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  1. Black_or_die


    a XTube user made a really good video on this, with good explications : https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/how-to-clean-your-ass-arsch-spuelen-15265461
  2. Black_or_die

    Looking for this one :

    thanks you so much, i've found one on amazon.fr !
  3. Black_or_die

    Looking for this one :

    hello everyone ! Again, I need your help, this time to find this kind of speculum... for research purpose only of course :') https://www.txxx.com/videos/4853733/milf-from-livegf-net-gets-ass-punished-with-huge-speculum-xxl-dildo/ I'm not even sure it's called "a speculum", it looks more like a thing to open chest in chirurgical operation. But it's very effective indeed ^^ hope you'll could help me !
  4. Black_or_die

    Is the Slink safe

    I've got a xl version of the slink, and after a few years it's always my favorite toy : https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/tame-the-slink-28720591 it's so smooth and the firmness makes it go in easily. But don't expect to take it all the way at first try, you have to take it easy if you don't want to hurt you. practice is everything ^^
  5. Black_or_die

    Bones limit

    Same thing here... i'm 170 and 65kg, I hit bones when i go past 7,5 cm. Very frustrating when you want to go bigger. It's been 3 years since I try to take larger plug but I only gain a few mm. I guess everyone has limits. Now I work on depth, but I'm jealous when I see guys take 10cm + toy ^^
  6. Black_or_die

    Looking for this one

    Hello folks ^^ I'm looking for this unusual toy you can see in abigail dupree's vids : https://fr.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph599f8a2538da5 looks very... interesting an idea anyone ?
  7. Black_or_die

    largest toy you can take

    It's crazy, you're all taking really big stuff... I'm a little player with my 2,5" wide maximum. I cant go wider, but I can take the large slink from squarepeg (21" long) which is nice :D http://www.mr-s-leather.com/D431/slink.html
  8. Black_or_die

    Ultimate anal dilation

    Welcome !!   really interesting indeed :)
  9. Black_or_die

    Hey everyone, i'm new

    Willkommen Panda !!   nice ass indeed x)   Bises de France.
  10. Black_or_die

    new slutt !!

    welcome :)
  11. Black_or_die

    What's your favorite part of extreme anal?

    I love to feel my rambone going deeper and deeper but my favorite feeling is when I push my biggest plug and my hole stay wide open ^^'
  12. Black_or_die

    looking for this plug :)

    thanks you sooooo much !!   ii's a little expensive but i'm sure it totally worth it.
  13. Black_or_die

    looking for this plug :)

    Hi my friends, (excuse me for my poor english, i'm french and i wasn't very careful at school ^^' )   one more time I need your help to find a special plug (hope it's not a custom)   You can see it here : http://www.xtube.com/watch.php?v=arPL6-G196-#.VKJtYsAM8   Of course it's not the first sextoy, but the insanely long plug you can see in the middle of the video.   I need to work on depth to tame my rambone, and this one would be perfect.     i have looking for it on the biggest store like dildoking, bigsextoystore... even ebay... in vain.   Bises de France !   :)