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    Muscle Domination Wrestling - Matt Thrasher & Mark Muscle Matt Thrasher is one sexy muscle man. Thrasher's hairy body is never more than a few reps shy off of that glistening with sweat look. Aging for Matt consists of increased hormonal levels, sharpened features, and increased mental acuity, formed from countless intimate encounters over the years. The wizened wild man is so brazenly provocative, with his calm, confident, calculated strength, that even a lumbering hunk like Mark Muscle can't help but take notice and appreciate masculinity incarnate. It is only fair to acknowledge that Mark keeps himself composed as Matt romps on in, streaking his bare feet across the wrestling mats; Mr. Muscle is pumping up one of his gigantic arms, totally into himself and his set. As the 6'4 Mark extends to his full height, Thrasher allows a husky, "Wow," to exhale itself in admiration of such a beautiful being towering over him. "How many reps did you do?" Matt questions, as the dumbbell slowly rises and falls in careful contractions. "About a hundred," Mark lies. The tall stud's demeanor doesn't betray the slightest hint of intimidation as Matt swags his junk around in anticipation for a titanic clash. It is almost believable that Mark is the fearless, indomitable make he is presenting himself to be, casually stretching out his long luscious legs, hands flirting with the bulge beneath his patriotic lounge attire. Only the saturation of self-satisfaction permeating the air can withhold these two sexual creatures from locking horns, but no amount of manly aroma fog can prevent these macho men from wading through its dankness to reach an extremely physical embrace. Presumably, Daddy is just letting Mark grip him tight from behind in a reverse Bear Hug, to establish the limits of his opponent's strength. This may be a feeling out process but damn what a view! Matt Thrasher is smoldering in Mark's cyclopean grasp, the former's hairy muscle body tinctured with the chromatic countenance of struggle and pain. "Boy's a beast!" Thrasher concedes, a transient shock giving form to a budding arousal. Lust creeps up shyly like a pleasant drizzle, but soon relinquishes all manner of prudishness in favor of open exhibitionism. Consumed by a throbbing pulse of manly desire, Matt casts aside any pretense of competition and simply whips out the baby oil! Matt trades advantageous positions with Mark enjoying the feel of power and of being held. But when two boned up bad boys generate this much chemistry, the will to win is buried somewhere in the foreplay of competition. Every hold, submission, strike and struggle, serves to amplify the impending climax of steamy, unrepentant muscle worship. Thrasher works his hands all over and under every conceivable angle of Mark. This is proper muscle worship and man to man eroticism, a must have for muscle fanatics as much as for fans of Mark and Matt. Format: m4v Duration: 15:43 Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 6835kbps Audio: 105kbps File size: 799.6 MB Download Muscle Domination Wrestling - Matt Thrasher & Mark Muscle
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    Back and forth while Back and forth while she touches her tits in preparation, and the duo decide to meet. Format: mp4 Duration: 31:51 Video: 854x480, AVC (H.264), 1947kbps Audio: 124kbps File size: 507.0 MB Download Back and forth while
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    Teeny Talk (1990) - Conny, Juanita de Sol, Petra Berger Release Year: 1990 Cast: Conny, Juanita de Sol, Petra Berger, Rally von Kamp, Dirk Allen, Shannon Neil Genres: Feature, Classic, Anal, Double Penetration Video language: English Women, it is said, have more to say than men. With our three freaky teens, this is true in all cases. They tell each other their most intimate fantasies, from blowing, seed swallowing, anal sex and double penetrations. The super orgasm, too - you just Teeny Talk. Format: Windows Media Duration: 1:15:18 Video: 640x480, Windows Media Video V8 Audio: 125kbps File size: 895.8 MB Download Teeny Talk (1990) - Conny, Juanita de Sol, Petra Berger
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    Most guys Asia

    春华 Release Year: 2010 Studio: Gb-dangun Cast: 春华 Genres: Asian guy Video language: English Interview with the actor: - His name is 春华 - He comes from America - To Him 24 - His height is 177cm - His weight is 65 kilograms - The length of his penis is 24 centimeters - He is not the first races to be shot in adult video gays. - He loves romantic sex most of all - He likes sports guys. - He himself does sports to like controversies Format: Windows Media Duration: 21:19 Video: 720x540, Windows Media Video 9, 4882kbps Audio: 46kbps File size: 771.7 MB Download 春华
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    Biker Girl Release Year: 2018 Studio: Mofos Cast: Cristi Ann, Jane Wilde Genres: Blonde, Big Tits, Latina, Teen, Petite, Lesbian Jane Wilde brought her boyfriend's bike in for a quote, but the garage manager, Cristi Ann, wants more than her wheels - she wants her pussy! After licking up her tight, little asshole, Cristi takes turns stuffing her tongue and fingers up her soaking wet pussy! Format: mp4 Duration: 23:24 Video: 854x480, AVC (H.264), 982kbps Audio: 124kbps File size: 190.5 MB Download Biker Girl
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    Most guys Asia

    玉兰 Release Year: 2010 Studio: Gb-dangun Cast: 玉兰 Genres: Asian guy Video language: English Interview with the actor: - His name is 玉兰 - He comes from the Netherlands - To Him 24 - He became gay at age 19 - His favorite pose in sex "Top on the penis" - He had so many lovers that he can not remember everyone - He acts in films for adults because he loves sex very much - He likes to have sex in his home environment Format: Windows Media Duration: 25:14 Video: 720x540, Windows Media Video 9, 4882kbps Audio: 46kbps File size: 914.1 MB Download 玉兰
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