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    Looking for girls to anal fisting in Poland or countries not so far away.

    And ofcourse another thing is be admin here ;-)

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  1. mylene (or myleene) russian amateur she sale vids
  2. https://pl.xhamster.com/movies/5934961/inside_dirtygardengirl_travel_to_real_anal_abbys.html
  3. who she is? any cam name?
  4. Hey Anyone know full version of this clip? https://nl.xhamster.com/movies/6391152/my_day_off.html Few days ago this short sample was posted on forum: http://www.rosebuttboard.com/index.php?/topic/121805-acrobatic-erotic-show-female-alone-on-stage/ but this is only part of it. Is amazing and I want to see all :-) Any help? ----------------------------- My finds till now: Artist is:Mouse (UK) Video title oryginal: Mary Pop-ins Presented at spill festival: https://spillfestival.com/show/mary-pop-ins/ http://atheyjr.tumblr.com/post/121066545060/mary-pop-ins-mouse this point to https://vimeo.com/111978877/password (pass protected - propably full vid) --------------------------------- update 13.12.2016 She also perform at Berlin Porn Film Festival 2007 Performance »The Story of a Giant Poodle« by Mouse http://www.wakingvixen.audaciaray.com/2007/10/30/berlin-porn-film-festival-diary/
  5. not forced. she make decision and folow something she not like.
  6. TrixieSwede http://www.rosebuttboard.com/index.php?/profile/113612-trixieswede/
  7. big thanks!
  8. Yep, for her www she say to Alex she will wear black hairs for shows she wear blonde hairs. Not ask me for the point of this becouse I also can`t find it.
  9. Most of this girls are just prostitutes who change to porn and then come back to prostitution. This is like standard in Russia. Most of them enjoy or is at last neutral to this anal porn. Isabella situation when she go something she not like but want so much money is rare. No one order this to her is was her choice. Other thing is that Isabella is really not friendly, smart or busines directed person.
  10. who is?... You are really newbie :-) This is Hotkinkyjo (www.hotkinkyjo.xxx). This is part of show from here: https://xhamster.com/movies/6808524/hotkinkyjo_gold_show.html Look also on right site of screen (at last today 17.11.2016) You seem more of her :-)
  11. It was recorded somewere betwen middle of 2014 and and late 2015. It was skype show.
  12. I do not think she have any prolapse surgery :-) She not work with LP from looooong time. Some scenes stay on hard drives for ages. Best example are Alysa scenes what appear on Kink in what she work over 2 years ago. When studio work it shoot plenty at once and then publicate with time. Arwen quit LP and I not know why. How ewer she will not find normal guy who cares or rich guy who make her money she will come back same way as Isabella (Isabella story: poor no school girl go to porn, she is teached by one pimp with anal ruin session she hate, she start work as prolapse fisting girl she not like, she earn money enought to make heavy syrgery, she did quit extreme porn becouse she is to good for it, she total fail in soft, she go to escort but not get enought money, she come back porn). Problem is also that girls like Arwen, Isabella, Alysa are put in huge influence area of money drainers. There are only few producers who pay really good for work or who do fair job. Arwen was really hard blocked from any posible contact with AlexThorn for example.
  13. 3th vid is not her. there is also not yet open: http://mariafisting.com/
  14. I hear long time ago that she marry with one of her fans
  15. http://extremeplatform.com/ is 100% safe site