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    Looking for girls to anal fisting in Poland or countries not so far away.

    And ofcourse another thing is be admin here ;-)

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  1. This anus is amazing. I bump this topic. Any information please add here.
  2. Difference Between Rosebutt and Prolapse

    Look I try to say thats is a chance that if You will play really long with big toys that prolapse CAN (but not that will be for shure) happend. Also this not happend instantly it wil lbe bit by bit going out so You for shure will notice this and stop in early stage. Also prolapse are diffrent. I mean there is few types of prolapse. Look at DGG one: She push it and it hands. Look on HKJ one: she have to spread ass and push and if she stop push it instantly go back. So may be if You ever got prolapse You will not be a problem to You. There are few factors as You see.
  3. Difference Between Rosebutt and Prolapse

    Hey Yes and not. If You will not use pumps etc what are toys what give You prolapse for shure with time and just have fun with stretching that afte long time this can (but not must to) give You prolapse.
  4. Difference Between Rosebutt and Prolapse

    Hey First of all I fixed major mistake in Your topic so I replace all rosebud with rosebutt. Thats first major to know that some years ago one american producer use word rosebud instead of rosebutt over one popular dvd board to announce his rosebutt video what was target to to fans of prolapse and rosebutt. Since this happend on official dvd site some american stars start to reply this on their sites etc etc etc... Thats story how this mistake happend. Now what this really means: Rosebutt: red parts of colon visible in open anus going only a little out or not at all from anus lips Rosebud: small butplug with piece of jewelry at the bottom. In case of rosebutt vs prolapse (and thats correct rosebutt is not prolapse) I think my 7 years old guide is still do some job :-)
  5. Merry Christmas 2017!!!

    Merry Christmas too all RBB members!
  6. Lady Muck

    Hey She was really great. She quit some time ago.
  7. Female fist man

  8. Is Sasha Star back?

    Hey #1. First of all I correct Your really problematic for HKJ all life work mistake and I remove spaces You put in her name. She put lot effort to create this mark at it is. She is HOTKINKYJO (eventually HKJ). Is one word. There are no spaces betwen Hot and kinky and jo. We support her here and we folow her most know please and information for all fans she provide many ways. She even prepare video and image only to provide this info. Image Reference: #2. Sasha Star She not back. This video is from long time ago. It was done in about 2012 if I`m correct. Since 2+ years after people start pushing and pushing and pushing - hkj even more go back from work and she do only solo now only for her site so all g/g content is from the past. Also from this what I know HKJ site is so much financial ruined by stolen content that they will not have a budget to book any extra model even if she will want to do this since this will be like with KinkyNikky work for free or like with Dirtygardengirl almost for free.
  9. From Poland is only "Lady Kestler", "Anal Yen" and "Fat polish teen"
  10. http://nikkicurly.xxx/2017/11/01/after-two-months-samples-ofcourse-01-11-2017/
  11. http://nikkicurly.xxx/2017/11/01/after-two-months-samples-ofcourse-01-11-2017/
  12. anal babes

    #1. Anna de Ville #2. ? #3. Hotkinkyjo ps. Rosebutt not rosebud (I already fix this in Your post). Do not be like this ppl who folow one producer from usa who make mistype like 6 years ago on one popular dvd board and after him all who never see rosebutt start call it wrong. Also You see board name I`m pretty shure this was some way hint of correct typing :-D
  13. Remember that she get like 30~35 from it since the rest take manyvids (then they pay also from this lots of cash to operator). She mention about on her profile.
  14. hi dude, any idea as to when the new scene with HKJ and Sasha Star getting fisted by Alex Thorn will be available to watch? ive seen the preview on Bigholestube and it looks awesome.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. theHud213


      Not a lie! I just didnt check properly, i see it now in the coming soon section. i skipped straight to the movie section. i should look more thoroughly before asking. Doesnt make me a liar though!

    3. xthorgal


      Sorry men. recently so many ppl stole from HKJ that I think she will go with time to close same as kinkyniky, proxypaige, piercedaspid and prolapsequeen. DGG for example already announce quit from work for 2018. So when You say You not see it and it is just on top of site I was think that You are not a member. Sorry.

    4. theHud213


      no problem dude, it was my mistake in the first place. no harm done.

  15. You not see posts section? http://nikkicurly.xxx/category/news-samples/ there are news and last one is like 8 days old?