumps for making your rectal tissue come outside. Dildos for stretching. BUT another nice toy is inflatable dildos (i wouldnt recommend baloons because they are hard to control and can cause micro-tears and bleeding along it) which you can insert inside and pump to bigger sizes. This is going to stretch even your deeper parts allowing the prolapse to slip further than usual. The rule is if you stretch only the exterior parts then it is going to appear (prolapse) but if you stretch also the interior parts of rectum then it's going to have a way to trully bloom like a flower. Restrictions Some people are saying that they are completely unable of attaining prolapse. Even if they have history of 10 years 'heavy play' with pumping and fisting. Every body differs in anatomical structure but it's impossible to never experience a prolapse with heavy anal play including using penis pumps and extreme fisting. Really. The ligaments in your body eventually gets stretched and you will notice that something is trying to come out. If you don't strain enough on regular basis it may not proceed further and that is because some people have stronger muscles and ligaments and some have them weaker. Sometimes huge amount of time spent on dream of having a prolapse is required to actually push it further. I have contributed long long hours already. At the very beginning I was very sceptical as I have had not visible progress. I was wrong. Everytime you get fisted you go deeper and deeper. Your body re-adjusts at every stage. There are various changes going on in your body. Unfortunately it doesn't happen in blink of eye; I wish it did but it's impossible. If something doesn't work for you then you may have to do research at your own. Look up the anatomy of humans body. Try to understand how the prolapse starts and how it does proceed. You will get there. Trust me. With patience and persistence. Edit #2 Few words about pumping Penis pump should be a simple one. It should be large enough to be able to pull some tissue inside it but not too large because it needs to get past sphincters. Using pump should be an easy thing but remember not to apply extremely huge pressure. Never ever try to pull the pump out with your hands while your rectum is pumped to the limits inside the cylinder because it could cause major bleeding. It's hard to tell how much pressure is ok. You should definitely feel how part of you is getting pulled inside. There should be a slight discomfort or even pain. Avoid strong sensations in your lower abdomen. Even small pressure is ok. Factor that really matters is time of play. Multiple small pressure sessions (tissue should be visible inside the pump with help of camera of smartphone) work better than one huge extreme pressure session in a day. You guys have to work on it by yourself. If pressure is too high you won't endure it anyway and probably you will be forced to stop.
  10. buskowianka12

    When you finally prolapse...

    The answer is: no. There is no event in which prolapse suddenly pops out being exposed for daylight. Of course some people may experience such an eventful outcome but its not so often. Its rather like you take poop and gradually over time (much time) you feel like part of your inner tissue starts coming out. If i was to describe it I would call it a situation when you take a huge poop but it doesnt come out fully so you have to push more. When you reach your hand to check what is going on you feel a soft lump sticking out of you. Thats how it begins in most of cases. Then it goes further over time straining and pressure applied. There wont be any prolapse unless you are old and tired OR you practice and strain much. Wish you luck if you want to achieve it. Road to it is sometimes bitter but at the end is worth it. There is so much pleasure coming from it. Gonna admit sometimes it feels like having a child haha. Make a routine on your own and follow it to achieve desired results. Mine is self fisting connected with straining and pushing once per 2,3 days depends on when my rectum heals so that I could start once again. - you may ask how I know Im ready again? I know it because once Im fisting myself for enough time my rectum starts secreting massive ammount of kind of sticky substance that I use for lube. Dont have to use artificial lube anymore :D This state continues after fisting for about 16 hours or if it was intense then day or 1,5 day. When it stops and I can feel straining doesnt induce further secretion then Im ready to start training one more :)
  11. buskowianka12

    Question for experienced "prolapsers"

    Looking at it from medical point of view... If you have spontaneous full prolapse it will surely obstruct the poop pathway resulting in inability to defecate. Such thing won't happen if you are pursuing prolapse gradually. Stretching both anal canal and rectal ampulla will widen up this pathway so that even if rectal tissue is falling out during pushing on toilet you will be able to defecate properly. If you don't work on stretching it before then you may have or may not have problems associated with pooping. My case - 2 years from nothing to full prolapse with nice length but no deep stretching whatsoever (w/o self fisting). I won't day I have problems with defecation but sometimes if I push a finger inside my prolapse deep enough behind the still narrow parts then there is some obstructed poop to be felt. If I stand up then the gravity is doing it's job allowing it to go outside You should not be scared about it. Its almost impossible to aquire hefty prolapse overnight and it requires lots and lots of training. Enjoy your journey and take your time :) and remember about deep stretching from time to time! :D
  12. buskowianka12

    Girls gape easier than guys?

    That's true. Girls have bigger possibility for every perineal deformation you can think of. It's not because they don't have prostate but rather because of vagina. In males there is only rectum that passes the abdominal sheet of muscles called pelvic diaphragm. In women it's opposite - there is vagina and rectum that have to cross this particular layer. Girls can attain some conditions that are unavailable for males and that's because of their "loose" anatomy. Another fact is that they have more complex system of tendons and ligaments supporting their pelvic floor. However that doesn't help them in maintaining good health... as statistics say the ratio of prolapse occurrence male to female is 1:6 whereas female are more likely to prolapse in elderly age (50+) and men in 20s. Their difficult life style including both giving births and having anatomy adjusted to pregnancy results in being much more predisposed for every type of prolapse than men are. Hope I explained it well ^^
  13. buskowianka12

    Prolapse without pumping?

    Poppers won't help at all. They are just kind of chemicals used by community to relax muscles in a way they could be penetrated without any resist or pain. If you want to use it then go for it but it won't change your prolapse in any way. Rectum continue slipping down as the straining continues. Pushing on the toilet causes the pressure implied on the rectum and this pressure results in the damage of connective tissue and small vessels. This damage serves purpose in regeneration and extending of the tissue. There are numerous substances taking part in process of regrowth - it's just like a cut on your finger. Histologically if you want to develop full-time prolapse then there is some work to do. Straining straining straining and maybe pumping if you don't have any tissue coming out. You can easily grab the ends of the rectal wall using you fingers shaping them as hook from both parts: either top bottom or medial lateral. I strongly disadvise using any foreign substances in your body that could possibly cause stroke and cause damage to the neural plexus. Cheers just be safe
  14. buskowianka12

    Hemorrhoids help

    Imo there is no need for you to make any breaks. Hermorrhoids are real pain in the ass and they won't disappear at their own. You can wait even 10 years and they will be still able to present themselves under right circumstances. There is nothing shameful about going with it to a doctor. Trust me. I'm a beginning student and we've already seen so many things that are both far worse and far more embarrassing. If you are worried he would notice the prolapse then ask yourself a question: why did he choose to be gastroenterologist or surgeon? He must have been really interested and keen on the topic. You would get the treatment asap and then you could be able the continue pursuing your dream to fully prolapse. Hope you find a way to get rid of them :/
  15. buskowianka12

    Hemorrhoids help

    The only way to successfully get rid of hermorrhoids is to go to the doctor who will give you some kind of medication (sclerosis agent most times). Also check yourself for the liver and esophagus. These are the structures that could be endangered by too high blood pressure - hermorrhoids don't come out without proper reason